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Music video by Bastille performing Pompeii. (P) 2013 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd

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Added: 1 year
Runtime: 3:53
Comments: 59472

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Author jAy JaY (14 days)
i dont understand the video but i am in love with this song... replay for
the ishh

Author ChaoticSpark (1 month)
Um, I'm sorry but I don't get what the song or video have to do with
Pompeii. Can someone please explain?

Author Phuong Peace Singing (1 month)
What is wrong with the people eyes?!
It's all black!!

Author Sergeant Bambi (22 days)
Anyone else confused by the music Video?

Author Giovanna Borges (12 days)
Help me finding similar songs? That are soul-filling and have those "crowd
effects" like "eeh eeh oh eeh eeh oh". IDK just songs that are alike. Thank
you so much!

Author Olivia Kuznia (23 days)
I have to admit, the eyes are kinda creepy{I already know the meaning
behind them, so no one has to tell me}

Author Toilet Toucher (10 days)
The song didn't fit the video at all..

Author The Umbreon Lord (6 days)
The video makes no sense... help? 

Author Offside123 (1 month)
Why does this have 17k dislikes?

Can someone plz tell me?

Author Joe Jonda (16 days)
what do the black eyes refer to?

Author SergiBeCa (19 days)
Bastille are so beautiful and a crazy good singers ! He has made soo many
good songs over the years! I love this video and her song Pompeii inspires
me. I just wanted to say that I'd be more than honored for everyone to take
a quick minute and check out my music. Thank you all so much and give a
thumbs up for Pompeii!

Author abraham murillo (1 month)
This song has more views than there is people in the world

Author Alexis Lara-Amerson (1 month)
better than 1D!! cause they stupid. this video is awesome and i love the

Author Jordan Jeremy (8 days)
why every people have black eyes ?

Author sG GunSkillz (19 days)
The basic meaning of the song! He is trying to get away from the people
(with the black eyes) that already accept that they aren't perfect. He
later comes to realize that after all of the people that he saw, he is just
like them. He then realize that he or no one else is perfect and become one
of the rest!

Author pahyton carranza (25 days)
Whoa 199 million views something im never gonna get xD

Author YoungA170 (27 days)
I love this song so much, that I came here to tell you guys to check out my
music lol

Author OfficialMysteryGamer (1 month)
Can someone tell me what the hell this song is about?

Author best9bg (20 days)
Black eye. Lol cutest thing I ever seen o.O

Author Vessy DK (2 days)
I somehow don't like the song. Felt like I've heard it before and I hear it
for the first time now. 

Author KM Paul (1 month)
Please just click my name or give this comment a thumbs up

Author Bucket Bear (15 hours)
I mean, great song... But does this video relate to Pompeii in anyway shape
or form?

Author ♪ Music Is Our Escape ♫ (12 days)
*Song Of The Day:*

*Pompeii - Bastille*

*~The Music Mind*

Author Mark Enierga (8 days)
Whats with there eyes

Author sofia syrmou (16 days)

Author Zoriah Briseno (4 days)
this has nothing to do with Pompeii XD

Author Loveloxx Winx (11 days)
I love this song, the video creeps me the fuck out

Author Emine Nur Yakın (11 days)
Am i the only person who can't listen this without thinking of volcanos?

Author Device Band (11 days)
I really enjoyed. visit my channel too!

Author immadinosaurlol (11 days)
Is it pronounced 'Basteal" or "Bastee"?

Author cookiecrush1001 (13 days)
How does the singer get his eye black i know the make up part but if he
stayed awake how can the aliens get him????? Plzzzzzzzz someone answer my

Author Zahra Nazhri (13 days)
Who else listened to this when it first came out about 1-2 years ago? 

Author Jason Levy (2 months)
Bastille is such a freaking brilliant artist and this video is is sweet. I
love Pompeii and this song inspires me. I love sharing my music and just
wanted to say that I'm a new artist and would be so very honored for
everyone to take a quick minute and check out my music. Thanks guys, and
give a thumbs up for Bastille.

Author Heyde Za (9 days)
This song reminded me of the movie I'm on the edge of tomorrow because of
the lyrics it says if u close your eyes dose it almost feel like nothings
changed at all 

Author Anthony Jackson (4 days)
My new favorite song *o*

Author Bohen Smith (4 days)
Why was he angry? Someone take his donut :o

Author Christian Pearce (4 days)
Another thing that this song could be talking about tips yellow stone
national park the volcano that is gana blow and it could in are life time
killing all within 100 mile radios instantly in 1000 put'ing them in ten
feet of ash then that would be end of most agriculture or all in the U.S.A
and destroy'ing civilization that is the walls tumbling down and the clouds
from the volcano would cover the world dropping its temp drematicly and
that would be the great clouds all over the hills bring'ing darkness just
dig'ing in a small bit could get with results that are scary 

Author the something person (4 days)
They got infected by some infection that turns their eyes black and
possesses them. Its really creepy and I feel really sorry and afraid for

Author david guidry (5 days)
the song isnt representing demons destroying pompeii there eyes describe
the fear in the eyes of the people during the volcano erupting so that
answers all ur questions

Author norberto eddi (5 days)
whats the name of this song

Author Flare Nova (13 days)
New fav song~ ^^

Author Rose Easton (9 days)
Also, no bad words in comments. Some people are only 13 and are not aloud
to read bad words

Author Heyo745 (1 day)
The music video reminds me of the zombie apocalypse :P

Author deathpawl (17 days)
''hello im goin...'' *womans eyes turn black* DAFUQ *bails*

Author HoossamHaveVEVO HD (10 days)
i love this song <3
would you guys please check my cover of this song please !!?
give me thumbs up xoxo 

Author Nayely Rodriguez (18 days)
ME ENCANTO .......WOW :)

Author davi davivk (11 days)

Author Sedat Başaran (3 days)
Pompei is a city that has been destroyed because of sin.
Video tried to explain it.
And everyone pulled into sin and tells us that he began to be included in
the. I think so

Author one beat melody (12 days)

Author TheCampson (2 months)

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