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Music video by Bastille performing Pompeii. (P) 2013 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd

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Author Cooper Burks ( ago)
I think the video is better then when he's live. He just didn't sound the
best live

Author The space Doge ( ago)
The title was catchy

Author Baltazar Rock ( ago)

Author MCPE Mastermind Plays ( ago)
People's eyes are cweepy..

Author William Seifert ( ago)
whats up with the black eyes thing?

Author NJCWolf ( ago)
Who's watching this in 1972?

Author Stubbs central ( ago)
this is a good song

Author Stubbs central ( ago)

Author NJCWolf ( ago)
The black eyed children urban legend! It's true! I new it!

Author ana Virginia ( ago)

Author Iamafishproductions ( ago)
Who's not watching this at all because you closed your eyes?

Author Vinicius Almeida ( ago)
Esse Bastille tem parceria com a novela Totalmente demais. Já desconfiava
de onde vinha o nome da empresa...

Author Brianna Beyerle ( ago)
i don't get it

Author Joshua Buitrago ( ago)
this video changed alot

Author Eduardo Garcia ( ago)
só tem br aqui kkk

Author Diego Maheus ( ago)

Author dehkontee jayee ( ago)
I still love this song

Author Vini Gamer ( ago)

Author Guilherme Games ( ago)
o treiler do filme

Author Aj Gonçalves ( ago)

Author Kamilly Menezes ( ago)

Author Alex Laws ( ago)
Entire song in bass.

Author Zayy Tutorials ( ago)
This is amazing video I love it

Author Elmo. Caetano ( ago)
CADE os brasileiros ? 🎸

Author Nicolás Gamboa Correa ( ago)

Author Dominic Bradley ( ago)
But if you close your eyes, does it feel like Rich Piana is natural?

Author Tom Van der zandt ( ago)
love how they edited the eyes of the asian girls to open further

Author Kj Styles ( ago)
I dont think the city of Pompeii looked like that

Author ollyvehr e clara ( ago)
cadê os brasileiros nessa merda

Author ODD VOLTAGE ( ago)

Author Max Gustafsson ( ago)

Author Max Gustafsson ( ago)
I remeber this first time i heard this. It was me and my friends playing
some cod ghosts i think and just some random dude just put his mic on and
just put this on and we asked him what song it was after we found the song
we turnd of cod and laid in aor couches and just listening to this all
night good times xD Wish we could turn back time to the good ol days

Author Zoey the Panda ( ago)
I don't get it but it's a good song

Author toral909 ( ago)
dont be asshol

Author TheRobloxian09 ( ago)

Author MUATAZ GAMER ( ago)

Author MUATAZ GAMER ( ago)

Author MUATAZ GAMER ( ago)

Author Lolek Molek ( ago)
Te ludzie być popek XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Author Somos Hamsters ( ago)
o que é isso no olho dele?

Author Oscar Salguero ( ago)
Hello Everyone!👋🏻 I just wanna Say that I really Like this Song! I don't
know but I Just love the rhythm and Dan's voice is 🙌🏻 If Have Friends and
Familiars please tell them to watch the song they're going to like it

Author Ebenezer Mengiste ( ago)
what is up with there eyes it looks like alien eyes theres eyes are all
black not to b3 racist

Author Camille serverent ( ago)

Author Carrick Puckett ( ago)
Was some of this filmed out by Mojave, California? The scenery at the end
looks very familiar to me....

Author Alejandro Morales ( ago)
The best.

Author TheMontanaDave ( ago)
BTW to all you guessing what this song is about ~Bastille frontman Dan
Smith told in a new interview that the band’s chart-topping
Modern Rock smash, “Pompeii,” was inspired directly by the ancient Roman
town that was buried by a volcanic eruption, leaving ash-covered bodies
frozen in place. Smith recalled, “I was working a crap job and thinking
about those images of those people in Pompeii — my life was also in stasis.
I imagined a conversation between two people frozen in the same position
forever. I quite like the idea that people have been hearing it on the
radio and are at festivals jumping around, but actually it’s a song about
two old corpses talking.

Author Brisza Ruiz ( ago)
xoxox this song

Author Brisza Ruiz ( ago)
love this song

Author Stanley ( ago)
Lod[A]'s favourite song <3

Author Julieta Dandrea ( ago)

Author Allan Araujo ( ago)
this music is beautiful

Author AutumnGoogles37🍓 ( ago)
I don't get it.

Author HBomb70 ( ago)
whats with the black eyes

Author HipHippoZ ( ago)
Some reason, I feel like this was from Lion King lol

Author sarah grazyelle ( ago)
música divosa

Author Flowey The Flower ( ago)
The video clearly symbolizes coming-of-age and the loss of innocence.
He starts off inside his building (childhood) looking outside to the city
(Adulthood) and eventually ventures out into it. Notice that he only sees
adults but no children. Once he starts to confront how dark and scary the
world really is, he becomes frightened (Couple making out = Sexual
maturity, ect.). He runs into the arcade in hopes of finding anyone who is
still innocent (normal eyes) like him. He eventually attempts to escape the
city of adulthood, only to find that it doesn't matter how far he runs
away, growing up is inevitable: His eyes turn black.

Also if you think about it, the video gives the lyrics different meaning.
"If you close your eyes, does it almost seem like nothings changed at all?"
: If you close your eyes to reality, you can escape to happier innocent
times before your perspective of the world changed.

There are also other small details, like when he stops to stare at the
river, which usually symbolizes the ceaseless flow of time.

Author Fernando Burgos ( ago)
?Los Argentinos ¿

Author JH GAMER ( ago)

Author Mareeecake :D ( ago)
aaaa hole aaaa hole

Author Leandro Paulin ( ago)
this video represents a cursed perdon

Author matthew brown ( ago)
whos watching this in 2021

Author Lisa Vandervorg ( ago)
This my favorite song

Author Um cara comum ( ago)
2037 ?

Author Elly 386 ( ago)
beautiful song! I love it!❤✌😍

Author Corné van den Brink ( ago)
First of all, I love this song!
Second, I have a dream as well.
Would appreciate it if you would check me out!

Author Tessa Veitch ( ago)
16 seconds egg roll,egg roll,eggroll,egg roll

Author Mustafa GG ( ago)
pes 15

Author Calvin Pitaluga ( ago)
in that first scene, i felt as if he was thinking "I must protect Gothem

Author playthehahobo gaming ( ago)
1 mln likes 😱😱😱😱😱😱

Author Fani Protocol ( ago)
lets improve your imagination to creating a new lyric

Author 1987Stringer ( ago)
PES 2015 👍

Author Nathan Warner ( ago)
Looks at people's eyes- "BUT IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES"

Author danilo barbosa ( ago)
muito bom essa musica :)

Author Vitoria Medeiros ( ago)

Author Jarrett Dotson ( ago)
Lol the comments

Author MatheusMasterProGamer ( ago)
quem veio pelo FTS 15?

Author Andrés Urrutia ( ago)
Vesuvius volcano brought me here :v

Author katie smart ( ago)
lol 😁

Author eXpEnSiVe namjoon ( ago)
2 years ago, I was learning about this mv in literature class.

Author Gabriel Thibault ( ago)

Author claudio Afonso ( ago)
i love you music

Author Alice Cris ( ago)
melhor música ever

Author Afia Oduro- Manu ( ago)
I ❤️ Bastille

Author Cauã Rodrigues ( ago)
music the bon denoussaro

Author JP Gamer Play ( ago)
aiiii que medo .

Author mohamed khaled ( ago)

Author Dublin Ireland ( ago)
who likes the Russ trap remix of this more then the original

Author LydiaBaker ( ago)

Author igor edward ( ago)

Author Muzahid Oly ( ago)
Who else thinks this
Video made no sence

Author FunkyFranklin Cat ( ago)
3:20 GTA V easter egg

Author Cusunia ( ago)

Author akram fathy ( ago)
40k idiots..

Author Nicolas Angelo ( ago)
Caralho, que saudades da antiga malhação :/

Author Becca Dunlap ( ago)
But if you close your eyes

It almost feels like you have dilated pupils

Author anysstem ralx ( ago)
pompeii chevre

Author Maya_ Madness ( ago)
"and the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love"
yes when the titan rudely knocked down the wall that took forever to build

Author Elise Humphreys ( ago)
Where are the bloody Winchesters when you need them?

Author Heather Steele ( ago)
Is SOOOOOO creepy!

Author Evan ten Kate ( ago)
who came here after playing FTS15 lol. I do

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