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Author InertiaEffect (1 month)
what language is this?

Author MINE_MEE chow (1 month)
haha nakak miss tuloy sumayaw ng dayang dayang sayang sayang . haha
indonesiang song po ndi indian :-)

Author Normina Sinada (4 months)

Author Joanne Ramos (3 months)
Indian song po yan.. ;)

Author Jana Walang (3 months)
anong language po ba to?

Author Nolan Salviejo (1 hour)
The real darude by sandstorm

Author Mark Indefenzo (3 days)
yeh 90s!

Author Narz Palma Sitoy (2 days)
Dayang Dayang

Author toffey payag (2 days)

Author Joe Mari (3 months)
Childhood memories :)

Author poksz maceda (7 days)
ilocano song yan

Author Alexis Rodriguez (14 days)
cnu kumanta nyan? lgi q cnasayaw yan nung gr4 ako. Sumasayaw na may patpat

Author Aminah Rakiin (10 days)
I like it. ..just don't understand but I like it. .indo song

Author Berna Perocho (18 days)
I love it.

Author Pogi Ako (28 days)
lawlaw daw panty tang ina hahaha

Author Manilyn Grace Cloma (18 days)

Pangalay (also known as Daling-Daling or Mengalai in Sabah) is the
traditional “fingernail” dance of the Tausūg people of the Sulu Archipelago
and Sabah.[1]

The dance is the most distinctively Asian of all the southern Philippine
dances because dancers must have dexterity and flexibility of the
shoulders, elbows, and wrists[2] – movements that strongly resemble those
of “kontaw silat,” a martial art common in Maritime Southeast Asia. The
Pangalay is predominantly performed during weddings or other festive
events.[1] The male equivalent of the Pangalay is the Pangasik and features
more martial movements, while a pangalay that features both a male and
female dancer is called Pangiluk.[citation needed]

The original concept of the Pangalay is based on the pre-Islamic Buddhist
concept of male and female celestial angels (Sanskrit: Vidhyadhari, Bahasa
Sūg: Biddadari) common as characters in other Southeast Asian
dances.[citation needed]

Neighboring Samal and Bajau peoples call this type of dance, Umaral or
Igal, and they sometimes use bamboo castanets as substitutes for long

A variant of the dance called Pakiring is popular among the people of
Mindanao, Sulu and Sabah. The dance emphasizes the movement of the hips

In the Philippines, a traditional song called Kiriring Pakiriring is often
accompanied with the dance. The lyrics of the song are in Sinama language
and are thought to have originated from Simunul where the language is often
spoken. The song was later popularized when it was re-recorded by an
unknown artist under the title, Dayang Dayang, however some of the lyrics
have been changed and is considered by many to be largely gibberish since
the altered words had no meaning behind them and were not related to any
dialect or language.[citation needed] The meaning of its name is believed
to be referring to Hadji Dayang Dayang Piandao, the first lady of Sulu,
since the word dalay-dalay was a title given only to the daughters of the
Sultan.[3][4][5] Today, the version is widely known across the Philippines
rather than the original but its origin and the artist who recorded it
remains a mystery.

Author reina estafadora (25 days)

Author MJfullofGrace (18 days)
I doubt that Aishwarya Rai really recorded this. Can anyone kindly
confirm.. Or is this version the one from "Erika Macho"? Reading through
comments made me curious.

Author Yussef Aljalal (1 month)
Yon nakita ko rin!

Author Rose Amparo (1 month)
Naalala ko to dati sa probinsya nmin ang saya2x :-) dayang dayang :-)))))

Author nic nics miss you (1 month)
Hayyyysss sa probinsya namen nyan ipatugtog lang yan sayawan na

Author Berna Perocho (18 days)
I love it.

Author sandrita alfaro (1 month)
ano po un.. pinirito ang puit... na walang dyaan..

Author justin garcia (1 month)
love this song... dance all the way,,, makes me laugh ignorantly not
understanding the lyrics but fantastic.....papirit pirit piririt...... ulan

Author rye roger tanigue (1 month)
naaalala ko nung bata pa ko ;)

Author annaliza basiao (1 month)
Taga sulu 

Author lorie bennett (2 months)
I love this song. Play it

Author Drew EurovisionFan (2 months)
lol i thought this is indian

Author Sergei (2 months)
it's in Sama, the prominent language of the Sulu archipelago.

Author Gerry Estrada (2 months)
visayan song

Author Henry Libo-on (2 months)
Beautiful song about the grand lady of Sulu...the history of the real
Dayag-Dayang is so awesome.

Author belbina lagua (8 months)
This the most favorite song fr the province specially if there is wedding

Author come2me88 (5 months)
anong salita yun?

Author Josephine Garcia (2 months)

Author VOVETV (2 months)
Anong ginagawa ni aiswarya rai dito?! Filipino song ito... Orig atin Ito!

Author Danganrang Jojit (2 months)
Thanks to this

Author lorie bennett (2 months)
I love it from San Angelo Texas

Author james ilisan (3 months)
yeah childhood music

Author t9noraaunor (3 months)
This song was featured in the film THY WOMB of the superstar nora aunor

Author Danganrang Jojit (2 months)
Thanks to this

Author Alison Burgers (3 months)
kunot kitang natong :*

Author Ümit Tr (3 months)

Author Lucile Paurom (7 months)
For those who didnt know the Princess behind the song this is her
story!... Brave Princess who fought to abolished slavery during her time
was Dayang Dayang Hadji Piandao Kiram (1884)
Hadji Dayang Dayang Piandao is the first lady of Sulu. The title Dayang
Dayang, by which she is popularly known, means "princess of the first
degree", a title given only to the daughters of the Sultan.
...Five women slaves were needed to give her a bath, one takes care of the
soap, another of the towels, a third cleans her hands, a fourth her feet,
etc. Five sleep by her side as special maids.
Before the abolishment of slavery the Sultan used to keep as many
concubines as he cared for, usually twenty or thirty at a time who are
calculated to have numbered at least 500 in all, and all of these were
Dayang Dayang's slaves.
Intelligent as she is, and she proved to be an excellent executive and
administrator. By common consent, Dayang Dayang is the most progressive of
the Mohammedan women. She believes in the friendship and ultimate
assimilation of Muslims and Christians, and is exerting all her influence
and efforts to bring about better relations between them.

Author Eric Julapon (7 days)
how to prove it this song origin from phil,or whatever point in phil.i was
heard this song of our driver he is from india tamil state he was told me
that singer rai she is favorite in tamilnado state

Author Apsa Abidin (4 months)
Ilove this music

Author ja sisimaru (4 months)

Author drhen15 (4 months)
Apekz intro brought me here lol

Author Reniel Adil (4 months)
This is not the original but I like the song anyway. 

Author teddyxxix (1 year)
akala ko japanese to :)

Author zymo cobarrubias (1 year)
tiriririrt kakalbo kalbo

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