Top 10 Minecraft Mods | Part 1/2 |

My top 10 of very useful and fun mods.
Part 2 ( Top 3 ):

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Author ItBePotato (6 months)
R.I.P. Magic Loader. Love Forge.

Author nick sanders (3 months)
He sounds like a flight attendant

Author Ervin Garcia (6 days)
How do u use magic launcher do u have to download the mods or does it come
with it

Author Kent Ku (1 month)
Can you speak more lively you're nor reading you're speaking to an audience

Author mario serban (23 days)
Omg 10 fps!!!! But i like your comentary :)

Author Anthony Pastran (2 months)
you should put crazy craft.

Author Jason Hatcher (4 days)
I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author Justin Adams (10 months)
Multimc is better than magic launcher because all mods work and they work
more frequent and it has a button to add forge automatically 

Author Ana LAKOVIĆ (1 month)
7 mod isn't Timber is Tree Capitator

Author Levi Kleinschmidt (9 months)
9:25 Herobine!

Author Ruben Schreuder (3 months)
x-ray? x-ray is a hack!

Author SoMe GuY (8 months)
Downloading Xray Just Shows How Bad U R At Mining :/

Author Deb Boyce (4 months)
but if you still have to get magic luncher spelled wrong without it

Author mcPlays2103 (5 months)
x ray si out now in 1.8 and rabbits and horses is comet and not in 1.8

Author Zander Alaimo (5 months)
What the fox say

Author Redan ElBaik Qudeimat (5 months)
I wish to thank you for the video. However, I have become to know that my
minecraft version is 1.5.3 or 1.8 , so your magic launch is not working
with it. So, is there any other magic launcher or mods that works with it?.

Best wishes


Author Lluvia Zumaya (4 months)

Author Kaylee Smart (7 months)
im downloading the minimap one

Author Likeboy Liike (2 months)
COOL video ! =DD

Author TaB3LkaTaBG (9 months)
this 2756 comment, and I you 60733th subscriber

Author Renier Gamer (10 months)
Wut Dafuq Magic Launcher is not a mod idiot

Author Joana Ferro (10 months)
Does anyone know what's one of the mods used in attack of the b team that
when, for example, your pickaxe breaks it is automatically replaced by a
new one (in case you had a substitute with you in your inventory) and takes
the old one's slot?

Author Bobsterdan Math (8 months)
Horse 1.6.0

Author Aide Nateras (8 months)
Oh crap cool video

Author sam bowness (1 year)
aren't horses already in the game?

Author Mark Laquis (8 months)
the X-ray mod is boss what are you talking about

Author Bobsterdan Math (8 months)
uhh excuse meh.. there is bunny on 1.7.10 or 1.7.0

Author MisterGrape Plays078 (6 months)
umm idkbut can i be in one of your vids?

Author Michelle Northstorm (6 months)
Wait when i download it it works, but when i hit login on the mod, it all
stops and goes blank, then i close it then open it again and its gone.
Someone help please? ;~;

Author Jackson King (8 months)
clay soldiers is boring

Author Xaviery Neutron (1 year)
if i wad the invasion mod i would put the x block in the void

Author MysticXcreature (8 months)
Will these still work on multiplayer if both players have these mods? (Both
be able to see the same things)

Author Tommy to (8 months)
it pushs me out when I activate it

Author Alex Dobson (7 months)
pandas are bears retard

Author Silverleaf andcrafter (8 months)
these arnt TOP 10 BEST mods. ok, its still really cool stuff but i just
think the name was mis leading. couldve named it helper mods

Author Min David Syngchan (10 months)
Awesome mods

Author Liz Dvorak (9 months)
This is so old

Author TheJadedGamer (11 months)
If you wanna mark your position, just press F3. Surely that's easier?

Author Joel Dennis (1 year)
the x ray mod sucks

Author Just us kiddz (10 months)
You can also make horses for clay solders 

Author lizardvideoz (9 months)
just a notice? i think that magic launcher is more of a downloader or
website. still a good video.

Author Ebonie Geddes (10 months)
it show where you are in a cave

Author Mark Laquis (8 months)
cool video

Author minecraft puggle (11 months)
what about the people who don't want to go through all the trouble trying
to install the mod loader lol

Author Bryan Messi (11 months)
these mods make minecraft 100 times better

Author Jack Vavrina (9 months)
Can't u just encase the nexus and gg? Or make the structure its on fly?

Author Violette/Silithi FNAFfurryCreepypastaHomestuck (10 months)
there's a mod for mod's

Author XenoShard (1 year)
5:30 I think you mean a regular axe...

Author Katherine Lam (10 months)

Author Jarvis 3 (10 months)

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