9 Incredible Lemon Hacks For Your Home

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  • Hi
    Hi 3 days ago

    Watch the kill cam to see if the enime has an ultimate ready

  • Joebell 1236
    Joebell 1236 7 days ago


  • Still Salty
    Still Salty 13 days ago

    would if I have a cut?

  • Still Salty
    Still Salty 13 days ago

    washing your hands with lemons is horibly inconvenient if you have a cut

  • Fun with Mithi
    Fun with Mithi 13 days ago


    What if you have a paper cut

  • Golden Saddle
    Golden Saddle 16 days ago

    When life gives you lemons
    Slap them in the face and ask for apples instead

    Like if you agree

  • The God of HyperMemes

    Dude sell this stuff and you could possibly become a millionaire

  • christopher Nathaniel

    keep make good stuff in the channel

  • JoshuaGmer101 Slither.io,Minecraft & more

    when life gives you lemons make orange juice

  • Space Kittyx
    Space Kittyx 19 days ago

    2:47 so if u freeze the lemons ice cream will appear WOW.... Fasenated

  • Ricardo Gomes
    Ricardo Gomes 20 days ago

    vxsdxrffersfxydd c.f.

  • Minh Anh Nguyễn Thị

    what about lime ?

  • D ROSE
    D ROSE 22 days ago


  • Raahim Kamaal
    Raahim Kamaal 24 days ago

    Who else saw the poizin bottle At 3:11

  • thesinsofourpast
    thesinsofourpast 26 days ago

    when i was younger i used to eat the pure lemon with sugar CONSTANTLY

  • Pheonix Gauld
    Pheonix Gauld 26 days ago

    wouldn't these work with limes and grapefruit also

  • Ethan Forrester
    Ethan Forrester 27 days ago

    Lemons are acidic not alkaline

  • LemonZ_ KAT
    LemonZ_ KAT 28 days ago

    you are killing my people :/ XD

  • Captain Peanut
    Captain Peanut 1 month ago

    Who wants to see this guy's house

  • Potato Died Because of Sasha

    when life gives you lemons...

    -read them-

  • Rimantas Ramonas
    Rimantas Ramonas 1 month ago

    want to be rich use some lemons

  • Keith Doherty
    Keith Doherty 1 month ago

    I love prickly pears

  • How does one YouTube

    Lemons are acidic in nature not alkaline

  • DustyDuckling 101
    DustyDuckling 101 1 month ago

    Can you do some hacks with toilet paper rolls because I have a lot of them , for crafting purposes, and I don't know what to do with them, and yes I have made a wall decor with them and I DONT want to do that again... messy paint and VEEEEERY long process

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen 1 month ago


  • The Wild Wolf
    The Wild Wolf 1 month ago

    *My cat farted, can I get a like?*

  • FaceBaby
    FaceBaby 1 month ago

    I just did the banana and Sprite challenge and it has been about 2min. And I have no thrown up am I about to?

  • Exactly Pi
    Exactly Pi 1 month ago

    tip 10

    except the peel duh

  • Sheena E
    Sheena E 1 month ago

    vinegar sea salt badly burned pans!

  • potato chip
    potato chip 1 month ago


  • Gaurav Shirodkar
    Gaurav Shirodkar 1 month ago

    2:17 you said "alkaline nature of lemons

  • Rex Tomminion
    Rex Tomminion 1 month ago

    What if you have a cut on your hand?

  • cadeKaiser
    cadeKaiser 1 month ago

    When life gives you lemons make orange juice instead

  • YourNotSoCasualSkeletor

    me: Hey you bought that from Vat19 right?

  • Gladys Lau
    Gladys Lau 1 month ago

    If I have lemon juice I'll add some sugar and turn it into lemonade

  • Misdirection Studio
    Misdirection Studio 2 months ago

    Pickled lemons yum! (Not)

  • The Talking Guest
    The Talking Guest 2 months ago


    or I'm gonna burn your house down

  • *JacobNauerth*
    *JacobNauerth* 2 months ago

    So a lemon is going to disinfect my cut( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Bllv498 67
    Bllv498 67 2 months ago

    when life gives you a lemon.
    congratulation you have lemon

  • Anusha Goonasekera
    Anusha Goonasekera 2 months ago

    Why do u always use that stupid background music it's annoying the hell outa me!

  • BTD Bros
    BTD Bros 2 months ago


  • Ewan Adeshead
    Ewan Adeshead 2 months ago

    looks like my cat

  • Jessica Valentine
    Jessica Valentine 2 months ago

    The mug at 3:17 is the camera lens mug from vat 19

  • Nameless DJ
    Nameless DJ 2 months ago

    Hey i have a useful fact

    You will live until you die

  • Fighta
    Fighta 2 months ago

    during the vid, i can smell the scent of lemons in here even though theres no lemons in here

  • Alexander d'Artur
    Alexander d'Artur 2 months ago


  • Jaden Villanueva
    Jaden Villanueva 2 months ago

    When Life gives You Lemons, Shoot life in its head. It should have given you money instead of lemons

  • Class Changer
    Class Changer 2 months ago

    If you want to get a kid to eat some lemon juice a useful tip is to spilt a lemon in half and put a tiny bit of sugar on a side, squeeze it and now they have a sweet treat neutralizing the sour lemon taste.

  • Ekim Rodavlas
    Ekim Rodavlas 2 months ago

    Who feels like eating a lemon now

  • Muhammad Musawar
    Muhammad Musawar 2 months ago

    he lost about 2.5 to 3 million subscribers(if i m not wrong)

  • Shraddha Rahangdale
    Shraddha Rahangdale 2 months ago

    love your hacks

  • Nicole Davies
    Nicole Davies 2 months ago

    great ideas again!!!

  • weedadk Sgt
    weedadk Sgt 2 months ago

    Lemons can it all

  • MissDeerie
    MissDeerie 3 months ago

    When life gives you lemons


  • blackrockshooter rock
    blackrockshooter rock 3 months ago

    the lemon icecream i

  • chef peepee
    chef peepee 3 months ago

    When life gives you lemon

  • TheForgottenOxLegend
    TheForgottenOxLegend 3 months ago

    u broke my kureg

  • itz holtz
    itz holtz 3 months ago

    My dick is black and big it's my cousins

  • Po Po
    Po Po 3 months ago

    I don't even like lemons but I watched this entire video like 12 times...

    SOLUTIONS 4U 3 months ago


  • Greg Fessenden
    Greg Fessenden 3 months ago

    put ur lemon vinegar in a plastic container and toss it in ur car for two weeks; it'll shake itself as u drive around.

  • Kendall murray
    Kendall murray 3 months ago

    here's a hack put a lemon slice in you garbage disposal to get ride the nasty smell

  • 2OP4YOU
    2OP4YOU 3 months ago

    1:25 i alrdy new that one but if you make them smaller and do more lemon jouce it wil come sooo tasty

  • MeisCool
    MeisCool 3 months ago

    if you squeeze lemon juice in your eyes then you can see better. ☺🍋👀

  • Cool Dog
    Cool Dog 3 months ago


  • Jojo Joseph
    Jojo Joseph 3 months ago

    Will the apple have a flavor of lemon??

  • E M
    E M 3 months ago

    God is the boss of the world how dare you

  • BlueFire255
    BlueFire255 3 months ago

    Seems very apealing

  • neelam kumari
    neelam kumari 3 months ago


  • TheWizardingPanda
    TheWizardingPanda 3 months ago

    this guy sounds like an infomertial XD like if you agree

  • Melody
    Melody 3 months ago

    alkaline nature of lemons? really?


    A lemon hack I know is, take some lemon slices, sprinkle some sugar on them and add orange blossom water. Then the lemon slice tastes just like lemonade.🍋🍋🍋

  • Ryan Flores
    Ryan Flores 3 months ago

    You can't eat it

  • Emi DIY
    Emi DIY 3 months ago

    I've tried making the lemon sorbet it was delicious

    RALF GILKYSON 4 months ago

    how to make homemade fresh lemonade great tasting lemonade

  • jamaree04
    jamaree04 4 months ago

    Householdhacker you must LOVE lemons

  • AwesomeHoodie 2
    AwesomeHoodie 2 4 months ago

    When Life Gives You Lemons
    Make Grape Juice, And Let The World Wonder How You Did It

  • Vaidhiyanathan Panchapagesan

    By the way lemon is not alkaline it is acidic

  • Remi- Roblox&More
    Remi- Roblox&More 4 months ago

    This was incredalemon

  • Aimee Jago
    Aimee Jago 4 months ago



    what happens when you wash your hand with lemon and a paper or a knife cut when cutting those veges

  • Novi Slime
    Novi Slime 4 months ago

    If you put a nickel or some thing in a lemon or lime you wait one hour and the coin gets clean!

  • It's Andrei
    It's Andrei 4 months ago

    Count how much times he said "citrus scent"

  • Ciara Chloe
    Ciara Chloe 4 months ago

    I know a way to use lemons 🍋, eat them xD

  • Abdulrehman Ali
    Abdulrehman Ali 4 months ago

    i realy love all of your videos i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much..,

  • linette kristensen
    linette kristensen 4 months ago

    shoutout to tarradarrabros

  • youtoobloser
    youtoobloser 4 months ago

    Where ya at buddy? No videos in over a month! Did you give up On YouTube????

  • Just Some YouTuber
    Just Some YouTuber 4 months ago

    *After Making Video*
    " Now my house smells like a fruit bowl"
    *Next Day*
    Kids: WHY DAD?! WHY?!

  • Reaper Galade
    Reaper Galade 4 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that he said Bruce cycle while using bat man cups

  • Toxic Fridge
    Toxic Fridge 4 months ago

    just waking up early and going on your phone and don't feel like putting down your brightness? cover one of your eyes

  • Stryker Escobedo
    Stryker Escobedo 4 months ago

    wanna jerk off but you have no lube? No problem just use lemon juice it will leave our dick with a pain and you will never want to jerk off again 👍

  • mr. timebacon
    mr. timebacon 4 months ago

    Or you can burn someone's house down with a lemon

  • Coffee GROUNDS
    Coffee GROUNDS 4 months ago

    Am I the only person who can casually eat a lemon?

  • Coffee GROUNDS
    Coffee GROUNDS 4 months ago

    Am I the only person who can casually eat a lemon?

  • GameProPie Lord64
    GameProPie Lord64 4 months ago

    Roses Are Red
    Violets Are Blue
    I Came For The Thumnail
    So Did You

  • SpunkyPupupups
    SpunkyPupupups 4 months ago

    Wouldn't the lemons leave behind a sticky residue

  • The Wolf Films
    The Wolf Films 5 months ago

    But I love garlic, if my hands smell like garlic, well... 😐 my hands will be covered in spit

  • Layla willis
    Layla willis 5 months ago

    Hi I'm new here and this an amazing Chanel and I've already subscribe lol

  • Be Lazy
    Be Lazy 5 months ago

    Ohh I'm above the maker of this video!

  • Apollo 69
    Apollo 69 5 months ago

    90% of lemon hacks...


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