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    BALN ARMY 8 hours ago

    First of all y the hell did the first airplane try to land on sand with the speed the tires would get stuck on the sand and brake the plane in half

  • Skyfoxfighter
    Skyfoxfighter 9 hours ago

    The first one is a test crash

  • TimGaming
    TimGaming 9 hours ago

    1:30 - 1:41 I see the pilot struggling to control the plane

  • Jeffrey Lindsay
    Jeffrey Lindsay 1 day ago

    i feel like eating a burrito

  • Jeffrey Lindsay
    Jeffrey Lindsay 1 day ago

    i feel like eating a burrito

  • Ketal Jadav
    Ketal Jadav 1 day ago


  • Jason
    Jason 2 days ago

    This is great!

  • Kalle Sirviö
    Kalle Sirviö 3 days ago

    the first one was an experimental crash and no-one was inside the plane.

  • OG Šavu
    OG Šavu 3 days ago

    im watching this two hours before my flight and i fear planes more than death so wish me luck!;)

  • Maycon Rocha
    Maycon Rocha 8 days ago

    meu deus so deus ai nessas pessoas....

  • vikas franklin
    vikas franklin 8 days ago

    for those who die,R.I.P

  • Nick The gk
    Nick The gk 8 days ago

    Sub to my channel

  • CARO
    CARO 9 days ago

    My cousin died from a plane crash. This reminds me greatley of it so i cried during This vid.😢😢😢😢😢 R.I.P

  • GreenWhale77
    GreenWhale77 10 days ago

    No one was harmed during the making of this video ;P

    • GreenWhale77
      GreenWhale77 10 days ago

      Okay I shouldn't joke about this stuff.

  • Kate Smith
    Kate Smith 10 days ago

    I'm going on a plane in six days, why am I watching thia?

  • Colorado Aerospace
    Colorado Aerospace 11 days ago

    2:22 is fake

    ALL I SAY IS WAT 11 days ago

    This is so sad 😭

  • chArlotte cc
    chArlotte cc 11 days ago

    very sad. :'(
    post scriptum: the first crash is only a test, no pilot died. :D

  • Aaron Strzelewicz
    Aaron Strzelewicz 11 days ago

    Anyone know the name of this music?

  • Adib Taleb
    Adib Taleb 12 days ago

    sooooooo sad

  • blcksmth
    blcksmth 12 days ago

    man makes contraption. man dies in contraption.

  • bobjones64
    bobjones64 12 days ago

    Make sure they're not fake before you upload there bud

  • Avery Boone
    Avery Boone 13 days ago

    Surprisingly enough everyone died.

  • Flippin' Bassholes
    Flippin' Bassholes 13 days ago

    A lot of these are fake.

  • Austin Dunn
    Austin Dunn 15 days ago

    The intro is absolutely crap

  • Airntzee Ark
    Airntzee Ark 15 days ago

    am I the only one who noticed alot of these are rc planes with special effects on the crash

  • Lian 'S TV
    Lian 'S TV 15 days ago

    Rest In Peace who are in plane chrash last call to the pilot Rest And Peace

  • Oblivion void
    Oblivion void 16 days ago

    I'm depressed now...

  • Painted Paws LPS
    Painted Paws LPS 16 days ago


  • maggie rodriguez
    maggie rodriguez 16 days ago

    I'm never going on a plane again xD

  • Cookie Chanell
    Cookie Chanell 16 days ago

    i love yuor name of channel

  • Izaya Laban
    Izaya Laban 16 days ago

    Who cares, people die all the time.

  • memopex
    memopex 17 days ago

    whats that piece called? its beautiful!

  • icedice04
    icedice04 17 days ago

    Why am i watching this a day before flying?

  • Anthonymakesvideos B

    These are all such a tradegy :(

  • ROBLOXkgirl Drake
    ROBLOXkgirl Drake 18 days ago

    This was so sad

  • Gamer Sophie221
    Gamer Sophie221 18 days ago

    the planes are like 'how could this happen to me,I've made my mistakes,got no we're to FLY' XD

  • Julien Nizan
    Julien Nizan 18 days ago

    "hey bro watch your jet"

  • Wiktor Szymanski
    Wiktor Szymanski 19 days ago

    Those people didn't do something and they died. It's unfair

  • Wiktor Szymanski
    Wiktor Szymanski 19 days ago

    It's unfair to die for nothing!!!

  • Wiktor Szymanski
    Wiktor Szymanski 19 days ago

    It's very sad of this people who died on those planes 😥

  • Avgeek Productions
    Avgeek Productions 19 days ago

    Most of these weren't that bad compared to that Japan airlines one and the first one was a Boeing 727-100 for a test flight to see some weird shot this is classic YouTube click bait

  • Goomby Gaming
    Goomby Gaming 20 days ago

    It's honestly sad watching this because you know all these people died. Rip everybody in this video and may God have mercy on us all

  • Everlot Stark
    Everlot Stark 20 days ago

    And i thought the plane never crashed lije this on the daily

  • Vale Astorga Flores
    Vale Astorga Flores 20 days ago

    RIP 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • nhald maniti
    nhald maniti 20 days ago

    i feel bad

  • jacquezsantiago
    jacquezsantiago 20 days ago

    Instantly dead

  • JT
    JT 20 days ago


  • Jimmy Two-Times
    Jimmy Two-Times 20 days ago

    RIP and all my deepest condolences to the people in this video that lost their life. *BUT*, it seems as though 99% of the planes that crashed were small aircrafts with people taking liberties in them.

  • Bglsworth
    Bglsworth 20 days ago

    You're all fucking sick if you watched this all the way through

    XIVSTREETGANG 20 days ago

    he got kilt

  • Joel Hernandez
    Joel Hernandez 20 days ago

    tough to watch, especially if you plan to fly

  • Sophie Anne
    Sophie Anne 20 days ago

    2:05 I was hoping it never went in the water :(

  • whocanitbeifitaintme

    makes me never wanna get on a plane

  • David Bately
    David Bately 21 day ago

    pity about the soundtrack and loss of life.

  • swiperboy sb
    swiperboy sb 21 day ago

    9/11 never forget?

  • Victor Huynh
    Victor Huynh 21 day ago

    Compilation of people fucking dying

  • ItsPlasticToMe ModelsandMore

    They should just change the site name to click bate tube.

  • Logan Anelas
    Logan Anelas 21 day ago

    What about joeseph crashing into volcano

  • Rikumania
    Rikumania 21 day ago

    I love how it ask for people to lije and subscribe at the end.

  • Gary Fitzgerald
    Gary Fitzgerald 21 day ago

    Lovely soundtrack !

  • Zoie Gomez
    Zoie Gomez 21 day ago

    Why did I watch this..

  • Stran Nick
    Stran Nick 21 day ago


  • Robert Ellis
    Robert Ellis 21 day ago

    The intro and outro are just a little inappropriate, don't you think?

  • JADEN 64T
    JADEN 64T 21 day ago

    This is why I don't like flying in planes ✈️ {like is you agree}

  • sor ry
    sor ry 21 day ago

    Oh Lord Jesus very sad

  • Jomar Rabara
    Jomar Rabara 21 day ago

    That first clip goes to show that everyone in first class dies first.

  • Dylanocj I I Galvan

    that was funny

  • Vlog Flavored
    Vlog Flavored 21 day ago

    Posted on my birthday... 😞

  • Sturla Jónsson
    Sturla Jónsson 21 day ago


  • Brandon Banks
    Brandon Banks 21 day ago

    Anyone who uploads videos with clickbait thumbnails should be banned.

  • Freddy Fox
    Freddy Fox 21 day ago

    I hate the music

  • Hunter Nichols
    Hunter Nichols 21 day ago

    the one with the an225 was fake

  • Charles Moore
    Charles Moore 21 day ago

    the first one was a purposeful plane crash

  • Glicktishax-T978-Type:BAC_12x die

    the sound of the pilots voice recordings, when i hear the screams, i can only imagine the horror they're in.

  • Евгений Гудков

    Жалко людей .

  • Per Stevens
    Per Stevens 22 days ago

    2:16 is photoshop

  • Sermono_09
    Sermono_09 22 days ago

    Porque veo esto cuanto en dos días voy a viajar 😓😓

  • Mike Manners
    Mike Manners 22 days ago

    0:44 - OUCH!!!

  • faze clane
    faze clane 23 days ago

    i feel bad for those people

  • pabobfin
    pabobfin 23 days ago

    The Grumman Goose pilot said, "Caution retrieving your luggage, it may have shifted during the landing."

  • Gabriel Mondragon
    Gabriel Mondragon 24 days ago

    ATTENTION: No one died on these crashes. They are test flights.

  • LittleChicken
    LittleChicken 24 days ago

    3:13 was on Jber in anchorage Alaska

  • cyborg sloth88
    cyborg sloth88 24 days ago

    May these souls rest in peace 😢😭😭😵😔

  • James Clerk
    James Clerk 24 days ago

    In one of these My parents died😭😢😞

  • The Brothers An
    The Brothers An 25 days ago

    Tänker på min mamma som dog i en flyg plans crash :(

    IRON DRAGON 25 days ago

    The firs one was i test nobody was inside

  • Steven Senjaya
    Steven Senjaya 26 days ago

    can someone still survives from the exploding plane crash.. ?? like 0:47 1:08 3:22 3:52 4:27 4:51 ?

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson 26 days ago

    That music really killed me. No pun intended. No hate pls.

  • peter baker
    peter baker 26 days ago

    RIP the people ho died

  • Elmo Gamer
    Elmo Gamer 26 days ago

    3:28 hello fellas wheres the party at?

  • Grizzly The Bear
    Grizzly The Bear 26 days ago

    The first clip was plane crash test lol

  • Kyle Sayle-Hughes
    Kyle Sayle-Hughes 26 days ago

    Is it a bird is it a plane? No it's a woman on a plane.... . Oh s@#/

  • Razi Tehseen
    Razi Tehseen 26 days ago

    o my god Allah help all people s

  • Dan Profor
    Dan Profor 26 days ago

    dodo plane!!!!!!!!!!:(((((((((

  • Brent B
    Brent B 26 days ago

    The very first clip I've seen before it was a crash test so no one was injures or killed in the first video.

  • TheUnknownGamer
    TheUnknownGamer 27 days ago

    This made me cry 😭

  • Shea Clark
    Shea Clark 27 days ago

    fake on the first one no one was on

  • Jose Samaniego
    Jose Samaniego 27 days ago

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