Hoverboard in my living room!

Omg I came into my room and saw this :O
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Author 11AmosDaragon (3 years)

Author reffle (3 years)
yeah thats totally fake, I can see the wires

Author RKProduktions (3 years)
@corporalperez Yeah, you better sell that 3D model cheap.

Author corporalperez (4 years)
I sell them! Cheap price!

Author dirk591 (4 years)
lol perez nub

Author honzad1 (4 years)

Author rawrforbeans (4 years)
fake and gay

Author corporalperez (4 years)
lol you do it -_-

Author Fekete Zsolt (3 years)

Author adan blinblin (3 years)
I can see the wires coming out your ass

Author katiehudsonn (3 years)
fishing line, tied to board, tied to fan.

Author DanTheMan611 (4 years)
Omg! 3DMax!

Author Sven Rau (3 years)
@TheKrazyKat27: not all of them, i give you that ... but you certainly are
pretty dumb :D

Author TheMusicMan2798 (3 years)
that is fake

Author AnimaniacFox (3 years)
The people calling fake must be joking, I mean... you didn't actually come
to this expecting to see a real hover board did you?

Author hollowman9514 (3 years)
The only thing wrong with this video is that fucking carpet! God, my EYES!

Author Yoshipwned (3 years)

Author briemark (4 years)

Author drewkeener (3 years)
The 3D model is HD and the background video is not. That's what gives it

Author IamDtvStudios (3 years)
its hanging on fishing line...

Author dirk591 (4 years)
you wouldn't like it if i did :D

Author Kiddy323 (3 years)

Author CanniDoT (4 years)
How? i want

Author wolfy2323 (3 years)
No what "gives it away" is that it's a board that's hovering...

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