GINOONG FILIPINAS 2010 - Swimwear Competition PART 1

"The boys watch the boys while the boys watch the boys and the girls who watch the boys go by.. eye to eye they suddenly convene to make the scene... " Ha? Which boys? Eyeing whom? Hmmm.. No intention here to mock or corrupt Andy Williams' 60s hit song, Music To Watch Girls Go By", oh but then...

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Author Tamad Tamsoyad ( ago)
0:55 sexy

Author kien anilao ( ago)
dami ngang tage planet and manjam hahaha

Author Jason Williams ( ago)
im so high on weed n the men r taking me higher yum

Author Derek Williams ( ago)

Author thoz ( ago)
Unbelievable! These guys are SO hot!!

Author carthal ( ago)
@carshe209 hahhahaha eh anu naman kung nagchuchupaan cla? its non of ur

Author kinon agaraki ( ago)

Author Xtian Alvarez ( ago)
hay nako.. just go on with the flow girls..!! ang mga puso nyo.. inggit lng
kayo kasi may mga insecurities kayo sa self nyo...just remember,they are
not children., so they can do what they want, and yet pinapaki alaman nyo
sila.. leave them alone! coz this is what they like ,if this is not on with
you! then leave, you don't need to browse this kind of clip! i think
nagmamaganda lang kayo!, stop thinking that your opinion is right...coz you
know within yourself that this is what you enjoy!!!

Author NOY BAY ( ago)
@thecherrimtree12 and yet you keep watching these videos. If you really
think these videos are not up to par with your taste then don't watch them.

Author albert mendoza ( ago)
this is so fucking cheap!!! these guys "just" want to be seen as their
stepping stone to stardom.... Use your intelligence instead of using your
bodies!! its not strange that prostitution (men and women) is way huge in
the philippines because the government tolerate this kind of "pageants" the
main reason why these "young and gorgeous men" like to participate is to
"sell" themselves in public... this is just my opinion dahil pinoy din

Author manohhhman ( ago)
why are the presentors and even the MC so under-dressed? shouldn't they at
least wear suit or barong? something more formal than what they wear. and
when they make the presentations - ganuon ganuon na lang - wala man lang
class... nagiging cheap tuloy!!!

Author Raymond Mondares ( ago)
ahy guico ang gwapo muh!!!!!!!! panalo kana!!

Author Jay Almodiel ( ago)
nice vid love it 

Author Yshagg09 ( ago)
mga alaga ng mga bakla tas ....pambayad ng mga alaga nila ay sex..... naku
un po ang realidad.....nagpacontest ang mga baklang organizer para my
majowa .or makupang

Author maur winne ( ago)
i really love pinoys...the best asian men...soooo hot..

Author 09neptune ( ago)
most of the boys are ok naman.

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