THOR 3: Ragnarok Trailer (2017)

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  • Official "Thor 3: Ragnarok" Movie Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ | Chris Hemsworth Movie #Trailer | Release: 3 Nov 2017 | More
    Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok, the destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization, at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela.

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    #Thor #Ragnarok is the new adventure movie by Taika Waititi, starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo. The script was written by Eric Pearson.

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  • Rocel O.
    Rocel O. 11 hours ago

    We know each other! he's a friend from work! Ahahahaha

  • Jehu Kodessa
    Jehu Kodessa 23 hours ago

    putain la bande annonce spoile un peu le film.

  • Domi Nikaπ
    Domi Nikaπ 1 day ago

    0:32 music?

    HELL SPOON 1 day ago


  • Erzsebet
    Erzsebet 2 days ago

    Where does Jane fit in here?

  • Hawa Jaafar
    Hawa Jaafar 3 days ago


  • Voidcaller
    Voidcaller 3 days ago

    00:27 oooh!Immigrant song!

  • Eins Zwei
    Eins Zwei 3 days ago

    November? fuck

  • Savaş Gürcan
    Savaş Gürcan 4 days ago

    hulk ne alaka filmleri iyice karıştırdılar

  • Qazwsx Peer
    Qazwsx Peer 4 days ago

    when did this going to be show up?

  • Glamour Models WorldWide

    Looks exellent

  • Suzy S
    Suzy S 5 days ago

    LOL, "he's a friend from work!" then goes to beat the daylights out of each other. Honestly can't wait to watch it, I love it!

  • IG: Feurthailand
    IG: Feurthailand 5 days ago

    I will watch in cinema that day !!!

  • Jay Saenz
    Jay Saenz 6 days ago

    Those cool slow motion shots and cool classic rock songs in a trailer...hmmm...I wonder what director has been criticized by Marvel zombies for using these elements in his movies.

  • Quan Phung
    Quan Phung 6 days ago

    I thought there's suppose to have doctor strange in here

  • Sergeanttt
    Sergeanttt 7 days ago

    So its unworthy thor?

  • Aryizex
    Aryizex 7 days ago

    this should be good it has this guardians of the galaxy vibe to it c:

  • John Kerby Conyreras

    same soundtrack in wonder woman WEIRD EASTER EGG

  • Kitty
    Kitty 7 days ago


  • game hacker
    game hacker 7 days ago

    finally Thor's hammer is broken

  • squid3220
    squid3220 7 days ago


  • anwar hussain choudhury

    I really think that's beta ray bill

  • anwar hussain choudhury

    I think the Thor which fights with hulk is not Thor ,it,s beta ray bill

  • The Thanks
    The Thanks 8 days ago

    mos solos mcu avengers

  • Yolem Swag
    Yolem Swag 8 days ago

    in the starting theres that abboying shrek ppricesses sound thingy

  • Kazinczi Martin
    Kazinczi Martin 9 days ago

    Thor: We know each other. He's a friend from work.
    Hulk: Yeah. Hulk knows blondie hammer guy.
    Thor: Come on! Let's kick their asses.
    Hulk: Can Hulk smash puny god again?
    Thor: Yes.
    Hulk: YEAH! HULK SMASH!!!

  • Qais Rasooly
    Qais Rasooly 9 days ago

    I thought Loki became a good guy? Can anyone explain what happened

  • Qais Rasooly
    Qais Rasooly 9 days ago

    Wtf is this Thor's hammer is broke that was the main thing he was known for and his hair now wtf is this

  • AJ_788
    AJ_788 9 days ago

    0:41 Thor isn't Thor without a decently large beard

  • Avelan Angels
    Avelan Angels 9 days ago

    this is a good time

  • Jimmy Dijkhoff
    Jimmy Dijkhoff 9 days ago

    I don't like the broken hammer!

  • Lambert
    Lambert 10 days ago

    its fucking awful .BIG MISTAKE

  • songoku925
    songoku925 10 days ago

    Can someone explain me why hulk is with the enemies????

  • Joshuva J Antony
    Joshuva J Antony 10 days ago

    audio is not exactly in sync. Check the part 0:15 to 0:20. Compare this one with Marvel.

  • akash sharma
    akash sharma 10 days ago

    i am telling that this will second best after infinity war in whole mcu

  • deepak marpak
    deepak marpak 10 days ago

    whom the hell is she ?? damn fuckkking awesome cant wait for this

  • Sunny Bear
    Sunny Bear 10 days ago

    Can you make a trailer that's more like Guardians plz :)

  • Michel Chapin
    Michel Chapin 11 days ago

    Watch THOR 3: Ragnarok on CinemaMega. net

  • shuaib p.o
    shuaib p.o 11 days ago

    There is too many of moviez now

  • shuaib p.o
    shuaib p.o 11 days ago

    One day am gona make a movie called MARVEL THE END

  • info Film
    info Film 11 days ago


  • pizecu ruzbeda
    pizecu ruzbeda 11 days ago

    Can everyone STFU about a "guardians of the galaxy type vibe" and just enjoy the fucking trailer?

  • Clichés
    Clichés 12 days ago

    still better over wonder woman movie.

  • kosa kato
    kosa kato 12 days ago


  • Peach Core
    Peach Core 12 days ago


  • Cold Blooded Fasist
    Cold Blooded Fasist 12 days ago

    she is so fucking Hot!!!

  • delighton ailende
    delighton ailende 12 days ago

    Hulk! He looks pissed....

  • kaan istanbul
    kaan istanbul 12 days ago

    What a great movie Trailer.even since now I fall into love this soundtrack that is Led Zeppelin -- Immigrant song. thats oldschool But Cool song,This movie really will talks about much. I listen now this music enjoying and dreaming my self as Thor son of God really!

  • Any Santos
    Any Santos 12 days ago

    Geeeente q babado

  • Camen_ Vlogs
    Camen_ Vlogs 12 days ago

    The ad was a movie trailer, for a video that is a movie trailer, coincidence?

  • Ricky Stevano
    Ricky Stevano 12 days ago

    wow...whos woman can destroy thor hammer? fight with hulk too?

  • Landwalker 7
    Landwalker 7 13 days ago

    I'm so going to love this.

  • Cameron Anderson
    Cameron Anderson 13 days ago

    way too much revealed in this trailer. cash grab.

  • El KoolKat 9000
    El KoolKat 9000 13 days ago

    It has Led Zeppelin, of course I'm going to see this

    HECTOR 13 days ago

    THOR infected by avangers phobia......Hamer broked by bitch as lollipop .

  • Mrs. StylesHoranThomilsonMalikPayne

    when the woman broke the hammer

    everyone's reaction =😨😨😨😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵😵

  • Lego Fee
    Lego Fee 13 days ago

    LED ZEPPELIN!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Big BasS Baby27
    Big BasS Baby27 13 days ago

    Hulk vs Beta Ray Bill??

  • Jena Woodmansee
    Jena Woodmansee 13 days ago


  • Carolynd Schmidt
    Carolynd Schmidt 13 days ago

    Stan Steve Chris gotee you..... I'm

  • TheBossNinjaYTB
    TheBossNinjaYTB 13 days ago

    Where tf is ragnarok?

  • Etihad O' Lansen
    Etihad O' Lansen 13 days ago

    1:27 Didn't see that coming

  • Juan Carlos Asencios Marrou

    Thor es poderoso pero destruyeron su martillo

  • Sameena zeea
    Sameena zeea 13 days ago

    This is what I call a good trailer

  • Sonicron86
    Sonicron86 13 days ago

    "We know each other! He's a friend from work!"

    I already love the writing in this. Oh God, my sides. xD

  • Moneytlks16
    Moneytlks16 13 days ago

    kratos is that you

  • Aprilhippie
    Aprilhippie 13 days ago

    Odin pal you gonna do something about this?????

  • Zaiabivatel
    Zaiabivatel 13 days ago

    BS trailer BS movie.

  • Bayu Aldhino
    Bayu Aldhino 13 days ago

    what's the title song ?

  • Nan Wu
    Nan Wu 13 days ago

    Can someone tell me the name of this song

  • Accidently on Purpose

    Goose bumps!

  • Janie Ellen
    Janie Ellen 13 days ago

    how the heck did i not see this until now

  • Mohamed Mansour
    Mohamed Mansour 13 days ago

    love it and waiting for it

  • Алекс Райчинов

    Who the hell give Hulk weapon and armor? Does he wanna die or what? :D

  • shu986
    shu986 13 days ago

    I hope that Jaimie Alexander has a more prominent role in this one...

  • The Skaters
    The Skaters 13 days ago


  • Yohan Wilson
    Yohan Wilson 13 days ago

    Led Zeppelin hell ya!!!

  • Gavon Marlow
    Gavon Marlow 14 days ago

    We know each other! He's a friend from work!

  • Muhammad Swara
    Muhammad Swara 14 days ago

    the music was perfect marvel never dissapoint

  • Lelouch Strife
    Lelouch Strife 14 days ago

    Honestly I don't think this should be called Ragnorok cause Fenrir's not in it

  • Branislav Zlatic
    Branislav Zlatic 14 days ago

    Galadriel took the One Ring :D

  • Quacky96
    Quacky96 14 days ago

    Marvel and hero movies in general are getting too "feminist" for my own me whatever you want (bigot, mysoginist, etc) but that doesn't explain the fact that anti-men propaganda is getting pumped out in the form of this kind of it's just weak man, strong woman. Completely false from a biological standpoint and a hidden message to spread feminist "values".

  • derpsinda haus
    derpsinda haus 14 days ago

    how the hell did they capture the hulk?

  • Yeshi Choezom
    Yeshi Choezom 14 days ago

    whats the name of the music

    • Yaileen Ocasio
      Yaileen Ocasio 5 days ago

      Yeshi Choezom Led Zeppelin - Immigrant song"

  • Celal Babanın Silahı

    çekiçi olmadan ne bok yicek acaba .

  • King Kendrick
    King Kendrick 14 days ago

    Planet hulk tho

  • Adam Caine
    Adam Caine 14 days ago

    Cate and Jeff is reason enough for me to see it.

  • NicoYoy2
    NicoYoy2 14 days ago


  • Ardensity
    Ardensity 14 days ago

    dayum the hulk looks good in armor!!

  • Demoblade
    Demoblade 14 days ago

    Hulk was unexpected

  • Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar 14 days ago

    oh 1 number

  • youlo lpo
    youlo lpo 14 days ago

    it have the same tone than Guardians of the Galaxy :) can't wait for this

  • Zeemas
    Zeemas 14 days ago

    I got a feeling they were holding back using this song ever since the first Thor.

  • Joshua Merlin
    Joshua Merlin 14 days ago

    Did the music make anyone else remember Destiny's live-action trailer

  • Azhar Abdul aziz
    Azhar Abdul aziz 14 days ago

    Jeff fuckin goldblum oooo yehhhh

  • Volken
    Volken 14 days ago

    Can you like, Stop making my culture and religion retarded? Thank you!

  • Hana Cakal
    Hana Cakal 14 days ago


  • Sour Lemonade
    Sour Lemonade 14 days ago

    You could mistake the movie trailer for a Guardians of the galaxy trailer

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