Its a great day for me to whip somebody's ass.wmv

funny humor music video.

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Author Kelly Marie (1 month)
Just sayin'

Author Biker Bonnie (1 month)
Just got on my google+ account this msg and Wow... Really? Well, stupid
fkng REDNECK is as stupid fkng REDNECK does you yankee SOB! No offense to
our yankee bro's and sista's who realize us southern rednecks rock and they
wish they's all born in the south too! I'm just saying!

@ google+ kris daniels commented on a video on YouTube.... This is the
worst video I have ever seen, and an awful fucking song.. What a piece of
shit, how the hell did it get 300k views.. Ohhh yah that's right FUCKING
TECHNOLOGY AT ALL fucking retarded shit..

Author Jake Magulick (1 month)
5 year anniversary of this video.

Author tjenkins5 (3 months)
This should be Monday's anthem

Author Linda Kostin (2 months)
LOL! I'm laughing so hard my stomach's sore!!! 

Author Cindy Dugan (2 months)

Author D MANN (5 months)
This has been my mood lately!!!!!

Its a great day for me to whip somebody's ass.wmv:

Author Misty Linton (26 days)
This song got me laughing

Author Frank Blanken (2 months)
to me he sings "whoop" not "whip"

Author Matthew De Freitas (1 month)
This is STUPID as CRAP

Author Thumbs Up Top Videos (2 months)
I punish my "Throne" a lot 

Author Xenomorph1able (4 months)
On that weird side of YouTube again

Author CONNIE Johnson (3 months)
That was a great video, it also goes with my the kind of day I had. 

Author 72Chevelle454 (5 months)
lol lex and terry show, funny shit

Author noisyboy900 (9 months)
Redneck Gollum really knows how to sing

Author Ricky G (2 months)
That it is a great day

Author Da Bost (4 months)
Omg I love it. Its a true stress relief and a must to play at work. Thanks
much and need more please.

Author Kim Evans (2 months)
Its a great day for me to whip somebody's ass.wmv:

Author bilzod5 (4 months)
Cute........Stupid....Not that Funny ???

Author Angel Harris (1 month)

Author Angela Wells (1 month)
Love it

Author Kelly Marie (1 month)
Just sayin'

Author Tom Kane (4 months)
Its a great day for me to whip somebody's ass.wmv:

Author Antonio Heck (2 months)
funny shit

Author Robert Harris (2 months)

Author lj faulkner (2 months)

Author Rebecca Williams (4 months)
Brilliant ! ! 

Author speedracer299 (4 months)
That's hilarious

Author John Gallo (7 months)
Do you remember this one?

Author Tonya Mayfield (1 month)

Author trouble1nyc (4 months)

Author Katherine McClure (5 months)

Author tranisha Williams (8 months)

Author Emily Hassell (7 months)
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. It can,
quite possibly, help you to further motivate yourself to whip somebody

Author Olivia the cat (3 months)

Author Mad Fabe (6 months)
This is funny

Author Dano R (1 month)

Author Randall Braman (6 months)
Its a great day for me to whip somebody's ass.wmv:

Author Nolton Soleo (2 months)

Author shakey bby (9 months)
Love this song haha

Author sohotnkc (9 months)
don't we all have these days this just helps ease the day LOL HUGS LOVE &

Author Karl Wallin (8 months)
Its a great day for me to whip somebody's ass.wmv:

Author Terri Wolfe (3 months)

Author Mr.kill me (8 months)

Author Jim Walls (1 year)
From me to Obama

Author Kelly Mercado (11 months)
This song always makes me laugh

Author Barbara Moore (11 months)
Soooooooo damn funny 

Author melissa ridgeway (11 months)

Author Tammy A (11 months)
I my gosh this happeneds to me all the time when my mom starts a fight over

Author Garry Six (3 months)

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