Minecraft Tutorial: How to make a Minecart and tracks

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Author eZCreeew (3 years)
Thanks man!

Author Queen Himiko (3 years)

Author Bobbyjobby (4 years)
@averageshadow you need to have sticks and cloth for this.This is what it
will look like on the crafting grid. s=sticks c= cloth sss scs sss

Author ottarsss (4 years)
wow that was quick thanks help a lot!

Author Jason Voorhees (1 year)
thank you

Author froo13 (2 years)
right click on the cart

Author mgmg32svidacccount (3 years)
how do you rotate them

Author 909SLIPKNOTFAN (3 years)
hey how to u make those cool blocks on the floor in your hous a 0:02
seconds plese help thanks!

Author Lucidest (3 years)
where to get steel?

Author Gunnar Ágústsson (3 years)
nice thanks

Author TheSodaThief (4 years)
hey can i get some help??? were do you find steel bars!!!! please!!!

Author monkeymal313 (3 years)
this help me massivly thanks

Author superDavid12341 (3 years)

Author gamesxp2010 (4 years)
lol how to make a minecraft

Author Carlos Morales (3 years)
when i was trying to make iron boots i made mineccart

Author cafegoboys (2 years)

Author kryptic127 (4 years)
@TheLeapingpanda ya that just makes iron ingots

Author legojoe9 (3 years)
@darrin739 there actually called iron ingot, so you dont get confused

Author Bobbyjobby (4 years)
@StOlafTheGreat when you place tracks parallel to each other they
automatically do it

Author mike walling (1 year)
dude its called an iron ingot not steel

Author Josh Littlemore (2 years)
omg what a noob i just took a look at the comments and people are taking
the piss coz he said steel bars and he hasn't realized so he just said
smelt iron to get steel looool

They should make minecraft 3ds

Author CraftMine911 (3 years)
Very Useful I like this video thanks allot!

Author Bobbyjobby (3 years)
@darrin739 you need to mine iron blocks and then smelt them in a furnace.

Author Joseph Stalin (3 years)
thanks:D keep up teh good work :P

Author thomas1234w (3 years)
@909SLIPKNOTFAN 1 iron ingot in each square in the crafting table box :)

Author iNeRVeHD (3 years)
Thankyou! :)x

Author William Bishop (2 years)
Sucky computer...

Author froo13 (2 years)
i have 64 x2 iron and i need something to do with it! ps:i was mining and i
actually found a saddle :O

Author Rob Dallas (3 years)
isnt it Iron Bars, not Steel?

Author edleedavis (2 years)
Thank you for keeping it short and simple

Author ratedcrits (3 years)
Google is our friend.

Author Bobbyjobby (4 years)
@MsJsps you need to use iron ingots

Author platkin (3 years)
QUESTION: If you are going to leave the mincart somewhere away from you,
will it disappear?? And does the minecart break if you bump it onto

Author gamezonic (3 years)
omg ima make a rollercoaster down to the huge underground cave i found. and

Author LukePetticrewTime (3 years)
@wtfonme98 lol,'smelt'

Author xXOwnigerXx (4 years)
Oh i thought it was the otherway around xD. Too bad i can never find alot
of minerals....

Author kackiz (3 years)
@magetrix9 google? what's that?

Author lighttom666 (3 years)

Author herman Eikeland (3 years)
u dead?

Author HoliestDoughnut (3 years)
@MsJsps can't use stones have to use ignot

Author Justin Jeong (3 years)
@Mewgetic44 u need 6 iron bars at the sides and one stick in the middle

Author MeganMoonSurfer (3 years)
thx random dude

Author malik jackson (1 year)
whats in the furnace

Author averageshadow (4 years)
How did u make those pictures on the wall????????????

Author pablo alfaro (2 years)
thx it helped me travel

Author Dominic Spall (3 years)
''Stephan, What Are You Doing On Your Own YouTube Channel Stephen''?
Tobuscus Reference!

Author zech smedley (1 year)
your a noob

Author 81inyoface (4 years)
Wow subbed I been lookin for this for hours thanks

Author larry99able (3 years)
thank you this helped alot

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