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Music video by Bastille performing Pompeii. (P) 2013 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd

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Author Fabscar XL ( ago)
The Earth was invaded by ALIENS!!!!

Author Eliane Roberta ( ago)
the good dinosaur :)

Author Claudia 8bp ( ago)
Who's watching in 2016

Author Ludmilla lulex ( ago)
i love you

Author The Illuminati Group ( ago)
Love this song

Author Phoenix Hurraccan ( ago)
321 mil views -Illuminati confirmed:D //Amazing Song!

Author seekergamer ( ago)
bastilly pompeii

Author seekergamer ( ago)

Author seekergamer ( ago)

Author emilce iglesias ( ago)
hello i love bastille pompeii {:

Author I Love Potato ( ago)
Virando demonio com estilo

Author Jackson dahler ( ago)
"Close your eyes"

(Close's eyes)

(Opens eyes)

Bitch I told you to close'em !

Author Kevinho_ Gamer ( ago)
Bastille iloveyou😏😍👊

Author Fultara Begum ( ago)
i love this song and i even know how to sing it

Author layla lay ( ago)
very good !!!!

Author K Kishimura ( ago)
Please live run Japan to

Author Rohith Prasad ( ago)
The guy's reaction - You serious bruh? Can't we have some privacy here?

Author Mat Najib ( ago)
demon exorcism

Author idK ( ago)

Author 3K Gaming ( ago)
fifa14 brought me here

Author Karsten Stolk ( ago)
Wy is the name of the song Pompeii? Hé songs ab oud closed eyes

Author DaryllTV ( ago)
Come on Dan,it's just Snapchat lenses

Author Samuel James Spencer ( ago)
around the beginning it actually sounds like the the eruption of mount
Vesuvius in pompeii

Author Samuel James Spencer ( ago)
around the beginning it actually sounds like the the eruption of mount
Vesuvius in pompeii

Author arnel boltron ( ago)
this song is one 1 of my best comfort music... nice nice

Author Ícaro Matheus ( ago)
Pompéia, bica de pedra

Author seed man ( ago)
best song ever..

Author The Homie Calf ( ago)
Where didi they film this??? it looks like a great place to skate.. lmao

Author Lucas Eduardo ( ago)
Adoro essa música, nao canso de escuta-la todo os dias 😍🎶❤❤❤ #Bastille

Author PhuongPrincess Chang ( ago)
this song reminds me of supernatural :D

Author Fabio Renato Pedroso ( ago)
não entendi porque ele estava fugindo das pessoas com os olhos pretos

Author Fabio Renato Pedroso ( ago)
não entendi porque ele estava fugindo das pessoas com os olhos pretos

Author Aden, The moo force ( ago)
can anyone tell me what this music video has anything to do with the song?

Author M_ keven ( ago)
melhor música ever

Author Lipe Santos ( ago)
chama o Dean e o San :3

Author Shiversteel Salazar ( ago)
When your mother ask you to sleep early lol

Author Geisa Duarte ( ago)
y love you

Author Maria Clara moreira ( ago)
meu Deus que musica top do bagui

Author Jaeneashaxyoongi kpop ( ago)
Way does have black eyes they look like Aliens 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

Author Yael Rodríguez Morales ( ago)
La mejor canción del mundo

Author Jeddai Pop ( ago)
Dan Smith makes my hormones go haywire. ❤❤

Author Josh Collins ( ago)
Butt if you close your ass

Author Eu me chamo Dennis ( ago)
BR's, te invoco

Author Josh Collins ( ago)
Now if you close your ass

Author julia#br brasil ( ago)

Author la caca gaymer ( ago)
like si vienes por el pes 2015

Author Lucky Cat ( ago)

Author Randel League ( ago)

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Author allison Everett ( ago)
cool song

Author Trần Thảo ( ago)
1:55 Jayesslee?

Author Tim is Jim ( ago)
this video actually makes no sense, still like the song tho

Author Andz Andreason ( ago)
Simon Cowell when he was young

Author Xx_ZUERO-_-GAMERxX Campos ( ago)
lol eyes blacks

Author Dr Strange ( ago)
Is it me or does the setting look like gta v

Author MeowForAll NH ( ago)
Ok I'm SOOO freakin' confused of the story line of the music video someone
plz tell me?? 😂😁

this song is really like me.Feeling like the world is tumbling down

Author Maisara Alsunni ( ago)
How's coming from snapchat ?! 😂😂😂

Author Thebloodredice 14761 ( ago)
I think it represents the evil of this world

Author Zumbinha Gameplay™ ( ago)
Ouvia muito na copa do mundo, bons tempos.

Author Oddball 20 ( ago)
What in the world! Why does everybody have alien

Author Uriel Hinojosa ( ago)

Author Severino Joaquim da Silva ( ago)
1:57 MONA??? PLL?

Author berneck mairtiax ( ago)
my cat look like him lol

Author Knighty Lighty Gamer ( ago)
But if you close your eyes you turn into a crazy bitch off of those horror

Author Miguel Ángel Ramírez Sánchez ( ago)
love and music

Author The_Slender_Pig ( ago)
They should add this to Madden

Author Trisha Smith ( ago)
I don't get the video y no eyes 👻

Author RIM KA ( ago)
Pes 2013

Author Tessa Veitch ( ago)
1:59 the camera guy said hey guy wait for me!

Author Ashlee Gentle ( ago)

Author roary msp ( ago)

Author Brixy V ( ago)
Mine all ready are full!

Author Rosie Bullock ( ago)
love the song

Author George Newsome (Skulls) ( ago)
❤️this song

Author Golden Fist ( ago)
But if u close your eyes your dead ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

Author *Yurika Lily* ( ago)
“And the pound kept tumbling down on the weekend that we love.”
Sad but good one.

Author Caio Emanuel ( ago)
negro, negro neegro negro... KD os BRs??

Author Grand Paladin ( ago)
From the Earth spewed the rage of @TheLordDingo, mankind trembling before
him at what would become known as Pompeii.#BookofDingo

Author Bryan Gianni (Braay) ( ago)

Author Dino Master ( ago)
Alguém e Brasileiros ou the oh Brazil Girls o gays

Author Theus Lima ( ago)

Author Paul Emmanuel ( ago)
I jus did and it pop up (but if you close them)

Author Tyler Deavitt ( ago)
Anyone else notice his eyes turn darker at 3:02?

Author Soggy Windmill (Sogg) ( ago)
& the £ kept plummeting down

Author Joel Super British Warrior Cong######## Plymouth ( ago)

Author MCMLXXXVI “Dutch Master” NOS ( ago)
Why did he run into a game room?

Author Amanda Letícia ( ago)
gostei da música mas fique com medo kkkk

Author Fernando Castellanos ( ago)
1:15 chicharito esta en el poster de la derecha

Author Charlotte Stenberg ( ago)
I love this song.😃☺

Author Alyeska xx ( ago)
die antwoord cosplay

Author Yo_Bro_ Electro ( ago)
who else pronounce's It Pum-Be-ta? (even though that's not how your
supposed to say it)

Author Sabrina B.c ( ago)
como dizia o grande filósofo Sócrates "SÓ SEI QUE NADA SEI"

Author Jack Larson ( ago)
ALLRIGHTY DUMBASSES. The meaning of this song is that no matter how hard u
try or how good u are evil WILL find u. Even in the hand of "God" some form
of evil will always get u and u can't escape. Many citizens of Pompeii were
fine people who did nothing wrong but they still died, they couldn't
escape. He is using "have we been here before" as saying he was once
someone at Pompeii and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't escape
because "the walls kept tumbling down." He is referencing recarnation.

Author Luan Oliveira ( ago)
320 milion views good

Author The GameRo 12 ( ago)

Author Panzer Elch ( ago)
I had eyes like that in 03 the gas station guy freaked out and said what's
with your eyes.. I said my mom's a goat.. extacy lol

Author NK CH ( ago)
ตามมาจาก Mr_Zeroz Kinger อะ

Author Kris Caracarva ( ago)

Author Nyan Grrrl101 ( ago)
Is it just me, or is he as hot as hell

Author Xx2c0rp10guy V3n0m ( ago)
3 years but still my Jam

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