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Runtime: 10:52
Comments: 192

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Author Funny Vedos ( ago)

Author PepsiPony ( ago)

Author aron ( ago)
at 9:34 the monkey hits on a plastic glass i can't hold it i laugh so hard XD

Author Rainbow Kitty 990 ( ago)
Kids are stupid in this video

Author Kitsune Kitsune ( ago)
noticias funny at all....

Author nonstopble gaming ( ago)
9:09 tiger the his roar better

Author Hunter Slayer ( ago)
8:22 a baby cry because a donkey does it's noise 😂 well I know it's a baby

Author Julie Escobedo ( ago)
at 8:31 I have a tuxedo at my house but it is not mine I found it today Monday March the 20th 2017

Author TERESSA Henderson ( ago)
there bad parents

Author OgOzzy III ( ago)
3:38 got me 😂

Author Mr. Meefwa ( ago)

Author Mia May ( ago)
I don't think young kids and cats go well together...

Author Charlie's Alliance of gaming ( ago)
The first one looked like he had wings

Author Random Videos Studios ( ago)
5:51 cat is savage

Author Kylie Fipps ( ago)
at 8:56 or so 😂😂😂

Author aniq aslam ( ago)
wow. these are some real fucked up parents. making their child cry just for the camera. Miserable.

Author GoldenFish stick ( ago)
I'm watching this and I'm like damn I just realized how easily scared little kids get

Author Wesoły Piesek i kotek Wesoły Piesek i kotek ( ago)

Author Olivia Bogle ( ago)
only one of us laghed... she was 5.

Author Lolly Pop ( ago)
How is this "try NOT to laugh " it's almost just kids getting hurt:(

Author FluffyFoxHD ( ago)
Lady: No we're not keeping it as a pet!
Animal: What did you just say

Author NoobPlayer HQ ( ago)
How to be a good parent
1. Wait for you're child to be in danger
2. Once he or she is in danger get you're camera and record it

Author dark eclipse ( ago)
cats are trolls

Author Music Is Life ( ago)
very funny

Author Marble Soda ( ago)
3:31 i will shit myself xDD

Ja to bym sie posrała xDD

Author Harambe Is alive ( ago)
1 like = Kiss Whoever you want to.

Author MineCam 2008 ( ago)
The first one I thought he was dressed like a butterfly and being silly

Author Spazer40 ( ago)
I lost it at the chicken one.

Author Anthony Gomez ( ago)
you guys are bad parents letting your kids cry and you are recording

Author HenryMac ( ago)
5:30 perfectly timed scream

Author Camryn Watson ( ago)

Author adisa pecar ( ago)

Author SprinkleS TZ2 ( ago)
in the start i was like: OH GOD THE ANGEL IS HAVING A ATTACK!

Author Ethan Cardona ( ago)
I laughed at the kid that said get him off of me I'm going to punch him in the face

Author Studman Longnuts ( ago)
No wonder that stingray killed Steve Irwin. Revenge for man's invention of the tank that allows kids to poke them all day

Author Sebastian G ( ago)

Author Sebastian G ( ago)
animas win

Author Fluffy Puncakes ( ago)
And kids that is what happens when you fuck with a chicken

Author slothy 879 ( ago)
The one at 9:38 was my little brother

Author Tristan Barnett ( ago)
2:25 Bambie uncut footage from the movie

Author stetson hays ( ago)
all these pansy ass kids scared of animals must be the kids of Democrats

Author seng samoll ( ago)
very funny

Author Melanie Davis ( ago)
guys know that clip where a mantis attacks. A retard 3 year old gets attacked by a mantis then mantis gets picked but if he got squashed and died I feel bad for the mantis

Author mad fridays every day ( ago)
why do the adults watch there kid get attacked by there cat "ow look my kid just got attacked instead of helping let me laugh and record it

Author Makayla Davis-Pacheco ( ago)
these parents are laughing at there kids when they get hurt that's messed up

Author Airsickpage 22 ( ago)
those Are some F ed up parents

Author Shannon Hutton ( ago)
They are fucking cry babies

Author Dani Kirchhofer ( ago)
kids are pithedic!!!!!

Author Marco Baylis ( ago)
at 3:20 i think he said uuUUUuUuUuuU nature

Author Will Howard ( ago)
🎶🎵🎤 white kids, the biggest babies of all🎤🎵🎶

Author Jacob Parker ( ago)
All that poor lizard was a pizza

Author Vladimir Monastyrskiy ( ago)
"Greg accidentally rolled down the window"

"That was dad!" *sobs*


Author OptiGus OptiGus ( ago)
this is NOT FUNNY

Author Milena Isabal ( ago)
Your not supposed to play a recorder near a cat or dog

Author Marc Yinug ( ago)
Is it weird that I have a fear of butterflies? I just don't like their huge bodies and their unusually bright wings, and they flap around super fast and it's just... I just don't like them.

Author John Knapp ( ago)
-Random Kid "attacked" by mouse

Author Hikaru_Kitsune ( ago)
fuck that's alot of dogs

Author GinormousMouseGaming ( ago)
1 like = your wish granted

Author Completely Random Person ( ago)
this was easy for me. I don't laugh often

Author Yao Wang ( ago)
That little kid got trigggggged

Author Kyle Gungle ( ago)
if anyone can tell me what breed of puppies those are at 7:40, i will subscribe to you!!!!!

Author Won'tRespond ( ago)
"I want to play." "Can I have some food, please?" -Animals
Screaming -Humans

Shoves animals in small quarters, pumps full of chemicals and feed, chops animals heads off, blindly eats flesh under the false belief it's good for them and natural.

Author addison leggett ( ago)
First one tricked me I though he had wings

Author RoboDoggo ( ago)
0:08 that kid is so mean to the chickens and the parents just care about him falling over but not because he is abusing chickens

Author silent killer ( ago)
animsls won😂😂😂😂

Author Christian Ibáñez ( ago)
Most of these kids are still at least 1-3 yrs old but that kid at 10:23 was a pussy for getting scared like that

Author Waffles 25 ( ago)
Hello!, This was pretty funny! It made me laugh, Good job.

Author Mr B00ney ( ago)

Author Melanie Davis ( ago)
R.I.P mantis

Author Melanie Davis ( ago)
3:25 that 3 yr old is being a dickhead

Author Melanie Davis ( ago)
and a kid staring at a praying mantis when he attacks I think the mantis got squashed and died :( FREAkIN MANTIS HaTERS

Author Melanie Davis ( ago)
needs to be careful with stringrays

Author Melanie Davis ( ago)
and that kid

Author Melanie Davis ( ago)
all thes stupid 3yr olds are being a stupid idiot crap l💩 l xdxdxd

Author Cathoue16 Video ( ago)
Mdr!! 😂 😂 😂

Author Druvis Kronbergs ( ago)
i'm just gonna say something for fun

Author Kyle Primal keeper ( ago)

Author brem - ( ago)
2:18 DON'T EVER FUCKING DO THAT if you see a young deer stay the hell away from it because the mother can be close and you don't want to get kicked in the face by a deer

Author Satima ( ago)
all these parents raising their sons as pussies

Author Mega Brother ( ago)
ᶰᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵇᵘʸ ᵃ ᵏᵉʸᵇᵒᵃʳᵈ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵃ ᶜʰᶤᶰᵉˢᵉ ʷᵉᵇˢᶤᵗᵉ

Author No Body :D ( ago)
Stupid kids in this video , really :D....animals are animals ....animals are live creatures, not toys ...:)

Author kanter bow ( ago)
0:28 Thats a real duck army

Author naman agrawal ( ago)
0:44 Kane Atwoods first copy.

Author Xenon MLG ( ago)
justice served

Author King Cole ( ago)

Author George Norton ( ago)
1like =kiss your crush

Author Guadalupe Sotelo ( ago)

Author Gavin Rau ( ago)
hey been with you guys since the start

Author Adel Yazid ( ago)
This actually made me laugh

Author I .K.D 7910 ( ago)

Author Nubia Rebeca ( ago)
860 visualizaçoes

Author Sia Gupta ( ago)
Hlo ppl

Author carly monahan ( ago)
funny kids

Author Klemen Filipin ( ago)
Subscribe me pls is my birthday

Author Kreepy Kupkakes ( ago)
Hey you

Yes. You.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Friday.

Author Vlad Flezzer ( ago)

Author Wajze ( ago)
onder 10 wiews

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