What Humans Will Look Like In The Year 3000

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  • Visual interpretations of what science, research and theorists think of where humanity will be in 1,000 years.

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    Lazer Beam To The Face
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    https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-future-of-plastic-surgery-1430104229 https://www.wired.com/insights/2015/02/the-future-of-wearable-tech/ http://www.bbc.com/news/health-36439260





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Comments: 3 057

  • ragingbrawler
    ragingbrawler 14 minutes ago

    Soylent green is people!

  • clorox bleach
    clorox bleach 3 hours ago

    1:03 That does not make sense we won't need to be stronger faster and taller Cuz we won't need to protect ourselves SO we will be WEAKER AND MAYBE THE SAME SPEED BUT MUCH MORE SMARTER

  • Kerry Thompson
    Kerry Thompson 7 hours ago

    that's cool and all but we're just going to be robots 99% robots only 1% of people will be human

  • Lim Wei Min
    Lim Wei Min 9 hours ago

    And the Earth explodes

  • Radical Rat Gaming
    Radical Rat Gaming 12 hours ago

    This vid is probably 100% wrong

  • Ayna BOOP BOOP
    Ayna BOOP BOOP 13 hours ago

    Sooo.... females still have periods?

  • Abby Hayman
    Abby Hayman 14 hours ago

    She's so beautiful and adorable! 😊

  • Papoy Minions
    Papoy Minions 14 hours ago

    so this model came from year 2050+ ?

  • Hershy Dog
    Hershy Dog 14 hours ago

    year 3000 we probably won't have hair... since hair was originally used for warmth, now we have ac, and heaters as well as clothes. in the future yes people may be taller but I don't know about faster or stronger since technology became more advanced the more people use it and the more makes people lazy and not do things the old fashioned way. for example we microwave stuff instead of cooking in stove, most people use their computers, game consoles for various hours of the days messing up their sleep schedule. I think humans will advance mentally in years to come and evil technology but I'm not sure about the physical aspects. Also being tall isn't a good thing, blood takes time to go to your heart and out to your extremities...

  • sasha mata
    sasha mata 17 hours ago

    The laser that came out of her eye was the cringiest thing 😟🤢 1:16

  • Hello
    Hello 17 hours ago

    3000 - introducing new belt slap on! It slaps onto your waistline! Wow!

  • Funnyfriend2005
    Funnyfriend2005 1 day ago

    People in 1000 must have been like: woah! In 2000 we are going to have advanced technology! Like flying cars and space tacos! Meanwhile in 2017: hey guys! Today I'm gonna be showing you how to make a tiny fidget spinners for your fingers!

  • daddy papi chulo
    daddy papi chulo 1 day ago

    I will be dead in year 3000

  • Cashews Bananas
    Cashews Bananas 1 day ago

    this is a lie because the Jonas brothers already went to the year 3000 and proves we will live underwater

  • Lupita Wolf
    Lupita Wolf 1 day ago

    I'm her with like a face with a ton of acne and there her with GLOWING SKIN

  • makeup fee♡
    makeup fee♡ 1 day ago


  • KTFox
    KTFox 1 day ago

    I like the present better

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M 2 days ago

    You know what saves humanity from this kind of evil? GOD.

  • Pliez Leik Mi commen

    they will look like Moana the fatty ?

  • Abdul Ramzan
    Abdul Ramzan 2 days ago

    Trump will be done building a wall

  • An Artist
    An Artist 2 days ago

    pfft there will be no 3000

  • Megadriver
    Megadriver 2 days ago

    I don't care what we will look like in the future... All I care about is will there be any job openings for spaceship pilots... I'm your man! Set that baby on track, rev her up to full power and kick back with a glass of whiskey as you zoom past planets and stars, contemplating life and human existence. If we run into trouble, more power to the engines. If it works for Clarkson, it can work for anyone.

    CHRIS. PRIVATE 2 days ago

    'Taller..Stronger..Faster'.. isn't that a Daft punk song???

  • Destinee Wright
    Destinee Wright 3 days ago

    It's cool and frightening at the same time. How far will technology go?

  • Calvin Martin
    Calvin Martin 3 days ago

    I've been to the year three thousand.
    Not much has changed but they lived under water.
    And your great-great-great-granddaughter
    Is pretty fine

  • Bae 4m2e0
    Bae 4m2e0 3 days ago

    There will be no 3000 do to what humans are doing.

  • Elizabeth Peralta
    Elizabeth Peralta 3 days ago

    TBH I don't think humans well be in heard by that time, we all gonna be dead

  • RaebaeXD issa fun
    RaebaeXD issa fun 4 days ago

    so we're gonna become self made robots 😞😃😅

  • Nicholas Simmons
    Nicholas Simmons 4 days ago

    what about 3005?

  • CaliforniaBP
    CaliforniaBP 4 days ago

    What are we going to eat in year 3000?!?!?!?!

  • Suzuki 2.5D
    Suzuki 2.5D 5 days ago

    it makes me feel sad :"( , leave the earth because it will be worst

  • Aubrey
    Aubrey 5 days ago

    Oh well, I'll be dead anyways...

  • TheWeirdUnicorn 17
    TheWeirdUnicorn 17 5 days ago

    Now I wish that I wasn't born in the 2000's.-. MOM WHY!!!

  • Elim Yang
    Elim Yang 5 days ago


  • Emma Foster
    Emma Foster 5 days ago

    Uhh the sun will swallow the earth before then thank god. and if not, I'll be dead thank god.

  • Lydia Pyykkonen
    Lydia Pyykkonen 5 days ago

    there is no such thing as evolution!!

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye 5 days ago

    Ways human will die:

    1. Air Pollution
    2. War
    3. Overpopulation
    4. Famine
    5. Global Warming
    6. More

    there are so many disasters right now

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye 5 days ago

    Am I the only one scared about the future from this video

  • Ariana Blige
    Ariana Blige 5 days ago

    just ask Donald Glover (childish Gambino) he has been to the year 3005

  • fjellyo32
    fjellyo32 5 days ago

    no one will no^^ let's focuse on the present. there enough problems to get solved. Otherwise humans will never reach year 3000 , because earth doesn't exist anymore! But maybe it is better for the nature and the earth when humans becoming extinct... who knows?^^

  • katelynn767
    katelynn767 6 days ago

    Hopefully, we go extinct way before this. Humans are a blight on this Earth.

  • raviyeoli
    raviyeoli 6 days ago

    ''when I was your age we used to breathe with our lungs"

  • The D.I.Y Guy
    The D.I.Y Guy 6 days ago

    I don't want to live their luckily I will die way before year 3000

  • Jannah Gadallah
    Jannah Gadallah 6 days ago

    So BASICALLY Ghost in the Shell becomes reality.

    REBEL ROCKS 6 days ago

    I will look dope in 1000

  • oknaomi
    oknaomi 6 days ago

    well i mean, do you not see how we're doing now?

  • Top Seshun
    Top Seshun 6 days ago


  • Maron Maes
    Maron Maes 6 days ago

    This is so inaccurate--it hurts. XD

  • hipnhappenin
    hipnhappenin 6 days ago

    Obviously we'd need to inhabit another planet as we exhaust the resources of this one

  • Hyper Fuze
    Hyper Fuze 6 days ago

    who cares, their memes will be nowhere near as dank

  • Jokerxo
    Jokerxo 6 days ago

    i don't think we'll be taller or stronger because there is too much obese people in the U.S

    • Hi Bye
      Hi Bye 5 days ago

      Maron Maes um his comment isn't supposed to solve problems anyways

    • Maron Maes
      Maron Maes 6 days ago

      Jokerxo Oh, yeah, because posting a comment about obesity in America is solving so many problems. And--The Obese Americans are definitely the only inhabitants of the ENTIRE EARTH. Please, stop making idiotic comments and get a life.

  • Brianna Black
    Brianna Black 6 days ago

    When buzzfeed produces a black mirror episode.

  • John Blaisdell
    John Blaisdell 7 days ago

    damn... I guess buzz feed knows everything

  • Laura Whelan
    Laura Whelan 7 days ago

    that technology part kinda scares me

  • Hannah's Life
    Hannah's Life 7 days ago

    He said,
    "I've been to the year three thousand.
    Not much has changed but they lived under water.
    And your great-great-great-granddaughter
    Is pretty fine (is pretty fine)."

    "He took me to the future in the flux thing and I saw everything,
    Boy bands and another one and another one...and another one.
    Triple breasted women swim around town...totally naked".

    "We drove around in a time machine,
    Like the one in the film I've seen".

    When I saw the title I couldn't stop thinking about this song 😂

  • Ayato .Aphmau
    Ayato .Aphmau 7 days ago

    In 3000 I'll be dead......

  • Ariana
    Ariana 7 days ago

    we won't make it

  • Emily Poopyface
    Emily Poopyface 7 days ago

    I was born in 2005 and I'm glad I have blue eyes

  • Dude Bro
    Dude Bro 7 days ago

    In the year 3000 everyone will be black
    Buzzfeeds wet dream

  • Cami D.
    Cami D. 7 days ago

    1. if it took centuries for phones to be made im pretty sure its gonna take millions of years to have super technology

    2. lets be hom

  • LuLu Belle
    LuLu Belle 7 days ago

    this is what Hitler wanted

  • Ana Evelena
    Ana Evelena 7 days ago

    Well yea if most of the population is mixed race- then of course they will look youthful. Black don't crack

  • Rian Newman
    Rian Newman 7 days ago

    Whooooooooooooaaaaaaa! this video was so flippin awesome!!!

  • Jess Wilson
    Jess Wilson 7 days ago

    And we will also have big black curly hair

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 7 days ago

    I pretty sure we won't make it to those years

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 7 days ago

    "I have been to the year 3000 not must has change but we lived under water "

  • - CherryBlossoms -
    - CherryBlossoms - 7 days ago

    *can predict what we look like in over a hundred years*
    *cant predict what tomorrow's weather is accurately*

  • Aurøra Darling
    Aurøra Darling 8 days ago

    Who else just thought I wished I had her hair I want it berry berry berry badly

  • Helen Ripley
    Helen Ripley 8 days ago

    I think Asperger's syndrome is part of an evolution.

  • BlueMajesticBoy Roblox & more!

    future is awesome i learned alot thx

  • Zieg Peter Nava
    Zieg Peter Nava 8 days ago

    Where's the eyebrow of the girl in the thumbnail though?

  • brendon's forehead
    brendon's forehead 8 days ago

    2017 : we invented fidget spinners

    3000 : we invented a larga fidget spinners that'll make you look more young

    i have to go now

  • Scout786
    Scout786 8 days ago

    This woman looks like my grandma as a teenager

  • Syd TV
    Syd TV 8 days ago

    pretty cool
    Learn to breathe with blood, IM SO EXCITED

  • Mikaela Mooke
    Mikaela Mooke 8 days ago

    Actually not much will have changed. They'll just live under water.

  • Ivy Girl
    Ivy Girl 8 days ago

    now I'm scared

  • Brendøns Førehead is Phantastic

    why are a bunch of people saying ive been it hasnt changed much but we live underwater¿¿¿¿¿
    edit:really the jonas brothers omg

  • Classic Stupid Tom
    Classic Stupid Tom 8 days ago

    this video is hella awesome!!

  • Epic Dragon13
    Epic Dragon13 8 days ago

    So we not gonna have eyebrows in the year 3000. Damm that's sad

  • Seaflow
    Seaflow 8 days ago

    Remember how we were meant to have flying cars by now?

    Now re-think this theory.

  • Nadia Sings
    Nadia Sings 8 days ago

    When you realize it's a BuzzFeed video...

  • Giselle M
    Giselle M 8 days ago

    I don't know why people have so much hope in technology and the future being super technological. Like for all we know the world could end up as an industrial zone.

  • The Awkward Otaku
    The Awkward Otaku 8 days ago

    The future looks terrifying...

  • TheAmazingTacoCat !!!

    the whole time I was yelling HOLY PIZZA at my tablet

  • the traditional girl

    White genocide

  • PULU XD pigeon
    PULU XD pigeon 8 days ago

    well lets see in 3000 :P

  • LlortMaI
    LlortMaI 8 days ago

    KKK dreams shattered

  • Willa Lizzu
    Willa Lizzu 8 days ago

    what makes me happy is if there are no outside forces (shootings, bombings, wars, ect.) and it is only about health, I could live until 3000. what makes me sad is that all those things do exist so I probably wont.

  • asha wallace
    asha wallace 8 days ago

    will they live underwater?

  • Adriana paredes
    Adriana paredes 8 days ago

    Well....ummmm.... we have better things like.......ummmmmm.....DRAKE AND JOSH, BOOM I SAID IT

  • Super Hitler
    Super Hitler 8 days ago

    Why was she ugly

  • TrinkerBell_ l
    TrinkerBell_ l 8 days ago

    How would you know if you haven't been there?

  • Clanjutsu
    Clanjutsu 8 days ago

    nope, I think that most humans wouldn't have a physical body in the year 3000.

  • Kadarina Xxx
    Kadarina Xxx 8 days ago

    she's so beautiful 😍😍

  • akasha coley
    akasha coley 8 days ago

    but if so the world can end at anytime

  • akasha coley
    akasha coley 8 days ago

    to be honest in 3000 years i dont even think the world will be alive and i to be honest in luke 99 more years its gonna end

  • Alexis Lee
    Alexis Lee 8 days ago


  • _raidersofthelostpancake _

    They have it all wrong because I've been to the year 3000, not much has changed but they live underwater. And my great, great, great granddaughter is doing fine.

  • Stephanie vlogs
    Stephanie vlogs 8 days ago

    awww I wish that could happen to me but I am already dead that time

  • Maskedrobloxian
    Maskedrobloxian 8 days ago

    Trump will build a wall around the earth to keep out illegal aliens so how we going to get to space *trump we will keep out the illegal aliens coming in helping us make better tech we only want american tech*

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