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Music video by Bastille performing Pompeii. (P) 2013 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd

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Added: 1 year
Runtime: 3:53
Comments: 58213

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Author Sergeant Bambi (2 days)
Anyone else confused by the music Video?

Author pahyton carranza (4 days)
Whoa 199 million views something im never gonna get xD

Author YoungA170 (6 days)
I love this song so much, that I came here to tell you guys to check out my
music lol

Author Olivia Kuznia (2 days)
I have to admit, the eyes are kinda creepy{I already know the meaning
behind them, so no one has to tell me}

Author An Ordinary Girl In An Ordinary World ❤ (9 days)
*This is the **#SongOfTheDay** because it's so catchy ^_^*
Listen to it, guys :D ❤
*Pompeii by Bastille.*

Author Ximena Curiel (8 days)
Que tengan linda tarde, besos!! :)

Author robloxplayervideos (5 days)
ok, im not hating this, i actually love the music and this video, i just
don't get why they're eyes are like that. can someone plz explain it to me?

Author Machine Gun Dj (6 days)
I Literally Listen to this song at least 10 times a day lol

Author TheCampson (1 month)

Author Flora Cash (23 days)
ready for something different? click our name. you won't regret it.

really. you won't. ;)

Author RedDragonLRD (11 days)
Um, I'm sorry but I don't get what the song or video have to do with
Pompeii. Can someone please explain?

Author KM Paul (19 days)
Please just click my name or give this comment a thumbs up

Author Chadleylakes (26 days)
My dream is to become a successful DUCK!
Everyone loves ducks and I've been told that I sound just like Donald Duck
when I sing :D One day they will accept me as one of their own and we will
fly south for the winter together. I already booked my plane ticket! Please
support my life choices by subscribing. Do it now! Quack... O__O

Author Eva Marie (3 months)
This song is awesome!!

Author Kubra Ali (3 months)

Author Offside123 (17 days)
Why does this have 17k dislikes?

Can someone plz tell me?

Author OfficialMysteryGamer (16 days)
Can someone tell me what the hell this song is about?

Author John Mwemba (1 month)
Author brokensteel47 (2 months)
is this song about the Apocalypse

Author Elliephant E (28 days)
I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!! But whats with the eyes??

Author Nick Baar (5 months)
"The Divine" written by Nicholas A Baar
I got these thought's
There like feeling's I keep in memory's
Inside my mind I can feel anything I like
So I try but sometime's
They want me to hate, fear and hide
But I know
Especially to me even with a mental disease
That ain't right because I shouldn't fear this life
Or what's inside my mind
Their like a re occuring image a vision
never satisfied like a hunger inside
It's my passion my purpose
I am safe inside to find
Myself with love with peace that's deep in my mind
There are so many good people
In this life
That I cannot exactly describe
But it must be divine
I am getting high on all these good time's
I smile and look myself in the eye
In the end is a new beginning I realize
Life was always gonna be a fight
But when you do it for what's right
It satisfy's inside
The pain from being alive is alright
It's also why I'm thankful
For the truly crazy mess of this life
When I look back on it
I thank God it's mine

Author Phuong Peace Singing (24 days)
What is wrong with the people eyes?!
It's all black!!

Author Leader Captain Smek (1 month)
Mr. Peabody and Sherman brought me here..........

Author ZeusCalacuayo (3 months)
No no no this is bull shit!! This is pussy music and it sounds like The
Lion King or some gay corny shit! people i'm a songwriter and i have a band
and were trying to write some real raw good true music with balls and
attitude !! But I don't understand why this is on the radio and our songs
aren't!! im kind of jealous to be honest.. I'll prove to you! click on my
channel or search Kill for Kicks - Downtown or.. Kill for Kicks - I'm
happy... We're not bullshit

Author Nicholas Flanders (3 months)

Author Brianna Morinelli (1 month)
whats wrong with everyones eyes? whay are they all shark eyes?

Author Sean Kuipers (1 month)

Author kate bitely (3 months)
One of my many talents includes being an amazing air drum soloist... lately
I've been practicing this song... give it a try!! :) Bastille - Pompeii

Author Robert Martin (2 months)
Shit so confused.
Song says the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius
Video says some bullshit with demons or some shit

Author Alexis Lara-Amerson (29 days)
better than 1D!! cause they stupid. this video is awesome and i love the

Author abraham murillo (21 day)
This song has more views than there is people in the world

Author Andrew Barron (4 months)
I wonder if it relates with the movie

Author Jessica Liao (3 months)
'Pompeii' has kinda been stuck in my head for a while now, so now I'm gonna
get it stuck in yours!!! Mwuah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!

Author TameTheGame (25 days)
The song means all them weird eyed people are known to be monsters but they
aren't There normal just because they look different they are being called
monsters and when you close your eyes your one of them but nothing changes
(in summary) The whole song means see what others see and nothing is
different we are ALL THE SAME no difference at all!

Author Koby Bonta (18 days)
happy bastille day

Author Joshua Nelson (1 month)
Umm..... Wtf is this video

Author jim .postel (7 months)
i hate how all these people are like omg they are amazing, they are yes,
but not many people have actually heard of this song till about a month
ago. iv been listening to them since this song came out. geez

Author Brianna Rayne (1 month)
awesome song!

Author Rio El Pariez (18 days)
For me, this song has always been there, it can make me smile when nothing
else can. Still my favourite song.....

Author Avery Peterson (1 month)
Why are their eyes like that?

Author Sgt.Spetznaz (20 days)

Author ThePhatWabbit (1 month)
ah a really nice sounding song with meaning
good to know mainstream music hasnt completely gone down the drain with the
biebs and lil wayne

Author TalentedLegions (4 hours)
Ok ok ok WHAT! This has more views Youtube Rewind even though this is the
internet!!! But it doesn't even have any goats =( well i guess we are
evolving now. By the way I song. =D

Author Oshy (2 hours)
Is This Song From the Movie Pompeii?

Author StrawberryShineOfficial (40 minutes)
I la la la love this song!

Author NerdyBoy32NIGGY (1 hour)
But have you heard the glee version?

Author sara vrh (16 hours)

Author GuilerDsɳ (17 hours)
e nego nego e nego nego kkkkk, parece

Author Alison Bryan (19 hours)
Most people: I love how the eyes end up black to represent the sins of our
human nature/how the ashes blackened the eyes of all who lived in Pompeii.
It's a really cool video with a lot of symbolism

Author Elease Mendoza (23 hours)
hey guys im an aspiring youtube and i have done a couple of videos. It is
my dream to one day become famous, so please give my videos a look. I love
you all for doing it, thank you so much. Peace!

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