Degrassi vs Lakehurst Cheerleaders

just a quick something i put together in 10 minutes hope u like it:)

Music:Cheerleader Nation theme song

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Author jackie cuevas (6 months)
What episode is that

Author PrincessMomokoYumi (5 years)
I Knowsh Me Too!

Author Patrycja Paszewska (6 years)
degrassi ruless : )

Author Samantha Kemp (5 years)
613 if u leave

Author nelena1212 (5 years)
go degrassi lakehurst boring.

Author Samantha Kemp (6 years)
it's the theme song from the show cheerleader nation

Author SpikeUpLife123 (6 years)
Lol :) Awesome!

Author xxlovexxdegrassixx (6 years)
love it! hey, could you possibly send me this song?

Author Samantha Kemp (6 years)

Author BlooshProductions6 (5 years)
ummm i think all 11 year olds are more mature now, my sister watches
Degrassi. Plus it's kinda easy to understand the probs hotgirl76549....
their pretty easy to figure out....

Author kandycane2000 (6 years)
i luvv degrassi i think that is the best show on tv for teens

Author TreHillGirl (6 years)
Woop Woop, Go Degrassi!

Author Christine Angel (5 years)
ii diidnt kn0w iit was lakehurst ii th0ught iit was lakers l0l

Author vanessa gutierrez (2 years)
Wen i first started watching degrassi i was 10 - 11 not a big deal it was
esy to uderstand

Author Samantha Kemp (6 years)

Author TYjohnson098 (5 years)
wow 11 so who cares my cousin is younger than you and we watch degrassi
together all the time its not a big deal

Author TYjohnson098 (5 years)
i never got why at :18 theywear those shorts their so tight nd their not
even the school colors

Author hotgirl76549 (6 years)
im 19 and my lil sister watches degrassi and she is 11! she is so mature
because she understands the probs!

Author mandabearbabykins (6 years)
I miss J.T =[

Author Jeremy Torres (3 years)
Never heard of Lakehurst.

Author kingcobra004 (6 years)
Jt left the show to go to college what he did was up to him

Author CoolOne9874 (5 years)
I love Degrassi n im 11

Author ThePizza Chic (3 years)
im so proud :) my high school mascott name is PANTHERS

Author Samantha Kemp (6 years)
degrassi will always be better:) i will never forgive them for what they
did 2 J.T:( and thank you:)

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