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Author danial napolion (1 day)
Song Loved

Author jaefer tesfamikel (3 days)

Author Birtukan Girmay (7 days)
her voice didn't change even when she grow up

Author Ana Luiza Brown (1 month)
Greetings from South America! Great music!

Author yohana habtom (4 months)
am proud of

Author fishaye taklie (19 days)
I iove my country eritrea swaet 

Author semere gebremariam (4 months)
I like it

Author eri wedi (3 months)
Whats wrong with these 203 dislike

Author Haile Anbese (6 months)

Author عبد المنعم محمد نور (3 months)
a beautiful song that expresses the extent of our love for this beloved
homeland .. from my heart I love Eritrea and sacrifice my blood and soul
for it . the Song at the top extravaganza ..And the fact that Eritrea mean
us motherland ... I love Eritrea

Author Esbiyas Henok (1 month)
i like it morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Author Mg Yohannes (3 months)
Yes I am from Eritrea to ..... love it. ....

Author alem girmay (3 months)
nice mara keman

Author ودامبادر الكاهلي (4 months)

Author flower1921 (1 year)
she's singing in Tigrigna. It's a semetic language closely related to
ancient hebrew and modern arabic.

Author habtome AWALOM (1 year)
who ask u? where is he live? are u sour is he human being? pls tell him
ERITEREA is home of heros

Author dunia7445 (2 years)
احبك إريترا

Author BahreNeGash (2 years)
Imagine,,, 1,144,616 visitors, checking-out the video? SOMETHING MUST BE
GOING ON, to attract all these attention !!!! You got to love it,,,

Author TMack771 (2 years)
Damn, this agame is still around? I'll give you props 'Eritreawi', you were
the first AGAME on youtube who would dedicate years of trolling Eritrean
videos. Keep it up AGAME, one day your worthless Tigray-Agame music will
get a million views.

Author mamaeritrea1 (1 year)
@senaitsweet1 please let's...respect each other all agame they're not

Author hurnas14 (1 year)
Bad words from bad person

Author kingafricaful (1 year)
@bobnice100 kiss my big cock idiot!!!! stop talking always about wish.

Author Haila Gebrezgi (1 year)
Love this son............

Author mahammed mahjoub (11 months)
موسيقي رائعة

Author 1welwel (1 year)
A beautiful gual Eritrea just doing what came naturally with audience doing
their thing naturally the ERITREAN way.I bet our beautiful young princess
is surpris ed for the soon to be 2,000,000 hits i just love it.Keep &
keeping on Eritreans let's party

Author Afar ERI (1 year)
تستاهل كل الاحرف والكلمات كي امدحها بس اقولها انا افديكي

Author nakfa2012 (2 years)
very nice

Author wisam osman (1 year)
singers name or the name of the song anyone?

Author hurnas14 (1 year)
nice music ,cute girl,,,nice voice,,,,But not live it was on PLAY BACK...I
wish to heae her voice live

Author Daniel Tsegay (1 year)
etom edkum kulkul affu zgeberkum agamae edkum kulkul afa tdefaie

Author negassi182234 (2 years)
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii tuda

Author Ghebrehiwet Tadesse (1 year)
i am so proud of bing ERITREAN & i like the song

Author rima osman (1 year)
whats her name, or the name of this song?

Author Carobean Bajwa (1 year)

Author melesagame (1 year)
@agameboy11 u right about her legs it's, beautiful!!!

Author Mohamed Mohamed (5 months)
Ewae............ ERETRA . Adi mohamed n Zeremariam. Adi Jeganu Adi welella

Author mamaeritrea1 (1 year)
@alexsolomon i'm not from...ethiopia but agame people they're our couzins!
it's not right to embarrassing them..they're human like anyone ''our
problem with ethiopian leadership not with ethiopian people!!!'' thank you
for your comment i hope it's..make sense to you.

Author EscherClub (1 year)
fine and good for my golden roots

Author sabashikor (1 year)
it's peace and love to all eritrean people!

Author Levi Swindell (9 months)
shes beautiful

Author agameboy11 (1 year)

Author Denait Gebretsadik (2 years)
she has cutee body <3..

Author yared estefanos (1 year)
good song

Author senaitsweet1 (1 year)
@moma3088 u right i hate those agame foot suckers!

Author Zinabu Haile (1 year)
it is a nice music nothing with out country

Author Aron Alamin (9 months)
I do respect you a lot because you are respect full guy. Love to

Author damal noor (1 year)
thank you very much, very nice music

Author BahreNeGash (2 years)
Besides TIGRAY FAMINE video,,, when was the last time your AGAME-VIDEO had
1,144,616 visitors on youtube, just like this Eritrean video? I DARE YOU TO
PROVE ME WRONG,,, Do you want to bet?

Author habesha poetics (1 year)
"Music is truly one of the greatest ways to unite people and impact our
surroundings." Viktorya Abraham on shukorina. com about Habesha Poetics.
Habesha Poetics is … It's like iTunes for habesha. check it out :
habeshapoetics. com please share it, spread it. If you like it :-) check it
out : habeshapoetics. com

Author Captain Sensible (1 year)
im stop sending red cross money to these mad fuckers now,,they dress ok and
seem happy,,,but they still listening to SHITE camel music.,,,salam ali cum
camel cum...

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