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  • Henny Estrada
    Henny Estrada 13 hours ago

    I want bunny to get married with dogman like if you agree

  • Sky Andropoulos
    Sky Andropoulos 1 day ago

    it would make a cool pool float!

  • Zim Vader0017
    Zim Vader0017 5 days ago

    I like how your neighbors just walk right past you without blinking an eye XD
    I think these types of chairs would be good for camping.

  • Hannah Crowell
    Hannah Crowell 7 days ago

    the guy in the back walking away is meee

  • Maganna Barthel
    Maganna Barthel 7 days ago

    you had the chair mostly closed when you were running. lol. I love your energy.

  • Kreg
    Kreg 7 days ago

    While everyone is talking about her neighbors, all I can hear is, "ABNER!!"

  • Gabriella Gallimore

    whats the link for ur where u got it @grav3yardgirl

  • W.K Denise
    W.K Denise 9 days ago

    Is Bunny wearing a Yeezy shirt?

  • Caelyn Hult
    Caelyn Hult 10 days ago

    the original product is called pouch couch ...the instructions are wrong

  • Alex Garza
    Alex Garza 10 days ago


  • Mercy Maker502
    Mercy Maker502 10 days ago


  • Dee Woodall
    Dee Woodall 11 days ago

    I honestly think this is my favorite video of hers so far

  • Breanna Stouwie
    Breanna Stouwie 11 days ago

    was she in the middle of the road

  • Slime lover
    Slime lover 11 days ago


  • Meg Leems
    Meg Leems 11 days ago

    Ahah 10:49 best dance moves ever!

  • SkinCareLuver
    SkinCareLuver 12 days ago

    Check out the mansions 😍

  • carolina lina
    carolina lina 13 days ago

    6:32 i totally tought bunny was going to start rapping or something with her arms out like that 😎😲

  • Rheannon Hall
    Rheannon Hall 14 days ago

    I was expecting like from eddworld the end part 1 a instant chair

  • Chloe BUNN
    Chloe BUNN 14 days ago

    "satans play thing" 😂😂😂😂

  • James Madison
    James Madison 14 days ago

    1:45 did she just call her breasts her *chesticles* -as in -*-chest testicles-*

  • Jewel Haines
    Jewel Haines 15 days ago

    Ha ha!! You running with the
    Whoo hoo was
    SO funny!! 😊. I love this video!!

  • Thisisbb1
    Thisisbb1 17 days ago

    only think what neighbors are seeing lol. no car ever passed. Could use a scooter or bike :P

  • Jessica Deaver
    Jessica Deaver 17 days ago

    why not use a fan?

  • Kytoyo's Art Attack
    Kytoyo's Art Attack 18 days ago

    Ooohhh I have one of those

  • peachmonster 410
    peachmonster 410 18 days ago

    you should fill it up with water lol

  • Japanausea
    Japanausea 19 days ago

    bunny is the best

  • Sarah Finnis
    Sarah Finnis 19 days ago

    Lol- ik she was trying to follow the directions but she could of just turned on a fan to blow air Into the WooHoo

  • Byejigga
    Byejigga 19 days ago

    "They say you can even walk,...yeah right!" Lmao I played that back like 5 times

  • Brianna Nicole
    Brianna Nicole 19 days ago

    4:57 "and now I'm lying on the concrete right now...ugh" sounds like "now I'm lying on the cold hard ground"

  • Valerie  Alcala
    Valerie Alcala 19 days ago

    its a big hot dog bun lol

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller 20 days ago

    loved this thamks bunny! i needed a reason to smile.

  • kerin schiesser
    kerin schiesser 20 days ago

    I think you're thinking of a yoo-hoo. Which, isn't really a curse word, but kind of an insult. I think it means a fool. :)

  • Xzitlally Epena
    Xzitlally Epena 22 days ago

    after its inflated

    oh thats why its called a whooohooo

  • Brittany Walter
    Brittany Walter 23 days ago

    best video ever, i cant stop laughing!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather Debreceni
    Heather Debreceni 23 days ago

    🐰 + 🐶 man = adorable

  • Tia Be-Trippin
    Tia Be-Trippin 23 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love how she don't care if someone's watching!!

  • RareWhiteWolf 1562
    RareWhiteWolf 1562 23 days ago

    Anyone else think of The Sims when they read the title. No, just me. . . ok.

  • Im 980
    Im 980 23 days ago

    I read the title as magic hair chalk and started to watch the video and was like wut is this?

  • Rlw1304 #
    Rlw1304 # 24 days ago

    How is it a chair

  • PityTima
    PityTima 24 days ago

    I've seen a video where someone use their car to inflate the woohoo

  • Autumn Talaga
    Autumn Talaga 25 days ago

    I got one and I had to use a fan because it wasn't working too

  • Audrie Williams
    Audrie Williams 25 days ago

    i have one it is amazing i can go to the river and use it as a boat it worrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Treesuh
    Treesuh 26 days ago

    "enveloped in the wah-hoo"

  • L P
    L P 26 days ago

    use a fan

  • No Body
    No Body 27 days ago

    Can you fill it with water??????

  • MsSilverkate
    MsSilverkate 27 days ago

    This is why I watch Bunny

  • shortyblackwellll
    shortyblackwellll 28 days ago

    it kinda looks like a big purple vag!

  • Sungjin's Babe
    Sungjin's Babe 29 days ago

    Bunny is the kind of neighbour that I would love to have, just imagine seeing her run down the street at night and joining her.

  • tj
    tj 29 days ago

    those things are great for the beach. We brought ours to the river and floated down the river lol. Also slept on it one night when it wasnt on the river and it was pretty comfy at the music festival lol.

  • samcraneop
    samcraneop 1 month ago

    just watched for second time..lol
    um thing to try out........
    science experiments
    or dog man can try to put together a dinasour puzzle or lifelike bone dinasour thing

  • sammy snake
    sammy snake 1 month ago

    through 3:34-3:38 I know I have done that before!!!! lol :)

  • Daisy Martinez
    Daisy Martinez 1 month ago

    6:35 😂

  • CharmedP3428
    CharmedP3428 1 month ago

    I just use a shop vac because it sucks and blows or I'll use my a.c. unit when I'm outside to get air in it.

  • CMC 123
    CMC 123 1 month ago

    Her eyes are bluer than a robin's egg

  • Taryn Patricia
    Taryn Patricia 1 month ago

    The neighbors are like well it's nothing we haven't seen her do before 😂

  • Audrey Elaine
    Audrey Elaine 1 month ago

    This is hilarious lol

  • christiana
    christiana 1 month ago

    this is the bunny i miss. ❤️ so glad it's caught on camera

  • Brandon Rasmussen
    Brandon Rasmussen 1 month ago

    its a Yahoo

  • savannah silbernagel

    who is thinking of Sims lol

  • Ryan michelle
    Ryan michelle 1 month ago

    @grav3yardgirl I use a powerful fan to get the air into my air pouch.

  • Luis Dominguez
    Luis Dominguez 1 month ago

    Dear Bonnie,

    I think the curse word/insult you may be thinking of is Yahoo.

    Lots of love from the SF Bay Area 🤗

  • Kania DIAZ
    Kania DIAZ 1 month ago

    You had me LMAO till the end so thank you!! Woohooooo 😂

  • Aru Charupalli
    Aru Charupalli 1 month ago

    u look like a hot dog

  • Rad P
    Rad P 1 month ago

    I have the same thing, and me and my sibling legit got the thing inflated in our living room with just 'mild running'. Just sharing. 😂

  • Rally The Wicked
    Rally The Wicked 1 month ago

    the people jogging by @ 2:50 (at the right of the screen)..... they didn't even turn their head or break stride...
    They must be so use to it. Ya, know G.G being their neighbor...
    Well, Sam there's Bunny in the street, acting crazy, AGAIN LOLOLOL!!

  • Rally The Wicked
    Rally The Wicked 1 month ago

    it's Ya-hoo!!! lol good try, girl

  • Ciara Trimby
    Ciara Trimby 1 month ago

    I got my sister the same thing for her birthday, you have to like "pump" it then close it. Whip it fast then close it, then keep doing it till it's full.

  • Elc0chin0
    Elc0chin0 1 month ago

    I love watching these videos where the reviewer runs with these. I just wish you had on shorter shorts, like even no shorts would have been even better. And that tshirt will not enough holes in the right places for me. :)

  • Connor Byrne
    Connor Byrne 1 month ago

    anybody else think she sounds a bit like Miranda sings at times

  • The Basement Composer

    I think the term you're searching for is Wacko? :)

  • Irelynn Fink
    Irelynn Fink 1 month ago

    I literally just got a pouch couch for Christmas, and I felt like watching this so I can feel important by watching this video while sitting in mine😂

  • Ashley B.
    Ashley B. 1 month ago

    Omg I wish so badly that I could be your neighbor! You are hilarious 😂

  • Travin White
    Travin White 1 month ago

    those eyes tho 😍😍😍

  • Steff wolfert
    Steff wolfert 1 month ago

    I feel like the purple thing is a hot dog bun and bunny is the hot dog 😂😂😂

  • AgendaCompleteBliss !!

    Are you thinking about "yah-hoo"? Pronounced "yay-who"? Just curious because my mom uses that term a lot!

  • SnapPea Vlogs
    SnapPea Vlogs 1 month ago

    "I can seriously hide from all my responsibilities in this thing"

  • SnapPea Vlogs
    SnapPea Vlogs 1 month ago

    I'm literally crying laughing watching her run down the freaking street 😂

  • Crooked cat
    Crooked cat 1 month ago

    "I finally said woohoo right, woohoo!" haha xD

  • Ramona Curtis
    Ramona Curtis 1 month ago

    LOL Too funny

  • TerraDruid
    TerraDruid 1 month ago

    3:20 was my favourite moment. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. Thank you Bunny!

  • Kikachu's Randomness

    Does anyone else keep think of the sims woohoo?

  • jessica ramsey
    jessica ramsey 1 month ago

    Lol It looks like a big purple hot dog bun

  • K L
    K L 1 month ago

    relationship goals

  • Alex Omega
    Alex Omega 1 month ago


  • *•IZZY•* *•WIZZY•*

    Bunny: *runs around barefoot on the neighborhood street*

    Neighbors: "that's normal around here."

  • Kayla Elwood
    Kayla Elwood 1 month ago

    if you still have it try using a leaf blower

  • Videos Virales
    Videos Virales 1 month ago

    "oh look I'm laying on the concrete" hahahahaha

  • Jaclyn Elizabeth
    Jaclyn Elizabeth 1 month ago


  • Dazzle Luv
    Dazzle Luv 1 month ago

    Could you imagine being her neighbor and not knowing she was a YouTuber? I think I would find it funny and adorable, but imagine a normal, average family. Just looking out their window. And seeing.. that happening.

  • Karly Cosgriffe
    Karly Cosgriffe 1 month ago

    I'm perty sure chesticles is worse than wa-hoo😂

  • waisam sergeant
    waisam sergeant 1 month ago

    dogman to the rescue

  • Erin Ketchie
    Erin Ketchie 1 month ago

    you can use inflater and blow air in it

  • WildFire
    WildFire 1 month ago

    (No one gonna mention that she and Mommy and Gracie Show follow each other on instagram.)

  • Underwoodish
    Underwoodish 1 month ago

    does anyone else geek out at bunny's camera quality?? no? just me? ok... lol life of a photographer

  • Underwoodish
    Underwoodish 1 month ago

    how did I miss this episode haha

  • Cadence Sullivan
    Cadence Sullivan 2 months ago

    The nail science kit

  • JaiBrookslovin
    JaiBrookslovin 2 months ago

    satan's play thing lmfao

  • Fawn Burroughs
    Fawn Burroughs 2 months ago

    it's a trap... they just wanted to make you exercise! 😂😂

  • rainboworeos kitty
    rainboworeos kitty 2 months ago

    "I just lost you in the WooHoo for a bit."
    I died

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