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Supplication for the Sick, Dua Bimari, Collections of diferent Dua supplication for sickness, ailment, cure, Ayat-e-shifa

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Author Bilal Oswal (1 month)
Allah ka shoukar hai k hum muslman hai hum kush naseeb hai k allah ne hum
ko muslman banaya aur hame kuraan k zariy jeney ka sahi tariqa bataya allah
ka soukar hai hum ko naaz hai allah ki zaat par ki hum muslman hai

Author sninias (3 years)
@sugarstar123 May ALLAh SWT bless you with cure and grant you health to
start a family soon, ameen. May I also ask you to pray for my Newphew (13
years old) who is under going a bran surgery tomorrow. May Allah bless him
with complete health and save him from any and all side effects, ameen. Plz
pray for him..

Author Haseeb Ahmad (3 years)
Assalaam alaikum warahmathulahi wabarakathahu, May Allah grant everyone's
duas the outcome they desire. I also wish to ask if anyone has any spare
time to please pray for my uncle who is suffering from 4th stage Melanoma
in Pakistan. Doctors seemed to have lost hope in him. Please pray for him.
My family is very distressed by this. Jazakallah.

Author sara009xx (5 years)
plz do dua 4 my mum i hope u alll get betta jazakallah

Author thebilderburg1 (5 years)
May Allah, the most merciful, the most graceful, grant everyone shifa
(cure) from all type of diseases and illnesses

Author Afia Hassan (2 years)
If some one need Quranic help to get ride of black magic,evil djinn
etc..Contact with me i can help online fi sabi lillah(in the way of Allah
free)..My email address is...

Author sugarstar123 (3 years)
Salaam Brothers and Sisters, May i humbly ask you to please make a dua for
me. I am being tested for Multiple Sclerosis and am having vision loss and
random numbness, please pray that Allah SWT makes it go away and grant me
good health, I am 28 years old and inshallah my husband and I would like to
start a family soon, but I would like to be fit first, Jazak Allah Khair,
May Allah grant all your duas

Author nightshadow45 (5 years)
Salamucalycum, I hope Allah make your cure simple and easy. Remeber to
increase taqwa and increase your salat.

Author zaarazaina (5 years)
may Allah give you all who r suffering a speedy recovery

Author lovely hafiz (4 years)
jzakAllah kher

Author fatima laroussi (4 years)
i am suffering now teethpain! and i hope allah swt will heal me and all my
muslim brothers and sisters amien amien amien

Author masoodpic (3 years)
jazak allah khairan

Author Khawaja Taimoor (3 years)
Friend Allah give you shifa from this disease and to all Muslims who are
ill for any kind of hidden or apparent disease and from all coming

Author frend121 (7 years)
dear brother thank you for posting this video. brother i too am sick. i
have osteoblastoma which is a growing bone tomur. brother pray for me and i
will pray for you. i will make sure i put you in my duas. if by any chance
you got cured by this dua please tell me.

Author Waqas Yasin Amin (3 years)
Jazak Allah Khair Umar Khan, May Allah SWT cure your disease Inshallah, and
may all the humans who are suffering from serious diseases may be healed by
reciting this compilation of Duas by you, may Allah keep you away from
sorrows, and shower His blessings on you. A very close relative to mine is
suffering from a serious disease, Please all pray for her life and cure,
i'm sure Allah SWT will grant her health and long life, INSHALLAH, i have
not lost hope on my Allah....INSHALLAH..

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