Walking Dead Chappelle's Show - SNL

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  • kenneth ruffin
    kenneth ruffin 9 minutes ago


  • Liam Conroy
    Liam Conroy 11 hours ago

    is it me but at 3:06 he sounded like Brandon Rogers

  • xxx tapitio
    xxx tapitio 2 days ago

    better than the dumb ass trump skits

  • Hunter Avallone
    Hunter Avallone 2 days ago

    Imagine how sick it would be if he did bubble gum in a dish and made rick pick an amount of pieces in three seconds. Or everyone loses a hand.

  • mysteryof7
    mysteryof7 2 days ago

    "I only got two months until they take away my healthcare." lol.
    What a prediction.

  • German
    German 3 days ago

    Why dont you put that bat down monkey !!!

  • TalkingToMyself
    TalkingToMyself 4 days ago

    Oh my god. I didn't even watch the chapelle show and I loved this.

  • Vaughn Alexander
    Vaughn Alexander 5 days ago

    Remind me to try crack!! lol

    BADD1ONE 5 days ago

    did Dave look and act odd in the opening monologue

  • George Parmer
    George Parmer 5 days ago

    this nigga is the greatest of all stoner time!!!!

  • AlexTechie
    AlexTechie 5 days ago

    2:54 Chappelle calls out liberal racism, and he does it through a black white-supremacist: you can't be black if you don't vote Democrat.

  • SingingintheDark
    SingingintheDark 6 days ago

    lol he said, your black lives don't matter, lets me know chappelle is not with blm, gives me mad respect for him

  • Liberty Justice
    Liberty Justice 8 days ago

    This was so fucking good.

  • Keko Jonez
    Keko Jonez 9 days ago

    Chuck Taylor's the best

  • betterthanbest
    betterthanbest 9 days ago

    I wish he would have had Leonard Washington in this skit.

  • DiMario Bell
    DiMario Bell 10 days ago

    Trump's America now boy!

    ... sure is

  • Jorgethegreatness
    Jorgethegreatness 12 days ago

    Dave sounds like he's been smoking too many Newports.

  • Rodney Levar
    Rodney Levar 13 days ago

    😂😂 he said i smell frustration and cocoa butter

  • Daniel Aguilar
    Daniel Aguilar 13 days ago

    anyone else wish rick james and prince were on here 😂😂

  • Zdawg1029
    Zdawg1029 13 days ago

    I like the hater character the most

  • Angilia Clark
    Angilia Clark 13 days ago


  • French Quebec
    French Quebec 14 days ago

    I saved this on my DVR, this shit never gets old, funniest SNL skit ever.

  • Tony Ropi
    Tony Ropi 14 days ago

    This is comedy gold.

  • ArkhamEFX
    ArkhamEFX 14 days ago

    God he kills me

  • Ant P
    Ant P 15 days ago

    Its trump america now boy

  • D Tox
    D Tox 16 days ago

    Dave Chappelle is without question the most intelligent and creative writer/actor/producer I have ever come accross .

  • inferno0020
    inferno0020 16 days ago

    2:14 Richard Spencer

  • JohnnyTruthSeed OfTheWhiteClan

    Respect... That wasn't as libby and anti-white as I thought it would be. You always make us laugh, Dave.

  • Detroit Vs Everybody

    Was that Clayton Bigsby??

  • taylor wolfgang
    taylor wolfgang 17 days ago

    Dave rules

  • Hanna Yurkovetskaya
    Hanna Yurkovetskaya 18 days ago


  • Master Stroke
    Master Stroke 18 days ago

    It's not Negan, it's Nigga.

  • Deadpool animation
    Deadpool animation 18 days ago

    dude this will be the best line of dave Chappell.
    'They don't give u bubble gum they give u penis'. dave Chappell -2017

  • Neva Jae
    Neva Jae 20 days ago

    "Oh, God no! AHAAA!!!"

  • Phillip Dempsey
    Phillip Dempsey 20 days ago

    i hear Chappelle is walking dead clone. he looks a lil greyish

  • Miguel anguiano
    Miguel anguiano 20 days ago

    LOL the old switch. But it's funny when they do come out like they are supposed to.

  • Kumie
    Kumie 21 day ago

    "I'm Rick Grimes, bitch!"

  • Dohn Joe
    Dohn Joe 22 days ago

    fuck you snl! you don't deserve the graces of this historic man! PECKA!

  • Mr X Question
    Mr X Question 22 days ago


  • Mirrorcob Films
    Mirrorcob Films 24 days ago

    America was never and is never and never WILL be great...

  • Ivan Gonzalez
    Ivan Gonzalez 24 days ago

    Hahahaha!! "As the white boys say on the internet.....what are those?"

  • Matthew Peterkin
    Matthew Peterkin 25 days ago

    I can't believe it the old times Dave chappelle characters and is still funny as hell

  • W
    W 25 days ago

    Did This nigga just said " as the white boys says on the internet, what are those"? My nigga!

  • Dylan Widner
    Dylan Widner 26 days ago

    I wish SNL moved to a place that wasn't PC so the crowd could laugh as hard as me when this shit happens

  • Mider999
    Mider999 27 days ago

    Only Chappell could be this genius

  • Adrian Villegas
    Adrian Villegas 27 days ago

    fuck chapelle supporting trump

  • William Micochero
    William Micochero 27 days ago

    Best snl show since the 90s!

  • Lainelune Notice
    Lainelune Notice 27 days ago

    Note to self remind me to try Crack.. LMAO

  • What?
    What? 28 days ago

    2:22 hahaha to damn funny

  • Chase Cameron
    Chase Cameron 29 days ago

    "Why dontcha put that bat DOWN MONKEY!"

    "Monkey? Don't you realize you're black?"
    😂😂😂 best part

  • Xavair bell
    Xavair bell 29 days ago

    this is not David chappelle

  • Мастер Го
    Мастер Го 29 days ago

    Какой голос! Какие интонации!

  • King Pop
    King Pop 29 days ago


  • Lucien LaChance
    Lucien LaChance 1 month ago

    Not going to say this wasn't funny... because it was, but these characters are all so over played. And it was shit like this that made Dave Chappelle hate the industry... and his own fans. "It doesn't matter what you do, they'll laugh! You're Dave Chappelle!". He said he fought so hard in defense of his fans that they weren't idiots, that they actually liked his comedy because they understood it and not just for superficial reasons. And then when he was proven wrong and saw that the industry and CC was exactly right, he "disappeared" for years.

    Him doing old characters just for nostalgia reasons and because they know it will generate views... that's exactly the type of shit that he wanted to avoid, he wanted to keep doing new things. I don't know how he feels nowadays, but before he left the industry he was at the point where he secretly loathed and hated his fans. Go back and watch some of his old interviews. Maybe he's not like that anymore, but this kind of shit is exactly what drove him to leave in the first place, among many other things.

  • Luis Balderas
    Luis Balderas 1 month ago

    They got him in a dress 4:29

  • Shaun Suarez
    Shaun Suarez 1 month ago

    this is NOT Dave Chapelle

  • Zay Is the Way
    Zay Is the Way 1 month ago

    He plays a good Negan honestly.

    REEL COUPLE 1 month ago

    man that was some funny shit

  • Memo Grajedas Amazing Channel

    Why did no one laugh when he said dry brittle jerry curl?

  • cp3d18
    cp3d18 1 month ago

    Even though Dave did 2 standups for us after I wish he did 3 with the sequels. Dave is the best hands down.

  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan 1 month ago


  • moorish farroh
    moorish farroh 1 month ago

    lmaoo @ black/white racist truck driver.

  • moorish farroh
    moorish farroh 1 month ago

    lmao @ that cacausian hair

  • Truman Gibson
    Truman Gibson 1 month ago

    I just can't decide? Which one of you's gonna dance with death tonight. Weird dicatomi, he's killing himself. Oh the irony. It's all in the way you look at it.

  • Truman Gibson
    Truman Gibson 1 month ago

    There's a lot of dead men walking. How many of them know it. Wouldn't matter if you did, it's not your decision. Boom! You never know!

  • Truman Gibson
    Truman Gibson 1 month ago

    The walking dead, um. Sounds like a nigga story to me. Shut down before he even got started. Him a dead mon, & him don't even know it!

  • Truman Gibson
    Truman Gibson 1 month ago

    All lives matter, right? All lives. That was funny. Surely no one can be that ignorant. Murder & innocent blood is practically standard & very religious. If you where taught to be honest, you've been "played"! Big time!

  • Truman Gibson
    Truman Gibson 1 month ago

    Dave still funny as all hell. Funny thing, it doesn't quite look like him. Maybe he just got old. Either that or a look alike. Hollywood's a crazy place.

  • Truman Gibson
    Truman Gibson 1 month ago

    Kill us for what? Oh, when the devil wants to an excuse to kill or destroy, a lie is good a reason as any.

  • Emma Stone
    Emma Stone 1 month ago

    if this wasnt snl he would be named nigger and not neegan

  • Warren Butler
    Warren Butler 1 month ago

    MAN THE FUCK UP!!! 😂😂😂

  • Lynn Lynn
    Lynn Lynn 1 month ago

    Dave will be wearing a dress before long, watch!!!!

  • 24 kobe is the best 24

    3k people finger fuck there buttholes👌🏿👈

  • Craig Christ
    Craig Christ 1 month ago

    Silky is my spirit animal

  • Catherine Michel
    Catherine Michel 1 month ago

    I will go with derall

  • Catherine Michel
    Catherine Michel 1 month ago

    Glens anoying

  • jigga1215
    jigga1215 1 month ago

    Genius ........ That is all I have to say.

  • rahvavaenlane
    rahvavaenlane 1 month ago

    nice to see all the old characters again, they were fun... back when...

  • Albert Avila
    Albert Avila 1 month ago

    your killing them silky. lol

  • Creepy Pasta BT
    Creepy Pasta BT 1 month ago


  • Drs
    Drs 1 month ago

    Look at this pasty bastard.

  • yBrian Blash
    yBrian Blash 1 month ago

    yall dumb. this man fake. if yall no him he will never put on a dress and never be part of a dress. this man dead and his soul is gone. look at the end of this video and fucking listing

  • Nicholas Carruth
    Nicholas Carruth 1 month ago

    fucking hilarious.

  • Micks Jaggers
    Micks Jaggers 1 month ago

    Rick James brought me here!!!

  • Minati.
    Minati. 1 month ago

    I got a song with Dave Chappelle on my channel, it's called Dylon. Go check it out for me 🔥🔥🔥

  • Damian Ferguson
    Damian Ferguson 1 month ago

    its just not the same

  • David Centoni
    David Centoni 1 month ago

    well well well... a nigga named negan haha

  • Rue Sone/Elvis
    Rue Sone/Elvis 1 month ago


  • Sasha Kotliarov
    Sasha Kotliarov 1 month ago

    This is THE BEST!!

  • Steel Bear
    Steel Bear 1 month ago

    Don't get why you americans find him funny.

  • Antoine Flake-Mobley

    You can cry
    "Huh"-Lil Jon had me rollin

  • antcarrjr
    antcarrjr 1 month ago

    Should've did Lenard Washington 😂😂😂😂

  • GB06 Chomp Chomp
    GB06 Chomp Chomp 1 month ago

    Dave Chappelle > The Talking Dead

  • Todor Velichkov
    Todor Velichkov 1 month ago

    why Charlie Murphy wasn't in that sketch? he was one of the The Time Haters

  • MegaZoneEX
    MegaZoneEX 1 month ago


  • The Ricktator
    The Ricktator 1 month ago

    When a single dude is funnier than the entire snl cast

  • youmeddlingkids
    youmeddlingkids 1 month ago

    I wish they had Robot Guy. He was my favorite character.

  • The Krunchman
    The Krunchman 1 month ago

    And nobody cares that the dude is wearing whiteface?

  • mergirl2000 Dunne
    mergirl2000 Dunne 1 month ago

    as the white boys say on the internet "what are those"?

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