Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games

An angry father runs over his son's video game collection with a lawn mower.
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Keep it RiDGiD, my friends.

Uploaded by: McJuggerNuggets

Views: 35613234
Added: 2 years ago
Runtime: 3:22
Comments: 70192

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unclesam7575unclesam7575 (1 hour ago)
after watching a couple of videos.... this is how serial killers are born

William MelearWilliam Melear (3 hours ago)
snowflake liberal!

William MelearWilliam Melear (3 hours ago)
well he finally got his psycho son out of the basement. Bwahahahaha

Jack BeasleyJack Beasley (9 hours ago)
That dad is a fucking fucked up retarted faget

J Games AndroidJ Games Android (9 hours ago)
no no no

Mg GroupMg Group (11 hours ago)
1:55 Turn on english capitions.
your welcome!

Don't call him "psycho dad" call him ANIMAL DAD!!

atharva pingaleatharva pingale (18 hours ago)
wtf I am truly crying

Ma KiMa Ki (21 hour ago)
death penalty !!!

Jayson GomesJayson Gomes (22 hours ago)
C'mon parents, lay a smack down on your kids every once in a while.

TheAussieMozzieTheAussieMozzie (23 hours ago)
if i was the kid i would punch my father in the head and punch him until he is dead

some dudesome dude (23 hours ago)
Why don't you just buy your games online?

TheFatManTMTheFatManTM (23 hours ago)
"Classic McJuggerNuggets"

Arad GorgonioArad Gorgonio (1 day ago)
wtf is wrong with u please just let him play his games

The Gaming Bros !!The Gaming Bros !! (1 day ago)
hahahahs serves u right

London MayaLondon Maya (1 day ago)
I'm getting sorry for that guy

[GD] Dionbest[GD] Dionbest (1 day ago)
damn son! this acting was good

The Sebass GuyThe Sebass Guy (1 day ago)

منوعات حول العالممنوعات حول العالم (1 day ago)
Hi can you subscribe to my channel and thank you very much Do not spare us in your subscription

Salty PepperSalty Pepper (1 day ago)

HazzadgoingHazzadgoing (1 day ago)
2:48 when i drop my phone and see the crack as i pick it up

Cookie KinggCookie Kingg (1 day ago)
1:49 welcome to Jurassic Park

David MartinezDavid Martinez (1 day ago)
Over 9000

Danielle TaylorDanielle Taylor (2 days ago)
All parents should do it.

Mon PacadaMon Pacada (2 days ago)
Better with captions

kidgamer120kidgamer120 (3 days ago)
i bet you his dad is doing this for them

Orangie InklingOrangie Inkling (3 days ago)
Hahahahaha, yeah the "psycho dad destroyed" videos just don't cut it anymore.

Patriots/Forza FanPatriots/Forza Fan (3 days ago)
lol I remember watching this the first time and he only had around like 50,000 subs.

SOLID_GOLD_ boiSOLID_GOLD_ boi (4 days ago)
I'm a gamer so this dad sucks

JagrielJagriel (4 days ago)
1:35 caterpillar in top left bush

DJ Jordan ReyesDJ Jordan Reyes (4 days ago)
Lol 😂 hell yeah

richplayrichplay (4 days ago)
Ostia puta me cago en la madre que pario al cabron del padre y del gilipollas que todavia grava esto

Akatsukileader9Akatsukileader9 (5 days ago)
His voice really sounds like Jirard's...

13thBear13thBear (5 days ago)
Wow, that's brutal. Over-reaction by dad and son. Dad is not a psycho, but damn! That was wrong. Dad just taught his kid the kids property isn't really his. His dad can destroy the kids life at any moment. Whoever took this video and posted it is a nasty bitch. Big brother? You have the right you think, to display your family business before the whole world? Show your family's intimate struggles to make a laughing stock of your family? This family is in need of help. All these people are out of control and exceptionally violent. They are a tragedy waiting to happen.

danel garciadanel garcia (5 days ago)
drug addict

Edison TomenioEdison Tomenio (5 days ago)
so satisfying
hahaha lol

Anthony Nicholas NestaAnthony Nicholas Nesta (6 days ago)
dude I'm sorry I have to deslikeing it the last video showed porn😯

CJ StylerCJ Styler (6 days ago)
The heart attack is real at 1:55 don't die now, I sustain my life from these vids

Fabio RiveraFabio Rivera (6 days ago)
If you play the borderlanders Jessie looks like vaungh the at the end of the game he grows a lot of hair and a beard with no glasses just like jess

Larry TheBerrieLarry TheBerrie (6 days ago)
he's being great dad !!

Chester ChristophersonChester Christopherson (6 days ago)
Fucking dad. Kurwiony ojciec.

maxdylan 82maxdylan 82 (6 days ago)
oh putin

chaizen Surposachaizen Surposa (7 days ago)
thats a job please dont destroye

Nicolas GoldringNicolas Goldring (7 days ago)
1:49 & 2:49: Vegeta, what's his power level!?

IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!!

brad duffeybrad duffey (7 days ago)
Bet he hates the dad now =(

Ed MartEd Mart (7 days ago)
Role Reversal (Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games (Role Reversal))

Tony qTony q (7 days ago)
#1 part that made me laugh...... HEALO

Agustin CruzadoAgustin Cruzado (8 days ago)
punch your father man

Agustin CruzadoAgustin Cruzado (8 days ago)
fucking pussy😂😂😂a virgin

Tomás Santander CortesTomás Santander Cortes (8 days ago)
2:00 that epic wolf scream hahahaha

Jesse PastorJesse Pastor (8 days ago)
tried to turn ssj

mads vlogs34mads vlogs34 (8 days ago)
your psycho about your games aren't you

Kral CzKral Cz (8 days ago)

ExtremePandaGaming 55ExtremePandaGaming 55 (8 days ago)
i would have been so pissed

BossthelemonBossthelemon (8 days ago)
I feel bad for his brother

Braden SchmitzBraden Schmitz (8 days ago)

The Majestic EmeraldThe Majestic Emerald (9 days ago)
Turn on captions when McNuggets screams

Mantas VerbaviciousMantas Verbavicious (9 days ago)
Psycho's dad your the werst dad ever

The Laser Sword AnimationThe Laser Sword Animation (9 days ago)

Daniela MaticDaniela Matic (9 days ago)
This is 10th time that dad destroys his games

Daniela MaticDaniela Matic (9 days ago)
You are psycho

Le FuzéLe Fuzé (9 days ago)
If your gonna destroy a video game, maybe sell it first?

Ashton GuyAshton Guy (10 days ago)
02:49 when you die with a 30 killstreak on cod.

Viralmaniac420Viralmaniac420 (10 days ago)

Dustin JohnsonDustin Johnson (10 days ago)
2:01 i swear jesse is screaming like that train conductor with the long beard from polar express.

105 105105 105 (10 days ago)
Get a life. No more games because you are an adult now. Or maybe you are a child yet? 😂😂😂

omer suleimanomer suleiman (10 days ago)
2:01 is me with hemorrhoids

Brian GonzalezBrian Gonzalez (11 days ago)
You want to get a game, you gotta get a job 😂😂😂

Denis SlámaDenis Sláma (11 days ago)
your dad is fucker

Uhtred RagnarssonUhtred Ragnarsson (11 days ago)
Hoppefully, that's not possible anymore. Thanks Steam

Amy SelveyAmy Selvey (11 days ago)
he is mental

Amy SelveyAmy Selvey (11 days ago)
is he spoiled

野菜とリンゴ野菜とリンゴ (11 days ago)

神髄怒槌神髄怒槌 (11 days ago)

Chris MoralesChris Morales (11 days ago)

EeroyeTheCameruptEeroyeTheCamerupt (11 days ago)
Wait two things:
1) Was he tied somehow?
2) Why didn't he throw some games aside?

Michael BarberMichael Barber (12 days ago)
Autistic Screeching

sobhi1975sobhi1975 (12 days ago)
He can be a YouTuber gamer

sobhi1975sobhi1975 (12 days ago)
And I think I saw WWE2K17 in there

INK Ω Sniper3KFatesINK Ω Sniper3KFates (12 days ago)
Super Sayign

Lesley LathamLesley Latham (12 days ago)
I smash his computer

Thomas McGillicuddyThomas McGillicuddy (12 days ago)

Lesley LathamLesley Latham (13 days ago)
Rip video game's hahahahaha hahahaha stupid kid I want to smash your computer kid no more video games kid

SMchannelSMchannel (13 days ago)
its not studip

Angel AngelesAngel Angeles (13 days ago)
papa mo

Angel AngelesAngel Angeles (13 days ago)

Buckeyecat2002Buckeyecat2002 (13 days ago)
Pure child abuse.

Piña JoggosPiña Joggos (13 days ago)
I still laughing when i see this shit!!! 😂😂😂😂

lolerisP2lolerisP2 (14 days ago)
He should just agree to what his dad says.

Derpy LoveDerpy Love (14 days ago)
Rip games

juanjose 23YTjuanjose 23YT (14 days ago)
fukcer dad

BliroboBlirobo (14 days ago)
And this, is why I buy games online, AKA PS Store, Xbox Live, and Steam.

killer gameskiller games (14 days ago)
ur dad is a cock

Ms.bitter with sweetMs.bitter with sweet (14 days ago)
shout die hahahahaha your old and you look like crazy

ICEDRAGON174 GamingICEDRAGON174 Gaming (15 days ago)
Omg I will be pissed if that happened

jm badass mother fucker 365jm badass mother fucker 365 (15 days ago)
call the police about your father the guy holding the camera I can go f*** himself for laughing at every single bad thing is Father does and now that kid who broke the TV I'm actually sympathetic for f*** this family

Exotic GamingExotic Gaming (15 days ago)
Man he wishes he had a PS4 so all the data would be saved and he wouldn't need a CD

Aimee WoodAimee Wood (15 days ago)
He stupid saying video games and bulcrap is his job

Cruise the autistic boyCruise the autistic boy (15 days ago)
why don't you tell Jesse to stop swearing and tell your dad to let your bro to play video games!!!!

homestuck Kidhomestuck Kid (15 days ago)
jeffery technecly started the channel

Ichigo MomomyasanIchigo Momomyasan (15 days ago)
Wwwoooowwwwwww what a pyco

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