Girl Pied and Slimed-Anglefan No.73

Girl gets completely plastered with pies and also gets slimed.Anglefan Productions 2006 (C).

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 9:18
Comments: 49

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Author Paul Omeke (1 month)
I want to do her

Author Paul Omeke (1 month)
I want to fuck her

Author ed meringer (6 months)
Would love to see her with a friend get plastered like that, great pies,
wish that was me

Author cardsallways (5 years)
that is toastee

Author HazGirlDirector (5 years)
He could have used shaving cream. It's thicker but tastes awful. He could
have used whipped cream, but it's thinner, runnier, and becomes translucent
after a while.

Author TheWinnersWinner (3 years)
You could just lower the audio of the original to cut the guy out, he's
clearly on much smaller wavelengths than the girl. But it's so distracting
and it doubles the length of the vid

Author vulkan998 (5 years)
It sure looks like

Author vettepier (4 years)
I loved it; i wish there were more girls like this in slapstic, and in
life;) (and in my home). I'd love to see more of her (quit giggling; u know
what i mean). Whan was this made?

Author 98WTF (4 years)
you got some white stuff on your face

Author bronxkevin71 (5 years)
I love it when she sticks out her tongue. She looks like a shaggy white

Author lovingway2 (5 years)
It is her. She did this before she was on the show

Author rz21 (5 years)
This was an excellent pieing and sliming. Her reactions were priceless.

Author ToonamiRockz (11 months)
we hate u

Author mccloogin2 (4 years)
Moar :)

Author piedpiper233 (4 years)
wouldn't u rather pie her

Author The Fabolous SOB (3 years)
Jennifer's face is coated very nicely! If only she's up 2 coat the rest of
her skin in green slime!

Author xZZxTakedown (5 years)
what did he use for the pies? and does the crust make it stick better? How
do you make them creamy like that and have so much stick on someones face?

Author Bibledigger322 (3 years)
You need to redo this without the prompts from the guy.

Author slimedfacehard (2 years)
even more they hate and suffer in it we love and enjoy it

Author vettepier (3 years)
best angelfan vid and actress ever!!!!! She single?

Author wamlover2919 (2 years)
I believe you can use cake batter and food dye for the slime

Author michael francois (1 year)
She looks very sexy covered in slime and pie

Author hairstylesXforXtween (2 years)
that must suck to not be able to open your eyes for that long lmao

Author charlyhrs (3 years)
She also just happens to be one of the Bret Michaels "Rock of Love" girls
as well. WOW from reality tv to this???

Author ustad66611 (4 years)
im guessing she likes a big load of cum

Author teddybearsrule07 (2 years)
the girl in this vid is soooo hot like she is a babe!!!!

Author messycreamqueen (4 years)
Sooo hot wish I could be there (But you need more pies and slime)

Author wpinklady (4 years)
the best pie & slime ever!!

Author HuskerIsNumberOne (5 years)
The slime should've been first THEN the pies.

Author Joe Flansburg (3 years)
I'd like to get pied and slimed by a few girls like her

Author Rolando Young (4 years)
esto tiene que dar gracia??

Author robthedude122 (3 years)
@axblackxheart pretty sure they knew

Author TheChessman6500duck12icc (2 years)
This girl is so gorgeous, so this video gets a definite win in my book.

Author hot1legkarl (5 years)
is that Toastee from VH1?

Author motorracingmad (3 years)
have you notice that her nails painted and dose anyone know did she do this
barefoot because i think she is.

Author bronxkevin71 (4 years)
Who is the the woman off camera (I can't wait for you to pie me.) Does she
have a video?

Author junito510 (4 years)
hey hot stuff

Author cuttieman (5 years)
man she was PLASTERED in pies and slime! do you have more?

Author motorracingmad (4 years)
do u think she might be bare foot

Author Daniel O'Sullivan (2 years)
@axblackxheart There's no evidence that actually happened, if I recall. The
idea was just discussed in a conversation the producer thought was private.
Very tasteless indeed, but not quite a sex crime.

Author flutey222 (5 years)
I just orgasmed three times to this.

Author piesrock211 (5 years)
She got...what we call... PLASTERED!!! especially from the first round!

Author michiganpie (4 years)
fabulous fabulous fabulous - and if I didn't mention it before,

Author punkjack999 (3 years)
7:10 - I like how those feel! It's so much better when they enjoy it, or at
least manage to smile and laugh through it

Author kickinoverya (4 years)
No,this is Jennifer 'Toastee' Toof.She used the name Natalia only for

Author lembic (4 years)
Boring to death

Author humilityfan (4 years)
Absolutely fabulous pie/slime video! Cute Jennifer (who resembles Mariah
Carey) eagerly takes a total of 15 pies to the face plus 3 buckets of green
slime - and laughs the whole time, highlighting the fun aspect of the
video. She is superb! If they gave out 'Oscars' for pie/slime videos, this
one would be a winner!

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