YAMAHA PSR S910 "Lord Of The Dance"

LORD OF THE DANCE, played on my "YAMAHA PSR S910" Keyboard.
I used my "self-created style", and I syncronized the original DVD together
with my movie.
More information you'll see in the movie, enjoy it ...

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 5:49
Comments: 114

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Author DL Lee (3 days)
wonderful !!!

Author 連一真 (1 month)
Great performance

Author clisma (2 months)
WOW More

Author Siegmar Franke (3 months)

Author Rustam I. (5 months)
A M A Z I N G !!!!

Author Jehoash Jonah (5 months)
Nice playing
Hope you get more subscribes
I have the same keyboard even though I am only 12 

Author ForestFan87 (7 months)
That was amazing, brilliant and very clever! 

Author Soundartprojekt (7 months)
tolle Irische Musik-schön gespielt-I like it : )

Author Minkche96 (8 months)
omg thats sooo good (amazing)

Author Mirjana Bokun (1 year)
nikokla bokun

Author Mirjana Bokun (1 year)
snežana skokna

Author Mirjana Bokun (1 year)
dušica i miško trifunović

Author Mirjana Bokun (1 year)
dragan ogrizović

Author Mirjana Bokun (1 year)
zoran joy bokun

Author Mirjana Bokun (1 year)
rija rusija

Author Keyboardschool24 (1 year)
YAMAHA PSR S910 "Lord Of The Dance"

Author Mirjana Bokun (1 year)

Author cb-music (1 year)
Riesig, macht Lust auf MEHR!

Author ILOVEMUSIK2804 (4 years)
@Niamara123abc Vielen Dank für die Blumen, Danke Danke..... Ja, hätte das
auch mal gerne Live gesehen, schade, sind bestimmt schon die besten Karten
weg, Du könntest mich dann höchstens auf den Schoß nehmen.....

Author Adrian .Krüger (3 years)
Wow, Ich Liebe das Video, Ich Liebe die Musik, Ich Liebe das Keyboard und
ich Liebe dein Keyboardspiel. ist absolut genial gelungen. Gruß Adi

Author Martin Ganser (1 year)
Einfach nur Geil!!!

Author MsAndi63 (3 years)
Wow! Ich liebe Lord of the Dance! Du spielst das ganz dem
Video im Hintergrund, sieht super aus!!!

Author Niamara123abc (4 years)
Super Timmi! Klasse Timmi! Sau gut! Timmi~! (Hätte Arraxxon unter mir
bestimmt auch gesagt ;P) Ja - definitiv super, klasse & einwandfrei
gespielt! Und das Video ist auch toll geworden! ^_^ Und auch noch den style
und alles selbst gemacht... kann man nichts mehr sagen! Hört sich fast
genauso wie das Original an~ Schade das du nicht mit uns zur Lord of the
Dance Abschiedstour 2010 fährst... hätte dich gerne dabei gehabt! =)

Author James Varghese (3 years)
Beautiful work! work of art my brother!

Author Dieter Bartscht (1 year)

Author sandeep prabhakar (1 year)
the starting part is from a tamil song called " nenjodu kalandhidu uravale"

Author Edoardo Marcora (3 years)
How did you make your own style? Did use software on a computer or the
editing tools available on the PSR-S910?

Author Fawad Mueed (3 years)
OH My God..! That is AWESOME AWESOME...! Very Very Brilliantly and Sensibly
Played.... MIND BLOWING THing...! :))

Author Kev Williams (3 years)
just beautiful

Author DLM488 (1 year)
Awesome job :) :) Can you do more from the Lord of the dance??

Author vargyasjnos1 (1 year)
Hi! I like what you did, it is amazing! Could you send me the style please?
My e-mail adress:

Author ILOVEMUSIK2804 (3 years)
@gr8fadi it's so nice, that you all like my video's , thank a lot.....

Author BBB10301 (1 year)
Tolle Leistung . Wirklich beeindruckend. Hoffentlich erfreust du uns noch
weiter mit deiner schönen Musik.

Author Artur Skoberla (2 years)
Amazing playing and video clip. Good job man!

Author Andrei Pasztor (1 year)
Verry Nice!

Author devmoorthi (2 years)

Author ILOVEMUSIK2804 (4 years)
@13214522 maybe one time "Yamaha" will see this clip too, and then i'll
start to do my job there ...... maybe ! Thanks a lot for your

Author ILOVEMUSIK2804 (2 years)
Hallo @Piper7931 (kenne ja nicht Deinen Namen)... Vielen Dank für Deine
positiven Kommentare, das freut mich immer wieder. Nun, mich hat das
PSR-S910 auch sehr fasziniert. Dein Tyros3 ist natürlich noch besser, aber
vom Sound her identisch. Ok, dass Dich Dein Tyros am Anfang total
überfordert, ist doch klar. Aber nimm Dir Zeit, beschäftige Dich mit den
einzelnen Funktionen Stück für Stück, dann wirst Du mit dem Teil sehr viel
Spaß haben. Wünsche Dir dabei viel Erfolg ... Gruß Jürgen

Author speakboy1961 (3 years)
my God yuour so good....i love it

Author Sunny Haddleton (3 years)
I am absolutely amazed at your playing, and adding the movie just made it
incredible. It also was so very helpful to me, as I will be purchasing my
S910 very soon. Now I know it is capable of anything I have in mind. Many
thanks for sharing this piece of artwork with us...much appreciated!

Author dwatcher11 (2 years)
Awesome....that was so well done, bravo!!!

Author Holger Gruhn (2 years)
very nice. Which software did you use for creating this video ?

Author uservinc (3 years)
Hello, Thank you for your excellent videos. Did you rework the sound in
computer? Or is this the real sound of the PSR S910 without rework of any
kind? Thank you. vinc.

Author ILOVEMUSIK2804 (3 years)
@MrClitheroe thanks you very much .....

Author ILOVEMUSIK2804 (4 years)
@BuddyLotD Vielen Dank ! ...das freut mich. Arbeite noch an etwas mehr
Perfektion, wollte aber das jetzige Werk niemandem so lange vorenthalten.
Bin auch paralell dazu am programmieren des Styles für "Gypsy" ... ist auch
nicht so einfach, aber schön.

Author ILOVEMUSIK2804 (3 years)
@marcorae Thank you very much to all of you....

Author (3 years)
Thats great my friend, you played that soo vry well indeed. What a great
video too. I would love to add your video to my vido collection to play in
my bar. well done

Author Robin Hutchinson (3 years)
Absolutely fantastic. Five minutes fabulous entertainment.

Author joachim schuett (10 months)
Ja stimmt die beste Version von Lord of the Dance die ich gehört habe ,

Author ILOVEMUSIK2804 (3 years)
@marcorae Hallo, i create all my styles without any PC-software, only with
my PSR S910, so i can direktly test them by live-playing on my keyboard,
and change settings faster, as i can do with the computer.

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