Efren Vs Kunihko (1/4) HUGE OWNAGE!!!!

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Efren Reyes vs Kunihko from Japan.


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Author ronaldoA12 (5 years)
did efron commit suicide...whyy

Author BLaCkKsHeEp (6 years)
yeah im jus fuckin around. i just thought up the name for the cue. its
like, once you play me, youre gonna wanna quit. jus a joke.

Author clawling77 (6 years)
what a awesome video!!Im lovin it.

Author patrick castro (2 years)
xet this is the reason why the alternate break shot was made because efren
bata reyes will finish the game and you will only end up by watching him
killing you softly...

Author Rob Blythin (5 years)
Efren is playing superb here

Author Tony Flood (6 years)
excellent billiard & pool match(s)

Author littlehenderson (7 years)
Efren was HIS Daddy on this one,,,,,

Author Tybo039 (6 years)
he gave me the 7-8 in dalton ga for $20 a game and beat me out of $200 in
1994 but im proud to say it took him 2 hrs to do it so it wasnt no give me
id play him again the same way for the experiance

Author bkeers (4 years)
@TheOneWith1opinion ummmm u meen big stick liek his que??? is not that big
lol jus a pool que

Author KorpiGus (2 years)
Did the japanese put 1 ball ?

Author littlewing62 (5 years)
no one commited suicide, it's sarcasm..

Author Vincent Wu (4 years)
give kunihko some credit, he won the world championships 3 years later

Author william wang (7 years)
efren´s breaks were really good this match..

Author kirklon (6 years)
he made the commentator look like they doesnt know how to play pool

Author lynoj777 (4 years)
it was pampangga custom cue. made in the philippines.

Author MrStealthNacho (4 years)
At the beginning I thought Efren was just standing still haha

Author mrdevonify (1 year)
The quality with this video being so old made me think that Efren was
playing Harry Potter at first.

Author Philip Lee (6 years)
I like how efren kills the cues ball!!he's the best!!!

Author GetMeThere1 (4 years)
Wow! I would say this is the oldest video I've seen with Reyes--i.e., Reyes
is the youngest here that I've seen him (certainly the slimmest!). And I
think this is the BEST I've seen him (even though he's essentially always
great). He makes difficult shots WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST HESITATION...and he
goes after and GETS highly specific (and sometimes even risky) position
without the slightest hesitation. He's SO FAR BEYOND all other players
(except Strickland, who has similar abilities).

Author DeathByLight (7 years)
I belive it was K-19, the ass kicker

Author bkeers (4 years)
@TheOneWith1opinion reportd sry hun

Author lemonite1 (6 years)
how bout playin the short side of the 3 at 8:50? Talk about speed control.

Author h1ph0pjunk1e (4 years)
tht aint his 13 dollar que haha thts his custom reyes que, he used his 13
dollar que when he first came to america

Author gooch50 (7 years)
where are all the efren vids from asia? can anyone post please.

Author MsnAngersMe (6 years)
i have great respect for such players

Author jimmydrinkworld (7 years)
$13 cue? wth.. where did he gt it?

Author Scott Johnson (4 years)
He's like the Muhammad Ali of Pool.

Author dng777 (5 years)
Is this really the famous $13 cue? It looks like it costs more than $13...

Author dchen345 (6 years)
what a consistent break

Author littlehenderson (7 years)
Man stop Efren... Ease up

Author amarild zgjana (1 year)
efren was palying with a 13 $ cue,for skill players cue its not very
important,of course can improve ur game i remember first time that i played
with the guy that teach me,he runs 3 racks with a cue without tip,just a
piece of wood,wtf

Author Charles Chen (6 years)
for real? he's just such a fantastic player

Author deliberately (6 years)
And the scariest part is Efren says himself in his twenties could give him
the 7 ball today. How intense is that? Thank you so much for the upload. I
study this set religiously.

Author degenerate82 (2 years)
Hi. I'm Grady Matthews, and welcome to the 1992 Roanoke One Pocket

Author CyranoYT (6 years)
6:40 is even kooler...just so smooth and knowledgeable

Author MattFromBowling (5 years)
$13 in 95 is alot more than it is now

Author BLaCkKsHeEp (7 years)
i got a custom one. its called "Your Career is Over, My Friend. Watch Me."
its pretty kick ass ^^

Author kabayanhustler (7 years)

Author Fred O (4 years)
grady matthews is an excellent commentator.

Author h1ph0pjunk1e (3 years)
he doesnt have a 13 dollar cue wtf tht looks prety nutty to me plus he has
a break cue and a playing cue

Author Noriel Nanad (7 years)
This video is one of them... hehehehehe

Author rawer77 (6 years)
and you couldnt place it any better with your hand 3:18 i wish i could play
half as good as he does! The Magician

Author xowreckageox (4 years)
@DeathByLight in the us open with a shitty cue?? cmon dude

Author bone6966 (6 years)
Efren plays with a locally made cue stick that is 20 years old from Pampanga

Author Geoffrey Chiu (5 years)
Efren is pretty much playing by himself.

Author svnrf (6 years)
in what year was played this match?

Author npb16a2 (6 years)
then y r u watching it?

Author stealthkillx (6 years)
hes world renowned. you're the one who has to challenge him since ur the

Author Voltaire Pocio (5 years)
in the Philippines, we call Efren's cue as, "bakawan" wood...

Author mFiUnCdKED7 (3 years)
RIP GRADDY!!!! LONG Live The Professor

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