Daniel Dingel - Water Car (Deuterium maybe??)

Maybe that's what he's doing!

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Author Cristian Marquez ( ago)

Author Stupid Man ( ago)
Maybe he pushing and pulling on crank with explosion then a vacume reaction

Author Marc Belanger ( ago)
I saw a question below, "Where did Daniel get Deuterium?". That is a simple
answer, his device made it.. lol . That is how it is made for the space
shuttle and many other devices that are used under secrecy... and, it is
legal to make our own devices that make it, however, we can not sell them
or sell / give away the technology to make it because it is a top secret
development since Deuterium is a weapons grade of hydrogen which nobody
should have the access to as it would get into the wrong hands immediately
and be used against many countries. This would shed violence over disputes
that shouldn't be fought over, such as religious beliefs, etc., which are
the number one reason for terrorism and I do feel that we should all have
very safe energy, not dangerous weapons grade energy systems, how about you
all? I think pressurized liquid petroleum is already too dangerous, and
with the likes of many cashes of Deuterium, The Earth would be destroyed in
minutes rather than thousands of years with large quantities of Deuterium
available to terrorists. I'd much rather see fossil fuels being used before
a weapons grade fuel is ever used. Also, I believe that Heavy water has
nothing to do with Daniel's invention as he would have been dead 30 or more
years ago from siphoning the heavy particles or any use of acidity into his
mouth, which does happen frequently with the siphon without a pump. Nobody
would survive even the gases from getting these gases or substances in
their mouth, let alone a mere splash of it in the mouth.. If the water
contained acids , they would store themselves in human tissues to be
released over and over again with tears, saliva, and human excretion,
urine, etc. It would have quick acting affects that would cause death
within a few years time, not decades later.

Author mecanicien37 ( ago)
Heavy water can not it be because he swallow one amount of water to show ,
that without water the generator doesn´t work. So , if the water contains
caustic soda will kill him or severe damage in the throat , tongue , etc.
I think the design of the separator is the key. And a Capacitor added too.
I think he used a Honeycomb Metal design separator for more efficiency.

Author Ryan Ryan ( ago)
if we are pro earth. we can use his invention. if we are corrupt and money
on our head .. trash his invention. but in the future all of us will suffer
!!!! :)

Author Ryan Ryan ( ago)
Engr. Daniel Dinger is Great ! he invented a water as a fuel for Engines !!
no match from the Hi Octane and turbo Diesel fuel !!!!

Author Joel Zapanta ( ago)
stop a bad alligation with one inventor even you believe or not try to
yourself if you can make a reactor a more hidrogen in a seconds and make
proud and dont push a one person down to share his invention

Author Robert Santiago ( ago)
he used cooper and alluminum thats why water make green, you see the light
inside when he on the swicht spark" theres a lot of hydrogen in a seconds
because of 20,000 volt current. you want to know more how can i sent you a
picture of his secret"

Author Edison h v ( ago)
piensa en esto.... la combustion normal dela maquina es a
combustible(gasolina) y aire ese auto se fabrico para que funcione asi. asi
que solo fue necesario reemplazar la gasolina por el hidrogeno que es el
combustible reempplazado. si no lo hace asi habria (aire +oxigeno
+hidrogeno) la mezcla no seria homogenea osea pobre en combustible
(hidrogeno) no quemaria bien en las explosiones 

Author Samuel Atkins ( ago)
daniel dingel is now serving a 20 years prison sentence for committing
fraud regarding water for fuel (HIS fake Devices.) He was defrauding

Author Rafael Nimuendaju ( ago)
The famous reactor is nothing more than an old car battery, that generates
hho by electrolysis of a water-sufuric acid solution.
Engine works because of a pressure limitator that is like a carburator
I dont see any secret on that.

Author Rafael Nimuendaju ( ago)
I think that the "secret" is so simple. He is use sufuric acid as a
eletrolite. And to make to engine works, he use a pressure limitator.
But I have no doubt that he is using sufuric acid.
The "reactor" is an old car battery.

Author tangE oftheclanTANGE ( ago)
bakit hindi siya mamigay ng libre kuryente sa neighbors kung tunay? kung
may international conspiracy kontra sa kanya papakialaman pa kaya nun ang
usapang magkapitbahay?

Author Rob Ellis ( ago)
HHO is not mixed perfectly to burn. It is perfectly mixed to revert to
Hydrogen is fuel and already used widely outside the US for generators.

Author Tony Smith ( ago)
The FLAME from a torch was also green for a split second,very hard to see,
in one of his demos.

Author Derek “radiola18” Worthington ( ago)
The reason the water is greenish is from the copper involved in the
construction of the reactor/cell. deuterium is a colorless gas and MSDS
deuterium oxide:

Color: Clear Colorless.

Physical state and appearance: Liquid.

Odor: Odorless.

Taste: Tasteless.

Author Dante Ramos ( ago)
try research before saying something. you will see that daniel is
presenting the right things. his idea of turning water into what it is (an
ultimate fuel) is a brilliant one

Author MrFreddiew1 ( ago)
I think you should study the film without scepticim for a start..The pipe!
you point out with an O, is quite obviously the minus wire as the red one
is the positive. The hydrogen goes into a reservoir, maybe bubbler who
cares, before being distributed to the injectors( Daniel says
solonoids..its the same). He says also that the special way he creates
Hydrogen (on the elctrical side) is the secret of his invention, maybe he
does use resonance for increased generation.. ( I wouldn't tell you
everything either). The water could be green because of maybe sea water and
copper and stainless in the reactor, maybe the tank itself is
copper?..Where would he get Deuterium in the Philappines upto 35 years
ago?..Well done to all the positive comments below and FU to all the
sceptical negative short sighted ignorant morons who didn't look or listen
to the video they supposedly watched....

Author Maynard Moises ( ago)
yes maybe you're correct, there's a lot of aluminum here in the philippines

Author Maynard Moises ( ago)
actually deuterium is abundant in the Philippines but base on that video
its just a plain tap water

Author Maynard Moises ( ago)
the green screen that you see in one his video is a plastic screen, there's
a lot of it in the Philippines.

Author Maynard Moises ( ago)
yes ypu're right,....big thank you to you 

Author Maynard Moises ( ago)
yes he made some modification in the engine as what he said in his other

Author Maynard Moises ( ago)
Mr. Daniel's invention is hydroxy, he separate the hydrogen and oxygen from
water thru electrolisis and the hydrogen goes to the engine and the the
oxygen goes out. nice ...genius....nice ...

Author Maynard Moises ( ago)
its not deuterim, as what Mr. sed its tap water 

Author noel nunez ( ago)
where did dingel get deuterium?...have you seen the other videos where he
demonstrated to tv crews his invention....have you noticed any green

Author J Guadalupe Manzanares ( ago)
Mr WaterKar Very interesting your deductions, with the conclusion of
Deuterium. Thanks for uploading this video

Author CONDUIT99PERCENT ( ago)

Author joaocarimo ( ago)
You know, my guess is this. If you hear carefully at one of he's
interviews, you'll notice that he once told that he discovered the hole
process while boiling water in a pressure cooker. He must have had some
calcium deposits inside the pressure cooker, that must have helped to
oxidize the wall s of the pressure cooker, thus creating an hydrogen
enriched steam, which burned out almost burning he's face. Similar thing
happened to me while checking the water level of a diesel car that

Author Nubb iOwnZ ( ago)
do not only look on the reactor. he also modified the engine. find another
video file of his car and try to look on the muffler of the car coz it
discharge water and not a smoke or gas.

Author Marius Moldoveanu ( ago)
H and O separated? No way! one hose come from air manifold and second go to fresh air enriched with Oxy-Hydrogen produced by electrolytic
cell. Bubbler ..not primitive, even better than today's HPDE cheap tanks
used by most so call HHO developers.Deuterium?no reason for use no way to
produce it. non-Meyer technique? Yes and No. Meyer itself not used the
frequency to split the water but to make his cell working. there is no
magic frequency were water split as is no overunity. 1=infinite

Author xoom2 ( ago)
IDIOT-terium .. maybe .. lol !!

Author Macgyver Siruma ( ago)
his using honeycomb plates.

Author juztin Haber ( ago)
dingel is using stainless steel for negative and aluminum screen inside for
positive..and he use only 2 hoses hydrogen out to bubbler ...

Author Macgyver Siruma ( ago)
proof daniel is much more brainer compare to stan myers very complicated
hho/water fuel/etc we all see that daniel dingel reactor/hho generator is
very simple yet complicated and verry efficient than commercial HHO
generator makers 

Author Jose Sacramento, Jr. ( ago)
Bismuth oxide when it exists in delta form at room temperature, is a solid
electrolyte for oxygen. This form normally only exists above and breaks
down below a high temperature threshold, but can be electrodeposited well
below this temperature in a highly alkaline solution. -Wikipedia

Author Andrio watson silver ( ago)

Author Ace011mm ( ago)
Very important is : He use just 1liter of water for 1 hour drive!! This is
about 100km drive...and about 20lpm of hydrogen! and about 30lpm of HHO
(only for calculations). Thats mean,he not use brute force of hydrogen,he
energise gas!

Author Drawmer2 ( ago)
@Ace011mm Honeycomb is made from TY22 metal and the electrode material is
Bismuth!!!! and Im not sure how the neodymium magnets come into play but
there is the stuff we've been waiting for.

Author Drawmer2 ( ago)
@Ace011mm Your onto something there, just today more info was released
after dingel died. "The HONEYCOMB-SEPARATOR is the key The NEODYMIUM
MAGNETS + BISMUTH make up the core..."

Author honda4004 (1688 years ago)
hi he mentions he oputs aluminium nuggets in search francois cornish
hydrogen generator dimngel is doing the same but arching the nuggets in the
gold plated mesh and as he states more current when the woman asks in the
car what the noise is from his relays that are on the right on his
buklkhead this causes more arching producing more hydrogen as the aluminium
catches the oxygen and turns to bauxite (aluminium/oxygen) vacuum and
evaporative cooler and ceraimc engine treatment. needed

Author sooriyaz ( ago)
He must be fucking crazy to sulk it from his mouth to show water suck out
tube...if any heavy metal in side in that membrane.

Author popoqwer ( ago)
Harmonic Resonance example See: singing bowl water: maybe Stan was after
something more like this with his electronic PWM.

Author popoqwer ( ago)
here he refers to Deuterium, the girls asks what type of water,
video=UVhXrvCCILw @8.40 secs

Author Ace011mm ( ago)
This "membrane" is just a mesh and do nothing with separate gases! Tap
water inside! He split hydrogen on most simple way on the world,because
hydrogen much lighter then oxygen and he put gas connections on different
positions...But their hydrogen not pure and containing some amount of
oxygen. Secret is in electrysity and magnetism.Dingel everything explained
but you dont listen.He just dont tell us about electrodes material,I think
this is special material.

Author fuelban ( ago)
Deuterium, also called heavy hydrogen is a stable isotope of hydrogen with
a natural abundance in sea water, this indeed could account for the use of
sea water in part in his cell, or could it, !!. LOL. Thom in Scotland.

Author fuelban ( ago)
Tests carried out in German or USA university stated that, an engine worked
more successfully with hydrogen & oxygen mix than just pure Hydrogen on its
own, & yes you could well be correct about the deuterium , { there again
“WHAT DO I KNOW” } LOL… Thom in Scotland.

Author fuelban ( ago)
Something worthy of note here guys is that pure hydrogen gives an
implosion, where oxygen & hydrogen mix gives an explosion, so the timing of
the engine would be the key to what he is doing, he does not go there if
you notice !!!, hydrogen with less than a 5% content of oxygen will be
implosive…. Thom in Scotland.

Author Iseekoutthetruth ( ago)
separating the gas is easy, I have done it in my video using 3, 5 and 12
volts, you want to separate the 2 elements because oxygen is alot more
explosive than hydrogen, pure hydrogen burns better oxygen pops to much and
causes alot more flash backs

Author loloae ( ago)
thanks nice video

Author vox1philippines ( ago)

Author honda4004 ( ago)
hi if you view another of his video,s he states he has aluminium in his
tank ,he holds a pack of it up in his if he made the inner case
in his tank gold plated positive and the aluminium negative and also the
stainless tank positive .would the aluminium keep arching violently
producing massive amount of hydrogen as its by product is
bauxite...francois cornish hydrogen generator.

Author 2bigHybrid ( ago)
My friend visited Mr. Dingel place and he just noticed a pure water added
to his cell. This is another angle to be considered: Mr. Dingel said in one
of his videos, "12vdc goes to Ignition coil, then from ac to dc through the
system. He is using a high voltage pulsing dc with low amperage.So wattage
is measured in thousand..You can search the effects of high voltage pulsed
DC electrolysis in the net.

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