*REAL* Perk-A-Cola CodWaW nazi zombie mode perkbottle labels [BEST QUALITY]

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(A lot of people had problems with renaming a single file...)

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Author dillon vannewkirk ( ago)
You should do the new perks

Author Potato Kyle ( ago)
ew thats nasty make juggernog red fanta double tap the same quick revive
bubblegum or some shit who would drink that lol

Author William Scar ( ago)
Nice I want one.....or fifty lol

Author NukeDetonator ( ago)
u can also use Henry Weinhard's Orange Cream Soda bottles. They work really
well and are cheap.

Author Áron Vajda ( ago)
use coronita bottles if you can :)

Author ViperReApErR ( ago)
Nice and now there are 10

Author Denis Luz Lara ( ago)
Nice video tutorial, ThX. ;)

Author bambafgugu ( ago)
WTF is your problem? CoD is not gay.. you are.

Author WhySoPancake ( ago)
and I suppose fallout is ripping off coca-cola?

Author Jose Tomas Noriega ( ago)
there are 8 colas

Author perfectdelsol ( ago)
Did u spay paint the caps? What do u recommend?

Author Donpedro901 ( ago)
It does work - you just have to have a 4shared account.

Author NESC48 ( ago)
the link for the labels dosent even work

Author Donpedro901 ( ago)
Superstrobe - Smash it

Author Noah Stubbs ( ago)
i wish they would sell these

Author Kangorro ( ago)
I can't find similiar bottles to those in Portugal :s

Author Freedom Nights ( ago)
Pretty cool!

Author Homero Lopez ( ago)
its your PC i did it before i read this and nothing happend

Author Eliot Garcia ( ago)
Best ones ever in YouTube!!!!!

Author Homero Lopez ( ago)
can you drink them like in the game??

Author DCGaming2012 ( ago)
what program is that

Author Its Just Me ( ago)
no it doesnt

Author Matt Lozano ( ago)
Use kiwi punch for speed cola it looks like it ,trust me

Author Jake Piggott ( ago)

Author xVelocityx100 ( ago)
And I use jugg know what I mean..

Author teh2859 ( ago)
how did you get it?reply me

Author TheGamermario ( ago)
@The1shot8kills quick revive to me is the gatorade blue

Author TheMari0123 ( ago)
Try this: Chuck norri's sweat in a bottle it coul be called Chuck-a-Nola
Ability turns you into god mode Cost you tell me O_O

Author Sup3rth3ifXx ( ago)
I use Speed cola to masturbate..

Author CVPSYCHO ( ago)
@The1shot8kills aahh gotcha. yea i noticed after i wrote that haha

Author The1shot8kills ( ago)
@CVPSYCHO revive soda is what the characters say, quick revive is what the
machine and jingle say...

Author james mccurry ( ago)
@The1shot8kills Mule kick = dos equis

Author Top Ten ( ago)
Hey man will you send me these labels

Author CVPSYCHO ( ago)
slight of hand? isnt it speed cola? and quick revive not just revive?

Author AlphaMitts ( ago)
song name?

Author josh dhanapala ( ago)
That was cool

Author Joe Parker ( ago) you drink 'em

Author DaCodFather123 ( ago)
You made them, what a sadow

Author ClayMoreNoobs (225 years ago)
Lol, i just used Kool-Aid.

Author Kian Raei (573 years ago)
too many words makes my head hurt just show the bloody drink

Author cardguy123 (940 years ago)
i dare u to drink it!!!!

Author Hammond Dee ( ago)
geek ! :P

Author The1shot8kills ( ago)
@KingBooGhostRocks101 Thats good but if you want best "realism" try this...
Juggernog= Eggnog, make it red with food dye. Speed Cola= Pour a cup of
sugar in Pepsi or Coke. Double Tap Root Beer= Obviously, root beer. Quick
Revive= Mix cough medicine and fish juice, its really nasty. PhD Plopper=
Prune juice, and vinegar, gives it the prune-chemical flavor, I really
wouldn't drink this. Stamin Up= Mountain Dew. Deadshot Daiquiri= A
strawberry daiquiri. Mule Kick= Some Mexican drink, IDK.

Author DOUMIT978 ( ago)
how do you have your graphics so high

Author The E Man ( ago)
Hmm I think the 4 main perk falvor should be Juggernog=Fanta Speed
Cola=Beer Double tap=Cinnamon Milkshake Quick Revive= Mountain Dew (Blue

Author Chink the Chonk ( ago)
@FrankTheTankOS Haha Speed as in the drug :P

Author FrankTheTankOS ( ago)
@NomadsStudio Tell me. how do you capture "Speed" in a bottle? lol I would
use ALOT of fuckign sugar for SC

Author Chink the Chonk ( ago)
Speed cola will have speed Double tap will have cocaine Quick revive will
have antidote PHD Flopper will have unstable gunpowder Juggernog will have
roids or painkillers

Author Yusef Abedeen ( ago)
It's juggernog not juggernaut... But nice work my friend

Author Shriffican ( ago)
@metalsonicdoll Stamin Up or Speed Cola will have cocaine!

Author iLLpwny0u ( ago)
@caseyrulez7 doesnt work because google images makes the labels unsharp so
you get less pixels and youll fuck it up

Author Tita the Bullet ( ago)
@Donpedro901 ehi,why you didn't make the other perk-a-colas label? i love
them,the picture that you make is perfect!

Author Casey Swoboda ( ago)
put ur labels on google images so people can just copy and paste

Author Casey Swoboda ( ago)
i really need help downloading the labels, ive gone to the download screen
and downloaded it but then ive accessed the file and nothing showed up.
coiuld you make a quick step by step video to show all us having trouble
how? thanks man. were buying our bottle right now but we still need the
labels haha

Author xXSPfan70Xx ( ago)
Hey, I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for the labels! I just used
Dads soda and Jones bottles (they're pretty close) and just bought the
actual coloured flavour of soda. The labels look really good anyways, and
for that I thank you!

Author tAnKblackops ( ago)
what did u use to make the liquid just water and food colouring?

Author TheVengefulSniper ( ago)
@XxMudvayne117xX ur wrong because on the label in zombies it CLEARLY states
sleight of hand cola. You can check it if you want.

Author XxMudvayne117xX ( ago)
Epic fail on speed cola its speed cola not sleight of hand

Author chainsaw0308 ( ago)
@Minetodie no its not

Author Paytonsgram ( ago)
its juggernog not juggernaut double tap is right its speed cola not sleight
of hand and its quick revive not revive thumbs up if im right

Author TheGoldash9 ( ago)
i bet the double tab root bear on this is made from pee

Author McAssassin98 ( ago)
check mine out i made all 7

Author Inhimility ( ago)
Everybody who says the speed cola it's not sleight of hand are wrong. Speed
colas nickname is sleigh of hand soda.

Author dublin1deano ( ago)
I would really like to punch you I'd give 500 for it

Author charliewonpie ( ago)
sleight of hand = speed cola. negro = to much time on hands.

Author RiChIeatWoRk ( ago)
Awesome! Now you just have to show us how to print/get the posters!

Author napalminyobutt ( ago)

Author kyle Goat ( ago)
I would drink speed cola 4 the ladies

Author Avery Chiu ( ago)
it not sleight of hand it called speed cola get it right

Author Mursumage6 ( ago)
quick revive includes fish. is there fish?

Author angelaxoxox ( ago)
drink it

Author Nougat ( ago)
15 people didnt have enough for juggernog

Author Georgia Farmin' ( ago)
hey Donpedro901 what do you do for the caps on the top of the bottle?

Author noodlesman12 ( ago)
@jggammer lol its a virus bro

Author Koen Femer ( ago)
quick revive helpt you againt impotetion speed cola helps you put on the
condom faster jugger helps you with sm and double tap helps yu to come

Author JFKProductions01 ( ago)
the labels on the website are not printable how do you print them

Author Jeremiah Ostrom ( ago)
what the hell i thought it was speed cola

Author spencer johnson ( ago)
can you drink them?

Author Youtube Der DDR ( ago)

Author Donpedro901 ( ago)
@HypnoToadisREAL Just tested it with Kaspersky Internet Security 11. It's
fine for me. Is it the RAR file, or the webpage itself?

Author Conlan Morgan ( ago)
Link gave me a virus. Don't click it.

Author hoboboy123d ( ago)
8-9 hours??? niqqa please. get a life

Author seth martinn ( ago)
if these perks were real jug would be neth quick revive would also be meth
speed reload would be meth too and double tap........still thinking about

Author TheFloydGiver ( ago)
@BlU3B3RRYS I used jones and they work well, though you cant really use
beer bottle caps

Author BlU3B3RRYS ( ago)
is there another bottle that i can use instead of the corornita bottle?

Author ninjagangster1234 ( ago)
Attemped to go to the link in the description, attempted to give me a virus
with the FAKE Windows Security Center 2012 Virus. Beware

Author GeoAl09 ( ago)
@metalsonicdoll haha yeah and like morphine and what not

Author NobleMason117 ( ago)
@metalsonicdoll And you'll be able to do life saving surgeries with quick
revive 2x faster ;)

Author xerke ( ago)
@metalsonicdoll Quick revive: morphine juggernog: painkillers speed cola:
adrenaline sleight of hand: monster energy

Author eli cullen ( ago)
holly shit sorry for the lanuge but were u get that

Author BLEAZLE1 ( ago)
He made those labels if you read one it says sleight of hand not speed cola

Author Trint ( ago)
*ugh* This tastes like fish!

Author minetodie ( ago)
noob its not revive its cvik revive

Author Epal Bwum ( ago)
thumbs up 4 teddy at the end

Author Channel 46 ( ago)
how did you make the bottle caps

Author Mah_Buddy_Keith ( ago)
@metalsonicdoll and speed cola will have caffiene

Author Matthew White ( ago)
@jackmcd4 there is a thing called a movie editor e.g windows movie maker

Author qwerty666tnotb ( ago)
Good::: you should actually try to get a company to agree to make a call of
duty theme flavors of their soda: Revive: fishy Doubletap: root beer
Slieght of hand: weed Juggernog: vodka And you got phd, Deadshot and
staminup so you could get alot of money off it...

Author ExpertMP5 ( ago)
MRUNIQUETOYZ is better his stickers may be a little foggy but the Liquid
inside the drink actually looks like off the game since you cant see
through the Liquid on the game, He got it Pin-Point (Just my PoV dont get
shitty lol)

Author Jordan Brett ( ago)
wow how did he get the bottle tops????

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