Ultimate Tactical Ruger 10/22 Gen II

The FINAL finnish product. Is it really necessary for me to spend all that money and spend countless hours to build a Ruger 10/22 like this!? YES it was! I wanted a custom, military looking, extremely accurate semi auto rifle. There were NONE out there. Now there is, Venom. She sports a Tapco stock lathed out to .950, Volquartsen complete trigger pack, free floating 18" ER Shaw BB, Mueller APT Mil Dot BDC Scope, Warne tactical picitinni rail, Tango Down Stubby, Harris 6-9 inch bench bipod and two Ruger mags connected together. She will put 10 shots in a 3 inch target at 225 yards using CCI ammo with EASE!! I can usually do it with bulk Federal or Remington as well ! SIDE NOTE: Tapco NOW sells a BB version of the T6. When Venom was made they did not offer a BB T6. They obviosly took note.

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