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Author bleachinuri (6 years)
non repeating gear pattern-or a super-10, you know why alot of trucking
companys spec these in their fleets, their cheap to fix and just about
anyone can drive one.

Author jmecrg (4 years)
i hate a super ten..... i drove one about 3 yrs ago for about a year but i
cant remeber how i shifted it

Author 4x4American (4 years)
@jmecrg it's easy, lever shift to first, split to second, lever shift to
third, split to fourth, lever to 5th, split to 6th, lever to 7th, range
valve is automatically actuated, split to 8th, lever to 9th and some auto
split to 10th or it's another split shift to ten. reverse you select low or
high on the splitter before you smack her into position, and then you work
that clutch brake, put her into position and go

Author Peter Warren (6 years)
I hate using them.You gotta hold the shifter over to the right if your
gonna slow down all the way from top speed gear while in neutral.If you
dont the counter shaft automatically goes into low and you can tell its not
good by the noise it makes.

Author William Janisheck (3 years)
my first Kenny was a super 10. Talk about culture shock. I was a young hot
shot driver who could "drive anything". I ate those words after a while.

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