Ultimate Tactical Ruger 10/22 Gen II. The First Of It's Kind.

The FINAL finnish product. Is it really necessary for me to spend all that money and spend countless hours to build a Ruger 10/22 like this!? YES it was! I wanted a custom, military looking, extremely accurate semi auto rifle. There were NONE out there. Now there is, Venom. She sports a Tapco stock lathed out to .950, Volquartsen complete trigger pack, free floating 18" ER Shaw BB, Mueller APT Mil Dot BDC Scope, Warne tactical picitinni rail, Tango Down Stubby, Harris 6-9 inch bench bipod and two Ruger mags connected together. She will put 10 shots in a 3 inch target at 225 yards using CCI ammo with EASE!! I can usually do it with bulk Federal or Remington as well ! SIDE NOTE: Tapco NOW sells a BB version of the T6. When Venom was made they did not offer a BB T6. They obviosly took note.

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Author shoktroop (9 months)
Love My Rifle!

Author aj jackson (6 months)
5 years ago com on

Author shoktroop (3 years)
@TheJakeWade1996 I was going to buy one and rig it so it would fit the
Tapco stock but I just never got around to it. It is a great looking stock
and would look sick on this rifle.

Author waimanjr (2 years)
how much does it weight, mins the bipod and grip.?

Author FeasiblePrepper (1 year)
40, 45, 38 and even some other pistol calibers are popping up on the shelf
at Walmart. No 9MM or .308 though. Much less .22LR.

Author Nyterayven (3 years)
I also have a ruger 10/22, along with an AR15, but, the Ruger is so much
fun to shoot I usually just end up shooting about 60 - 90 rounds out of the
AR then spending the rest of the time with the 10/22.

Author shoktroop (1 year)
If you buy the right die, the device that threads the barrel you can take
the barrel to any regular ol' machine shop and have them thread the barrel
for you. Just make sure its a quality machine shop. Not a bunch of half ass
metal workers. You could take it to a gunsmith but they charge about 4x
what a machine shop charges. Just make sure the shop doesnt mark up the
barrel from the clamps. I have had no issues with taking my barrels to
machine shops. Just make sure its a quality shop.

Author mzondi1970 (2 years)
I like this barrel im ordering it this week. would you recommend the shaw
after using it awhile?

Author shoktroop (2 years)
Congrats on your Bench Gun. I know you know this but I just have to tell
people. Make sure you get good glass with fine cross hairs. Bench guns are
very stable platforms. If you use standard cross hairs at long range they
obscure far too much of the target for fine precision shooting. Just a
hint. Also if you can get a bipod that tilts. Since not all benches are
perfectly level at long ranges the slightest cant will put your round off

Author mzondi1970 (2 years)
Ive got the mueller apt on both.They seem to be great for what i do. Ive
only been into the hobby for a short time and while id love to have a AR or
something that i soon wont be able to get, my Rugers are a good time. Ive
been a sub of yours for a bit now. I want to built up a charger soon and a
10/22 takedown if they make parts for it. Thanks for the advice.

Author aaronstandingbear (2 years)
When I was a kid I had a Cooey single shot that I could consistently pop
eyeballs at a hundred yards with no scope. We used to shoot up to 300 yards
with the 22. but mostly 100 yards or less. The 308. came out for long
shots. People underestimate the hell out of 22.s

Author shoktroop (3 years)
@Juno36 Ah the most common question I get. First understand I spend alot of
time and alot of wasted money buying cheap parts and finding what worked
for me and what did not. Total for rifle including all money spend on
researching it about $1,500. I destroyed two Tapco stocks trying to figure
out the cut for the barrel. that was $200 right there down the drain. You
can build one like this with far cheaper less quality parts for about $650
and that incudes buying the rifle.

Author Elshabassy09 (2 years)
Nice job on the mods. Way to keep it classy.

Author michael alexander (1 year)
Beautifully awesome rifle. Magnificently designed and crafted. Excellent
job. I'd like the parts/plans and to construct such a perfect beast myself,
but that's probably proprietary. Coolest Tac-22 I've ever seen, custom or

Author GAredneck389 (3 years)
Looks kinda like an m14 ebr-ish platform. I got something like that. A
10/22 with a skeletonized stock with a magpul 6position crane stock with a
30 round straight mag

Author JLBoxing (2 years)
Hi I want to build this exact 22 and I see you have all the parts in the
description. What model 10/22 did you start the build on or does it matter?
and any tips to go about this project? Im gonna be going to a gun store and
ask them too if they can help me but I wanted to hear what you have to say
first. thanks in advance for your time and btw that is one sic 22.. love

Author Mason Davis (3 years)
27 inspirations for birth control.

Author shoktroop (2 years)
Thats friggen FUNNY man. I can see it now. Some guy going BANG BANG every
time he smashes the trash can lids together... funny

Author shoktroop (1 year)
You can do it on the cheap for about 500 bucks. But you get what you pay
for. This cost me about a thousand bucks total. That includes the tapco
stock I ruined when I tried to sand open the barrel channel. That was
100bucks down he tube. I also wasted money on cheap trigger parts and
optics. Now I only use premium optics like Mueller and Luepold and trigger
parts by Volquartsen.

Author shoktroop (2 years)
AMEN brother! My very good friend Charlie can take his CZ 452 and nail the
3 inch gong at 225 yards in near total darkness with open sights. We shoot
rabbits and squirels with open sights at ranges up and including 250 yards
with no propblems. The 22 is a very lethal varmint.

Author shoktroop (3 years)
@Sooprazn Yes I had to lathe out the stock to make room for the barrel.
Tapco makes a stock that will fit the bull barrel. It is the Tapco T6 Bull
Barrel Stock. As for ATI their products are garbage! Plastic crap! Yes they
make a bull barrel stock but i would NEVER buy ATI products again. I have
tried them out and I would never buy those plastic feeling pieces of
poopoo. Tapco is far better and looks better in my opinion.

Author shoktroop (2 years)
Thank you Elshabassy. Compliments never get old :)

Author wrght9185 (1 year)
When you say "at a machine shop", do you mean specifically at a gunsmith's
shop, or could it be done at a more general kind of shop?

Author shoktroop (1 year)
Thank you Michael. That is a great compliment. I will email you with all
the parts and links on where to get them today.

Author Ferguson101 (3 years)
@shoktroop why not just get an ar for that price? or do you not get those
kinds of discounts.........

Author GeekSquadSupport (1 year)
P.S...I do like the gun tho. : )

Author shoktroop (3 years)
25 People are haters & have no clue on what a 22 can do.

Author fishcop444 (3 years)
@BoostfedAddictionNC rimfirecentral

Author malakna1 (1 year)
Hey keep a close eye on your local shops. I've recently been seeing .22 on
the shelves (at one 550 box per customer) but I've picked up a few boxes in
the last week! I've also seen more AR's around, so I think we might be
getting to the end of the shortage!

Author shoktroop (3 years)
@1oneguythat Could not have said that better myself. Thank you sir for you
upfront opinion. Do people actually think the thumbs down bothers me? LOL I
could care less of what some COD playing, momma's basement living, non
shooting moron thinks. I dont do it for ratings or for hits. I dot it to
insprire others to break the mold and think outsdide the box when it comes
to the .22 caliber bullet. Semper Fi OneGuy!

Author aschiron (2 years)
if you start carrying that in the woods much, you will wish you had a
standard barrel on it. imo bull barrels are not practical and are ugly.
nice stock though.

Author theBROWNbanditP (3 years)
@shoktroop Huh, kinda feel stupid for asking. I didn't check your channel
out yet and now I see it. I also see the stock comparison video. Kinda feel
double stupid. I think I'll go with .750" and see if I can still use the 2
screw technique you show in that other vid. Thanks for all the useful info
in your channel. Look forward to more.

Author shoktroop (3 years)
@BoostfedAddictionNC Email me on what you want to do, your budget and what
the intended purpose of th rifle is. That way I will be able to give you
more detail on what works for that perticular design. :).. As you may have
seen I have several 10/22s. Some are close quarters weapons like the Rat
and some are long range rifles like Venom. Each has a purpose and a
specific task.

Author shoktroop (2 years)
Just get the cheapest 1022 you can find. Your going to strip it down to
just the receiver anyway. Do not rush your work. Take your time and take
pride in your build. Also use Volquartsen parts. Stay the heck away from
Power Custom parts. They are total junk. Don't go to the gun store and ask
those retards anything. Sorry but 90% gun store employees don't know
anything. They think they do and go on giving silly advice. Ask me anything
you need to. Just email me here on YT.

Author shoktroop (3 years)
@SlentN1nja98 If you purchased the parts I have on this rifle, including
the price of rifle and all taxes it would cost you about $1000 give or
take. I purchased all these parts from brownells and midwayusa. I get
discounts due to my business. :)

Author rckjeep (2 years)
Do the trigger job yourself, I've done 3 of them so far. The first was
experimental and gave me about a 6lb pull the second and third were at
roughly 2.75lbs. It's really not hard to do. I have a video I made showing
the process but still need to edit and post it.

Author nickybthatsme (2 years)
What is the total cost here?

Author FeasiblePrepper (1 year)
That is pretty good for federal bulk. I use federal for 50 yards and under
on my Winchester .22. My Ruger 10/22 I use just to throw lead down, but
with .22LR no where to be found I have yet gone to the range just to throw
lead down range. lol

Author Kryogenikz (3 years)
I bought the Archangel Marauder because it looked cool, but now I'm
returning because 1. my parents bought me a 10/22 for christmas so I can
use the stock yet, and 2. The original stock is really freakin light. But
this one looks badass, and that stock is half the price. Good job,
shoktroop. Your rifle is a masterpiece.

Author ntrudr800 (2 years)
@shoktroop Think about it like this: Assault Rifle = 2 .223 shots for every
1 .308 shot. A marksman rifle or sniper rifle benefits more from .30
caliber imo. I didn't like 5.56 at first until I understood it. Do you
really shoot the bad guy once then build a campfire with an assault rifle?

Author Sooprazn (3 years)
So were you able to put a bull barrel inside of the T6 stock without any
modifications to the stock? Or did you have to lathe out any material?
Also, do you know if the ATI Strikeforce stock will work with a bull barrel?

Author Pike Monger (2 years)
Loved this video as I am about to build a 10/22 as well. Was wondering if
you are referring to the new ATI Scorpion stocks with the Aluminum
upgrades. I was hesitant about the qualities of their stocks until I put
this newer model on my Mossy 500. It really is solid. However I've handled
guns with their cheaper version and your right - their garbage.

Author shoktroop (3 years)
@DobermansRock All of the internals are Volquartsen. Hammer, sear,
disconnector, shims, trigger, Auto bolt release.. All done.

Author mzondi1970 (2 years)
Im starting a bench only rifle. So far just a boyds ss evo and kidd trigger

Author shoktroop (1 year)
Those buildings are well over a mile away. There is no way on this planet
that a 22 is going to go over a mile unless you super elevate the rifle and
shoot. Even then. I doubt it.

Author Mudhhr Hassan (2 years)

Author shoktroop (2 years)
It is that Standar barrel T6 Stock. Your going to need a bipod adapter. You
can get them as cheap as 9 bucks online from websites like Midwayusa. I use
the Yankee Hill adapter. Sturdy and looks good on the gun. Cost about 20
bucks. I rather spend the extra few bucks and get a quality good looking
part than some chinese ugly part. Plus I try to support American workers
and keep their tools operating.

Author shoktroop (3 years)
@101crazys I have an AR as well as shotguns. bolt actions sniper rifles and
many other weapons. .22's however are never modified like this. Everybody
puts the same cheap ass chinese/UTG garbage on thier 22s. This rifle is one
of a kind and is pure performance. NO chinese crap on this rifle.. PURE

Author Dietzeeeee (3 years)
That looks sick. I just scored a stock ruger 10-22 and I am looking for
upgrade options.

Author matto79 (3 years)
so total, what did this run you for cost?

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