Rakesh Satyal on His Book No One Can Pronounce My Name

  • Added:  8 days ago
  • Rakesh Satyal details why it's important for his novel No One Can Pronounce My Name to tell a lighter immigrant story and the creepy piece of Americana his dad gave to his mom.
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    Rakesh Satyal on His Book No One Can Pronounce My Name- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Video CategoriesComedy
  • Runtime: 5:23
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Comments: 39

  • Michael Pietrzak
    Michael Pietrzak 4 days ago

    funny !

  • Jeremy Stepp
    Jeremy Stepp 6 days ago

    My name is E,kghyufulknjkljgfuh and I'm REALLY mad that no one even tries to pronounce it.

    • Snigdha M
      Snigdha M 3 days ago

      Jeremy Stepp but it says 'jeremy stepp'

  • Manu Gulati
    Manu Gulati 7 days ago


  • man alive
    man alive 7 days ago

    If he's Indian then there at least over a billion people who can probably pronounce his name.

  • Chaitanya CK
    Chaitanya CK 7 days ago

    No one can pronounce my name either.

  • New Message
    New Message 7 days ago

    He speaks so fast that I couldn't pronounce anything no matter how many times he repeated the correct pronunciation.

  • dinesh sharma
    dinesh sharma 7 days ago

    Great Title..I must say

  • Kaitlin M
    Kaitlin M 7 days ago

    So excited about this book!! How great would an audiobook narrated by Rakesh be?!

  • Nathan Literoy
    Nathan Literoy 7 days ago

    *Noone who's native language is English can pronounce his name (because in English every vowel is pronounced multiple ways, also emphasis is most often on the first vowel of the word which screws up many words and names from foreign languages, like saying [æ] when seeing A and [ɜː] when seeing E).

    To pronounce his name (and majority of foreign names and words) right, you need to read it like it's Spanish: A is always 'ah', O is olways 'oh', U is 'oo', I is 'ee', E is 'eh', Y is 'ee' (or 'j' after consonant)

  • Elise Aerts
    Elise Aerts 7 days ago

    Exhibit reflection community sydoss favor collection shock

  • M.Panada
    M.Panada 7 days ago

    Bueno pues, soy un hombre humilde, pero al Señor Seth Myers - Quiero decir, sinceramente, que tú eres un pendejo y también un culero.

  • Skyturnedred
    Skyturnedred 7 days ago

    Skip to 5:08 if you want to hear the pronunciation.

    • 19cp1
      19cp1 7 days ago

      lol it's not correct tho

    SHIELD WALL! 7 days ago

    Last time i was this early Miley Cyrus was crazy and Katy Perry was normal

  • Satya Das
    Satya Das 8 days ago

    That's very close to my name

  • Russian Homecat
    Russian Homecat 8 days ago

    I decided that it is ISIS more propaganda😖, but he is an Indian, my apologies🙏

    • Russian Homecat
      Russian Homecat 6 days ago

      Theaikro i deeply sympathize to real peacefull muslims. At the same time i dont know the way out. Sunni Islam is so much compromised. Sheites (Persians) are perceived not to be radicalized. Hoping you are staying peaceful and (sorry if I hurt your feelings) the family is more important then religion.

    • Theaikro
      Theaikro 6 days ago

      Russian Homecat Terrorism is not a backlash, it's a militant minority trying to impose themselves and take advantage of the chaos. They should not be confused with legitimate resistance, of which there are very few since the people actually did want their dictators removed (Iraq) and Taliban killed (Afghanistan). Problem is that these interventionists then put the leaders who would benefit them instead of trying to let the people govern their counties. An obvious example would be disbanding the Iraqi Army instead of working with them. Since majority of them supported the US invasion. Instead US disbanded them and hundreds of thousands of ex military were now jobless... not a very smart decision. Later US spend billions trying to re-recruit the officers and generals in vain.
      Governments and terrorist kill people, the collateral damage of civilians are black stain on foreign armies, specially in Afghanistan there drone bombings of weddings, funerals, and hospitals have occured and then silenced.
      But my point isn't to go into a deep conversation about Terrorism and geo-political proxy warfare. It was that normal Muslims are now being blamed for things that aren't in their control.

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