Sava Magnum 9mm Blank Firing Gun.mpg

Sava Magnum 9mm Blank Firing Gun

The Ekol Sava Magnum model is manufactured for gun enthusiasts who like medium sized pistols. Our authentic, full sized, fully operative, blank firing reproduction weighs and feels like the original.

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Author Zdravko Novosel (4 months)
Where is flare adapter?

Author Jose Sepulveda Moreno (3 months)
Sorry to contradict you at 0:30 but it can be converted to a single shot
firearm since it is rare for blank guns to have a removeable barrel, i did
one time long ago made this in to a firearm single shot in .22 LR , i
changed the firing pin from a center fire to a rim fire firing pin and a
.22 barrel. See my photo album an see. Of course this modification is
illegal, i did this a long time ago, i put back the original barrel and
firing pin, i have many real firearms and airguns so this was just an

Author Martin Longstreet (2 months)
is netlinkenterprises still in business I'm considering buying myself a
early Christmas present from u guys??????

Author mistermakerful (3 years)
hi im writing to see if you can make a video like cleaning the 9mm pistol
magnumsava ekol, do not kow hot to disarm

Author l2a3sterling (2 years)
great for starting a race ...... fired in a crowd it will definately start
a race. lol

Author Elro Mownster (3 years)
What is the yellow tab thing on the trigger area

Author netlinkenterprises (3 years)
We will ship anywhere within the US- it is up to the customer however to
know and obey all local laws.

Author Greg Cueva (3 years)

Author Benjamin Donde (3 years)
what happend at 1:25? did it jam?

Author mmarraful (9 months)
Is this similar to a Glock 19?

Author Jānis Andersons (3 years)
i like the blank guns which dont have the barrel pluged,and they can shoot
rubber balls.i got 3 guns and all of them can shoot rubber balls

Author johnnytijeras (3 years)
can i order this replica though i live in new york city?

Author Orlando Garcia (3 years)
is that the actual sound, because that doesn't sound gun-like

Author netlinkenterprises (3 years)
Good quality, have had no complaints of jamming or breaking from customers.
We do carry some replacement parts from slide stops to springs for several
of the Ekol brand blank firing guns. Check back for metal type- i'll have
to do a little research.

Author C172Pilotdude (3 years)
Blank pistols are fukin useless. Real lead only.

Author Static Tonality (1 year)
It's a fucking magazine! MAGAZINE!!! Not "clip". -____-

Author mike s (1 year)
I have this gun it doesn't sound like that. It sounds like that due to the
camera equipment. It is nice and solid and extremely loud.

Author AvenueD417 (2 years)
dude, you guys ship these to new york?

Author 158057 (3 years)
how is the quality? what kind of metal? does it jam alot? does it break
easy? if parts do break is it fixable?

Author netlinkenterprises (3 years)
The gun sounds like a real 9mm just like all the other blank guns- it was
just the way the camera picked up the sound bounding off the metal building
that made it sound weird.

Author manith415 (3 years)
Shouldn't the pistol sound a bit more louder than this?

Author netlinkenterprises (3 years)
The yellow tag is just a sticker that says "Quality Checked" from the

Author roosters977 (2 years)
Made in Turkey by Poultry ? Hahaha

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