These masks are samples. A twenties European woman, a teenage European girl, a twenties East-Asian woman, and a teenage East-Asian girl.

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Author zjcfhgf (2 years)
I could breathe with no problem.

Author zjcfhgf (3 years)
@iegman1369 I made them of clear masks.

Author Mya Moore (2 years)
Cooool ! "under my mask, i have another mask" like Kakashi sensei

Author DeliriumBlacktis (3 years)
I'd just like to know a thing... Why are you waering and/ok doing maks?
Past-time, or do you Need a mask for an unknown reason?

Author LindainLV (3 years)
You are sooo cute - - - every man would rush home from work to see which
women is waiting for him!! Linda in Las Vegas ((~.~))

Author BadLactose (4 years)
You are so talented!! I'm also so glad to see a new video from you after
all this time.

Author Pedro Oliveira (4 years)
ahuHAUHAUhu nice =D

Author FemaleMaskFan (4 years)
the masks look cheap, sorry but why you not using GF masks made from foam

Author zjcfhgf (3 years)
@Zeanu If you can perceive my masks or videos as only plain purpose(s), I
think that they are worthless things. I am satisfied that you feel
something unexplainable, devious and unclearly.

Author witchsalayer21 (2 years)
@zjcfhgf : can you upload a video, you in the plastic mask please ? I want
to see it

Author Ashlee Schmalzle (3 years)
holy theeth

Author Amelie Kefa (4 years)
Great work! :-)

Author Dafnenancy (4 years)
pls send me your email i have a very importnat business proposal

Author hidkcs (3 years)
nice masks:)

Author zjcfhgf (4 years)
Thank you! I shall not yield.

Author Simone LaTour (4 years)
Forget the negative comments! I think you do superb artistic work. You are
very talented.

Author zjcfhgf (4 years)
Please wait some time.

Author BarrettTV (4 years)

Author grapefruitguru (3 years)
Have a good mask life? What?

Author witchsalayer21 (2 years)
@zjcfhgf why you love wearing a mask ? Are you afraid to show your face ?
Reply me please :)

Author MuscularLegGuy (3 years)
Amazing video ... you are beautiful !!!!!

Author Zeanu (3 years)
I like how you take the masks off, revealing different expressions, but
other than that... I do not get the purpose, besides understanding a
certain artistic value and knowing that some people find this a fetish
(means of escape or putting on a different face), but could you maybe
explain more to me?

Author zjcfhgf (4 years)
Full head latex masks are difficult for individuals.

Author CPU9incarnate (2 years)

Author AnimexBoi (4 years)
Wow.. kinda' creepy but it sure is interesting.

Author zjcfhgf (3 years)
@DeliriumBlacktis I have liked masks since childhood. Many children are so.

Author zjcfhgf (4 years)
Please look "contact" in my HP.

Author Ilovemyferret26 (3 years)
That last one is the best!

Author zjcfhgf (3 years)
@YamiHerzeleid Thank you! The mask is used on "How to make masks revision",

Author witchsalayer21 (2 years)
What is metamorphoses ? Me too, many complete stranger.

Author iegman1369 (3 years)
Where did u get the masks?

Author zjcfhgf (4 years)
I threw it. It can use only once. But the molds remain.

Author desiedoek (4 years)
Beautiful smile babe!

Author gabrielhuanosto (3 years)

Author AlicethePattern (3 years)
Wow! So amazing! I love your transformations! <3

Author 88Hyo (3 years)
i always you do look like behind thoso masks XD

Author Lars M (4 years)
why? but why???

Author imnotrlyadoctor (2 years)
this was unbelievably creepy

Author themilliondollarbaby (4 years)
wheres the one you ate with the cake?

Author aLLikat89 (3 years)
the last one is really cute

Author Albert Ledwin (2 years)
@zjcfhgf you are beautiful with and without your mask :)

Author Rafael Mengelberg (3 years)
@zjcfhgf many children.... 3 or 2...

Author zjcfhgf (4 years)
Truly on the real thing, my foam latex mask is cheaper than plastic ones.

Author witchsalayer21 (2 years)
@zjcfhgf : could you breath well in a lot of mask ?

Author zjcfhgf (2 years)
I have desire of metamorphoses. I am afraid of people living in web.

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