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This one´s for HRJafael... Thanks for the request. Hope you enjoy it. :-)
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UPDATE March 2014: Please follow me with better sound and video at Unfortunately YouTube is not letting me to...
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Este tema me gusta mucho, está lleno de nostalgia pero es muy hermoso.


Author Crockett1984 (2 years)
@miamimann1 Yes, i have. I'll send you the whole score soon. :) I think
it's one of the best Marcina's soundtrack. Love Fair Game. :) You can see
there famous Anchor Hotel from Miami Vice. :)

Author miamimann1 (2 years)
Sweet Man and a early Happy Birthday.........

Author miamimann1 (2 years)
does anyone have the whole score.........

Author Trac6er (2 years)
@miamimann1 I even the score. Brilliant

Author ram h (2 years)
@PubliusAfricanus i agree totally, the 90's had action movies with great
scores great scenery , lovely sunsets and the miami setup in this film is
really what kept me envolved with the score, altogether i just liked this

Author mohammedosman88 (3 years)
@BurmaRound1974 same here :D

Author BurmaRound1974 (3 years)
Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thank you for posting! I've been a fan of this
film since it came out (I think I'm one of the few who actually saw it in
the theater). :) The music is great and the film is fun. Thanks again!

Author miamimann1 (10 months)
Love to find the score for Traces of Red....

Author Robert Moran (2 years)
Where can I get a copy of the score?

Author M Bra (4 years)
you can find youtube convertor on google and convert video to mp3

Author deltaecho1 (4 years)
awesome score

Author miamimann1 (2 years)
You have to love movies and TV shows in Miami.......

Author yumessan (1 year)
i love this movie. bravo!

Author M Bra (4 years)

Author budapest500 (8 months)
Hans Zimmer influenced but nice.

Author jamboo01 (1 year)
There are three good things in this movie: Mark Mancina's score and Cindy
Crawford's two boobs.

Author ram h (2 years)
i couldnt agree more, the 90's was purely an amazing time for great action
films and great film scores, you get more involved in the movie, the miami
setting is simply amazing

Author Jay-Tee (4 years)
I love it! Where can we download? =D

Author mayoche99 (4 years)
Sooo good! dude give us a linkk to download this Plz :D

Author miamimann1 (2 years)
did Assains by Mark Mancina ever get released.....saw the it on TV the
other night and loved the score...good Stallone movie......

Author Trac6er (2 years)
@miamimann1 @ Crockett1984 Okay guys.;) The Complete Score of Fair game
Come next week;) Because of my birthday;)

Author RASOOL28 (3 years)
80'S AND 90'S action films were at their best back then. Now all we have is
CGI PG-13 action pictures.

Author john aidoo (1 year)

Author PubliusAfricanus (2 years)
@ramthegamer The Specialist, Fair Game, Bad Boys--the great mid-'90s Miami

Author RebelThoughts (3 years)
God I miss the 90's. I remember watching this movie on VHS so many times
back then as a kid.

Author PubliusAfricanus (3 years)
The '90s was truly the golden age of action cinema.

Author tootster1 (2 years)
I so totally agree! These were my fave 3 mid 90s Miami trilogies and they
had a large following :-)

Author B Watson (1 year)
Wicked Grooves Jack

Author tootster1 (2 years)
Me too! :) I loved going to the cinemas then. That's when people really
appreciated going to the films before pirating or uploading came into place.

Author ram h (2 years)

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