Tee Grizzley - First Day Out (Official Music Video)

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  • Prince Prince
    Prince Prince 2 minutes ago

    xxxtentacion is dope pussy ass nigga

  • Sticky Ninja TV
    Sticky Ninja TV 2 minutes ago

    ummm im in Brooklyn and just ran across this bout to blow my speakers FIYAHHHHHHHHHHHH This beat is wicked too

  • kpet kada
    kpet kada 25 minutes ago

    bo bo bom hit the rollie store wit a rollie on -LBJ mood

  • Kim Gilmore
    Kim Gilmore 39 minutes ago

    this shit ride

  • Kim Gilmore
    Kim Gilmore 39 minutes ago

    this shit ride

  • ThemKND
    ThemKND 50 minutes ago

    Hit the Rollie store with a Rollie on

  • mycoalwoo
    mycoalwoo 56 minutes ago


  • Milan Mika
    Milan Mika 58 minutes ago

    Thank you Lebron.

  • Surpreme_Kiddo Escen

    Best Song I've Ever Heard Since 2009

  • Cocho90s 9
    Cocho90s 9 1 hour ago

    This shit remind me of meek mill intro

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    I'm here because of fucking LeBron James

  • wiliam watkins
    wiliam watkins 1 hour ago

    change speed to 1.25 song is 50x better dope af

  • Cocho90s 9
    Cocho90s 9 1 hour ago

    Mayneee went in

  • Axinte Sebastian
    Axinte Sebastian 1 hour ago

    He should give some credit to Lebron,lol😂😂.

  • msgucci103
    msgucci103 1 hour ago

    Where is he from? Song go hard but, his voice is country Af

  • earlkincy3
    earlkincy3 1 hour ago

    Who here from

  • applepie101
    applepie101 2 hours ago

    lebron james challenge

  • Javian Johnson
    Javian Johnson 2 hours ago

    Better than EVERYONE on the XXL Freshman cover tbh

  • Vince Robinson
    Vince Robinson 2 hours ago

    Man needed this! Love this record! It's so hard! You can tell he spitting facts

  • chancy gray
    chancy gray 2 hours ago

    thats nigga coo

  • Valjermayne
    Valjermayne 2 hours ago

    LeBron James video part is 2:28 🏀🏀

  • saliou fall
    saliou fall 3 hours ago

    who's here because of LeBron james??

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks 3 hours ago

    Lebrooooooooon Fucking Jameeees

  • Arhianna Ward
    Arhianna Ward 3 hours ago

    This song tight sing every day tee glaze or tee greezly

  • Michael D'Almeida
    Michael D'Almeida 3 hours ago

    This that shit for the trenches, life changed so much since for a nigga. Shit like this reminds me how blessed I am!!!

  • Cashflow Dojo
    Cashflow Dojo 3 hours ago

    hit the Rollie store with the Rollie on

  • Reggie Guion
    Reggie Guion 3 hours ago

    Lebron James sent me here.

  • Ya boi #6
    Ya boi #6 3 hours ago

    tee grizzley actually has songs that are meanwhile other rappers like lil pump just repeat 5-6 words in there song.

    PISTOL GANG 3 hours ago

    fuck xxl

  • Kenesha Coats
    Kenesha Coats 4 hours ago


    FXCKW. FARIAN 4 hours ago

    shoutout to prettyboyfredo

  • Sakyiah Maryland
    Sakyiah Maryland 4 hours ago

    i my i a big fan

  • Jshonnon Kimble
    Jshonnon Kimble 4 hours ago

    yes I will slap a pussy nigga if he act out

  • C Neezy
    C Neezy 4 hours ago

    Who's here cuz of Lebron James video?!! 😂

  • Billy Thomas III
    Billy Thomas III 4 hours ago

    hit the Rollie store with the Rollie on
    -Lebron James

  • Dj Hooper
    Dj Hooper 4 hours ago

    Song got garbage when he turnt up on it... Ole Bobby schmurder ass nigga name dropping like a mf

  • GOATBron James
    GOATBron James 5 hours ago

    If you wanna do the #LeBronJamesChallenge go to 2:23. Lmao

  • Jamie Scarpino
    Jamie Scarpino 5 hours ago

    Whstyttyt!!!! Lit

  • Alexis Delmonte
    Alexis Delmonte 5 hours ago

    1:30 best part

  • Dornelle Brazil
    Dornelle Brazil 5 hours ago

    I just aint convinced bout this katt, but he went in somewhat!

  • prettyboymike
    prettyboymike 5 hours ago

    good stuff

  • 1 2
    1 2 5 hours ago

    "drivin' german engineering"
    *american muscle car drives by*

  • Sarah Demus
    Sarah Demus 5 hours ago

    I swear this intro went hard

  • Izchi
    Izchi 6 hours ago

    Shalawam Yisrael

  • Atilla Khan
    Atilla Khan 6 hours ago


  • EclecticFlavor.
    EclecticFlavor. 6 hours ago

    i like his story

  • Zach Steelman
    Zach Steelman 6 hours ago

    This way better than Kodak's

  • underground plug
    underground plug 6 hours ago

    goes to jail once*

  • 波浪ɹɐɯo
    波浪ɹɐɯo 6 hours ago

    >driving German engineering
    >literally every car on the video is an American shitbox

  • Jayla Cunningham
    Jayla Cunningham 6 hours ago


  • Mike Memphis
    Mike Memphis 7 hours ago


  • Sircharles Weatherspoon

    tee g

  • RainFlop
    RainFlop 7 hours ago

    Hit the Rollie store wit the Rollie on

  • Antimo Mangiapili
    Antimo Mangiapili 7 hours ago


  • Octavia Gallion
    Octavia Gallion 7 hours ago


  • Broski 360
    Broski 360 7 hours ago

    the grimey. thing bout this song is that he makin yall white people look like snitches and 12

  • Rocksteddybelmont
    Rocksteddybelmont 7 hours ago

    shit is wack

  • Halim
    Halim 7 hours ago


  • Max Williams
    Max Williams 8 hours ago

    Only in rap can you make it by sharing the exploits of your failed robbery career. Robbing broke msu students big baller!

  • Clifton Williams
    Clifton Williams 8 hours ago

    All these Lebron cunts here... Hell I got a 1,000likes on a comment I put on this video a few months ago

  • Mars Blackmon
    Mars Blackmon 8 hours ago

    Niggas commenting the day Lebron video came out saying "Like if you came here before the lebron video" smh FOH 😒

  • Solomon Reeves
    Solomon Reeves 8 hours ago

    only here cause of the king

  • Luka Goati
    Luka Goati 8 hours ago

    lebron do it better

  • Yungboi Karti
    Yungboi Karti 8 hours ago

    XXL material🔥🔥🔥

  • Kenneth Endicott
    Kenneth Endicott 8 hours ago

    Tblock represent

  • BuckyJPlay
    BuckyJPlay 9 hours ago

    I'm here becuz I saw 2 First day outs. Kodak and Tee

  • Dorthy Powell
    Dorthy Powell 9 hours ago

    if u love this song like this comment

    DAREJON GARCIA 9 hours ago

    wow big bro

  • TrillestKJ
    TrillestKJ 9 hours ago

    Who been knew this song before the lebron challenge

  • Ernie Moreno
    Ernie Moreno 9 hours ago

    best song ever

  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma 9 hours ago

    i came here after seeing bron's video !

  • Dio Mysterio
    Dio Mysterio 9 hours ago

    I'm far from a gangster...I'm far from a thug...but if I was ever in a situation where I had to kill someone and this song came on I could do it no problem at all

  • Dio Mysterio
    Dio Mysterio 9 hours ago

    Have you ever listened to a song that was so fire...every line was so hard that it makes you tear up

  • mogolfiero
    mogolfiero 9 hours ago

    None of these Cars has anything to do with German Engineering. Learn your countries

  • James King
    James King 9 hours ago

    This is my jam

  • Corey Cooper
    Corey Cooper 10 hours ago

    he took meek idea from dreamchazers album

  • Eric Kirk
    Eric Kirk 10 hours ago

    This song make me want to do 100 in the 25 mph zone pass a gang of cops and flip them off.

  • Sky Fire
    Sky Fire 10 hours ago

    trash lebron shame on u

  • Jakhi Bell
    Jakhi Bell 10 hours ago

    Straight bars bra

  • SupremeTeamFP
    SupremeTeamFP 10 hours ago

    That intro tho

  • Pink Chiffon
    Pink Chiffon 11 hours ago

    Niggas didn't know about this song until Lebrons bald head ass came in. Y'all some fake ass fans😂💯

  • Nonyabiz Ness
    Nonyabiz Ness 11 hours ago

    All those cars are American

  • Tyler Wooten
    Tyler Wooten 11 hours ago

    what does lebron have to so with the song?

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams 11 hours ago

    this song lit asf

  • Aaron Franklin
    Aaron Franklin 11 hours ago

    Hard af

  • Ixtopar
    Ixtopar 11 hours ago

    ayy niggas who's from Bron Bron?

  • Felisha Carr
    Felisha Carr 11 hours ago

    these niggas prayed on my down fall

  • spy theo
    spy theo 11 hours ago

    The part you all came for is on 2:25

  • Jahki Tull
    Jahki Tull 12 hours ago

    if you're from the Hood you could relate! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Brandon Allison
    Brandon Allison 12 hours ago

    Ape shit

  • Matthias P
    Matthias P 12 hours ago

    Why this nigga sound like He from the west coast

    TFTB x FOOOG 13 hours ago

    Glad I was here before 1mil and all these fake fans who can't name any other song than this one😂😂

  • De Vibes
    De Vibes 14 hours ago

    i cant take his fat ass seriously cuz he look like the GUy who Sings 'why u asking all these questions"

  • Brendon Fields
    Brendon Fields 14 hours ago

    Show me luv if you fuckin wit that earth no turf, fuck dat dope life, I just spark get sumthin bro

  • Donalds Trump
    Donalds Trump 15 hours ago

    this shit is dope, but dude looks like fat young thug

    CHAIN GANG 15 hours ago

    man u guy's plz sub my page

  • Ashton George
    Ashton George 15 hours ago

    This shit is gonna hit 1 billion views in no time because of LeBron.

  • Solar Eclipse
    Solar Eclipse 15 hours ago

    these niggas prayed for my downfall

  • Cody Yarbrough
    Cody Yarbrough 16 hours ago

    his first day out is the best the best video the best lyrics the best flow Kodak ain't got shit on this fire

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