Naat Sarkar (SAW) ki parta hoon by Naveed Chishti

This naat read by Naveed Chishti at the occasion of Quaid Day (55th Birthday of Shaykh ul Islam Prof Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadir)2007 at TMA Hall Faisalabad

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Author ( ago)

Author Qaiser satti ( ago)
payari naat 

Author Abdul Majid ( ago)

Author Ameen azhar ( ago)

Author Ameen azhar ( ago)
bohat khobsurat hai

Author Ameen azhar ( ago)
mashallah bohat khobsurat hai

Author Ameen azhar ( ago)
mashallah bohat khobsurat

Author saeed573 ( ago)
mashalallah bohat achi naat ha i?'

Author Nabikeghulam ( ago)
SubhanAllah SubhanAllah SubhanAllah

Author EDISON LIMO ( ago)

Author kashynazar ( ago)
kashynazar mashalla buetiful naat may allah bless you

Author ghulamEmustafa1 ( ago)
Kabar Ka Khauf Na Rakhna Ae Dil...Wahan Sarkar Ke Chehre Ki Zyarat Hogi....
Ya Rasool Allah Karam, Ya Rasool Allah.


Author sajjad dar ( ago)

Author asifmirzaa ( ago)

Author sajjad dar ( ago)
wah wah subhanallah

Author adilzia786 ( ago)
did u guys see what he did at 4:29 he said the wrong word and then tried to
cover it up with the fake crying...hahaha, instead of khuld, he said kabur!!

Author gmohyd (226 years ago)
MashalAllah. Qabar ka kauf na rakhna eh dil - Wahan Sarkar ki chehre ki
ziyarat hogi.

Author munsoornasir ( ago)
very nice

Author munsoornasir ( ago)
masha allah suban allah SO much felling in my heart

Author YaaHabibii ( ago)
Masha'Allah Beautifully recited

Author adilzia786 (1106 years ago)
i am from suni grup keep it up buddy

Author owan786 ( ago)
he is really good mashallah we are calling him for a programme on this
sunday to newport south wales so any brothers want to come more than
welcome, noor tv and qtv will be there. syed

Author minhajian47 ( ago)
MashAllah, bohat achii lagi.

Author cityclaims ( ago)
subhan allah, totally amazing.

Author AashiqueRasool ( ago)
This is amazingggg!! Undescribable :\ SubhanAllah!

Author tariq0514 ( ago)
alhamdullillah nice naat

Author imprezatuner ( ago)
yeah naat + voice is brilliant but what about this man's terrible hair and
many rings on his fingers like a woman.I know long hair is sunnah but i
know for sure that this much long is ignorant.and i dont think he has his
beard as sunnah,I mean he is a drama only.try to have a personality
according to his job,i mean like a true muslim.

Author MARDYADYJON ( ago)
have you got any more of his naats let me know please ye

Author AdamJesusOmarAli ( ago)

Author binbaaznajdi ( ago)
Nice video. Pity we (Ahle Hadith/Salafis) have no one with a voice like
this Naveed Chishti or love like Dr Tahir ul Qadri. We feel too jelous.
Please check my (Abdul Riyal bin Baaz) videos about Salafi dance and

Author fooky dooky ( ago)
very nice exactly like his dad!!!!!!!!

Author AllahRulz99 ( ago)
SubhanAllah! JazakAllah Khair

Author Imran Haider ( ago)
Mashallah nice effort. Keep going for these nice works.

Author fuqeedecent ( ago)

Author Imran Cheena ( ago)
Massallah. Very nice

Author rajaw5 ( ago)

Author samiullah1668 ( ago)

Author samiullah1668 ( ago)

Author samiullah1668 ( ago)
kaya baat hai, MASHALLAH

Author Noman Tayyab ( ago)
massive rings bro very big

Author Vickyfk86 ( ago)
Masha allah masha allah i dont av words to say any thing . beautifull

Author siratul mustaqeem ( ago)
subhanallah, narrations of the sahaba will verify that when the prophet
s.a.w. enetered an environment the whole area would light up....abit like
we see a full moon on a clear night.........except much lighter

Author mohammed imran ( ago)

Author Muddassir noor ( ago)
MashAllah nice voice and nice naat.... but whats up with all those rings on
his fingers !!

Author Ali Yabgo ( ago)
Absolutely wonderfully recitation He should recite naats instead of qawali!
Look forward to hearing more of his naats Ya Allah(J) b-haq-e-Mohammad
wa-ali Mohammad bless his father's soul and give him tawfiq to praise the
most praised(PBUH). Ameen. JazakAllah for the upload.

Author Imran Ahmad ( ago)
subhaanallah-mashallah-very beautiful-naat.

Author khanchango ( ago)
Awesome naat

Author Jordan Santacana ( ago)
alah alah alah!

mashallah, what a voice

Author arif rifa ( ago)

Author D0peK1d (1247 years ago)
This is one of the best naats I have ever heard... May Allah give all of us
the opportunity to sing as beautiful as Naveed Chiti saab... Ameen

Author aneqa ( ago)
mashALLAH...V BEAUTIFULL...i have no words to describe his voice...may
ALLAH bless him "kabr ka khoof na rakh eh dil whan sarkar k chehre ki
zyarat hugi " subhanALLAH

Author khanchango ( ago)
Mashallah great naat.May god guide us all to the right path.

Author Ali Yabgo ( ago)
MashAllah SubhanAllah JazakAllah for uploading this naat thanks a lot

Author AllahYar Ahmad ( ago)
سبحان الله جزاكم الله خير! جناب نويد جشتي صاحب كيساتهـ شرف ملاقات جرانوالا
شهر مين نصيب هوا. ماشاءالله بهت روحاني سكوني نصيب هوا. الله تعالى هم سبكو
عشق الله ورسول نصيب فرمائــــ.... آمين ثم آمين ميان الله يار احمد الجوف -
سعودي عرب

Author vitaljpn ( ago)
simply...sooo sweet

Author Ali Yabgo ( ago)
SUBHANALLAH MASHALLAH can u plz upload the full naat many thanks.

Author saqibrana1s ( ago)
u r right

Author vitaljpn ( ago) baat hay. Jazak Allah ji

Author vitaljpn ( ago)
like this man---minhajulquran is producing unique things, MashAllah

Author saqibrana1s ( ago)
SubhanAllah amazing wt i feel when listen cant explain bcuz its deep

Author karachistan ( ago)
SunbhanAllah, Ya Rasool Allah Ya Habib Allah Ya Nabi Allah Ya Noor Allah.
almaddad Ya Rasool Allah '' mere faryaad mai itna too asar ho jaye-- dil jo
tarpay to Mohammed ko khabar ho jaye.''

Author mo306 ( ago)
beautifull naat subhanallah

Author nextman6515 ( ago)
search on youtube for "pendle radio" and youll find some he recited in
nelson at minhaj ul qurans radio station. also on google video type in
naveed chishti nelson and theres one of him reciting at the minhaj mosque
in nelson.

Author desi gal ( ago)
i puerly love this naat. may Allah bless brother naveed and bless him with
alot more success futher in life

Author MakeThatMoney420 ( ago)
mashallah Lion/Tiger of allah! what can i say

Author mo306 ( ago)
mashallah this naat is beutiful

Author mo306 ( ago)
mashallah this is beutiful in every way

Author Sonia Javaid ( ago)
"Kabar ka khof na rakhna ay dil, wahan Sarkar ky chehry ki ziyarat ho gi.
Khuld main bas wohi ja sakta hai, jis ko Hasnain ky baba ki ijazat ho gi"
subhanallah, mashallah, kya baat ki hai. beautiful lirics.

Author Al Baaz Al Ashab ( ago)
mashallah kya naat parhi heh!!

Author mohamed jafer rassool ( ago)
isnt ther any1 that has ant more videos of him reciting naats...

Author ikbahrian ( ago)
SubhanAllah...the voice pass through my heart...

Author coolnosh ( ago)
Both the brothers are like their father, their voice is beautiful and
gifted. I jus love this naat it makes me cry

Author coolnosh ( ago)
Do you know what it means?

Author coolnosh ( ago)
Does anyone have or know where i can get the lyrics to this beatiful naat?

Author coolnosh ( ago)
Does anyone have any more videos and naats or quwwali's of Naveed Chisti?

Author coolnosh ( ago)
Can someone please tell me how i can download this naat?

Author coolnosh ( ago)
can someone plz tell me how i can download this naat?

Author coolnosh ( ago)
It's a beautiful naat with a beautiful and gifted voice may Allah bless and
give then a long life. Can you plz upload more of the naats and quwallis by
the chisti's especially naveed chisti

Author Fatimah Z ( ago)
Wow.. Subhanallah, amazing naat.

Author FirdausJunior ( ago)

Author Iboyasir ( ago)
SubhanAllah ...great...please post more. thankz

Author amajidmalik77 ( ago)
MaSha Allah very nice. He is better than his elder brother.

Author Minhaj ul Hussain Wuppertal Germany ( ago)
Masha AllAH HE HE LIKE HIS FATHER I Say he is copy of his father.Allah
bless him Riaz Ahmad Germany

Author master10021 ( ago)
subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah... that naat make me cry all the time..
beautiful naat. mashallah

Author salver007 ( ago)
please is there some one who nows if there is more about naveed chistie one
you tube .

Author no14ever ( ago)
Great Kalam, Great Voice, Great Duas to him

Author smawla ( ago)
SubhanAllah....!!! SubhanAllah....!!! SubhanAllah....!!! Truly a Naat which
makes you cry....and a very gifted voice!!! MashahAllah!!! Please post more
of Qari Naveed's clips.

Author salver007 ( ago)
please more of Qari Naveed's clips

Author ufmirza ( ago)
Ana madinat ul Ilm, wa Aliyun baabuha Subhanallah

Author Amar Hafiz ( ago)
Truly amazing!!! Apart from the lenth of the hair, i love it!!! jazakallah

Author ufmirza ( ago)
Subhanallah, do you have more of him?

Author minhaji4eva ( ago)
Can you upload more of Qari Naveed's clips from this same event plz, would
be very grateful..jazak'Allahu khayr

Author sabirpiya ( ago)
ماشاء اللہ بہت خوبصورت آواز میں نعت رسول مقبول صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم پڑھی
ہے۔ اللہ تعالیٰ اس نعت رسول مقبول صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کے صدقے نعت خواں
حضرات کے گلے کو سلامت رکھے۔ اور عوام الناس کے لئے شیئر کرنے والے ساتھی پر
اپنا خصوصی فضل فرمائے۔

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