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Author Muntega Nega ( ago)
eza ftret n derfi iya tefetira ktkxlo nerwa nice voice

Author salah esmail ( ago)
waw nice music

Author estifanos tela ( ago)
proud to be Eritrean and really good job keep it up

Author Mohammed Dabra ( ago)
Wawww kef aleki mara nice piccccccc

Author ‫سوزان Suzan‬‎ ( ago)
wawwww nice shikorrrr

Author Haileab Mezengi ( ago)
wawwwww nice

Author Teame Debre ( ago)
nic song

Author Ginger Sam ( ago)
ووووووا صوتك روووووعة انتي جميلة

Author nardos solomon ( ago)
eset Africa eritrean sweet

Author Haben Brhane ( ago)
Waww sehr nett

Author Tsegu Beyene ( ago)

Author desnet berhe ( ago)
Nice but it is playback

Author Merhawi Samuel ( ago)

Author salih ibrahim ( ago)
waooo nice

Author Michael Yohannes ( ago)
Eri realy lovely peaple

Author samuel haile ( ago)

Author Biname Yonase ( ago)
ewwe nic pic shiklrina

Author Yemane Kibreab ( ago)
Wwwww aslu super music

Author Sarra Majdoub ( ago)

Author feelmystyle5..srf ( ago)
nay hamamay kaxelyo hubiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Author Samual Mehari ( ago)

Author mera goyta ( ago)
mehmem nic misic

Author Michel k ( ago)
I wish I know the meaning of the lyrics

Author SENEGAL DAKAR ( ago)

Author samuel weldu ( ago)
eritrea mabel xabuk eyu hagdf sal zakonkum gan eritrea ayi temalkuman eya
fack hagdf 

Author Monir Alsadik (2039 years ago)
ما اسم الفنانة اﻻرترية صوت جميل جداً 

Author Goitom Fisshaye ( ago)
Wooow.she's great or amazing singer so please keep it up good luck

Author Did Been ( ago)
wal yeksab emaaaaaaaa asay haniiiiiii kaxelyo rihnna ab tekake shabat ey
hubiiiiiiiii ajoke haniiiiiii

Author persee siele (482 years ago)
as am an eritrean am proud of who i am eritrea forever miss u!

Author Selam Ermias ( ago)

Author yonas mosazghi ( ago)
Fuck hgdef 

Author biniam kiflu ( ago)
really eritrean wellela meare

Author desnet berhe ( ago)
That is Play back but good job we are the best enjoy eritrean people

Author mahari selomun ( ago)
this is great songs really 

Author sofonias Hagos ( ago)
am proud eritrean. i love ma eritrean ppl

Author Raadhaye M ( ago)
Greetings from Somalia-great sun and voice of beauty girl.

Author Ksanet Ghebraeb ( ago)
its playback!! that song is from Abeba Haile, but good performance though

Author Mohamed Mohamed ( ago)
Ewae............ ERETRA . Adi mohamed n Zeremariam. Adi Jeganu Adi welella

Author tigre ERI ( ago)
such a Beautiful song and lovely girl ERI hagry

Author Firew Weldemariam ( ago)
nieshtoy "abeba haile" sweet gual erey

Author Firew Weldemariam ( ago)
"adey ewe kibirti adi"nice song I LOVE ERITREA

Author kahsay hermon ( ago)
Btaiam nice song really I like this song

Author Getachew Gemtessa ( ago)
betam des bilognal

Author aymen eri ( ago)
Nice one

Author Anwar Feven ( ago)

Author Haileab Haile ( ago)

Author bereket ghebremariam ( ago)
Amazing!!!!!!you have the potential to do many things.Really
appreciated.....keep it up....Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every one is happy
about you!!!!!!!!

Author TheMovie3star ( ago)
172 are so fools, lol.....she is amazing ,what sweet an nice music...

Author hi3199 ( ago)
I love u3

Author Bana Dama ( ago)
we love u 2

Author chena adam ( ago)
Waw It is awesome, I'm glad that my gene is produce in this beautiful
country, ERITREA

Author danihiniho ( ago)
Wow, I'm ethiopian and i think the song "Hatitomni abey AdiKi elom" is a
hit! Respect black pepole!

Author Yebiyo Syla ( ago)
alem bzey wedi arey wegiha atmsey abchi sweettttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Author Yebiyo Syla ( ago)
aske kemuau aleki ngereley neza metlelit alem nice music

Author 65tes Entertainment ( ago)
Nice musc

Author Lemo Shikhe ( ago)
africawit hager eritra reasi ketama asmaraa god bless eritrea and eritrean

Author awet awita ( ago)
I am Eritrean .I love the Ethiopian people

Author Levi Swindell ( ago)
shes beautiful

Author Tadess Ghebretatios ( ago)
Waw that was the best consert I was in middle jumpn up n down

Author Aron Alamin ( ago)
This is what Eritrea and Eritrean identity means. Proud of you !!( God
bless Eritrea and Eritrean all over the world. we never forget our history
cos our history is our identity,dignity God bless her Ever.Amen!)

Author Aron Alamin ( ago)
I do respect you a lot because you are respect full guy. Love to

Author Saeed Doman ( ago)
Like every Eritrean, this young performer is highly inspiring.

Author Musie Melake ( ago)
We love our country Eritrea

Author milesknos ( ago)
all the way from England to Somalia we send you our love our sister country
Eritrea. We have the best looking people and the best lands in the world
now we just need peace!

Author Chelsy Tolentino ( ago)

Author the hunter ( ago)
God already blessed it with its people. Happy Eritrea day, btw :)

Author Regat Zeray ( ago)
God bless Eritrea!

Author azeb mesfin ( ago)
it's nice and....lovely song happy 22 years anniversary to all eritrean

Author mahammed mahjoub ( ago)
موسيقي رائعة

Author EreNA ( ago)
you racist jews, first of all you need to check your facts. Eritrean are
not criminal and whores like you. Why dont you do alittle research and find
out the truth and stop leaving in lies in your stolen land with your stolen
money, and stolen lifes.

Author Osman Salih ( ago)
Nice song

Author mejiger ( ago)
Ya that is Hitler wanted to exterminate u; they did not need leeches
either. Anther Jews genocide will come and these time you will be
exterminated from the face of this earth. You whore pervert greedy race

Author joni hani habesha ( ago)
deki ere shkorat enkae anes kabakum konku

Author EscherClub ( ago)
fine and good for my golden roots

Author mogos tekle ( ago)
sami boy

Author mogos tekle ( ago)

Author H.H Sahelu ( ago)
nice song... but please next time don't show your bra. The fashion police
will put you in jail..... LOL..

Author WEDIg ERE ( ago)
who is this girl and is it a play back or live ...i like it tho'

Author ניצבים ט ( ago)
yeah sure it is, take your friend back home from my country... israel dont
need lyches... nither h.i.v outbrake

Author BahreNeGash ( ago)
Most likely, she is just one of the LOCAL VOLUNTER in the area (Canada).
Imagine,,,, 1,865,459 view,,,, WOW!!!!

Author wisam osman ( ago)
singers name or the name of the song anyone?

Author AsmaraBeautiful ( ago)
god bless to all..Eritrean people let's proud our country there's place
like home!

Author Ghebrehiwet Tadesse ( ago)
i am so proud of bing ERITREAN & i like the song

Author sewu lemine ( ago)
It makes sense to everybody who uses his/her mind, and think twice before

Author dekemhre eritrea ( ago)
hakome enduome etiophia kekano nekene endena mefkerti hagerna mara koyna.i
love it

Author dekemhre eritrea ( ago)
am happy .eritrawe bemukaney agoke

Author ibrahim faisal (1043 years ago)
is amazing song I like it

Author habtome AWALOM ( ago)
who ask u? where is he live? are u sour is he human being? pls tell him
ERITEREA is home of heros

Author Ali Alilo ( ago)
تستاهل كل الاحرف والكلمات كي امدحها بس اقولها انا افديكي

Author Ghebrehiwet Amare ( ago)
I love the way u sing and u have really god tune please keep it!!!

Author habesha poetics ( ago)
"Music is truly one of the greatest ways to unite people and impact our
surroundings." Viktorya Abraham on shukorina. com about Habesha Poetics.
Habesha Poetics is … It's like iTunes for habesha. check it out :
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out : habeshapoetics. com

Author Yebiyo Syla ( ago)
wowwwwwww vriy nice song ilove u this song

Author Daniel Tsegay ( ago)
etom edkum kulkul affu zgeberkum agamae edkum kulkul afa tdefaie

Author Saba Haileslassie (237 years ago)
The love we have for one another Eritrea hageryae I would never deny

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