Try to Watch This Without Laughing - Hilarious CAT Fails

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  • Cats are simply the funniest and most hilarious pets, they make us laugh all the time! Just look how all these cats & kittens play, fail, get along with dogs and other animals, get scared, make funny sounds, get angry,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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  • Runtime: 10:11
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Comments: 107

  • xX_Markus_Xx
    xX_Markus_Xx 3 days ago

    it's not funny at all

  • dale evans
    dale evans 6 days ago

    if its TIGER funnies shoulnt it be just cats

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 8 days ago

    7:37 - 7:40 No No water is hitting me to hard stop it

  • Mila Sidorok
    Mila Sidorok 10 days ago

    At 4:31 was that man was trying to kick/throw his cat out?! How cruel

  • Andrew Simmons
    Andrew Simmons 12 days ago

    funny cat a funny dog 🐱 🐕😂😂 😜😜 🙄🙄 l love this

  • Mr Kristaps
    Mr Kristaps 12 days ago

    we love cats and kittens

  • Dawm Torres
    Dawm Torres 13 days ago

    Thank You !

  • Drizney llama
    Drizney llama 19 days ago

    That girl is pure evil. Her plan was to chase down the poor cat into the plastic
    wrap and SURPRISE she had a spray bottle in her hand. It is very satisfying to watch
    these people fall into their own cruel traps

  • ALS
    ALS 20 days ago

    6:30 is the shittiest pet parent ever. She puts up a trap then forces the cat into it by chasing it with a spray bottle? Little bitch got what she deserved which was a mouth full of floor.

    • Drizney llama
      Drizney llama 19 days ago

      Dude that exactly what I said. Too bad I didn't read your comment first.
      We both have really good points.

  • Fleur De Smet
    Fleur De Smet 22 days ago

    garage That was deeply awesome video brown :]

  • Sarah Barisas
    Sarah Barisas 24 days ago

    Cat: Buddy? * taps dog on the head* Your not bursting with energy like usual.....Dog: * looks at the cat, then looks away* Cat:...... Your making me worried....

  • Sarah Barisas
    Sarah Barisas 24 days ago

    Black and white cats do not like cameras it seems...

  • ace b
    ace b 1 month ago

    6:36 thats karma bitch

  • Anely Verhine
    Anely Verhine 1 month ago

    I can't believe I didn't laugh

  • BronzeJourney
    BronzeJourney 1 month ago

    5:07 everyone knows that the 1 yo baby ass is the sexiest sexual content of them all of course.
    Wtf dude...

  • Talia Duman
    Talia Duman 1 month ago

    My favourite part was when the cat wasn't giving her money 💰 back lol 😂

  • Talia Duman
    Talia Duman 1 month ago

    I didn't laugh 😀

  • De serious gamer
    De serious gamer 1 month ago

    6:33 she deserved it

  • 贾连斌
    贾连斌 1 month ago

    love it

  • CoyAxx
    CoyAxx 1 month ago

    downvoted bc thumbnail isn't in the vid. #Lame

  • Violet Fox
    Violet Fox 1 month ago

    I am so subscribing after this video! It was hilarious and before when I saw your videos, I was like Omg there so funny and soo awesome! I laughed though lol

  • Mark Talbot
    Mark Talbot 1 month ago

    2.23 : look at the womans entire posture - the hands!!!

  • Eddie Garcia
    Eddie Garcia 1 month ago

    1:32 I know how that feels

  • longhaul prime
    longhaul prime 1 month ago

    I pulled a Colonal Flagg during this

  • Barbin Animations
    Barbin Animations 1 month ago

    dang,the cat at 7:09 is more savage than the kids that bottle flip

  • Sam Telden
    Sam Telden 1 month ago

    that are all old clips!
    tiger production use the same clips in the videos before just in different rows

  • MsKatisnumber1
    MsKatisnumber1 1 month ago

    lol loved it didn't laugh once

  • Hi I'm evette Chapman

    That cat was all like "get the fuck off my money bitch" also if Julia ariza is looking at the comments fuck you bitch I don't like you take a hint I've tryed to be friends with you it just isn't going to work

  • Hi I'm evette Chapman

    What does "first" mean?

  • Volker Karsch
    Volker Karsch 1 month ago

    Das sind ja wunderschöne super tolle Videos Vielen herzlichen Dank Wünsche Ihnen noch ein frohes gesundes glückliches Wochenende 👌🌹🍀💜🌹💜👏👀👀👀👀

  • Marianne Cheronis
    Marianne Cheronis 1 month ago

    Just have to say - I really needed that! :) Thanks!

  • Bubble Dragon
    Bubble Dragon 1 month ago

    its hillarious af but funny thing i was drinking tea when i laughed so hard that i broke the cup and had it spilled on me an my laptop.

  • It's Lisa And Kaya
    It's Lisa And Kaya 1 month ago

    I love this YouTube Channel so much! Road to 100k!

  • GalaxyDots
    GalaxyDots 1 month ago

    The moment I laughed: NEVER

  • Jan Otero
    Jan Otero 1 month ago

    cts r gr8

  • Tsavoren 1954
    Tsavoren 1954 1 month ago

    More like try to laugh.

  • Stella Ellinas
    Stella Ellinas 1 month ago

    I love these vids soooooo much, I laughed like in all of them!

  • Emma Buck
    Emma Buck 1 month ago

    the one with a dog

  • Emma Buck
    Emma Buck 1 month ago

    omg that cat that was I the box was my cat from 2years ago I thought it was dead

  • Karina Dutta
    Karina Dutta 1 month ago

    OMG I can't believe I didn't laugh, but the video is perfect and hilarious!😹

  • Thorns_
    Thorns_ 1 month ago

    I lost it at 2:27 with the cat falling through the table :D

    • Thorns_
      Thorns_ 1 month ago

      I completely lost it at 5:40 with the cat inside the thing flying around omg

  • Temprance Pedlar
    Temprance Pedlar 1 month ago

    Wow cats are hilarious GOOD VID

  • Linda Armstrong
    Linda Armstrong 1 month ago

    Your nose tip has cartilage,

  • Bonella Marcotte
    Bonella Marcotte 1 month ago

    Anyone know the music played in this video...???

  • Natakaye Roleplayer
    Natakaye Roleplayer 1 month ago

    The kid in the closet one made me think cats don't care about children you know what I mean

  • C Smith
    C Smith 1 month ago

    Great granddad turned over in his grave when he saw his grandfather clock get smashed.
    Good video

  • Sarah Barisas
    Sarah Barisas 1 month ago

    Black and white cats do nooootttt like cameras

  • Emily Stevens
    Emily Stevens 1 month ago

    and also love the one where the cat traps the baby in the cubbord. lol and also my cat just mewd at me about 20 times lol😂🐱

  • Emily Stevens
    Emily Stevens 1 month ago

    yay im the 16,000 person to watch lol

  • Maria Carmen Gil san prudencio

    Thanks so much for sharing

  • Maria Carmen Gil san prudencio

    Sooooo cuteeeeeee

  • Alice Bones
    Alice Bones 1 month ago

    I don't care what your age is. Never, NEVER raise your hand to a cat. They will only associate you with danger. They don't react the same way we do, and it's a threat no matter how you look at it. And never stare at a cat, that's a threat in their language as well. And 5:26-5:28 needs to be a GIF!

  • K A E L Y N RBLX
    K A E L Y N RBLX 1 month ago

    **sees hello pet add**
    **feels guilty for uninstalling it**

  • Neydomus
    Neydomus 1 month ago

    6/10. would give it a 9/10 if there werent so many repeats from your previous cat videos.

  • Unpronouncable
    Unpronouncable 1 month ago

    these are more human fails rather than cat fails

  • wierdlittle wolf
    wierdlittle wolf 1 month ago

    Is it bad that I don't laugh??

  • Planet Milo
    Planet Milo 1 month ago

    So funny I laughed out loud at work 😂. Reminds me of our silly cat. We need to put her in more of our videos 😎

  • Booismydog
    Booismydog 1 month ago

    4:38 Well deserved

  • Tristin Mather
    Tristin Mather 1 month ago

    Hope you get 50 million subs bro

  • Oldclaws
    Oldclaws 1 month ago

    fav is the man trying to toss kitty in snow. Bad man .serves you right. good kitty .

    • PunlistOverlord
      PunlistOverlord 1 month ago

      Talia duman I agree, it doesn't serve the man right.

    • Talia Duman
      Talia Duman 1 month ago

      No it doesn't

    • Talia Duman
      Talia Duman 1 month ago

      I agree do you want to be friends I have 3 ginger cats 🐱

    • PunlistOverlord
      PunlistOverlord 1 month ago

      it serves you right to get cancer and die.

  • ChrilebileGamer
    ChrilebileGamer 1 month ago

    love it som much

  • Lovebitesalot 83
    Lovebitesalot 83 1 month ago

    1:52 that cat is dead meat on the next day.

  • Jo M.
    Jo M. 1 month ago

    5:48 That's no cat, it's Snake from Metal Gear Solid 😂

    • Jo M.
      Jo M. 5 days ago

      Larzang Sanyatta how could I have forgotten? These cats are not simply cats!

    • Larzang Sanyatta
      Larzang Sanyatta 5 days ago

      Jo M. 4:31 Though? That's Big Boss. One can only marvel at such a true master of CQC, in action!
      Just pay attention, how gracefully he takes on a physically imposing foe, and leaves them, completely *out cold!* :3

  • Demon_Ice47
    Demon_Ice47 1 month ago

    I love your YouTube Channel :D "Kitties" O.o

  • Tough Toy Tryouts
    Tough Toy Tryouts 1 month ago

    Dogs are better than cats. I have proof, I promise ;)

    • TY Zeronine
      TY Zeronine 1 month ago

      that moment when you dont knw what you typed so it instantly turns into a joke, hmm ain't funny kid, jokes are supposed to be funny

    • GalaxyDots
      GalaxyDots 1 month ago

      TY Zeronine It was a joke u stupid im not dumb and I still think you are dumb because you don't understand a joke u stupid

    • TY Zeronine
      TY Zeronine 1 month ago

      lmao okay okay .... and having 3 cats doesn't make you any less stupid ;)

    • GalaxyDots
      GalaxyDots 1 month ago

      TY Zeronine I type how I type so stfu and get a lyfe

    • TY Zeronine
      TY Zeronine 1 month ago

      GalaxyDots if you're not stupid you wouldn't have spelled "you're" 'ur' lol just saying

  • Ahmed Ismail
    Ahmed Ismail 1 month ago

    Comments 4, i see 1 comment. YouTube Magic

  • Jood Watad
    Jood Watad 1 month ago

    Love it

  • Sarah Placzek
    Sarah Placzek 1 month ago

    So funny Video

  • Reethu shibha
    Reethu shibha 1 month ago

    6th guy to watch ⌚

    • Talia Duman
      Talia Duman 1 month ago

      No body cares you silly boink

    • The Mangle
      The Mangle 1 month ago

      Reethu Shibhalini you search up Guinness pig you'll see my other channel

      Your profile picture looks like mine

  • Vecopotryx
    Vecopotryx 1 month ago


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