Lil Uzi Vert - You Was Right (Animated Music Video)

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  • Michael Young
    Michael Young 1 hour ago

    Is he wit God now I pray he is cause I love his music so uzi don't worship the devil please don't

  • Darion Plays
    Darion Plays 2 days ago


  • Orlando Johnson
    Orlando Johnson 4 days ago

    well I am saying is god is coming everyone little Uzi good luck because the devil is gonna betray you

  • Isaiah Matkovich
    Isaiah Matkovich 4 days ago

    its short

  • natez z
    natez z 5 days ago

    why lil uzi siting on a thrown acting like he god

  • beastmode gaming
    beastmode gaming 5 days ago

    looked at my bitch like we rich then realised we are poor jk love uzi

  • Wqffle
    Wqffle 5 days ago


  • TDE Gaming
    TDE Gaming 7 days ago

    I want to see more songs like erase your social from uzi

  • mz.krazii mami
    mz.krazii mami 7 days ago

    my mom was right I was wrong 😒

  • Alpha lay
    Alpha lay 8 days ago

    I see lil uzi I click:sub to me😱

    SAVAGE_GAMEZ 8 days ago


  • Lord Medusa
    Lord Medusa 9 days ago

    metro boomin want some more nigga!

  • lildude_gamess Lucas

    When youre on drugs XD

  • Gabriel Quintana
    Gabriel Quintana 11 days ago


  • Dmac
    Dmac 11 days ago

    I have a feeling that the reason it's a minute long is because he made this himself

  • Mohamed Omar
    Mohamed Omar 12 days ago

    @ 0:34 PUSH ME TO THE EDGE

  • Chad Clark
    Chad Clark 12 days ago

    little bill all grown up

  • Eric Moreland
    Eric Moreland 13 days ago

    yall dont see it..? He sacrificed himself jumping off the bridge, next scene is him in a thrown, being the new god. Its right there lol but who am I to say all that bs is real. Kappa

  • Logan Wilson
    Logan Wilson 13 days ago

    my dad came in the room and said if i dont turn it down he will smash my face in the keyboard he listend and said if u dont turn it up i wills smash ur face in the keyboard

  • ExtendedMousePad
    ExtendedMousePad 14 days ago

    this video makes me want to eat my keyboard and down a gallon of lube

  • Ladir Ersching
    Ladir Ersching 15 days ago

    I loved

  • Selena Knickman
    Selena Knickman 16 days ago

    I luv dis song so much 24/7, I listen 2 dis song 💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯 I luv Lil Uzi Vert

  • Jeanne Umbra
    Jeanne Umbra 18 days ago

    metro bullet want some more n*gga

  • Lm Zx
    Lm Zx 19 days ago

    When I heard this, I just really want to slap lil uzi's ass.

  • Wingnut HD
    Wingnut HD 19 days ago

    who else is hype for luv is rage 2

    FREAQU 20 days ago

    Lil Uzi makes me soo happy. not sure what i'd do without him <3

  • Greg Bacon
    Greg Bacon 20 days ago

    looks almost exactly the same as Getter's artwork

    • Greg Bacon
      Greg Bacon 20 days ago

      oh shit its the same artist i just fact checked myself

  • Chase Nicole
    Chase Nicole 21 day ago

    I thought my headphones unplugged or something 😂 where's the rest of the song?

  • Jonah Someone
    Jonah Someone 21 day ago

    The animator just got REALLY lazy and didn't even finish the song.

  • Tika Allen
    Tika Allen 22 days ago

    funniest thing I've ever seen before

  • Kevin Cruz
    Kevin Cruz 22 days ago

    This song is so lit that I almost killed myself driving I got lucky by inches

  • Shayra Castillo
    Shayra Castillo 22 days ago


  • MUR - Gaming Channel

    garbage 😂😂😂 who listens to uzi in 2017 smh

  • Aman D'Costa
    Aman D'Costa 23 days ago

    Best uzi song

    SAVAGE 4 DAYZ 24 days ago

    This song makes me want to eat the plate and wash the food!!

  • The Lost Kings
    The Lost Kings 24 days ago

    if u like wavvy stoney music click the crown on the left and are song called splash will be the first one to pop up we are just promoting comment and subscribe thank u God bless

  • Zåzel HazélVevo
    Zåzel HazélVevo 25 days ago

    dude whatever heaven looks like that I wanna go <3<3<3 <3<3<3

  • Jaytoven
    Jaytoven 25 days ago

    This video make me fell high🙉

  • Epic Frown Face
    Epic Frown Face 25 days ago

    What the hell

  • Lil Uzi Vert
    Lil Uzi Vert 25 days ago

    Oh yuh

  • greg kinsey
    greg kinsey 27 days ago


  • blue mushrooms
    blue mushrooms 27 days ago

    i like it

  • Money Playz
    Money Playz 27 days ago

    This dude still riding a ATV from Bad and Boujee 😂😂😂😂 You was right is still a lit 🔥 song tho

  • Edwun Calo
    Edwun Calo 28 days ago

    panshy on my phone

  • BoGDAN
    BoGDAN 28 days ago

    Where was the animation done?

  • Alisson Xavier
    Alisson Xavier 29 days ago

    Getter fricken dope

  • Exility
    Exility 29 days ago

    Is it only me. Or does this sound like I Spy?

  • MyWetDogFarted101
    MyWetDogFarted101 29 days ago

    This was poorly animated

  • Grace Bungard
    Grace Bungard 29 days ago

    Push me to the edgeeee

  • Cringe Bear
    Cringe Bear 1 month ago

    My Boi Uzi u could have asked me to make u an animated music video in an 8 bit style

  • Itsyoboii 1
    Itsyoboii 1 1 month ago

    I wonder how many red lights he went through

  • Tune Tha Rapper
    Tune Tha Rapper 1 month ago

    The only Lil Uzi song I like is 'XO TOUR Llif3'. 💜

  • Lil Uzi Vert Aka Vert

    subscribe too my nigga lil uzi vert and my channel

  • garrett C
    garrett C 1 month ago

    Amazing on lsd!

  • eamon adderley
    eamon adderley 1 month ago

    can anyone tell me how to build on Roblox

  • Mr.Muffin Gaming
    Mr.Muffin Gaming 1 month ago

    When is his new album coming out

  • Axlar Rave
    Axlar Rave 1 month ago


  • Axlar Rave
    Axlar Rave 1 month ago

    subscribe to me

  • DaHitmanKiller
    DaHitmanKiller 1 month ago

    make a "buy it" music video!

  • eric moise
    eric moise 1 month ago

    this looks like a deep web video

  • Chris Dodges
    Chris Dodges 1 month ago

    0:25 When you chase women of your fantasy and cheat on your girl, then wined up falling off a cliff and wrecking your relationship.

  • Daft Punk
    Daft Punk 1 month ago

    Lil Uzi Vert is the type of person to take Future to the past

  • Missyy
    Missyy 1 month ago

    They lowkey probably had to call Uzi to ask him if what color his hair was a the moment😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mari Columna
    Mari Columna 1 month ago


  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important 1 month ago

    can you make onr bad song so i know you're human???

  • It Lit
    It Lit 1 month ago

    when the ad is longer then video

  • The Basketball Uploader

    Am i the only one listening and reading the comments?

  • XxMindLessGamerxX
    XxMindLessGamerxX 1 month ago


  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 1 month ago

    Some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard...

    "Talk about a broken heart, run into the restroom"

    "hit her from the back nigga bless you"

    Honestly what the fuck??

  • Patrick Chukwuemeka
    Patrick Chukwuemeka 1 month ago

    dat one nigga, dat one nigga

  • williamp.
    williamp. 1 month ago

    Did hoodlum make this?

  • CloudyTV Um
    CloudyTV Um 1 month ago

    People are wondering why it's 1 minute it was because it was 7am and got tired

  • ThatOneKid Gaming
    ThatOneKid Gaming 1 month ago

    this song makes me wanna skip lunch detention

  • Bob Whitefoot
    Bob Whitefoot 1 month ago

    come to ord ne

  • alonzo davis
    alonzo davis 1 month ago

    you get bad karma for shyt like this.. like wat is ur intentions ?

  • neason shikonga
    neason shikonga 1 month ago

    u aint God son

  • Jamal Kamal
    Jamal Kamal 1 month ago

    0:09 that's father

  • SnowboysVEVO
    SnowboysVEVO 1 month ago

    go fw me

  • HD sonic
    HD sonic 1 month ago

    Areeeeeee shouid have made the time longer but still banger✔️🔥

  • Tapdıq Qurbanzadə
    Tapdıq Qurbanzadə 1 month ago

    Getter - Wat The Frick EP

  • Xavier08f p
    Xavier08f p 1 month ago

    Anyone know when is he going to release 3 pills

  • Andy yun
    Andy yun 1 month ago

    is Lil uzi a suspect of the Sandy springs stomping attack?

  • Neoneath
    Neoneath 1 month ago

    Best video ever

  • XxxYvng_GirlxxX
    XxxYvng_GirlxxX 1 month ago

    bro I love this who drew it

  • summer Vibes Msp
    summer Vibes Msp 1 month ago

    I was here for the song, not the seizure

  • Ákos Forgó
    Ákos Forgó 1 month ago

    I think a minute is missing😂

  • gokuswagger
    gokuswagger 1 month ago

    shout me out

  • Ibz B
    Ibz B 1 month ago

    Anyone else notice the parts from 'future - low life ft the weeknd' at the start of the song?

  • Ayy Lmao
    Ayy Lmao 1 month ago

    Here before 1 mil

  • Kevin Dap
    Kevin Dap 1 month ago

    this some molly type trippin

  • Many100videos
    Many100videos 1 month ago

    people complaining why it is so short?.. well its because its a animation.. animated videos are hard to edit. just this min vid can take up yo 3-5 days..

  • Jadyn LeClere
    Jadyn LeClere 1 month ago

    lil uzi lowkey a weeb......

  • ShadowmasterFTW
    ShadowmasterFTW 1 month ago Please check me out just a young rapper comin up.

  • Sulaiman Alkayti Reviews

    It was another song then he animated it

  • Gaming Monkey
    Gaming Monkey 1 month ago

    who here knows how to bake a pumpkin pie ?

  • Barely Awake
    Barely Awake 1 month ago

    reminds me of filnobep a lil bit

  • Jensonsational
    Jensonsational 1 month ago

    Is this what passes for music these days? smh

  • ily hserp
    ily hserp 1 month ago


  • OmniBass
    OmniBass 1 month ago

    Who is here just before 1 mil

  • Spooder Melon
    Spooder Melon 1 month ago

    Dude the views are at 999k right now

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