WONDER WOMAN Deleted Scenes & Cancelled Movies

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  • Mr Sunday Movies
    Mr Sunday Movies 5 days ago

    Batgirl. I definitely said Batgirl you just heard it wrong.

    • TORULEZ10
      TORULEZ10 2 days ago

      And saw it wrong too

    • Winter Naomi Vera
      Winter Naomi Vera 3 days ago

      I just reread Batwoman's origin again in the "Go" storyarc. This needs to be a movie now!!!

    • Damon Santori
      Damon Santori 3 days ago

      Jonathon Tabacco with Edward Norton, or continued with the new guy??

    • Jonathon Tabacco
      Jonathon Tabacco 3 days ago

      I would have liked to see the hulk 2

    • Alex Barrios
      Alex Barrios 4 days ago

      We also definitely saw a picture of BATGIRL, not Batwoman. BATGIRL. Yes, yes we did!

  • BenTube Fisher
    BenTube Fisher 4 hours ago

    Are they ready for a night wing movie or what ??!

  • Jay Exonauts
    Jay Exonauts 4 hours ago

    I thought Whedon was possibly directing BatGIRL not Batwoman. Yes? No? Either way sign me of for that lootcrate business!

  • Cesar Martinez-Davila
    Cesar Martinez-Davila 14 hours ago

    Chocolate donuts are good

  • David Nghia Huynh
    David Nghia Huynh 17 hours ago

    You should really discuss the guy who made Wonder Woman more. I mean, his purpose for her is to promote women bondage and submission.

  • Shoula Academia
    Shoula Academia 18 hours ago

    i want batfleck to bang wonder woman is justice league

  • cowchipsbotme
    cowchipsbotme 19 hours ago

    Hahaha! "Probably murdering a bunch of people, if it's a DC movie."

  • Albert Nada
    Albert Nada 20 hours ago

    I'm just grateful​ that Steve Trevor Wasn't written as an ass hole, like he was in the Wonder Woman animated movie.

  • Albert Nada
    Albert Nada 20 hours ago

    thank God that cuck Fieg wasn't used. what an ass hole.

  • Albert Nada
    Albert Nada 21 hour ago

    I'll tell you what was missing, a cameo by Lynda Carter. I realize it would be tough to work her in with the any respect, so I hope she'll be in the sequel.

  • acespot1
    acespot1 1 day ago

    Wonder Woman was awesome. I love a Jewish Wonder Woman!

  • Josh Christian
    Josh Christian 1 day ago

    Wonder Woman was awesome!
    I kinda wanted there to be no actual Ares, though.

  • Justin Salas
    Justin Salas 1 day ago


  • mattomoros
    mattomoros 1 day ago

    Also, Gal Gadot was pregnant when doing additional photography, and for the wide shots they covered her belly in green and they removed it digitally.

  • Christina Anderson

    The costume for the George Miller version looked pretty cool

  • Inkshooter
    Inkshooter 1 day ago

    Paul Feig's Wonder Woman sounds like absolute ass.

  • Andy Roberts
    Andy Roberts 1 day ago

    John Wick vs Jason Bourne vs James Bond. Who wins?

  • Magnus Tullock
    Magnus Tullock 1 day ago

    wild have liked man of steel 2!

  • sleepyshadow47
    sleepyshadow47 1 day ago

    They should just go ahead and make spider man 4.....tobey might still have a baby face XD

  • Kermit TheFrog
    Kermit TheFrog 1 day ago

    So I never liked the thought of Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman. I though it just wasn't there. Even seeing here in BvS I still wasn't impressed. But when I went to go so Her stand alone movie. Watching all those in shape amazons getting physical gave me the biggest hard on I ever had in the movies. The beginning was nice. But the ending was so damn weird and lame.

  • Organon
    Organon 2 days ago

    Henry Caveal. Tasty.

  • Josh Ryan
    Josh Ryan 2 days ago

    I very clearly heard Batgirl. I don't know what everyone is talking about.

  • Norberto Vazquez
    Norberto Vazquez 2 days ago

    Wonder Woman's bracelets do they grow with her as she grows? Or do they have replacements as she grows older?

  • Carboard Don't Quit

    Anything below.

    TORULEZ10 2 days ago

    +Mr Sunday Movies Can you talk more about the Joss Whedon WW script?

  • The9thSerpent
    The9thSerpent 2 days ago

    Batwoman would be cool too anyways get the gays and comic nut coming together..... 🤣🤣

  • Jake Schwandt
    Jake Schwandt 2 days ago

    They should've cancelled the "I thought she was with you" bit from BvS

  • thesolraclop
    thesolraclop 2 days ago

    time cop? really? a comic?? woww

  • APEX Wrestling
    APEX Wrestling 2 days ago

    Hotboxed my own boxershorts

  • Andrew Lim
    Andrew Lim 2 days ago

    Did anyone else think that a particular persons mustache looked ridiculous?

  • Aldo The Apache
    Aldo The Apache 2 days ago

    Spiderman 4

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 2 days ago

    Actually Lundendorf actively refused Hitler taking position as vice chancellor but all the stupid socialists were too afraid of commies and low income Germans loved the idea of socialism- that's how you get Hitler coming into power

  • MxSpoike
    MxSpoike 2 days ago

    I can't wait for the sequel when her daughter becomes Agent Carter.

  • christian sanchez
    christian sanchez 2 days ago

    I cant help but feel that Lorde and Miller leaving the Han solo movie is your fault

  • Kenton Morales
    Kenton Morales 2 days ago

    got em

  • Lyle912
    Lyle912 2 days ago

    I'll take that loot box please

  • Andrew Lehewych
    Andrew Lehewych 2 days ago

    ney hoy me noy

  • Charles Coble
    Charles Coble 2 days ago

    BoobsWire! LMAO :)

  • Ramon Ortiz Jr
    Ramon Ortiz Jr 2 days ago

    I would still like to see that Nicholas Cage Superman movie

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 2 days ago

    someones gotta give cobie smulders a full superhero solo film

  • Insert Clever Username

    I really would have liked to see Justice League: Mortal. It's the only "Wonder Woman" project I'd rather have seen. I REALLY liked the movie we just got. The lineup in JL:M was at least ten times better than what we are about to get. I mean instead of Martian Manhunter we get....Cyborg...yay.

  • Danny Lerman
    Danny Lerman 2 days ago

    I didn't like it as much but I like what it did for women in superhero movies.

  • messynate
    messynate 2 days ago

    Definitely want to see another Wonder Woman movie

  • Q Gami
    Q Gami 2 days ago


  • A Person
    A Person 2 days ago

    A comment.

  • Critical Reviews
    Critical Reviews 2 days ago

    We were lucky we got a good Wonder Woman from DC. Can't wait for the sequel!

  • Kenneth Cummings
    Kenneth Cummings 2 days ago

    I'm so glad Nick Cage wasn't Superman.

  • Blinko
    Blinko 2 days ago

    my lttle brother was a canceled project.

  • Michael Murayama
    Michael Murayama 2 days ago

    Read 'em and weep, losers!

  • Lupita Morales
    Lupita Morales 2 days ago

    Gameboy colors were the shit

  • Lee lee
    Lee lee 3 days ago

    any comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jameso1231000
    jameso1231000 3 days ago

    If you give me a lootcrate box, you won't pay much for shippping, i live in melbourne

  • Robert Beard
    Robert Beard 3 days ago

    I would love a Lexi Alexander wonder woman movie where wonder woman murders everyone.

  • The Helpful Pug
    The Helpful Pug 3 days ago

    Well, it's not exactly as if war ISN'T the natural state of humanity and all other social species.... The best villains are always sensible dudes who really have a point, despite being dicks about it.

  • your Mother
    your Mother 3 days ago

    Is that lightning McQueen?

  • Max Lennarts
    Max Lennarts 3 days ago

    any comment

  • christian emmanuell

    Mr Sunday movies sounds like the guy from carthrottle

  • Nathan Labrador
    Nathan Labrador 3 days ago

    The movie Tarantino intended on making featuring the Vega Brothers

  • Abdul-Wahab Mahmood

    Lootcrate Exactly and precisely

  • IncendiumUrsa
    IncendiumUrsa 3 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I wanted to stand up and cheer during the no mans land scene.

  • BIGmovie
    BIGmovie 3 days ago

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  • Shelby J
    Shelby J 3 days ago

    Uhh a movie where her suit crawls off on its own adventure? Sign me up!

  • Marc Sutton
    Marc Sutton 3 days ago

    Wonder Women was a great movie. Love your videos and podcasts.

  • vizh
    vizh 3 days ago

    Haven't seen Wonder Woman yet.

  • Jack B Nimble
    Jack B Nimble 3 days ago

    Loot crate loot crate!

  • Joseph Minner
    Joseph Minner 3 days ago

    I heard you say Batgirl...

  • Mohammed Omer
    Mohammed Omer 3 days ago

    Ay! Mate Your channel is a ripper

  • Billy Chen
    Billy Chen 3 days ago

    Yes! Loved Wonder Woman! I am glad the other versions never became a thing...

  • Amon __
    Amon __ 3 days ago

    Love this guy, a national treasure

  • amit mendelevitch
    amit mendelevitch 3 days ago

    mcu is better :p

  • Bread Nair
    Bread Nair 3 days ago

    Great video

  • BarryedAlive
    BarryedAlive 3 days ago

    "I mean, there was a lot of CGI lightning and smoke so I'm not 100% on that." I can't even! So true.

  • Sean Savva
    Sean Savva 3 days ago

    Weekly crate of loot comment

  • Daniel Sala
    Daniel Sala 3 days ago

    Man! I would love to see the Batman suit from the "Justice League Mortal" movie!

  • Rainiepie
    Rainiepie 3 days ago

    I've seen a couple of lines from Joss Whedon's script, I'm glad he didn't do it.

  • jazz322alllwaysswing

    ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli

  • Tow Dow 3
    Tow Dow 3 3 days ago

    tower of baebel. LOL

  • akeel brown
    akeel brown 3 days ago

    Wonder women would fuck superman up in the dceu

  • tideoftime
    tideoftime 3 days ago

    I am glad that WW was made the way it was -- the NBC pilot from 2011 was *horrible*. Not because of the actors/casting, but rather because David E. Kelley's take was like somebody who read the Cliff Notes version of WW the night before and just stitched together bits and pieces of different versions of her from over a 3 decade period and said "well, there ya' go". (Which was surprising given that Kelley is normally very good at writing for women/female characters... but he *totally* missed the mark on Wonder Woman by the proverbial mile....) In the current movie, Diana uses lethal force but does so more in-sync with how she has done so in the comics: she's in the middle of a war/major confrontation, and/or she is facing an adversary for whom death is really the only viable option under the circumstances. (In the 2011 pilot, Kelley had Diana kill a security guard whom she could have easily overpowered; even though he was firing a weapon at her, she was deflecting the bullets and making her way towards him. Diana would *never* use lethal force in that manner -- she would have subdued him instead, especially someone who was not in a war, proper, and even more so when it's someone whom she is so much more powerful than. That was the moment when I knew the pilot was inviable and beyond salvaging...)

  • Hans Valenzuela
    Hans Valenzuela 3 days ago

    Gal was perfect! #WonderWoman

  • Seaneas
    Seaneas 3 days ago

    Clickbaited by Lightning McQueen again...

  • Amin Abdullah
    Amin Abdullah 3 days ago

    omg you lied! how dare

  • Mike Hanna
    Mike Hanna 3 days ago

    Where was the invisible jet?!

  • 437clem
    437clem 3 days ago

    The Joss Whedon script was just awful

  • Smehxay Brozz
    Smehxay Brozz 3 days ago

    I honestly have nothing to say. yeah.

  • Jeremy Younger
    Jeremy Younger 3 days ago

    Actually the blue dress was a call back to Linda Carters wonder woman

  • Butt Soup
    Butt Soup 3 days ago

    Yo Patty Jenkins is kind of a babe, eh?

  • Marcin Zwierzchowski

    I would love to see George Miller's "Justice League". But we've got "Mad Max: Fury Road" instead, so it turned out pretty well.

  • Patrick McTague
    Patrick McTague 3 days ago

    Nicholas Cage Superman definitely would've been amazing

  • katieyouoldfool
    katieyouoldfool 3 days ago

    I hope some where out there, Ike Perlmutter is looking at the box office numbers for Wonder Woman and is just feeling like a big ol' dickface

  • Agent_Condor Bevo
    Agent_Condor Bevo 3 days ago

    When Steve --- I cried like a three year old without his toy.

  • Ciro Pluma
    Ciro Pluma 3 days ago

    Cancel my life

  • HiroJa's Thought Bubble

    I am Wonder Woman Here Me ROAR.

  • moongirl786
    moongirl786 3 days ago

    All I can say is... Thank Zeus this is the version we got...

  • Michael Stone
    Michael Stone 3 days ago

    Always looking forward to seeing your videos, they are the greatest!!!

  • Robert Gonzales
    Robert Gonzales 3 days ago

    Thanks again for the loot crate!

  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller 3 days ago

    I would love to see a movie or comic crossover with wonder woman and agent Peggy Carter from marvel. Those two together would create chaos for any one who became involved with them.

  • Marion Serrano
    Marion Serrano 3 days ago

    lemme win

  • Marvin Castillo
    Marvin Castillo 3 days ago

    I'm intrigued by Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman

  • Layne Genrich
    Layne Genrich 3 days ago


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