*REAL* Perk-A-Cola CodWaW nazi zombie mode perkbottle labels [BEST QUALITY]

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(A lot of people had problems with renaming a single file...)

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Author Joe Parker (2 years) you drink 'em

Author mcckilla421 (2 years)
U fag

Author Homero Lopez (1 year)
can you drink them like in the game??

Author leinadyon (2 years)
Speed cola or Sleight of hand cola when the player holding it ? im really
confused ?? :(

Author Cassben1 (2 years)
Can you actually drink them? Maybe if I drink Juggernaug, it'll give me a
suit of iron armour :D

Author xVelocityx100 (2 years)
And I use jugg know what I mean..

Author Kian Raei (2 years)
too many words makes my head hurt just show the bloody drink

Author charliewonpie (2 years)
sleight of hand = speed cola. negro = to much time on hands.

Author phry5 (2 years)
Not to undervalue the work you've already put into them but do you think it
would ever be possible to release the versions of the stickers that are
more game accurate, like, juggernaut being juggernog, revive being quick
revive, and sleight of hand being speed cola.

Author Georgia Farmin' (2 years)
hey Donpedro901 what do you do for the caps on the top of the bottle?

Author TheGoldash9 (2 years)
i bet the double tab root bear on this is made from pee

Author Matthew White (2 years)
@jackmcd4 there is a thing called a movie editor e.g windows movie maker

Author Áron Vajda (1 year)
use coronita bottles if you can :)

Author BlU3B3RRYS (2 years)
is there another bottle that i can use instead of the corornita bottle?

Author WhySoPancake (1 year)
and I suppose fallout is ripping off coca-cola?

Author TheFloydGiver (2 years)
@BlU3B3RRYS I used jones and they work well, though you cant really use
beer bottle caps

Author Vendelaz (2 years)
the songs name? <3

Author Aaprib (2 years)
@fartmonkeyTV No, its juggernaut. Look it up

Author artichokedanny (2 years)
Hey man will you send me these labels

Author NotYoCheese1998 (2 years)
15 people didnt have enough for juggernog

Author Blinker112 (2 years)
Yo i have a Mac Laptop and it wont let me open the file. Do u know what i
might be doing wrong?

Author ViperReApErR (1 year)
Nice and now there are 10

Author Sum Guy (2 years)
no it doesnt

Author DaCodFather123 (2 years)
You made them, what a sadow

Author chainsaw0308 (2 years)
@Minetodie no its not

Author CVPSYCHO (2 years)
@The1shot8kills aahh gotcha. yea i noticed after i wrote that haha

Author Urfrontlawn (2 years)
how do these taste if i giv u my address will us end me these so i can
drink and put on shelf 2 of each!!!!

Author Epal Bwum (2 years)
thumbs up 4 teddy at the end

Author JFKProductions01 (2 years)
the labels on the website are not printable how do you print them

Author phry5 (2 years)
@phry5 I mean, I know the actualy game models in the game have that written
on them, but nobody actually see's the label on the drink and therefore the
name of the vending machine is more associable for the whole community.
Just a thought.

Author Red Panda (2 years)
@CoDMw2hunter Dude I was like, kidding.. :/

Author ninjagangster1234 (2 years)
Attemped to go to the link in the description, attempted to give me a virus
with the FAKE Windows Security Center 2012 Virus. Beware

Author eli cullen (2 years)
holly shit sorry for the lanuge but were u get that

Author xSTIFxGummyBear (2 years)
where can i get some labels?

Author elmokillerful (2 years)
use the revive so when you die of old age you come back to life

Author CoDMw2hunter (2 years)
dude can you make me them?...i will buy them from you!

Author CyberSniper759 (1 year)
i hate it when people call Speed Cola, Sleight Of Hand, Real Zombie Fans
Call It Speed Cola!

Author Yusef Abedeen (2 years)
It's juggernog not juggernaut... But nice work my friend

Author BLEAZLE1 (2 years)
He made those labels if you read one it says sleight of hand not speed cola

Author Casey Swoboda (2 years)
i really need help downloading the labels, ive gone to the download screen
and downloaded it but then ive accessed the file and nothing showed up.
coiuld you make a quick step by step video to show all us having trouble
how? thanks man. were buying our bottle right now but we still need the
labels haha

Author TheGamermario (2 years)
@The1shot8kills quick revive to me is the gatorade blue

Author Andre O. (2 years)
Hmm I think the 4 main perk falvor should be Juggernog=Fanta Speed
Cola=Beer Double tap=Cinnamon Milkshake Quick Revive= Mountain Dew (Blue

Author james mccurry (2 years)
@The1shot8kills Mule kick = dos equis

Author Conlan Morgan (2 years)
Link gave me a virus. Don't click it.

Author G33KN3rd (2 years)
nice labels, wrong names lol

Author GA Thea (2 years)
when i made my "quick revive" bottle i just got the label off of google

Author GusMontebello (2 years)
MOM can i buy a quick revive?

Author cardguy123 (2 years)
i dare u to drink it!!!!

Author 18kalmah (2 years)
Juggernog: ketchup with cherry soda. speed-cola: Mountain dew double tap
root-beer: uhh... honey combined with a light lager beer? quick revive:
fermented herring dipped in cat piss :D

Author Homero Lopez (1 year)
its your PC i did it before i read this and nothing happend

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