Top 10 Minecraft Mods | Part 1/2 |

My top 10 of very useful and fun mods.
Part 2 ( Top 3 ):

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Author Dhurim gamer ( ago)
in what kind of verision those mods works

Author Game syscr (1903 years ago)
I guess ModLoader is nice, but I use ForgeModLoader.

Author Karl Lankots (1592 years ago)
lol cool

Author Sachin Jithra ( ago)
I just have started playing minecraft . Please can u tell me how to make
levers and invisible wall

Author francescos rokos ( ago)
Stiupid boy man: p

Author Lyra Llesis ( ago)

Author Lyra Llesis ( ago)
i like it

Author ectogammot1 ( ago)
yes mods work you just need to find the right download button and plz stop

Author XxRaMpAgE_RuGeRxX ( ago)
Hope you like my sentence:

Author 建升陈 ( ago)
How do you get mods

Author SocialExposure TV ( ago)

Author Yanni Bunny ( ago)
Anyone else notice how at 2:49 the sand biome kind of looked like a pony
from my little pony friendship is magic?

Author Janice Sung ( ago)
Is there a mod that bans all the teenagers and kids from Minecraft?

Author evan bennett ( ago)
Where is he such a bad tuber

Author biyan nightmare gaming ( ago)
The tutorial?

Author Minh Minh ( ago)
How to turn on magic lancher?

Author calleigh ponace ( ago)
ER boy alex just makind videos

Author Real Gamer (The Real Gamer) ( ago)
you could also use to install mods

Author Marmalade ( ago)
why do all these mods have coordinates when you can just press F4

Author KyriTroll ( ago)
For No.10, The ORIGINAL X-Ray Mod has a different view on materials and
also way more functions.

Author ball no. 8899 ( ago)
i made a big house in creative mode and i wanted to plant a garden but i
thought a farm is the same as a garden

Author Varun Karthikeyan (1927 years ago)
tekle oh ?fs de/gg

Author Bladed Assassin ( ago)
Oh my god what is that
u will not invade my tower

Author John Bigless ( ago)
With the X-Ray mod
You can get banned

There is also another way of X-Raying wihout GETTING BANNED!!!

Author Jason Hatcher ( ago)
I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author iREK Grubs ( ago)
How do u use magic launcher do u have to download the mods or does it come
with it

Author mario serban ( ago)
Omg 10 fps!!!! But i like your comentary :)

Author Ana LAKOVIĆ ( ago)
7 mod isn't Timber is Tree Capitator

Author Kent Ku ( ago)
Can you speak more lively you're nor reading you're speaking to an audience

Author Anthony Pastran ( ago)
you should put crazy craft.

Author Likeboy Liike ( ago)
COOL video ! =DD

Author Ruben Schreuder ( ago)
x-ray? x-ray is a hack!

Author Nick Sendra ( ago)
He sounds like a flight attendant

Author Ash ( ago)
but if you still have to get magic luncher spelled wrong without it

Author Lluvia Zumaya ( ago)

Author Redan ElBaik Qudeimat ( ago)
I wish to thank you for the video. However, I have become to know that my
minecraft version is 1.5.3 or 1.8 , so your magic launch is not working
with it. So, is there any other magic launcher or mods that works with it?.

Best wishes


Author Killer ( ago)
What the fox say

Author Shilo ( ago)
Wait when i download it it works, but when i hit login on the mod, it all
stops and goes blank, then i close it then open it again and its gone.
Someone help please? ;~;

Author MisterGrape Plays078 ( ago)
umm idkbut can i be in one of your vids?

Author Kaylee // Endyssal ( ago)
im downloading the minimap one

Author Alex Dobson ( ago)
pandas are bears retard

Author Bobsterdan Math ( ago)
Horse 1.6.0

Author Bobsterdan Math ( ago)
uhh excuse meh.. there is bunny on 1.7.10 or 1.7.0

Author Mark Laquis ( ago)
cool video

Author Mark Laquis ( ago)
the X-ray mod is boss what are you talking about

Author MysticXcreature ( ago)
Will these still work on multiplayer if both players have these mods? (Both
be able to see the same things)

Author Silverleaf andcrafter ( ago)
these arnt TOP 10 BEST mods. ok, its still really cool stuff but i just
think the name was mis leading. couldve named it helper mods

Author Connor Moon ( ago)
there is already horses and cats

Author Jackson King ( ago)
clay soldiers is boring

Author Brittany Nateras ( ago)
Oh crap cool video

Author Tommy to ( ago)
it pushs me out when I activate it

Author TaB3LkaTaBG (1609 years ago)
this 2756 comment, and I you 60733th subscriber

Author Liz Dvorak ( ago)
This is so old

Author Levi Kleinschmidt ( ago)
9:25 Herobine!

Author RMurrizaj ( ago)
these mods SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Jack Vavrina (1595 years ago)
Can't u just encase the nexus and gg? Or make the structure its on fly?

Author Anthony Crooks ( ago)
9 is amazing

Author lizardvideoz ( ago)
just a notice? i think that magic launcher is more of a downloader or
website. still a good video.

Author Just us kiddz (2043 years ago)
You can also make horses for clay solders 

Author Renier Gamer ( ago)
Wut Dafuq Magic Launcher is not a mod idiot

Author Joana Ferro ( ago)
Does anyone know what's one of the mods used in attack of the b team that
when, for example, your pickaxe breaks it is automatically replaced by a
new one (in case you had a substitute with you in your inventory) and takes
the old one's slot?

Author Katherine Lam ( ago)

Ore spawn did was not out at that time but if it was we all know it would
be 1

Author Rhyder James (1819 years ago)
+FlamingAmazingGaming So if were going to record, want to do it via Skype,
or something else. :P

Author Ebonie Geddes ( ago)
it show where you are in a cave

Author Mustache Breaker ( ago)
That mostly is almost top 10 cheats

Author Creative_ art1st ( ago)
there's a mod for mod's

Author Jarvis 3 ( ago)

Author David Syngchan Min ( ago)
Awesome mods

Author Wali Ahamed ( ago)
Hey dude you should upload more videos frequently i think you have a chance

Author Justin Adams ( ago)
Multimc is better than magic launcher because all mods work and they work
more frequent and it has a button to add forge automatically 

Author Sparky VanillaGaming ( ago)
what about construction mod by MrCrayFish?

Author starzing ( ago)
that was not 10 mods?

Author Bryan Messi ( ago)
these mods make minecraft 100 times better

Author Creepy Poop Man ( ago)
what about the people who don't want to go through all the trouble trying
to install the mod loader lol

Author Riley Miller ( ago)
That is just voltz

Author Robotar ( ago)
I know a website how to download mods without doing nothing to your files
the name is Skydaz.

Author GamingNumbers ( ago)
No offens but your Channels Initals spell FAG just look at his name then
the initals

Author WzW Nemo ( ago)
You keep licking :/

Author Michael Kerr ( ago)
you suck!

Author Marisol Rios ( ago)
Does it need to be computer for the magic mod

Author Reign Nation ( ago)
you should play hunger games its really fun

Author Reign Nation ( ago)
the coolest is the creature mod

Author EpicMusicTec ( ago)
your video settings O_O

Author kians games ( ago)
i looked and my computer does not have universal wirless how do you get it

Author Halomaster5594 ( ago)
is magic launcher for 1.7.5

Author Xaviery Neutron ( ago)
if i wad the invasion mod i would put the x block in the void

Author Zach Weant ( ago)
0:47 69 hahahahaha

Author Lynette Reinhardt ( ago)
The Rei's mini map should not be 9 the Rei's mini map is very helpful! GRR

Author Angela Vargas ( ago)
Dude shut up your really annoying when you do that stupid noise just stop

Author CupcakeGamer ( ago)
Timber mod: Realistic? Nope. Easier way to get wood? YES! :D

Author TheUnofficial ( ago)
dude if ur in single player use /gamerule keepInventory

Author TheMrDanieloco ( ago)
6 : 19 XD so funny... btw cats and horses are already in the game -.-

Author heshaam javed ( ago)
i want to use magiclauncher but if i select add and then double click the
mod i want,it opens up the mod and doesnt add the mod
please help message soon!!!!!!!

Author marielis ramos ( ago)
5:20 *Treecapitator not timber

Author Claudia Ulbert ( ago)
How do you get magic loader or what ever it's called

Author Atomiic_Flyer ( ago)
Cool thx i subscribed to u

Author dpnicksmom ( ago)
it takes away duripility -axe whtever mod

Author Fabienne Prins ( ago)
it whas 10 not 6 :$

Author tomas pereira ( ago)
where we can find the magic launcher ????

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