Bill Maher Goes Off On UC Berkeley's Treatment Of Ann Coulter: "Now The Cradle Of F*king Babies!" HD

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  • steve41557
    steve41557 14 hours ago

    You can speak at Berkeley if you agree with Leftists

  • MishuTaste
    MishuTaste 1 day ago

    Exactly. Life is offensive---VERY Offensive. So learn how to deal with it w/o having a childish temper tantrum.

  • pyrostrike uk
    pyrostrike uk 4 days ago

    this is why i look up to Bill Maher
    he reminds people what it truly means to be a liberal

  • LogicalNotes
    LogicalNotes 6 days ago

    But that's Maher's motto, "shut up and agree with me"

  • Walter Strong
    Walter Strong 25 days ago

    Postmodernism is the root cause of this horrid behavior.

  • the Annuity Slayer
    the Annuity Slayer 25 days ago

    Yet another libertard talk show! Maher said "I never agreed with one thing she said". That's because you're a fucking libertard! Why is television so nonrepresentational of American voters? ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, HBO, Comedy Central are all rabidly anti-Trump. Even Nat Geo and ESPN subtly try to shove liberalism down our throats.

  • Bret Yeilding
    Bret Yeilding 25 days ago

    I live in CA and Maher is right, it is the cradle of f*cking babies.

  • Fast Frets
    Fast Frets 27 days ago

    Liberals are the goddamn scum of the earth. The 2nd amendment exists because the founders knew the freedom of speech doesn't protect itself, especially against the scourge of liberal fascism.

  • juscurious
    juscurious 27 days ago

    Berkeley was NEVER the cradle of free speech. The First Amendment was established long before the first brick was ever laid at UC Berkeley. It was established before California was a state. This notion that speech was suppressed on University Campuses before the so called free speech movement is a huge myth.

  • Ilove Jesus
    Ilove Jesus 27 days ago

    When you're to liberal for Bill Maher there's a problem.

  • November2025
    November2025 28 days ago

    Wow, I hate fucking Bill Maher but he fucking rocks it here.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 1 month ago

    Don't agree with Bill on much, but he's spot on!

  • Mark DiPietro
    Mark DiPietro 1 month ago

    Berkeley is a fucking joke. No one takes these universities serious anymore.

  • rockabillylaker
    rockabillylaker 1 month ago

    Maher's one of the few liberals I like.

  • Oldfatwhiteguy
    Oldfatwhiteguy 1 month ago

    Wow! I cant believe I agree with something Bill Maher said.

  • first name
    first name 1 month ago

    I don't like Bill but i agree with him on this.

  • William Tyndale
    William Tyndale 1 month ago

    The Anglosphere universalized two ideas; equality before the Law and the right to express your opinion. These two ideas are the fountainhead. Unfortunately they are incompatible with Shariah. Shariah defines rights based on group identity; Muslim, Muslima, Dhimmi and kaffir. Shariah has two ideas: inequity before the law and the death penalty for expressing unlawful opinions.. It gets worse Shariah also defines all countries that are not governed by Shariah to be 'lands of war' (dar al harb). Jihad is defined by Shariah as meaning "warfare to establish the religion until there are non but Muslims and religion is for Allah". All countries that have based their Constitutions on Shariah are Jihadi nations. The same can be said of organisations, institutes, charities and other entities. Shariah is the law of slavers and killers.

  • Geoff Brasier
    Geoff Brasier 1 month ago

    Those who aspire to a liberal arts degrees are now defined as assholes and will end up flipping burgers or cleaning up toilets in bus terminals;  I like that.

  • Yeahsurewhatever
    Yeahsurewhatever 1 month ago

    How, people on the left that actually have a brain. Bravo, I'm glad we can find common ground on a very simple subject that a lot of people cannot for some bizarre reason.

  • Ronald Helman
    Ronald Helman 1 month ago

    is that Brittany Spears?

  • Silas the Nihilist
    Silas the Nihilist 1 month ago

    Berkeley is the cradle of fucking babies and fucking babies.

  • Jared Turner
    Jared Turner 1 month ago

    Berkeley is a joke and the laughingstock of the country.

  • 4stpdppl ppl
    4stpdppl ppl 1 month ago

    As a conservative who despises Coulter, my question is: Is it really intolerant liberalism, or is it the idea that she has nothing to offer worthwhile and thus no need to listen to her drible? Coulter is a miserable person who wants everybody around her to be miserable as well. Her books are badly researched, which sole purpose is to create controversy.....not a polemic as she fancies herself. Calling it like it is, and being a miserable low life are two different things.

  • rick primmer
    rick primmer 1 month ago

    Fuck you BILL

  • Schatze Manly
    Schatze Manly 1 month ago

    Lady says " I can't believe you have to remind liberals of this " ( i.e. right to free speech) but she conveniently omits the FACT that liberals/ progressives are the biggest violators of others right to free speech.

  • Kreutzerwrath
    Kreutzerwrath 1 month ago

    one of the rare times I agree with Bill

  • SolidusSnake604
    SolidusSnake604 1 month ago

    What's the name of the lesbian in red?

  • Zeppelinbass
    Zeppelinbass 1 month ago

    Never thought I'd here this from Maher

  • John Parker
    John Parker 1 month ago

    liberals are the enemy

  • carole lerman
    carole lerman 1 month ago

    Bill you are so right, I see it in my own family with college kids.

  • A. Fuglesang
    A. Fuglesang 1 month ago

    This demonization from the right, implying that cracking down on free speech and creating safe-spaces are things that the left agrees on is demonstrably wrong. If you look at the people rioting at these events, it's usually Anarchists and Communists that are responsible - groups that make up a tiny, tiny proportion of the left-wing. It's like calling all right-wingers racists, just because white-supremacist groups exist.

    Try to look at this in an intellectual way, instead of taking your talking points from Paul Joseph Watson and Steven Crowder.

  • Randell Porter
    Randell Porter 1 month ago

    I thought I'd never agree with anything Maher had to say.  Then he says something like this......  Bless your wicked heart, Bill.

  • Katrena Sobol
    Katrena Sobol 1 month ago

    And there's a fine statement by Bill Maher about Ann Coulter: I like her as a person but I don't agree with her political views. Liberals please pay attention to this because this is the very basis of freedom of speech.

  • SuperCal
    SuperCal 1 month ago

    My safe space is filled with my guns, and not my feelings.

  • michi k
    michi k 1 month ago

    uhhhh bill maher is on to something.. its almost like he got a clue about the god damn retard liberals

  • Date Rape Face
    Date Rape Face 1 month ago

    I do not recall allowing SE CUPP to take off her collar, put on clothes, and then go on Bill Maher's show. That bitch better be back in her cage by the time I return or she will be punished.

  • lucasjasondl
    lucasjasondl 1 month ago

    Berkeley ANTIFA members say free speech is hate speech. Its Orwellian. Its amazing that we live in a time that even Bill Maher thinks the left has gone off the deep end. I cant stand Bill Maher and now I'm actually agreeing with him We have a terrorist group of radical leftists who embrace social fascism (they expect you think, speak, and act a very specific way - their way) or they bear mace you and throw a brick in your face. ANTIFA are the real fascists....... and why hasnt the government labeled them a terrorist group yet??? Its illegal to use bear spray and throw explosives at people, which we have them on video doing. So WTF. They need to be labeled a terrorist group so they can be dealt with.

  • Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds 1 month ago

    holy shit! Maher said something intelligent!! hell has frozen over!!!

  • woodrowpimp
    woodrowpimp 1 month ago

    Well. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Actually agreeing with bill lol

    ORION JONES 1 month ago

    UCB Student here, yeah it's pretty bad but that's relatively standard with campuses.

  • George Horna
    George Horna 1 month ago

    Life is Offensive, deal with it, and Fucking Grow a set.

  • robotpanda77
    robotpanda77 1 month ago

    That cunt talks as if she wasn't one of the liberal crybaby crew. Who do you think you are fooling?

  • Pablo gomez
    Pablo gomez 1 month ago

    It's not all the liberals
    It's the young adult liberal brats who think they know what they are talking about. I've seen this in my school and it sickens me to death that they will grow up offended by everything and try to make the world their way.

  • D.G. Davis
    D.G. Davis 1 month ago

    I love how the audience is barely clapping. Trump hits get mindless laughter and applause but when confronted with the truth about free speech they're either stumped or silently triggered.
    Mindless bunch of dumbasses.
    I commented before that while Bill is a douche, when it comes to the 1st Amendment he's an honest douche.

  • telecomgear
    telecomgear 1 month ago

    She's kinda humpable.

  • Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson 1 month ago

    I don't personally like Bill Maher or agree with 99% of what he says, but I must applaud him for standing up for what is right

  • joebeast15
    joebeast15 1 month ago

    Bill Maher is an annoying lib but I do give him credit for his stances on free speech and the fact that he does call out these fucking liberals for that nonsense. He's one of the few leftists in the spot light that will actually call them out on that so I respect him for that at least

  • Cameron Wade
    Cameron Wade 1 month ago

    college is a pussy paded house where there is no danger,then you graduate with your global art degree an hit a wall of reality an a college bill for your time. GOOD PLAN

  • TinyPandaRed
    TinyPandaRed 1 month ago

    I actually really love this guy

  • Jo Blogs
    Jo Blogs 1 month ago

    Berkeley is creating a new America. ..the United Socialjusticewarriors of Assholeland.

  • Driving Southwest
    Driving Southwest 1 month ago

    Bill Maher gets it.

  • Randy Boisa
    Randy Boisa 1 month ago

    Nice job Bill, from a ex paratrooper!

  • Mike D
    Mike D 1 month ago

    finally saying some smart shit,

  • BartJ583
    BartJ583 1 month ago

    0:11 - "I like her as a person, but I have never agreed with one thing she ever said."_
    Bill Maher is the worst person. Period. The things that Coulter says and does cause direct harm to thousands of people, and here he is telling us that he likes her as a person. That is either a lie, and he just likes her for the ratings she produces; or Maher is retarded.

  • gerberho1
    gerberho1 1 month ago

    "We can get the most famous, notorious conservative to come to our school for a debate!." "No! We only want to talk to people who talk like us!!!!"

  • Robert Leabo
    Robert Leabo 1 month ago

    the problem starts LONG BEFORE they get into college. as an elementary teacher i can tell you this idea of entitlement (which is part of the problem), and sense of false security is basically the bs we sell in the schools and they just kind of absorb it year after year. we tell them that they're all winners, they just need to do their ''best'' and nothing else matters -- so a lot don't try - -and all this crap fills their heads. then they get to college and are 20 - somethings protesting people who share different views if they don't out right ban them from being in the space. WE create this problem and it starts when they're very young. I understand the need for creating a warm environment where kids feel secure and nurtured to come to school, trust me, but we take it to the next (idiotic) level! :(

  • codeblood2000
    codeblood2000 1 month ago

    if they were Christian Bill Mayer wouldn't feel the same way

  • Andy Fernon
    Andy Fernon 1 month ago

    So maher doesn't agree with a single thing coulter says ? Even though everything she says is backed by evidence. So you are disagreeing with facts. Typical liberal satans cock suckin piece of fame hungry desperate to be liked by anybody piece of shit.

  • Brian Crawford
    Brian Crawford 1 month ago

    wow 2 libs making sense

  • sgt pep
    sgt pep 1 month ago

    As opposed to right wing losers who go crazy when they see or hear about a Muslim? Lmao the only safe space needed in America is for rednecks to hide from the fact their race is dying

  • Chen Alex
    Chen Alex 1 month ago

    Welcome to the right, Bill. Welcome

  • SuperDman006
    SuperDman006 1 month ago

    Wow. Bill Maher redeems himself.

  • John Kiene
    John Kiene 1 month ago

    Berkeley is the armpit of lower learning.

  • mytuber81
    mytuber81 1 month ago

    Leftists are creating a generation of mentally stunted, hyper sensitive, activist wannabe's who think they're virtuous. It is absolutely PATHETIC what todays liberal university has degenerated to. One major roll college plays is to prepare people for the real world, it is now doing the exact OPPOSITE. It's teaching students to relentlessly hunt for things to be offended about and then fein outrage while wearing a victim badge. Leftists are literally sabotaging this country. Wake up people.

  • IRON5
    IRON5 1 month ago

    Liberals are just flat-out idiots I'm sorry second thought I'm not

  • isaac hull
    isaac hull 1 month ago

    Im a liberal who lived in berkeley for 13 years, but i find there to be nothing more intensely and legitimately offensive than these neo fascist assholes and I am actively embarrassed by their need for a padded cell of a world, this is probably now considered sexist but, grow a pair

  • Jeff Wood
    Jeff Wood 1 month ago

    I'm on the side of free speech and hate speech is free speech. He's right threats are punishable by law

  • Charles Thomson
    Charles Thomson 1 month ago

    I disagree with this guy a LOT, but he is rooted in principles that I respect 100%.

  • Yousef Aghet Bish Al-Khut Yadiq Nigah

    I'm not sure why people hate ann. shes right about many things.

  • Barry Obama
    Barry Obama 1 month ago

    I've never agreed with Bill Maher ever before. But finally a brain dead liberal speaks the truth about these fucking cry babies at US Berkeley. The Students at Berkeley are fascists! They want to deny anyone to have an an opinion that is not lock step with their own. That is fascism folks!

  • fallenangel2100
    fallenangel2100 1 month ago

    you talk nice bill but you dont let conservatives get much words in edgewise on your show like you did milo.

  • Chris P Bacon
    Chris P Bacon 1 month ago

    LIBERALISM IS SELF LOATHING. All its characteristics happen downstream of this basic truth.

  • aires69uk
    aires69uk 1 month ago

    David Miliband right on the nose there. Could hardly shut him up.

  • Truth Endures
    Truth Endures 1 month ago

    Most of the comments I've read seem to be at the very least "right leaning."
    Is it possible that people have begun to "get it?" And if so, is it because of 2009- 2017?
    Either way, we're not out of the fire yet.

  • Everson1969
    Everson1969 1 month ago

    Bill Maher is still a moron liberal.

  • machia0705
    machia0705 1 month ago

    If you contract Cancer , do you have a safe space ? Let's get real . Life isn't easy .

  • theklrdude oo
    theklrdude oo 1 month ago

    cucks !

  • neotripper
    neotripper 1 month ago

    I love how liberals pick and choose what they deem to be "Hate Speech." They can't handle views that aren't theirs so it's hate...Really? Hypocrisy run amok. maybe the right should just say everything the left preaches is hate speech. I mean why not. Lets just trash the 1st amendment for them too and lets really see the tantrums happen.

  • worldwanderer91
    worldwanderer91 1 month ago

    DEFUND UC BERKELY!! All publicly-funded college campuses should be 1st Amendment/Free Speech Zones. Any college campus that explicitly or implicitly in any way, shape, manner, or form that supports, advocates, or approves threatening actions, discrimination, intimidation, or violence - real or perceived - against any speaker or advocate of unpopular speech that goes against their particular favored ideological perspectives, viewpoint, and beliefs SHOULD BE DEFUNDED, and their assess sued to bankruptcy and slapped with rights and liberties violations by numerous gov't agencies such as Dept of Justice and their Civil Rights Division, Dept of Education and their Office for Civil Rights, ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, and other civil rights and civil liberties advocacy groups and organizations. Berkely should be made an example of all college campuses in America that suppression of people's civil liberties and civil rights, especially people's 1st FA rights no matter what their ideological beliefs or opinions are, will not and should not be ever tolerated. To use those two words the so-called anti-bullying liberals always say that can be applied to the Left's willful support to suppress any speech not aligned with their beliefs or ideology, ZERO TOLERANCE. ACLU already made their position clear a long time ago when they supported a Neo-Nazi march through a Jewish neighborhood. All lefties need to STFU and respect citizen's God-given rights to exercise free speech and their 1st FA rights.

  • robert hatton
    robert hatton 1 month ago

    I finally agree with Bill Maher. Good for you.

  • Robert Lange
    Robert Lange 1 month ago

    FYI libtards, just because you disagree with something someone says doesn't make it hate speech and yes it is protected. Otherwise many libtards would be in jail.

  • Warren Feagins
    Warren Feagins 1 month ago

    Liberals turning into conservatives. Your ideas SHOULD be challenged. That's healthy.

  • iurhviusdfavhi
    iurhviusdfavhi 1 month ago

    Yeah but they called Ben Shapiro hate speech when he went there just to talk politics?!?! he didn't say anything about thinking people should be brutally murdering or raping or maiming anyone or anything even close to that, nothing about it was truly hateful. it was just basic political discussion on today's topics. The big problem is that someone could say something to someone else and then find it completely hateful, but I could find it hilarious and not hateful at all! it's definitely open to interpretation so we should say that if it's not somebody directly threatening someone else's life, then it's not hate speech.

  • Graham Strouse
    Graham Strouse 1 month ago

    I hate having to agree with S.E. Cup but I do like looking at her tits...

  • Bill L
    Bill L 1 month ago

    But yet nothing changes! ITS TIME FOR AMERICAN CIVIL WAR p2

  • James
    James 1 month ago

    Did they ever catch the Antifa idiot who smacked the guy with a bike lock ?

  • James
    James 1 month ago

    WOW Liberals admitting safe spaces are bad.
    Its too late though people. You have created this.
    How many of these college idiots will end up being
    domestic terrorists or islamic converts ?

  • NEZLeader
    NEZLeader 1 month ago

    "The fascists of Tomorrow will be called the anti-fascists"
    -Winston Churchill

  • Greasy Granpapy
    Greasy Granpapy 1 month ago

    Just look at all the ignorant comments from the "anti-left" people who think this is new. Bill has always been consistent about this, and liberals used to be the main people supporting free speech.

  • Chris Weiss
    Chris Weiss 1 month ago

    Wait a minute... free speech does not mean free of consequences. People don't get to speak without a response. If students want to use their first amendment rights to protest the speech of another, that is a protected action. What is wrong is the violence and thuggery seen by some elements on the left. Protests - good, violence - bad.

    Maher is wrong. Coulter does not get to speak in her own "safe space" free of response and protest.

  • cromlek
    cromlek 1 month ago

    "Everything is going to plan."

  • Jamel Ling
    Jamel Ling 1 month ago

    Where's the National Guardsman Lawrence Shafer that was at Kent State when we need him most?

  • Todd K
    Todd K 1 month ago

    "Liberals are creating a fantasy world" no surprise there lady.

    The fact is The Democratic Party has been hijacked by Socialist and Democrats can't admit it. They keep calling them Liberals. When in reality it is the Socialists taking your Party down.
    The lady who said "Liberals are creating fantasy worlds" is living in her own fantasy world. It is not liberals who shut down Anns freedom of speech people. It was socialist scum born out of the Democratic Party. This Party has been an inch away from Socialism but in denial of that fact.
    Now you got rioters being called "protesters" (this is the biased media, the fake news) but that's another sad story. Inagemine for a second if Trump supporters were doing this. We all no the difference there. For some reason Democrats get away with Un-Constitutional things It's seen now by millions of Americans so it'll be a matter of time before that goes away. No more pandering to your double standards.
    You got young adult being called "kids". They are not kids they are adults. Stop pampering them. One of the main problems on these campuses is the police are not able to arrest rioters. The chief of police tells the officers to not get involved. The chaos that in sues is the example with Milo & now Ann.
    Liberalism is starting to look like a mental disorder more and more and if you are an American who thinks Ann should have been shut down. Shame on you.
    BTW - Democracy, Support your dam President!

  • Rev Big D
    Rev Big D 1 month ago

    Join the Jackass Party of Demoncraps, great logo,explains a lot!

  • B HO
    B HO 1 month ago

    Even the biggest Liberals are beginning to realize how serious the attack on freedom of speech is becoming. The erosion is deep.

  • dgmoocher D r
    dgmoocher D r 1 month ago

    wow, score one for Bill being fair and balanced.

    • Young Frankenstein
      Young Frankenstein 1 month ago

      *+dgmoocher D r* Well, it's as close as he's gotten in a while... the whole schtick about having "never agreed with one thing she's said" as far as Ann Coulter was egregiously over-the-top, but other than that he got very close. If he can't tell the difference between "I don't like her" and "I don't like what she has to say", then he still has a ways to go.

  • Gary This guy no idea of what Islam is about!

    If I were an employer, I would think twice before hiring a Berkeley graduate. I wouldn't want a trained agitator amongst my work force.

    • Young Frankenstein
      Young Frankenstein 1 month ago

      "+Gary This guy no idea of what Islam is about!* I wouldn't have to think twice before that application or resume was shredded. There are so few exceptions on that campus and even fewer who can be brought to their sense that it really wouldn't be worth the research time.

  • Linda
    Linda 1 month ago

    I don't agree with Bill's politics but I always love his common sense.

  • henriksenlaw
    henriksenlaw 1 month ago

    Maher is like many liberals in that they wI'll decide their issues, even when hypocrtical to their party, when it touches home and their lives.

  • Dario Salas
    Dario Salas 1 month ago

    finally he is on the right!

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