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Author desnet berhe (1 month)
That is Play back but good job we are the best enjoy eritrean people

Author sofonias Hagos (2 months)
am proud eritrean. i love ma eritrean ppl

Author awet tesfay (1 month)
fint bilder og music

Author mahari selomun (2 months)
this is great songs really 

Author biniam kiflu (13 days)
really eritrean wellela meare

Author sofonias Hagos (2 months)
abe derfena kabe hji ethiopiwian zebhalu kenriee ayendlne eina

Author Raadhaye M (4 months)
Greetings from Somalia-great sun and voice of beauty girl.

Author Mussie Mihreteab (2 months)
agreat music 

Author Mahari Tsagay (28 days)
eritrean music:

Author Freweiny Ghrmazion (6 months)
Amazing voice,keep it up. 

Author fili hgs (10 months)
those people who support isseyas afworki they born in others countries
they don't even know what's going on in eritrea ,,that's why they
support the isseyas afworki ,,go to eritrea

Author misgna tekle (5 months)
erena <3<3 this music old but goldennn <3

Author Solomon Hagos (5 months)

Author dawit golij (7 months)
i like ®4

Author Tekle Tesfaye (5 months)
Eritrean Devote

Author yowhans tesariam (6 months)

Author Ksanet Ghebraeb (5 months)
its playback!! that song is from Abeba Haile, but good performance though

Author Shani Omar (6 months)

Author tewelde abraham (6 months)

Author roney2418 (7 months)
همي.قلبي.عدي.صح صح.مافي.كلام.تسلمي.
تحية.جميلة.ودي.شقلت عدبراهبم

Author Altayeb Suliman (6 months)
من هي هذه الفنانة الم\ألقة اداؤها متميز
اسمها ..... بالعربي والانجليزي

Author Nunu Ella (10 months)
This is Abeba Haile's song who is this ??? It is a play back

Author isu shikor (8 months)
l like it <3

Author Hafa Mekseb (6 months)
I like it song mara kif aleki mehmem

Author mo jo (11 months)
243 ethiopians thumbed this down

Author fili wezeba (11 months)
by filim brhane

Author Loza Netc (11 months)
Go to Abeba Haile abey eyu adiki and you will get it

Author Sami Sami (11 months)

Author Afewerk Belay (1 year)
great song

Author Ana Luiza Brown (1 year)
Greetings from South America! Great music!

Author wedi eri (1 year)
Whats wrong with these 203 dislike

Author Sami Sami (11 months)

Author Loza Netc (11 months)
Where are the men the supporting voice

Author danial napolion (1 year)
Song Loved

Author Luwam Lulu (10 months)
Abeba halie song it's great song. 

Author عبد المنعم محمد نور (1 year)
a beautiful song that expresses the extent of our love for this beloved
homeland .. from my heart I love Eritrea and sacrifice my blood and soul
for it . the Song at the top extravaganza ..And the fact that Eritrea mean
us motherland ... I love Eritrea

Author jaefer tesfamikel (1 year)

Author Yusef Zeray (9 months)
Ertira filme sxxse

Author Esbiyas Henok (1 year)
i like it morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Author denden sahl (1 year)

Author Akader Aaziz (1 year)

Author Henøk sisay (11 months)
gzie zeryu enber n tarik htetu gele aynet remex mikirti 

Author Mg Yohannes (1 year)
Yes I am from Eritrea to ..... love it. ....

Author Arami Ghirmay (1 year)

Author alem girmay (1 year)
nice mara keman

Author yohana habtom (1 year)
am proud of

Author semere meley (1 year)
I like it

Author bada azu (1 year)
azu azu

Author Haile Anbese (1 year)

Author ودامبادر الكاهلي (1 year)

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