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Music video by Bastille performing Pompeii. (P) 2013 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd

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Author Emir Aslan (1 month)
Pompeii= The wealthy used to swallow duck feathers to vomit, so they can
eat more.

They used Urine as Ammoniac, Urine was prized like Gold im Pompeii. Eww.....

Anyone new that would come into town Girl/Boy would be forced same sex

Incest was at the top level.

God sent The Prophet Lot to warn them of this. Lot did warn them until once
day God said " Take your family with you out of the city at dawn, except
your wife "

Because Prophet Lots wife was also playing the Kaafirs games.

When Lot went out of the city, Gods angels Turned the City upside down....
This is free information go dig it up. Save yourself from Gods punishment
and anger. Inshallah

Why do you think theyre making Islam look really bad? So that you can STAY
away from the TRUTH and be guided to Hell with Satan. That is his Plan. So
take him as Enemy to you as he has taken enemy on you.

Our place is Eternal Life God wants us in Eternal life he wants all of us
in Paradise. But then you have these ignorant people "Why is my temporary
life like this like that " instead of being grateful so God can give you
more on this Earth or save your rewards for the Hereafter.

If God created the Universe, couldnt he have the Power to create you a
universe of yourself?

It is said in levels of Paradise people Homes will be like how we see the
planets. According to their faith and trust in God.

You might not know Satan has the power to Afflict us with anything in this
Temporary World with the will of God to show that We chase our Desires and
Lusts rather than Love+Passion for God. That we hate God if he doesnt give
us anything and we become ignorant foolish prideful. and try to see
ourselves one step above God. Euzibillah.


First command was " Read in thy name of the Lord that has created thee"

Not watch TV or brainwashing videos.

Allahu Alim.

Author ME6 (28 days)
good morning! everyone!
בוקר טוב לכולם!

Author Ichigo Kurosaki (1 month)
20000 people who don't get this song. Sad.

Author Jack O'Neill (1 day)
Did you know that this song is called Pompeii?

Author Spoder Man (1 month)

Author DoodleFwee (4 days)
Let's start a lyric chain! I'll start with the 1st two lines of this song,
and you people can continue it :)


Eh eh oh eh oh eh eh oh eh oh eh eh oh eh oh eh eh oh eh oh eh eh oh eh oh
eh eh oh eh oh

Author KawiiaKitty (1 day)
I get the point of the song, basically when like that volcano burned
Pompeii or something, but do the black eyes represent something or... I
don't know its just really confusing

Author Benny Boii (1 month)
So now I know that Bastille is getting rigged views on this video. 136
billion is not logical like what the fuck? Have some honest views
dude...really FUCKED up. There isn't 136 billion people on this earth, and
no one has even questioned this? We need to educated our youth who are
watching this video, son of bitch.. 7 billion people live on this earth..

Author vincent smit (1 month)
Guys, this has nothing to do with the songs name. In fact, they are all
shiki's. But this shiki infection spreads troughout air. (Shiki's are
vampires with completely black eyes). So this Guy tries to run from them.
But the infection is so strong, it jeeps following him. When the
transformation happens, he tries to run a bit further but in the end he got

This song tries to warn us for the upcoming so called 'shiki infection'. It
already hit russia. It wont take long or we Will all die!

Author Angela Smith (17 days)
I still have no idea what's going on in the video. I mean I get that he's
running from the people with black eyes and he ends up being one as well,
but I just don't understand

Author jAy JaY (2 months)
i dont understand the video but i am in love with this song... replay for
the ishh

Author ChaoticSpark (3 months)
Um, I'm sorry but I don't get what the song or video have to do with
Pompeii. Can someone please explain?

Author emily45798 (1 day)
If you close your eyes the black eyes go away so its like nothing changed
at all. But when you open them you see the change:3

Author Riley Swift (3 days)
Whats the meaning of this? I don't understand. Mostly when i say whats the
meaning i usually get a good exclamation lol.

Author Margaret Carter (25 days)

Author Ender Girl (5 days)
love the song but this video make not even 1% sense

Author Theo .Sixsmith (1 day)
Can someone explain to me why the guy at 2:13 has a bloody nose?

Author Luciano D (9 days)
Bastille - Pompeii

Author IPunchTrees (3 days)
whats happening here is the flare has gotten out of control and the world
is in catastrophe. so this guy is trying to get away from the flare and
find wicked but instead the flare catches up with him. the end.

Author Phuong Peace Singing (3 months)
What is wrong with the people eyes?!
It's all black!!

Author jamban jambam (5 days)
Fuck israel

Author TheLordoftheRavens (13 days)
What I don't get is why he didn't take a better car.

Author manhotcraft (11 days)
how there is 150 million viewers to this song and only 8 million people on
Israel? fake viewed unsurbscribing

Author Harsya Kurnia Adha (13 days)
The only thing that came into my mind from the video is Supernatural (you
know, the black eyes thingy)

Author Maia Breashears (10 days)
I feel like this song represents depression in a way.
"And the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love" means that your
whole world is crashing down.

Author Jason (17 days)
Think I came up of a valid explanation...... The song may be based on the
real Pompeii catastrophe or;
The world as it is today. We are doing foolish things putting our lives in
jeopardy. The people with black eyes are people who do these bad things...
such as leaving trash on the streets (that pollutes the air). Bastille
tries to run from this because he is the only one that knows the right way
as he doesn't have black eyes. He keeps going a long distance but
eventually realizes-
We cannot escape what we are doomed to be. We are destroying the earth as
we know it, where is the point of being the one in a million that knows we
are fucked? We just have to accept that the majority drives us into the way
we are going and that we should just be one of them instead of plotting a
weak revolution.

Author John Smith (6 days)
He was appalled and disgusted at the people in the city, till he realised
he was one of them...

Author SuperSMT (19 days)
Hello Youtubers! What are your favorite songs? List at least 3!

Author Cool Bear (8 days)
So uhh... Whats the moral of the story?? #confusing someone tell me
please?? Wolfinsteen younis is right. You don't have to belive in god but
some people do

Author Mad Fabe (23 days)

Author foxw87 (17 days)
why did those ppl have crazy eyes? and how did he turn into one of them?

Author Joe Jonda (2 months)
what do the black eyes refer to?

Author TheDiamondPenguin (16 days)
to the people who don't understand, or got the meaning wrong, this is
pretty much the explanation:
Pompeii was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.
The black eyes is the volcanic ash in their eyes.
"And the walls kept tumbling down
In the city that we love"
Devastation from the volcano
"Great clouds roll over the hills
Bringing darkness from above"
Referring to the volcanic ash and dust.
"We were caught up and lost in all of our vices
In your pose as the dust settled around us"
The people there were being mummified by the dust.
the running away from the people is trying to escape the city/death as the
volcano erupts
pretty much the song is based on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroying
Pompeii in 79 AD

Author John Brown (1 day)
This song makes me diarrhea out my ass.

Author Kazama Mishima (27 days)
This has the Fall out Boy sound to it. Reason why I love it

Author Joost Bakker (5 days)
How can this video have 145 Million views when there are only 70 thousend
people in the world? :O

Author GeneralDolphin (11 days)
generic music for idiots

Author itsthatsebguy93 (15 days)
This sucks

Author sil Absolut (17 days)

Author raven wolf (1 month)

Author Matthew Tang (3 months)
His eyes are so big at the end.

Author BratzGirl13AJ (25 days)
What is with there eyes... Just wondering

Author Paul Masons (4 months)
Author Heather Riccillo (5 days)
Like this comment if you know and like Bastille.That means you know about
the band, You know songs Pompeii does not count because everyone knows
Pompeii, and u like the band. :)

Author EDOGrox0606 (2 days)
Why are all modern music videos always full of hipsters?

Author ShellMartijn (1 month)
This song never get bored:)

Author Factory (11 days)
I look at this video at a religious point of view

As everyone with black eyes is has done sin. No matter how good you'll be.
Your life has sin.

The man in the video tries to run away from all those people. No matter how
hard he tries he will have sin in his life

"And the Walls kept tumbling down, in the city that we all love"

Take that city and imagine its your heart.

All the sins are tumbling the walls down

Author Versway Fade (5 days)
this video has 145 millions views but theres only 2,000 people in the world

Author Phillip Lopez (25 days)
fav song

Author Ximena Curiel (2 months)
Que tengan linda tarde, besos!! :)

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