Its a great day for me to whip somebody's ass.wmv

funny humor music video.

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Author Brandon Pfeifer (2 months)

Author James Proebstel (6 months)
Felt this way yesterday!

Author shakey bby (6 days)
Love this song haha

Author sohotnkc (10 days)
don't we all have these days this just helps ease the day LOL HUGS LOVE &

Author Debra Kayn (5 months)
Omg. This had me laughing so hard.

Author Tammy A (2 months)
I my gosh this happeneds to me all the time when my mom starts a fight over

Author Gabriela Mejia (2 months)

Author Mandy Schisler (2 months)
Omg I love this!

Author Dafuq Funnies Queen Bish (5 months)

Author fredrick craig (3 months)
Lol great

Author cmj concrete (2 months)
that's very funny

Author karen leutheuser (3 months)

Author Barbara Moore (1 month)
Soooooooo damn funny 

Author Jim Walls (4 months)
From me to Obama

Author melissa ridgeway (1 month)

Author Fredrick Holliday (2 months)
Life Gets us all - Just keep your fingers from getting shit on them!!!

Author April Cabigting (3 months)
It's a great country music I hope u like it guy

Author Diana Kennedy (2 months)
Beast mode

Author Perry Smith (5 months)
No matter how down I am, I can listen to this song, and it brings a smile
to my face

Author kenny march (4 months)
just love it

Author Kelly Mercado (1 month)
This song always makes me laugh

Author Bob Rodgers (4 months)
I can relate.LMO

Author daren case armstrong (4 months)
lol it a funny song

Author Dorian Cearley (4 months)
and i love this song

Author Andres DeJesus (1 year)
Great day to whoop somebody azz . Lol 

Author Derrell Davies (10 months)
Good morning!!

Author Jonas Cox (2 years)
My brother shared this with me.

Author john sanders (2 years)

Author Tony Longo (2 years)
LMFBO!!!!!! my new theme song

Author Bill Yoder (8 months)
Ever have one of those days?

Author Donna Pete Kennedy (8 months)
Ready, set, goooooooooooooooooooooo!

Author Jeremy Shaw (2 years)

Author James Harris (1 year)
Sometimes people make you feel this way 

Author Sherri Lemos (1 month)

Author Dorian Cearley (4 months)
i always have one of them days

Author Derrell Davies (10 months)
#funny *I had to share this again*

Author Robin Ojay (8 months)
Ever have one of those days?

Author Bill Yoder (1 year)
This dude is hilarious!

Author Lucky Lew (4 months)
the fact that this got over a million views>>>>

Author Mad Fabe (6 months)

Author Aspie Otaku (2 months)
Is that Golem/smeegle?

Author TheTarheel2011 (3 months)
from the john boy and billy big show!!

Author Dorian Cearley (4 months)

Author Lorien Corriero (2 years)

Author Allen McCollum (7 months)

Author 2011gmh (1 year)
from bob and tom show?

Author Jakisha Babers (6 months)
Lmao... "bitching about whatever it was she was bitching about last
night"... Lmao

Author Terri Wolfe (2 years)

Author Jason (2 years)
Mildly funny song in a inbread red neck kinda way. Very poor video, none of
the lip movement match the song. If this was written and engineered by a 7
year old it is good!

Author Henrique Kumm (2 years)
I came to youtube because I felt blue redtube was out sméagol will do

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