Pokemon Black and White ROM w/ EXP patch and Emulator

You will need this:

And this:

Black 黒:

White ホワイト

All Black and White info:

Pokemon Black:
Pokemon White:
Pokemon Black:
Pokemon White:

AP Patch: Coming soon

*Does not work on:
R4 (the official firmware Ysmenu 1:18)
Acekard 2i with AKAIO 1.7.1
Ultra R4: Problems with SAV, not progressing

DSTT/R4i -4 error code

**Works with the emulator "DsMuMe 0.9.6"
M3 ds real version 4.8e
SuperCard DSTWO with EOS v1.06(runs perfectly)
R4 DS 1.12(If you're having trouble with the experince and randomly freezes every~7 minutes to take any action on the game, read this:

1.)Desfirmware loads the wood 1.12
( )

2.)Enter the contents of the rar (the folder _rpg and archiving _DS_MENU_.DAT) in the root of the SD

3.)If he asks to replace say yes to everything

4.)Enter pokemon rom black / white anywhere you want on the SD

5.)Now we will enter more deeply into the matter ... looking for pokemon rom in the list of roms in the R4 and press START, you will see a drop. Go to Settings and select Language "lang_en", you will have to restart the application, click YES.
Now return back to the menu, but in language Castilian, you tap the
right arrow until you reach the menu setting file and put everything in OFF, now follows below and see the menu patchesas before: put everything in OFF.Finally, and to ensure well (this is optional) continues until the final menu settings (Settings expansion GBA / Rumble / RAM) Standby: disable. Save SAVE startup: clear and Slot-2 mode: ask

6.) You already have your copy of Pokemon Black / White ready to play

7 *.) EXTRA What about saved games I had in my YSMENU or R4DS firmware 1.18 or above?.
It is very simple. Simply download the R4 Wood Save Converter. Now you have to unzip the file Converter Save Wood R4.bat in any directory on your PC.
Just copy the saves you had in the same directory as the BAT and the program opens

**I do not own copyright to pokemon, and all credit goes to the Pokemon Company**

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Author nothingsofargain ( ago)
david-さん ありがとう!

Author DallasMavs81 ( ago)
thanks great link and vid

Author Erin McDonnell ( ago)
Thanks A lot! It is appreciated ^-^

Author Aviral Jain ( ago)

Author Jeremy Mulder ( ago)
awesome link man much appreciated! 

Author Jennifer Pruitt ( ago)
I use nds4droid. Does this work for that?

Author Maddie Werehog ( ago)
Thank you

Author FowlZerr ( ago)
thank you so much!!! :D

Author I Sexually Identify as an Alpha Krab ( ago)
Dude, thx a lot. You are awesome liked and sub'd.

Author DidoOG ( ago)

Author TheMadBeast ( ago)
THANK YOU XD But I have to go and get to were I was again ._.

Author napthali bend ( ago)
you my friend wear fucking helpful 

Author Jack Sullivan ( ago)
extremely helpful. 

Author J Bovet ( ago)
I had the blue screen of death

Author yizewu ( ago)
Thank you soooooo Much well i played pokemon pokemon white annd pokemon
white 2 already but i need black but i did to many cheats so to level up my
pokemon i need rare candy so i disided to get new rom

Author Alex Rider ( ago)
thanks a lot i honestly don't get the directions but downloaded and ran and
exp problem got fixed! :)

Author John Racette ( ago)
Thanks, the exp and everything works but how do you save a game? I got
really far in a game and then a took a break and came back and there was
Prof. Juniper asking my name! Please Help!

Author Patrick Swatton ( ago)
you are currently my best friend :) thanks bro 

Author disturbedhobo1 ( ago)
thank you so much!!! I was wondering why my snivy remained at level 5 @_@

Author TME_Guy ( ago)
can i apply the anti piracy code something on this rom to make it work for

Author Anthony Melanson ( ago)
this one has the exp patch attached. I tried it myself and it works great. 

Author Anthony Melanson ( ago)
Thank you so much. I've been trying for hours to get exp in pokemon black
and your link worked perfect. Again, thank you so much 

Author jackassmakerremon ( ago)
you are awesomeeeeee

Author darthyoshi217 ( ago)

Author DanP ( ago)
Please get some video recording software, it would make this so much
better, haha

Author ty long ( ago)
your the best aruond

Author kingenvoy ( ago)
Thank you 

Author Colton Stark ( ago)
ok your awesome thank you for the links 

Author soraXharu ( ago)
FIRST DOWNLOAD ALL DAY THAT HAS WORKED!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Author Jayden HUANG ( ago)
really thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

Author JustSome762 ( ago)
I dont understand... I have Desmume and downloaded it from,
but how do I get the exp patch

Author DEUS VULT ( ago)

Author vegeta91287 ( ago)

Author Dheeraj Menon ( ago)
even i need only the EXP patch

Author Bobby Freeman ( ago)
i found a action replay code online that fixed the exp problem but i
stopped playing 4 a while & the code got deleted & iv been un able to find

Author Rubens Germain ( ago)
i dont know where to put the patch in desmume

Author Jim Kelly ( ago)
EXP Patch pleeeeeaaaase

Author Michael Ang Yu Jie ( ago)
Awesome, after i download the link it work well, now i can truly enjoy my
game.. thank you very much...

Author supermariovideogamer (1606 years ago)
Does it still work? 

Author gurenthezambie ( ago)

Author zzafi ( ago)

Author Mr851212 ( ago)
oh, so instead of giving just the patch, I have to download your emulator
too? You'll make a great business man some day lol

Author Neos Interino ( ago)
Wow it works dude, thanks a lot! 

Author WonderfullyOdd ( ago)
It works! Thanks. :)

Author mater king ( ago)
um do I have to re download the emulator because iv already had it and it
still dosent give me exp 

Author Dhilan Patel ( ago)
only problem is that my pokemon dont level up

Author Orestis Nocturne ( ago)
it dosent freeze but i cant get any exp 

Author Anthony Schmieder ( ago)
Works. Thanks

Author PlasmaCross ( ago)
you know that this inst bw2 right? b and white came out in 2010

Author Derk Lauer ( ago)
Nevermind. I was incorrect. S does work for menu. Thank you, much

Author Derk Lauer ( ago)
It didn't work. The button works cuz I used it to start the game at the
main menu. But when I use it IN the game, no luck. I've tried many
different rom's and the all act the same way. :\

Author WatchingYoutube ( ago)
u may had answer it, but i a bit stupid

Author WatchingYoutube ( ago)
here a question, how u did it and does it for for r4 and ttds?

Author Derk Lauer ( ago)
How do I get the Menu to pop up. I got the patch for the exp and it works
perfectly. But i cant pull up the menu to go to my bag, pokemon, and

Author texazbwoy06 ( ago)
I have this, I just need the EXP patch

Author hamzarehman51 ( ago)
thnx it totaly works 

Author xCH0SEN1x ( ago)
Anyone know how I can type letters or words on this emulators?

Author JOLTEONISM ( ago)
it feels like ive been doing some CIA hacking to get a patch. haha thanks
for the links and stuff. finally got it <3

Author Dana Parker ( ago)
how do you say enter or okay or select!?!?! 

Author PokeFMA Hatchett ( ago)
thanks for the ROMs man i will need them for walkthroughs 

Author RackettheRaccoon ( ago)
You're the greatest who ever lived :D

Author wtwrush ( ago)
So please someone explain to my if i'm missing something, but i downloaded
the version that was said to be patched, and i still dont get exp. I have
been searching for hours for a version that is completely in English (which
i still havent found) and that has been patched, and it seems neither thing
exists. I would like to play this game but I really dont know where else to
look or how to go about looking, so if someone could point me in the right

Author bwatermyfrd ( ago)
u my homie bro ! 

Author AlwaysOriginalVidz ( ago)
i have an m3 ds real, and if i downloaded this i would play it on there, my
main question is, does the exp work? do you gain any exp? 

Author Cornholio ( ago)
it crashes at zekrom. Fix plz? 

Author Dennis van der Werf ( ago)
I love you, i've been searching for hours <3

Author thebigcarri ( ago)
thanks brotha your version works!i didnt even realize i wasnt catching exp
before untill i started getting my ass kicked by other trainers ha!thanks
again kep up the brains!!

Author Dan Jacobs ( ago)
cheers mate, this is awesome!!!

Author odessa ( ago)
Hi ho you're a pirate's mate. 

Author Daniel G. ( ago)
Well I have Supercard DSTWO and I have the pokemon black rom, The game
works fine, but I can't enter the Dream World, does any of this would help
me play on the Dream World?

Author D. Petrea ( ago)
After looking so damn hard to find a rom that works correctly, I have come
across this to find my results, for the lack of a better term, outstanding!
This guy is awesome, I must say! Now I can end my search and actually play
Pokemon with the proper leveling up experience like I am suppose to have!
Thank you greatly, my friend!

Author OsFireTruck ( ago)
Im not sure about the blue screen, But for start button click the key you
have X set on

Author dexterfan88 ( ago)
Thank you so much!!!!

Author Dexter Phillips ( ago)
you have my most astute graditude my friend thank you 

Author Hexon9 ( ago)
How did you get the exp to work, none of these links go to a patch.

Author ImGonaSurfYou ( ago)
if your on a computer, while in game press "s" on the keyboard, works for

Author Marky Mark ( ago)
Big cheers mate

Author dimondude246 ( ago)
its supposed to be all laggy in the intro right?

Author Sam Richardson ( ago)
thanks this is great 

Author Maxvdkooij ( ago)
i am not getting any experience how do i fix this?

Author obansari ( ago)

Author CanIIHazCheezeBurger ( ago)
I cant access the menu. Help please?

Author todd danner ( ago)
DEES MU ME. You are asian, how the fuck do you sound like a white ignorant
kid. R O M.

Author 39koala ( ago)
i keep getting stuck at the part right after where you are at the game, do
u know why?

Author Magikraps Mcfinnigan ( ago)
For mac download Desmume and Unrar X to unrar the file. Then it will let
you open it in Desume for mac. 

Author Inuda ( ago)
use the newest version

Author Tido Strike ( ago)
theres a buton u can edit in the keypad option so if u click it it can
speed up if that dosn't work Buy a new pc

Author Isaiah Jordan ( ago)
thank you

Author eziob1995 ( ago)
thank god for people who give you the patched game instead of steps on how

Author Isis-Chan ( ago)
You extract it using something like Winrar and then open DeSmuME, click
file-open rom- Then find the extracted version of pokemon black, it'll be
NDS file. Hope this helps :D

Author jonsondawson ( ago)

Author Otaku hearts999 ( ago)
I'm commenting on the ad and TY SO MUCHHHHHH! Pokemon Conquest, who knew
Samurai Warriors 1,2, and 3 would unite with pokemon o.0.

Author Mai Ty ( ago)
thank you. 

Author JaggedMagpie ( ago)
if you mac you snooze, if you snooze you loose :P

Author Joe Cochella ( ago)
I love you in every way

Author 50 dolla bills ( ago)
your a hero

Author Vic ( ago)
That's because it has the patch already applied. If there was no patch
you'd be stuck with a Lv5 Starter throughout the game. At first I thought
that was the point but I realised what was wrong.

Author MrKoolguy15 ( ago)
What is the patch for? Lol all i did was download desmume and the rom and
started playing? My pokemon are leveling up fine? 

Author adriel bryce ( ago)
thank you man.....FINALLY the one with exp patch........THANK YOU MAN

Author strawberrystache ( ago)
Subscribed just for you being so awesome and helping. Keep up the awesome
work :D

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