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Author Jon Andebrjan ( ago)
waww sehr gut

Author hiwet zeray zeray ( ago)
adeye N dhneta bihwet eye zhalfela nay bhaki .men kem deki eri jeganu seb
sera .ajona lomi wen kem kedem ab hade lebi ntsna

Author ‫عمر فرج nice song‬‎ ( ago)
روووووووعه القمه

Author kasu kass ( ago)
Who's this star?

Author Saba Weldu ( ago)

Author eritrean music ( ago)
God bless you

Author Filmon Gaim ( ago)
kief aleki

Author Tadesse Tseggai ( ago)
any body knows Her name?

Author Kbreab Tekle ( ago)
nice song

Author ‫محمد ابراهيم‬‎ ( ago)
أحبك ياوطني اريتريا
والاغنية جميلة شديد

Author kasu kass ( ago)

Author kasu kass ( ago)
PS. top century tigrigna songs

Author kasu kass ( ago)
this song and werhaba91 are the top of the century tigrigna

Author kasu kass ( ago)
plssssss who is she.well done niece. LOVE YOU

Author kasu kass ( ago)
الحمد لله. we left warsay to look after Eritrea. I'm soooooo confident that
we handed it over to the right once.

.that's my Eritrea.

Author kasu kass ( ago)
DAUGHTER. bHaqi Eritrea welida.

Author kasu kass ( ago)
walahi just call me Adey, I'll be there.الله يحفظك يابلادي

Author kasu kass ( ago)
that's me🖕YES I'M ERITREAN.

Author Rustom Kesele ( ago)

Author Shewit Tekle ( ago)
Nice voice Oh really loved it oh God I would like...

Author Roberta i love you abo fikri ( ago)
I am from Eritrea but i don't listin tigrigna music

Author tofik ahmed ( ago)
Im from ethiopia i like Eritrean music Love you

Author Faniel Eyob ( ago)

Author amen Adad ( ago)
i love you

Author Rezene l love is song forever. .! ( ago)

Author fada michael ( ago)

Author fada michael ( ago)
I Love this song

Author Jhon teklay ( ago)
wawww tsbuk melsi eyu

Author john wade adie ( ago)
www www www www www www Mars Gele schkorna GAL Emmmmmm

Author tergum hiwet ( ago)
she is not abeba

Author Idris Tefachon ( ago)
kef alke eri edyi

Author isayas niguse ( ago)
wow nay bhaki g
ele aynet

Author Biniam Gebrehans ( ago)
nice song abeba haile

Author ‫محمد صالح‬‎ ( ago)
اباي عدكي الومني حتيتوم روووعة

Author Goytom Ande ( ago)
i lvo you

Author Fithawit Fithi ( ago)

Author Tagaroba ( ago)
Even the audience are so young and beautiful seems like they were
handpicked for the video !!!!! Lovely.

Author yonas ray ( ago)
best song

Author eritrawi selam ( ago)

Author Mohamedali Hassen ( ago)
Er hallal

Author Meron Tekle ( ago)
nic öic

Author ናፈቆት asmrra ( ago)
wwaww abeba shikor nic song

Author Hisham Wahab ( ago)

Author wedi eshe ( ago)
wwwwww nice music yak so nice pice

Author haben tesfagabr ( ago)
It's play back sorry I like abeba hayle

Author Freedom Seeker ( ago)
what is the name of who is singing the song

Author Million Girmay ( ago)
Wewwwww nice video she looks beautiful

Author Ehehjje Shddbejjdj ( ago)

Author Ehehjje Shddbejjdj ( ago)
wwwwwww nicc song swett

Author Tesfay Mahari ( ago)
Eritrea ich vermisse so sehr

Author Dawit Gerezgiher ( ago)
wawwwww shikorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Author Alex Zamn ( ago)
wawwwww 📻📺📻📺

Author Hailwa gerhi ( ago)
ow may god nice

Author allhe wakberr Seid ( ago)
eway kamkes yalen ait shkren

Author Efrem Okbe ( ago)
i miss you

Author Jaefer Salih ( ago)
goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood answer

Author ወዲ በርሀ ( ago)
f th cull

Author ወዲ በርሀ ( ago)
f th cull

Author ወዲ በርሀ ( ago)
ew Aziz

Author ወዲ በርሀ ( ago)
ewe hakeki aleki Eritrea adki

Author ወዲ በርሀ ( ago)
ewe hakeki aleki Eritrea adki

Author Mogos Tesfu ( ago)
ertra ewe hakki aleki

Author Hagos Filimon ( ago)
NIC pic music

Author hubi fewsi lbi hubi hawa nfkri ( ago)
wawww kef aleki konjo gal arey shikor

Author mshev100 ( ago)
what is the name of this singer?

Author robiel alex ( ago)
3 million views this song contra abeba

Author mansor adam ( ago)

Author bini Tekle ( ago)
kef alke

Author Diligent Light ( ago)
u who want her sex first I gonna park up ur god damb hurse. sorry parents i
not threatening man like oen who live close to yu wan her nahh not me dad
or mam. mahakala tibet protecor now for her will destroy all satan battay
friad unable do i man path due dem lazy no credit unable heay man

Author Diligent Light ( ago)
u must not think go sex first little lady girl u are wisdom and all should
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from here back to diansour age

Author Diligent Light ( ago)
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priase to her wisdom like all think they think u theinkl she kind but
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say 500,000 worse then kind rat cooked onn red hot skillet and alive
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god allah jesus etc not talk I oh lickle thing fine

Author Diligent Light ( ago)
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Author Diligent Light ( ago)
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Author Diligent Light ( ago)
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Author Nyat Saron ( ago)
Dood job

Author Mabel Tesfalem ( ago)
fack nejis

Author Frezgi Tekie ( ago)
Eritrean ewe adey nafkot mwxa abena alo sehr schön musik

Author Jordanos Andemeskel ( ago)

Author Tes Mehari ( ago)
so sweet voice proud to be eritrean

Author Bsrit Atobrhan ( ago)
wwww Gal Eritrea na schkor tarik anbubu nice song

Author Hazeka major Maju ( ago)
abuchi shkor nic song

Author Daniel Mahari ( ago)
I love eritrean mussic

Author ‫شرق النيل‬‎ ( ago)
مافي كلام

Author Tesfit teshome ( ago)
lovely song

Author Kem Alamey ( ago)
kigermeki wela neay hatitomns gn zifelta seinom ayeguhyin

Author Wedi Anday Anday ( ago)
ade malet enhalt lekia kam Adey wldety yftrlki kab 1999 yfeltki

Author Tesheme Zekarias ( ago)

Author yonas tesfay ( ago)
wwwwwwwwwwww abeba shikor very nice song

Author Temesgen G.michael ( ago)
wawww nice song Eritrea ewe

Author Tutumu T (1352 years ago)
Wawawwwwwww asli kef aleki

Author ሉል ኤርትራ ( ago)
tsbkti ftret neta derfi atiemkya

Author moru taa ( ago)
mara asli girrrrrrrrrl

Author LISAN ADILNI ( ago)
nicc one abeba shkor

Author Alamin Arafa ( ago)
لباي موزك

Author Alamin Arafa ( ago)
سودن موزك

Author Filmon Teklezgi ( ago)
wawwwwwwwww is nic ncp

Author Ismael Oumar (148 years ago)
nic song abeba hayle mara shukarina kef aleki

Author Ahmed Mohammed ( ago)
gele ayinet derfi Ababa haile abey emo mis higdef endu Zey niber koyinu
kositaritom timxa

Author Tes Debesay ( ago)
nice one music keep it up shikorina

Author Senay Bereketeab ( ago)
wwawwa gele aynet haftey shikorina mara asli

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