These masks are samples. A twenties European woman, a teenage European girl, a twenties East-Asian woman, and a teenage East-Asian girl.

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Author jason Chong ( ago)
you mask so good ,how much you made 1..?i want to buy

Author Le Parodieur ( ago)
You are so beautiful with your masks and your Russian winter clothing <3

Author Albert Ledwin ( ago)
@zjcfhgf you are beautiful with and without your mask :)

Author zjcfhgf ( ago)
I have desire of metamorphoses. I am afraid of people living in web. 

Author CPU9incarnate (1705 years ago)

Author zjcfhgf (473 years ago)
I could breathe with no problem.

Author imnotrlyadoctor ( ago)
this was unbelievably creepy

Author Arthas Menethil ( ago)
Cooool ! "under my mask, i have another mask" like Kakashi sensei

Author AlicethePattern ( ago)
Wow! So amazing! I love your transformations! <3

Author Ashlee Schmalzle ( ago)
holy theeth 

Author Rafael Mengelberg ( ago)
@zjcfhgf many children.... 3 or 2...

Author zjcfhgf ( ago)
@iegman1369 I made them of clear masks.

Author iegman1369 ( ago)
Where did u get the masks?

Author zjcfhgf ( ago)
@DeliriumBlacktis I have liked masks since childhood. Many children are so.

Author The Game-Lion ( ago)
I'd just like to know a thing... Why are you waering and/ok doing maks?
Past-time, or do you Need a mask for an unknown reason?

Author aLLikat89 ( ago)
the last one is really cute

Author zjcfhgf ( ago)
@Zeanu If you can perceive my masks or videos as only plain purpose(s), I
think that they are worthless things. I am satisfied that you feel
something unexplainable, devious and unclearly. 

Author 88Hyo ( ago)
i always you do look like behind thoso masks XD

Author zjcfhgf ( ago)
@YamiHerzeleid Thank you! The mask is used on "How to make masks revision",

Author hidkcs ( ago)
nice masks:)

Author Pedro Oliveira ( ago)
ahuHAUHAUhu nice =D

Author zjcfhgf ( ago)
Thank you! I shall not yield.

Author Simone LaTour ( ago)
Forget the negative comments! I think you do superb artistic work. You are
very talented.

Author Lars M ( ago)
why? but why???

Author BarrettTV ( ago)

Author desiedoek ( ago)
Beautiful smile babe!

Author Amelie Kefa ( ago)
Great work! :-)

Author zjcfhgf ( ago)
I threw it. It can use only once. But the molds remain.

Author zjcfhgf ( ago)
Truly on the real thing, my foam latex mask is cheaper than plastic ones.

Author zjcfhgf ( ago)
Please look "contact" in my HP.

Author zjcfhgf ( ago)
Full head latex masks are difficult for individuals.

Author zjcfhgf ( ago)
Please wait some time.

Author themilliondollarbaby ( ago)
wheres the one you ate with the cake?

Author AnimexBoi ( ago)
Wow.. kinda' creepy but it sure is interesting.

Author BadLactose ( ago)
You are so talented!! I'm also so glad to see a new video from you after
all this time.

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