Revelation Song - Kari Jobe

A powerful worship song from the album "Glorious" by CFNI

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Runtime: 8:09
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Author Mery brejensk santos lemos (2 months)

Author Bob Van (2 months)

Author RamsesReturns (4 months)
This is mans attempt to bring heaven on earth! 

Author Jerrod Myles (3 months)
Truly, hers is the voice of an angel.

Author Brandy Sunnenberg (1 month)
I love this song!!! :)

Author Maximvenom (2 months)
You guys realize god doesn't exist right? It's a beautiful song sure but
it's no different than singing about chemicals or states.

Author Chris Mclemore (2 months)
Love this song i listen to it each morning to begin my day and it brings me
peace and brightens my smile. Thank You Jesus!

Author David May (2 months)
Maximvenom......Self awareness... The soul is outside of the body. When we
"choose" a response "something" outside of us is controlling the chemicals
in the brain. When we are in the "working part of the mind" the chemicals
run us.
Those chemical reactions work 2 ways. Your "working part of your mind" is
programmed to not believe in God. I am aware of what I am typing. You don't
"realize" you are not expansive enough to "get it"....I can enlighten you
on much. All atheist end up running away from me...Wanna Play the "God
Game"...You don't "realize" once you open up to God, he talks to you. He
will talk to you thru "Devine synchronicity".....You have no clue what your
missing...Your loss...Blinders in the Way...Kevin Martin.....

Author Ken Brown (1 year)
This one

Author The Bridegroom's Voice (11 months)
Holy Is The Lord God Almighty Who Was- Is To Come! Praise To The King #Jesus #tWorship #NationalDayOfPrayer

Author Brian Stusalitus (11 months)
Revelation Song

Author JM Duatin (1 year)
This song is amazing. Nothing better than worshipping the almighty king who
died for us.

Author Aimee Richard (1 year)

Author Cheryl lynn (1 year)
Worthy is the...lamb who was slain...holy holy is he

Author jaronaeve54 (28 days)
kari you sound awsome

Author sisJolene (4 months)
youneek: There is only ONE God, JESUS CHRIST, St John 1:1-14 In the
beginning was the Word & the Word was with God & the Word WAS God, & the
Word BECAME FLESH & dwelt among us. Jesus is the God of the Old Testament
and the New. Jesus is Yahushua, the Great I AM, the creator of heaven and
earth and all that is in it. He made a body, came to earth in a physical
form to reconcile the world back unto Himself. Only ONE God.

Author jackieperez17able (1 year)
please check out my cover of this song. it was a great experience and
pleasure singing for God. God Bless all

Author dondean517 (1 year)

Author Sheilaa Akinyi (9 months)
powerful song I am blessed I have just learned of your songs from you tube
you a blessed daughter of the most high may you keep using your God given
talent to bless us with more songs God Bless You KARI JOBE

Author FreeT0Live (6 months)
Lord Willing...I will review your essay tomorrow and get back to you.
Thanks for the quick reply. Be Blessed!

Author Rockshopunited (7 months)
Yes Jesus is God, here's why. One day, a long time ago, God begot a son.
This made him a father now. One day, God the Father and his son talked
about how they would save man... later. ill explain in a bit...

Author king solo (1 year)
this song inspires me, to sing to Our Lord

Author timothy hill (1 year)
You just feel it deep in your soul when she sings! My god is almighty!

Author Erika Cervantes (1 year)
I love tha song

Author Oweitall2Him (6 months)
But Jesus is, was and remains, God.

Author james holt (1 year)
i love this song!!!!!!!!

Author MSriricakes (1 year)
aww man your coment brought tears to my eyes praise God ,,God bless you

Author matebejane onkay (1 year)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love this song...THANK YOU GOD FOR KARI she ie very

Author Mizta Blessed (1 year)
Awesome...sweet mate.

Author Paul Dykes (1 year)
Kari I love you!!!

Author trinidancer4christ (1 year)
Praise God that you chose life...Hallelujah for His saving power

Author Yangchen Dolkar (11 months)

Author camerontmoss (10 months)
Gather a bunch of people and start singing this publicly and watch what

Author David Brasher (1 year)
I cannot wait to sing this to His face.

Author youneekk (6 months)
Is Jesus the God of Jesus? Yes or no?

Author Daniel Perez (8 months)
God is always in control of his people as well as the whole worlds fate.
Choose this day who you will serve!

Author youneekk (6 months)
My question was "Is Jesus the God of Jesus?" And you responded with "Jesus
is God". That doesn't answer the question at all so let me rephrase my
question. When you say "Jesus is God" does the term "God" in that sentence
mean "the God of Jesus"?

Author king solo (1 year)
with all creation i sing!!!

Author Timothy Marshall (6 months)
What Jesus entered into was His commitment to the saving of man should he
fall. This commitment was thus witnessed by the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Were this not so, than no covenant could exist and any other belief we have
as to salvation is of no value whatsoever for salvation rests on the
everlasting covenant that was ratified by the blood He shed on the cross.
But we are to try to engage this matter by our finite minds but rather
accept it on the basis of faith, His faith that saves us.

Author waterofeyes (1 year)
This song is touching my mind. Though many versions of this song are on
YouTube, I like this one most. Her voice sounds really deep and clean.

Author firerycarmen (1 year)
Oh Wow God is great!!!!!!!!!!!

Author youneekk (6 months)
So you still haven't answered me. Is Jesus the God of Jesus?

Author jmilsrt4 (1 year)
Every time I see this video I just think of all of us singing this to Jesus
in Heaven and how amazing it's going to be!

Author CelticMs (1 year)
Amen! Never underestimate the power and awesomeness of the Lord to make
your life PERFECT cos He made you to BE the spiritual being you have
become, and i pray He will continue to work thru you for your betterment,
and that of the entire world. Keep spreading the love! Peace be with you
now and always. xox

Author Kamaljit Rai (1 year)
same here brother Praise Jesus for healing us

Author Douknow Godlovesyou (1 year)

Author dondean517 (1 year)
I love this song. When I am feeling down I come here to listen to it. So

Author camerontmoss (1 year)
experiencing how everyone in Heaven says "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God
Almighty, Who was and is to come!"

Author Kininet (6 months)
So powerful. God bless you all.

Author camopreacher (10 months)
it wont be long to we will see His Blessed Face. Hallelujah. i am excited
when the Bride meets her Bridegroom

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