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Music video by Bastille performing Pompeii. (P) 2013 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd

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Author Thắng Nguyễn ( ago)
Is that the power of Maya ? (from Heroes)

Author aptip ( ago)
When it comes to sleep, it’s not just quantity that matters—it’s quality.

Author fartsandlols studios ( ago)
i gave 1,333,970th

like :)
= - D

Author Chris Logan ( ago)
2016 Still watching

Author Lisa Wang ( ago)
I would honestly kill to have Bastille do a muse cover, idk why but like

Author Random Person ( ago)
Some Supernatural shit up in here. Brb, gotta go get my salt rounds and
holy water

Author Ubaldo Apolinar ( ago)
what is this even about? I understand the lyrics but the music video threw
me off

Author BasilBunni 123 ( ago)
but if you close your eyes does it always seem like you cant seeeeeeeeeee

Author Rohdian Al-Ahad ( ago)
is there anyone here because of FTS 15?

Author Fernando Mendoza ( ago)
Amazing song

Author Olivia M ( ago)
This video makes me confused😂

Author Isac09 ( ago)
tem copyrigth??

Author Mainly Bands ( ago)
Aww I remember I used to love this song when it came out me and my cousin
would always sing it and talk about how cute Dan was

Author Dianna Vlogger ( ago)
Quien vino por el anime 404?

Author TheAmazingAudrey ( ago)
What Are They? I'm So Confused

Author Brian Galicia ( ago)
this is the coolest video

Author Vlogs do Beni #queazueiracomece ( ago)
I'm Brazilian, Música legal

Author Catalina Julie Weingardt ( ago)
what's the whole point of the eyes being black anyone know!!!? :-)

Author Giuseppa Mancuso ( ago)
why are people so wierd?

Author Camila Rangel ( ago)
I love music

Author Lia Kagan ( ago)

Author Manuela Mendez ( ago)
peabody & sherman

Author Manuela Mendez ( ago)

Author Winston Mmeka ( ago)
Don't think I'll be sleeping

Author Winston Mmeka ( ago)

Author Awesome 5 ( ago)

Author Sinisa Georgiev ( ago)
this video scares me lol

Author Jose Aponte ( ago)
Big fat 👍🏻 😀

Author Zander Benjamin ( ago)
this was made in 2013!?!?! why is people just commenting now!?!? lol..

Author Cindor ( ago)
all new songs are about love, sex, drugs, parties....... and this one is
about a city. there should be more songs that don't have a mainstream

Author Aidan Muir ( ago)
is this about a demon apocolypse??

Author Rhuan Carlos ( ago)
musica top.......

Author Alice S. (Fluffilein) ( ago)
Ein Fall für Supernatural!

Author Brandon McKinney ( ago)
why type of music would you guys say this classifies as? I love music like

Author Lisa Elastic ( ago)
a good song, by this video is a whole load of creepy shit that is probably
gonna give me nightmares

Author SaskeCraft ( ago)
Can I use this song as intro please Bastille

Author Kathryn Sherlet Feranades ( ago)
Gosh now i have a crush even on a song😂😂😂

Author Aymen sebihi ( ago)
Hello, if anyone is interested in *downloading the full album*
*in top quallity(328khz) here's the link:*

Author Agar Din ( ago)
pederu evo xD

Author Asep Syaifuddin ( ago)
I like 🔝✔👍👍👌👌👏👏

Author Jammy Blogger ( ago)
what's the song at 02:32?

Author Faizan Koul ( ago)
2:44-2:50 when u get stuck in traffic

Author Jasmine Butler ( ago)
why do they have black eye s

Author CONceited ( ago)
i dont understand this video

Author karizma colon ( ago)
that's creepy

Author V Rock ( ago)
For some reason this song reminds me of downtown Toronto, great city great

Author Sinapsis xD ( ago)

Author ohjomz ( ago)
283,640,929 views 3 years later

Author steamyboy69 ( ago)
Characters from the movie '300' should've danced to this towards the
credits lol

Author Katie Parks ( ago)
does he like valcanos? or he was so heart broken about it?

Author DanielNamikase DanielNamikase ( ago)
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author Slenderman Slendy ( ago)
but its still a awesome song

Author Slenderman Slendy ( ago)
when i first i watched this i was like *what the fuck is this about* not in
a mean way xD i was like 8 still dont know what its about can someone tell
me :)

Author isa- chan ( ago)
01:57 ew

Author SXe32 ( ago)

Author Farm Boy ( ago)
That Is And Always Be Favourite Song Thanks.

Author Claire Craft ( ago)
So I'm guessing instead of Pompeii, it's New York, and instead of a volcano
it's eyes? XD so complicated

Author Thallys Deryck Azevêdo Da Silva ( ago)
Algum Br que veio por causa do bom dinossauro ou pelo robin hood gamer ?

Author Júlia Silva ( ago)

Author Bono Spin ( ago)
where does these dislikes come from when this is such a beautifull song :D

Author SoftTissues ( ago)
pause at 0:14 x_x

Author LG ( ago)
those black eyes are the creepiest things ever XD

Author Gabriel Guedes ( ago)
Vídeo sinistro 😇

Author Miki Sánchez ( ago)

Author Madelyn Curran ( ago)
I'm th 7600000 comment

Author Madelyn Curran ( ago)

Author Caskadanna ( ago)
Wait, i remeber this song :D!

Author Jailynn Edwards ( ago)
I love this song😀😁😘😍

Author OreoGaming - Photoshop Tutorials! ( ago)
devi i isis

Author Tio Cino ( ago)
Vota no meu Pompeii 1000%

Author Lina Mezourieurkroejghrh ghryrjrbzcdhrijeh ( ago)

Author Data Theiif ( ago)
what is the meaning of the video

Author Alen Prlja ( ago)
worlds best music

Author Derp Master ( ago)

Author Lily Valley ( ago)

Author Bianca e o mundo ( ago)

Author Doctor Gaming ( ago)
Who is watching in 2026?

Author Pablo Alejandro ( ago)
Exorcisamus te omnis immundus ispiritus

Author ademir thomaz ( ago)

Author Sidney Olk ( ago)
He looks so stinking cute when he runs his hand through his hair in the car

Author The Gr8 Zelda ( ago)

Author Joud Dababneh ( ago)
That's just creepy

Author TTO Xanxus ( ago)
dat gay head

Author BielZicaDosGames ( ago)
melhor músicas deles

Author Christopher Dutkiewicz Jr. ( ago)

Author Cleres Caetano ( ago)

Author ave fenix fenix ( ago)
sera que so eu fiquei com medo desse clipe

Author Pedro Henrrique ( ago)
O bom dinossauro!!!!

Author alfredo misa ( ago)
they're all illummati

Author Waldsom Guimarães ( ago)

Author dionei souza ( ago)
need for speed

Author teng yan zhan ( ago)
why their eye so black virus?

Author Elvia Valle ( ago)

Author Elvia Valle ( ago)
but if you close your eyes

Author Antonia Astorga ( ago)
acabó de regresar tres años atras. Oh que recuerdos ?

Author xvaleriax16x ( ago)
I like this song

Author ithj201 ( ago)
PES에서 나온 노래가 이거구나

Author Ayleen Gallegos ( ago)
The Latin word "Ehea" means "Oh, no!" and is pronounced Eh-yoh, which is
chanted throughout this song multiple times
!Mind Blown!

Author Mayah Siyam ( ago)
Its funny how he gets mad and hits the car in stead of looking for maybe
something in that trunk to help him
oh well he went on a hike.

Author Julissa Zúniga ( ago)

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