Ummaiallamal - Neer mathrum pothum

Very meaningful and wonderful song by the Victors

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Author Merlin Dinesh (4 days)
yehova yeere.. dhathavam daivam... nee mathram mathi enikku
one of my fvr8.........................GBU

Author Gloria Santosh Kumar (5 years)
nee maathram mathi nee maathram mathi ennikkke....

Author Beula Felix (5 years)
very beautiful song.......praise the Lord cause hes always there for us not
just when we want........but always....

Author Kaviraj Murugavel (6 years)
Amazing song. I am hearing this song for the first time. It is now one of
my favourite songs.

Author johnisac1 (2 years)

Author Selva Prakash Nadar (2 years)
stanza 1 yegova eere thanthayam deivam neer maathram pothum enaku yegova
raffa sugam tharum deivan um thalumbugalal sugamanaom yegova shamma enkuda
eruppir en theivai yellam santhippir neermathram pothum - 3 Enakku

Author Ashok John (3 years)
very very nice song.i hear this song i am feel very happy

Author Lorin Benjamin (3 years)
@zee111able this song was actually in english... one person in kerala
translated it in malayalam... my mom(kiruba victor) translated it in tamil
and added the last stanza....

Author karthichk (5 years)
neer mathram podhum enaku..amen

Author lalitha sukumaran (4 years)
A lovely song telling the truth- Our lord Jesus is more than enough for
each and every one of us and there is no God like Him. Praise the mighty
Lord. When He dwells in us, there is no need to worry abt anything. His
love is boundless. Taste His love. Love you Daddy.

Author jebasam (2 years)
யெகோவா எலோஹிம் சிருஷ்டிப்பின் தேவனே உம் வார்த்தையால் உருவாக்கினீர்
யெகோவா பரிசுத்தர் உன்னதர் நீரே உம்மை போல் வேறு தேவன் இல்லை யெகோவா
ஷாலோம் உம் சமாதானம் தந்தீர் என் உள்ளத்திலே நீர் மாத்ரம் போதும் (3) -
எனக்கு நீர் மாத்ரம் போதும் (3) - எனக்கு

Author Lorenz David Vasanth (5 years)
Superb video.Praise the Lord !

Author Victor Dorai (3 years)

Author Mathi Jessy (9 months)
thanks for song lyrics

Author 57910721 (3 years)
Jesus is everything for all in this world

Author Victor Dorai (3 years)

Author zee111able (3 years)
Oh really.. wow!! whats the title of the song ???

Author Jeba raj (1 year)
christhuvai Nadar is correct name. It is a shame to put caste with
christian name. Lord forgive this racist hypocrite Christians.

Author Srini Vasan (5 years)
can i get this song in letter format

Author Jabez Gajendran (6 years)
Great worship song... Do upload many more worship songs... God bless...
J'bez - Chicago.

Author julia1396 (4 years)
...aam aandavarea...neer maathram englakku pothum... A touching song...with
a peaceful melody...touching lyrics...thx ALOT for uploading this
song...May God Bless You!!!

Author angeline368 (4 years)

Author Jeyarajan Devavaram (6 years)

Author Jetson Nitya gospel (4 years)
He alone is more than all our needs .. you alone is more than suffice lord
.. love you jesus

Author Abraham Swamidass (2 years)
best video for this song...

Author Victor Dorai (3 years)

Author Selva Prakash Nadar (2 years)
Stanza - 3 yesuve neere en aathma nesar ennil evvala anbukurnthir ennaye
meetka ummaye thanthir um anbukku enaiyillaye en vaalnal muluthum umakkaha
vaalven neere ententrum pothum neermathram pothum - 3 Enakku

Author Lorin Benjamin (3 years)
hey this is my dad and mom........ cool!!!!!!!!

Author sheilabhanumathy (5 years)
Beautiful song. He is all sufficient. God Bless.

Author K. Manickam (3 years)
very nice song.... thx...

Author Selva Prakash Nadar (2 years)
stanza 1 yegova eere thanthayam deivam neer maathram pothum enaku yegova
raffa sugam tharum deivan um thalumbugalal sugamanaom yegova shamma enkuda
eruppir en theivai yellam santhippir neermathram pothum - 3 Enakku yegova
yelphi sristppin devane um varthayal uruvakkinir yegova parisuthar unnathar
neere ummai pol vere devanillai yegova shalom um samatham thanthir en
ullathile neermathram pothum - 3 Enakku

Author francis leo (10 months)
The original song is in English which has been translated into Tamil.The
song full of meaningful words is well rendered by the Victors to the taste
of worship lovers.

Author Sulochana Srinivasan (3 years)
i love this song . Yes Just God alone is sufficient for us. Sung very
nicely. God bless your ninistry sulochana kannan

Author Durai Singh (1 year)
yesu nadara? neenga idukku intha lyrics i poda ma iruntha nalla
irukkum!!!coz caste is still a problem inthe church.bettere to avoid it in

Author GM benazir (1 year)
super song

Author fenil sam (5 years)
i like thz song very much.itz touching the heart a lot.i used 2 hear it
every day

Author Victor Dorai (3 years)

Author jebasam (2 years)
யெகோவா யீரே தந்தையாம் தெய்வம் நீர் மாத்ரம் போதும் எனக்கு யெகோவா ராஃபா
சுகம் தரும் தெய்வம் உம் தழும்புகளால் சுகமானோம் யெகோவா ஷம்மா என் கூட
இருப்பீர் என் தேவையெல்லாம் சந்திப்பீர் நீர் மாத்ரம் போதும் (3) - எனக்கு
நீர் மாத்ரம் போதும் (3) - எனக்கு

Author Jeba raj (1 year)
All Christians are not racist people. some wicked racist christians are put
caste with their name. shameful.

Author John N.I. (3 years)
Very nice song! well harmonized!!

Author Tspeaks (5 years)
BEAUTIFUL!!! No other words to say about it.

Author jebasam (2 years)
இயெசுவே நீரே என் ஆத்ம நேசர் என்னில் எவ்வளவன்பு கூர்ந்தீர் என்னையே மீட்க
உம்மையே தந்தீர் உம் அன்பிற்கு இணையில்லையே என் வாழ்நாள் முழுதும் உமக்காக
வாழ்வேன் நீரே என்றென்றும் போதும் நீர் மாத்ரம் போதும் (3) - எனக்கு நீர்
மாத்ரம் போதும் (3) - எனக்கு

Author 777western (5 years)
very true my brother, but we usually oversee its true meaning- we are bent
upon worshipping Jesus but forget Jehovah- we forget that Jesus is the son
of God and that he himself did not want people to worship him(John 14:28)

Author Jesjin Adur (8 months)
my experience itz a malayalam song watch this Yehovah Yire [Malayalam
Christian Song]

Author helsonraj (4 years)
I love this song very much,. Thank you for giving a wonderful song,. Praise
the lord,..

Author Jaisy Rekha Nadar (1 year)
Thank you So much for the Transliteration. It's such a help to people who
cannot read Tamil yet love to worship in Tamil. God Bless you! In His Grace
, Jaisy Rekha Nadar

Author Madhumathi J (4 years)
Praise the lord for this lovely song.. Neenga matum pooodhum Yesappa

Author powermediaonline (4 years)
oh nice melody that i dosent hear beefore i too love oh jesus please change
this world without violations,slavery and all the bad things in this world
iam requesting everyone please do not do bad things ever worship jeusus
christ by listening melody songs like this and do good things ever

Author tushar1mars (5 years)
wonderful song, god bless u guys

Author Jesjin Adur (8 months)
which is the english song

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