Ultimate Tactical Ruger 10/22 Gen II. The First Of It's Kind.

The FINAL finnish product. Is it really necessary for me to spend all that money and spend countless hours to build a Ruger 10/22 like this!? YES it was! I wanted a custom, military looking, extremely accurate semi auto rifle. There were NONE out there. Now there is, Venom. She sports a Tapco stock lathed out to .950, Volquartsen complete trigger pack, free floating 18" ER Shaw BB, Mueller APT Mil Dot BDC Scope, Warne tactical picitinni rail, Tango Down Stubby, Harris 6-9 inch bench bipod and two Ruger mags connected together. She will put 10 shots in a 3 inch target at 225 yards using CCI ammo with EASE!! I can usually do it with bulk Federal or Remington as well ! SIDE NOTE: Tapco NOW sells a BB version of the T6. When Venom was made they did not offer a BB T6. They obviosly took note.

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Author aj jackson (Darkgamer) ( ago)
5 years ago com on

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Love My Rifle!

Author shoktroop ( ago)
midwayusa product # 1116147556 You can't shoot stingers out of a Bull
Barrel. You have to shoot 22 Long Rifle ammo only

Author joe cancel ( ago)
ware is a good place to find your stock or desert rat stock venom pron
stock its not easy to find the stocks and the Gen 11 do you know i like
your gun thats what i had in mine to do and can a fluted bull barrel shoot
cci stinger and sub sonics or is it what its made to shoot 

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Maybe I can help. What do you want to put on your rifle? Stock & stuff?
make a list and i can do some researtch for you.

Author joe cancel ( ago)
love that style you did a great job on it , i would like to make one of my
owen is it hard to find the parts in calif 

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Those buildings are well over a mile away. There is no way on this planet
that a 22 is going to go over a mile unless you super elevate the rifle and
shoot. Even then. I doubt it.

Author malakna1 ( ago)
Hey keep a close eye on your local shops. I've recently been seeing .22 on
the shelves (at one 550 box per customer) but I've picked up a few boxes in
the last week! I've also seen more AR's around, so I think we might be
getting to the end of the shortage!

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Man I feel for those who did not stock up. I really hate to see fellow
shooters suffer and not be able to participate in something they love and
enjoy. I have plenty of ammo in 22 and have sold several thousand rounds of
ammo to friends and neighbors. So they may continue to enjoy the sport and
keep those damn squirels and rabbbits from undermining our driveways and
streets. Little furry bastards. :/

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Thank you Michael. That is a great compliment. I will email you with all
the parts and links on where to get them today. 

Author shoktroop ( ago)
I only use CCI Mini Mags or Velociters in my bull barrel rifles. I have
gotten even smaller groups before just around 2 inches at that range. It
really aint that hard with practice. Bulk ammo like the Federal bulk pack
stuff will produce 4-8 inch groups at that range. CCI is very accurate. It
is the ammo I use for long range rabbit removal.

Author michael alexander ( ago)
Beautifully awesome rifle. Magnificently designed and crafted. Excellent
job. I'd like the parts/plans and to construct such a perfect beast myself,
but that's probably proprietary. Coolest Tac-22 I've ever seen, custom or

Author shoktroop ( ago)
You can do it on the cheap for about 500 bucks. But you get what you pay
for. This cost me about a thousand bucks total. That includes the tapco
stock I ruined when I tried to sand open the barrel channel. That was
100bucks down he tube. I also wasted money on cheap trigger parts and
optics. Now I only use premium optics like Mueller and Luepold and trigger
parts by Volquartsen.

Author hmdbrian ( ago)
whats something like this go for? looking to get one like it myself.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Part II. If your going to thread the barrel I suggest the standard 1/2 inch
by 28 Lines per inch. Also known as 1/2 by 28LPI Die. This is the same
cut/thread count as all AR style muzzle breaks and suppressors. that way
you can add a suppressor or a cool looking muzzle brake. 

Author shoktroop ( ago)
If you buy the right die, the device that threads the barrel you can take
the barrel to any regular ol' machine shop and have them thread the barrel
for you. Just make sure its a quality machine shop. Not a bunch of half ass
metal workers. You could take it to a gunsmith but they charge about 4x
what a machine shop charges. Just make sure the shop doesnt mark up the
barrel from the clamps. I have had no issues with taking my barrels to
machine shops. Just make sure its a quality shop.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
No it is not. It can be threaded at a machine shop for 25 bucks though. 

Author Nicholas Gagatch ( ago)
Is the barrel threaded? 

Author XxWarlord77xX ( ago)
Very nice!

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Thank you Elshabassy. Compliments never get old :)

Author Elshabassy09 ( ago)
Nice job on the mods. Way to keep it classy.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
The downside of mass produced soviet blok SKS or ChiCom Sks is that they
are made for mass production and hard use combat not accuracy. Our US M16/4
series rifles have perfect fit finish but the caliber sucks :/ If you get a
new SKS like my Yugo and do some of the custom stuff to the weapons like i
do, Trigger, hammer sear, over travel stop screw. That SKS would be able to
hit a 25 inch bull at 500 yards 10 outta ten times with decent wolf ammo
like mine does. :)

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Don't get an AR. It's a cool looking rifle but the bullet/caliber sucks!
Trust me! If you have served in Iraq or the Stan you know that shit don't
work for crap. It only works in a FULL size AR15 with the 20-22 inch barrel
length. Even then barely. Thats why I have AK clones. Its a 30 caliber
bullet that weights twice as much as the 62 grain 556 round. The SKS is a
GREAT DMR rifle if you built it up right. Very accurate out to 4-500 yards!

Author mzondi1970 ( ago)
I wanted a AR way before the gun craze went on. The last couple years all
my money has went to school. I graduated a couple months ago and landed a
great job. Im 42 and was blue collar laborer since 16 and got tired of
getting laid off. Back to the AR, I refuse to spend 5-600 more than they
listed 3 weeks ago. So ill have to hold off on that. A buddy has a nice
yugo SKS i can get for a very nice price that might be my higher powered
weapon. Im working on my second ruger now.

Author shoktroop (1218 years ago)
Save your money and don't get a charger. I got one thinking it would be
some kinda cool toy and it sucked. Its basicaly a 1022 witout a stock. take
your 1022 and chop the stock and barrel and you got a charger. I sold mine
the same damn week i got it. I was disapointed with it. Just my opinion.
The Mueller APT scopes are perfect for bench guns. Thats how Venom started.
As a bench gun.

Author mzondi1970 ( ago)
Ive got the mueller apt on both.They seem to be great for what i do. Ive
only been into the hobby for a short time and while id love to have a AR or
something that i soon wont be able to get, my Rugers are a good time. Ive
been a sub of yours for a bit now. I want to built up a charger soon and a
10/22 takedown if they make parts for it. Thanks for the advice. 

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Congrats on your Bench Gun. I know you know this but I just have to tell
people. Make sure you get good glass with fine cross hairs. Bench guns are
very stable platforms. If you use standard cross hairs at long range they
obscure far too much of the target for fine precision shooting. Just a
hint. Also if you can get a bipod that tilts. Since not all benches are
perfectly level at long ranges the slightest cant will put your round off

Author mzondi1970 ( ago)
Im starting a bench only rifle. So far just a boyds ss evo and kidd trigger

Author mzondi1970 ( ago)
I love that gun. I just finished my first gun/ruger build. Sorry but i
mimicked yours a bit. I have a elysium bull barrel, kidd charge handle
,bolt,buffer harris bi pid, utg scope rings, mueller apt, 4-16x50 kidd
trigger group and axiom blackhawk stock with custom light mount for my
fenix light

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Thats friggen FUNNY man. I can see it now. Some guy going BANG BANG every
time he smashes the trash can lids together... funny 

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Ya thats the sweet part about it. I don't need a 17 HMR to remove rabbits
from the gene pool at 250-300 yards. 

Author Jonathan Escobedo ( ago)
Calm down it shoots a 22.(;

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Look at my video lineup and search for the Mag Coupler video. It will tell
you how to do it. There is a 4 dollar connector sold on Brownells web site
that I use to connect the mags. Some guys just sand down the bases of the
magazines so they can be glued together. I tried that and it don't work
very well. This is the BEST option. Thank you for the compliment brother!

Author yaketyjak ( ago)
I like the look of your clip. I have a banana clip but it doesn't look as
good as that one you have. In the description it says two ruger clips
joined together. Like literally just back to back glued or what? I cant
tell from the video really. That's a decent idea actually! Looks better
than the flush mag but way better than the banana clip.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
It is that Standar barrel T6 Stock. Your going to need a bipod adapter. You
can get them as cheap as 9 bucks online from websites like Midwayusa. I use
the Yankee Hill adapter. Sturdy and looks good on the gun. Cost about 20
bucks. I rather spend the extra few bucks and get a quality good looking
part than some chinese ugly part. Plus I try to support American workers
and keep their tools operating.

Author JLBoxing ( ago)
So I just went out and bought myself a used ruger for $200 (I live in
canada and they're hard to find here lol) anyways I was just wondering
which tapco stock that is.. is it the t6? and does your bipod jus mount to
the stock groove?... thanks again for your help and time. ( i also put a
ruger take down on lay away) .... :P 

Author JLBoxing ( ago)
Thanks for your help!~ 

Author shoktroop ( ago)
I do like them. I have used them and found them to be very good quality.
However I have used Volquartsen products in all my 1022s and have had great
success. I am happy with VQ. Should I build another 1022. And I probably
will to my wifes delight. Cough, Cough. I will try Kidds products with the
entire build and see how it compares to VQ.

Author John S ( ago)
Do you rate Kidd's or Clark's products? 

Author mzondi1970 ( ago)
I am building mine up with KIDD parts. What do you think about them? I am
not using the barrel to much money. Also have you bedded your barrel? This
seems like a mystery/black magic I cant get a solid answer. I
see some bed right in front of the receiver by the v-block. Any

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Just get the cheapest 1022 you can find. Your going to strip it down to
just the receiver anyway. Do not rush your work. Take your time and take
pride in your build. Also use Volquartsen parts. Stay the heck away from
Power Custom parts. They are total junk. Don't go to the gun store and ask
those retards anything. Sorry but 90% gun store employees don't know
anything. They think they do and go on giving silly advice. Ask me anything
you need to. Just email me here on YT. 

Author JLBoxing ( ago)
Hi I want to build this exact 22 and I see you have all the parts in the
description. What model 10/22 did you start the build on or does it matter?
and any tips to go about this project? Im gonna be going to a gun store and
ask them too if they can help me but I wanted to hear what you have to say
first. thanks in advance for your time and btw that is one sic 22.. love

Author shoktroop (891 year ago)
It is free floating all the way. There is about 2-3mm of space all around
the barrel. It takes a while to get it right. But once you do your good to

Author DuFlux ( ago)
is the bbl totally free floating? or is it touching the stock at places?

Author pakalolofiend ( ago)
10/22 on super sgt

Author Pike Monger ( ago)
Loved this video as I am about to build a 10/22 as well. Was wondering if
you are referring to the new ATI Scorpion stocks with the Aluminum
upgrades. I was hesitant about the qualities of their stocks until I put
this newer model on my Mossy 500. It really is solid. However I've handled
guns with their cheaper version and your right - their garbage.

Author godlovesyou6 ( ago)

Author Mr Big ( ago)
Is that a uti riser for your scope mount? if so how many slots and how

Author shoktroop ( ago)
9.5 pounds. She's a heavy girl. But what I get for the long range accuracy
she is work back packing to a field full of varmints.

Author waimanjr ( ago)
how much does it weight, mins the bipod and grip.?

Author shoktroop ( ago)
I did it myself. Look up my video lineup and I have a video on how to do
it. Just use dowel that is just over or under .950 depending on if you want
a tight fit or a floating barrel.

Author BongSao1979 ( ago)
Nice weapon, man! I'd like to build a 10/22 also. I know I want the .950
barel but none of the stocks I like come sized for it. Mind if I ask how
much it cost to have your stock lathed? Can any good gun-smith do that or
do I need to take it somewhere else? Thanks! 

Author TheCoolwhipped ( ago)
its better to shoot quarter sized groups and be several inches off center
than to have a huge spread and hit it once or twice... and yes. with all of
the custom parts and bull barrel, it will easily shoot better than a marlin
60 at anywhere past 100 yards.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
LOL comparing airsoft to a real firearm is like comparing COD to real
combat. And this rifle will outshoot a marlin 60 anyday of the week. Your
buy build if done right will put 5 shots into a rabbit size target at 250
with no problems. Try that with a Marlin60 let me know how that goes.

Author Jim Stone ( ago)
Looks cool, so does an air soft....Lets see it shoot. not groups, what you
are aimin for. Not tryin to dis you. but if I "buy,build" will it shoot
better than my Marlin 60 sb.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
AMEN brother! My very good friend Charlie can take his CZ 452 and nail the
3 inch gong at 225 yards in near total darkness with open sights. We shoot
rabbits and squirels with open sights at ranges up and including 250 yards
with no propblems. The 22 is a very lethal varmint.

Author aaronstandingbear ( ago)
When I was a kid I had a Cooey single shot that I could consistently pop
eyeballs at a hundred yards with no scope. We used to shoot up to 300 yards
with the 22. but mostly 100 yards or less. The 308. came out for long
shots. People underestimate the hell out of 22.s

Author shoktroop ( ago)
You can do the trigger,sear and disconnector yourself. I have done a
several over the years. For me, it is easier to puchase high quality match
grade parts that are designed and manufactured by a single company like VQ.
Instead of spending hours and hours of honing, polishing then testing I
rather get a factory match part and hone and polish those to my liking.
Thats just me. Work smarter not harder.

Author South Bay Dual Sports ( ago)
Do the trigger job yourself, I've done 3 of them so far. The first was
experimental and gave me about a 6lb pull the second and third were at
roughly 2.75lbs. It's really not hard to do. I have a video I made showing
the process but still need to edit and post it.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
Your telling me brother! I have packed this big girl over several miles and
she is a heavy one. But if you want to shoot varmints at long ranges you
gotta do what ya gotta do. When packin her out in the field she rides on my
pack and I carry my pistol on my hip for anything I may encounter up close.
If your in shape she aint that bad to carry and it is well worth the weight
when your drilling rabbits and squirels at 250 yards +.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
You can get a Volquartsen auto bolt release and target hammer for about
$45. Go to midwayusa and type in the search bar 145851. The hammer will add
some accuracy to your rifle. A target trigger will add a bit more accuracy.
It is shaped correctly and has a over travel stop screw to prevent the
trigger moving rearward more than is needed. Cost about 27 bucks here is
the part number 570649. Thats about as cheap as you can do it. There is a
kit that has everything here is the part # 716391 

Author 03zechariah ( ago)
Ive looked at trigger upgrades and most are about $210. are there any you
know of for cheaper? and the ones i am talking about are the complete
trigger grouping. but id likejust a parts upgrade kit

Author 03zechariah ( ago)
thank you

Author shoktroop ( ago)
LOL you are falling into a pitfall of weapons upgrade syndrome. The answer
to your question is YES a bull barrel will add alot more accuracy and a
maybe a small amount of range. The cheapest upgrades are a bull barrel and
a good scope. But here lies the issue. Cheap scopes give you cheap results
and your neglecting one of the most crucial parts of the weapon. The
trigger system upgrade. That adds a large amount of accuracy potential. 

Author 03zechariah ( ago)
i dont know a ton about these, but im trying to "customize" a 10/22 my dad
gave me. I dont want to spend 100's of dollars and he wants me to be able
to put it back the way it was for my kid eventually. would a bull barrel
improve accuracy and range a lot? and what else is easy to do for range and
accuracy. thanks

Author shoktroop ( ago)
I love the ER SHAW barrels. They are very well built, accurate and hold up
very well under rapid fire. It ussualy isnt a good idea to fire rapid
stings of shots in target weapons. As the barrel heats up accuracy goes out
the door. Even a 22 generates massive heat when shot over and over. On long
rabbit hunts while it is not uncommon for me to engage rabbits for up to 20
minutes. The barrel gets VERY hot during that time and the ER shaw barrel
held tight groups @ 200 yards. Say about 3-4 inches

Author mzondi1970 ( ago)
I like this barrel im ordering it this week. would you recommend the shaw
after using it awhile?

Author mzondi1970 ( ago)
lol i think i just answered my own question i watched tip number 4

Author mzondi1970 ( ago)
I drop you quite a few answer quick and i trust your
judgement. Now i am not at all super knowledgeable so excuse my lack of
info. But how hard is it to put a bull barrel in a stock like a tapco or
boyds ss? I know you can buy one all ready pre-made for that purpose, but
if you all ready have the stock with a bone stock barrel whats the process
of doing so? Im interested in eventually going with a barrel like this or a
kidd. Thank you for answering my questions

Author shoktroop ( ago)
LOL.. There are people who prefere to use cheap parts on rifles get cheap
results. Like you I often just look at my guns with great pride and
admiration. The pride that comes from building a custom rifle or car for
that matter is a great thing. These are great for clearing out rabbits or
praire dogs at 200+ yards. Thanks for saying you would buy one! That is a
nice compliment. I have built over 12 of these for freinds.

Author hilers72652 ( ago)
under 100 yards, the 55gr fmj has a high probability to tumble on impact.
because of the cannelure thinning out the jacket along with the exposed
lead base, it's not uncommon to see fragments of lead that came off of the
bullet. it also causes the bullet to go off on very odd and unpredictable
tangents (FDR??? lol jk)

Author l3awl3ag ( ago)
Is that $650? As a Scotsman, and someone who has never fired a gun, that is
mind blowing lol. Maybe I just don't get it, but $1200 doesn't seem like a
bad deal for that. $650 is ridiculous. If I was a yank I'd buy one of those
in a heart beat. I wouldn't know what to do with it, I'd probably just look
at it, but I'd buy it none the less.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
You can build this rifle on the cheap for about 650. That includes the
rifle. I spend just over 1200 bucks on it. I had a few accidents while
building it. My first tapco stock I destroyed by not paying attention when
I was sanding it down. There were several other mishaps too. 

Author shoktroop ( ago)
@ntrudr800 Your misinformed. Yes the bullet has the capability to fragment
but it ususaly does so on the most minimal way. Out of the M4 style rifle
the bullet will just pinhole the bad guy. Ya it sucks to get shot and if
you hit the right spot they are gonna die period. Fragmenation or not. In
the Military we are not allowed to use HP or Flex tip ammo. Only FMJ.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
@jmoney31705 Anywhere from 25 feet up to 400 meters. The bullet we used in
Nam had a VERY early yaw rate. Thats why you heard the rumor or stories of
a guy getting shot in the chest and the bullet exited his low back. Yaw is
the bullet tumbling in air. ANY bullet will and does smash the rib cage and
or most bones. BUT getting a good body shot while on the move is VERY
challenging. They are not standing still when you shoot em. Damnit.. lol
"Hold still so I can shoot ya' lil bastard" lol. 

Author IRoGuExP ( ago)
shes purtyy :0 

Author shoktroop ( ago)
@acousticman26 Longest one shot one kill shot with this rifle was around
280 yards on a large rabbit. The weather was perfect. near zero wind,
Rabbit broad side facing me, Took it down with a CCI Velociter. I have made
further kills with the rifle but I had to use several follow up shots due
to improper shot placement. We can't bowl a perfect score every time. :/

Author US36477 ( ago)
@shoktroop - Good info, thank you very much (very nice weapon too)

Author shoktroop ( ago)
@US36477 Part II of answer. The United States needs to get rid of that
5.56mm round. We need a heavier and a bit slower round. We actually need to
shove the 6.8mm round down Nato's throat. Since the United States foots the
bill for most of Nato's funding anyway. The 6.8mm is the logical choice for
a modern combat bullet that will actually put down an enemy instead of over
penetrating and pinholing the enemy. Those who buy a 5.56mm AR rifle for
home defense are not in touch with reality. 

Author shoktroop ( ago)
@US36477 I would never use a 5.56mm weapon period. That round is for
shooting prairie dogs. It would pin hole and over penetrate a human in a
CQB enviroment. In home defense and dependant on the exact situation I
would either use my 1911 .45ACP with 230 grn HydraShoks or my Remington 870
with # 4 buckshot. A .22LR bullet like the CCI Velociter or Stinger is as
lethal as any 5.56mm weapon within the home defense envelope. I have seen
Iraqis shot many, many times with 5.56mm weapons to no effect.

Author US36477 ( ago)
Hello Sir - Being a Marine (read: expert rifleman) would you use this over
an AR/M4 type 5.56mm weapon for self defense in a home environment. I saw
one Marine recommend it since "no recoil" enables you to stay on target and
it's relatively quiet (and he preferred a .22LR round accurately placed
over any handgun rounds). Your thoughts (and thank you for your

Author shoktroop ( ago)
@fritzat Mueller APT Mil Dot Tactical Scope and Weaver 30mm tactical rings

Author shoktroop (1317 years ago)
@TheJakeWade1996 I was going to buy one and rig it so it would fit the
Tapco stock but I just never got around to it. It is a great looking stock
and would look sick on this rifle.

Author Jake Wade (114 years ago)
@shoktroop have you ever thought about installing a Magpul butt stock and
grip? and nice set up 

Author theBROWNbanditP (1379 years ago)
@shoktroop Huh, kinda feel stupid for asking. I didn't check your channel
out yet and now I see it. I also see the stock comparison video. Kinda feel
double stupid. I think I'll go with .750" and see if I can still use the 2
screw technique you show in that other vid. Thanks for all the useful info
in your channel. Look forward to more.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
@theBROWNbanditP I would watch my video on how to lathe out the tapco stock
and do it that way.

Author theBROWNbanditP ( ago)
I think your custom fit t6 stock looks better than the .920 version. The
tapco made BB version looks much bulkier in my opinion. Very Nice Work! I
think Im going to take your route and just buy the standard stock and make
it accept my barrel. I have a midweight Clark barrel measuring .720", and
want it free floating, how do you suggest I go about this process? And with
the barrel free floating with this stock, is the receiver still nice and

Author matto79 ( ago)
so total, what did this run you for cost? 

Author Dietzeeeee ( ago)
That looks sick. I just scored a stock ruger 10-22 and I am looking for
upgrade options.

Author shoktroop ( ago)
@Sooprazn Yes I had to lathe out the stock to make room for the barrel.
Tapco makes a stock that will fit the bull barrel. It is the Tapco T6 Bull
Barrel Stock. As for ATI their products are garbage! Plastic crap! Yes they
make a bull barrel stock but i would NEVER buy ATI products again. I have
tried them out and I would never buy those plastic feeling pieces of
poopoo. Tapco is far better and looks better in my opinion.

Author Soopr azn ( ago)
So were you able to put a bull barrel inside of the T6 stock without any
modifications to the stock? Or did you have to lathe out any material?
Also, do you know if the ATI Strikeforce stock will work with a bull

Author shoktroop ( ago)
@GUNSDOTGOV Yes same stock it is actually called The Tapco T6 intrafuse
stock. :P

Author DobermansRock ( ago)
@shoktroop Thats awesome. I am just digging into my 10/22 now after having
it for about 7 years. It amazing how much can be done with sandpaper, files
and some metal polish. I am thinking about putting a Timney drop in trigger
in mine. I put one in my AR and its feals great. I really love the 10/22.
Ruger was on point when he dreamed it up. There should be one in every
American home. Good videos brother keep up the good work.

Author Nyterayven (1399 years ago)
I also have a ruger 10/22, along with an AR15, but, the Ruger is so much
fun to shoot I usually just end up shooting about 60 - 90 rounds out of the
AR then spending the rest of the time with the 10/22. 

Author shoktroop ( ago)
@DobermansRock All of the internals are Volquartsen. Hammer, sear,
disconnector, shims, trigger, Auto bolt release.. All done. 

Author DobermansRock (995 years ago)
What about internal mods? There is a lot of polishing that needs to be

Author fwbrc51 ( ago)
I just bought a S&W 15-22, mounted a 9x 40mm scope and called it a day. 

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