Azn Pride (Asian Pride) Official Music Video - Mrwongmusic

Beat & lyrics by Mrwongmusic - (Again, the lyrics are about racial unity and understanding, yet being able to have pride in one's own race.)

After an accident all video wipe on my channel, got it running sorta proper again - so here's the video Re-uploaded!


Verse 1

This ones out to ma' chinks, hustlin' dimes and cents,
And ma' sister's giving massages just to pay the rent,
Equality never existed, but I'ma stay mellow,
Speaking with a white accent, but my skin stays yellow,

Ain't no time for haters, hold the honour and pride,
You know we can see clearly despite our slit eyes,
Get an education if you still believe the lies,
Even ma' white girl said she saw smaller dicks on white guys.

Don't get it twisted though, we're part of every race,
The misconception of the message is a huge disgrace,
Coz' everyone has haters, there'll always be a storm,
Sometimes you gotta' remember your roots and where you came from.

In a world of prejudice, it's part of being man,
The way the schemas in our brain help us understand,
together hand in hand, let's do it one more time,
we band together and give it up for our bloodline.


Where ma' chinks at, from the front and the back,
Coz yall be on my mind as I'm writing this track,
With our Honda Civics, fast and furious rides,
We gunna' make this town scream Asian pride.

Where ma' chinks at, from the front and the back,
Coz yall be on my mind as I'm writing this track,
With our honour, humility and ninja vibe,
we gunna make the world scream Asian pride.

Verse 2

We gotta' stop the violence, to find that peace of mind,
But still, my knuckles clench whenever them haters come and cross the line,
With all them racial slurs, they try to put us down,
I'll walk away but tomorrow you'll be in the lost and found,

They say we can't be gangsters, they never been around,
Go run your tongue and hatin' when you out in Chinatown,
Hidin' out in the shadows, they gunna' get you good,
Just coz' we keep it pretty don't mean that it ain't no hood.

Enough with all the aggression, we need way more compassion,
Enough with all the hate, violence coupled with racial tension,
Lyrics on racial pride, bring us round side by side,
No need to hate on other races coz' were'all on this ride,

Ain't no time for hatin', only integratin',
The clock just keeps on tickin', no matter if you're gone or stayin',
Black, white, brown, beige, pale or yellow,
We'll flow together like the colours of the rainbow,

Hook Repeat x 2


To all the people who think that we're all Chinese or Jap',
What ever happened to the other countries on the map? (Did they fall out the map?)
I know its hard sometimes not to categorize,
Coz' its only human nature for our brains to try to simplify,

Puttin' people into groups, then groups into boxes,
Boxes into bags, can't tell the shoes from our socks',
If everything looks the same, binded by the mental chains,
Then uniqueness and individuals cant exist in our brain,

Why does discrimination take the throne, I'm in the zone,
Got me tickin' like that metronome, in ma' headphones,
With all this racism, black, white, brown or asian,
We on this globe together, why can't we be one big nation?

Coz' ma rhymes infinite, but the times the limit,
Let all the races come together, we're all the same withinit',
I'll keep that hope alive, and never let it drop, won't stop,
But right now for ma' people, I got to give em' props.

Hook Repeat



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Author Temporary Relocation Assistance ( ago)
Interesting there are no black people in this video, but you rapping tho!
hmmm! No racism right? Respect for the pride, and the message just question
the visuals. The white women is pretty tho, right? SMH! Just saying, we got
a long way to go.

Author DJ SONIC ( ago)

Author elhorgh ( ago)
You gotta upload 'Smokin' dude!

Author Delbert Hunt ( ago)
You haters that don't know anything about Asians are just ignorant!! I love
Asian men they are more intelligent, great lovers, make more money, when
they retire they are one the top of the pool of the highest of income, and
that has been researched and is a statistical fact. It is a fact that
Asians are biologically more intelligent. I am white and have a beautiful
daughter and I told her to stay with Asian men and now she is married with
two beautiful children. So shut up you white haters!!

Author shrimp jesus ( ago)
asian pride

Author Anon Liberty ( ago)
ya mother fucker i am chinese,
i eat rice while sitting on my knees,
ya my skin is yellow,
i am a little fellow,
i eat rice,
the chinese are not nice

Author yo ( ago)
what's happened to him? he was good

Author pavel e ( ago)
Haha this is so wong

Author hernandayolearyallda ( ago)
Yellow power, chinks are taking the game over, bow down whitey!

Author Pride (Pride909) ( ago)
Asian people are beautiful shout out all the asian women. But this is
really bad, i'm sorry it just is...

Author tazydevil93 ( ago)
type in mr wong who is he and u will see a 1000 times better version of
this guy from the uk hes so sick..this guys shit sounds american

Author Anon Liberty ( ago)

Author Ready4Whatever (352 years ago)
Should of used the word where my "ninjas" at? Sounds much better.

Author Nicholas Khat ( ago)
We come from different countries but we are still equal

Author Nicholas Khat ( ago)
Y the fuck y'all racists

Author k yfvh ( ago)
No pilots or drivers fck that dude he's probably a porch monkey sellin
crack on the street side lamp, or a wetback working in a asian owned
restaurant, or even a whiteboy wanting to be bad even though he couldn't
make it in badboy records lmao asian pride u gonna scream bitchass 

Author YoungKoolness17 ( ago)
to be honest, if there were more asians in countries that have asian
diaspora. they would be much more in the limelight and ignorant people
could get to know asian people more. asians pretty much have it all,
brains, brawn, respect for society. overseas asians just need to stop
shying away from the others. since overseas asians set the impression for
what others think of us, i hope they will understand what i just said. its
annoying of people like me who live in asia, goes to whatever on a holiday
but then starts being stereotyped by eurpans or murcans. because of how u
guys act.

Author Гаврил Абрамов ( ago)
Asian can be proud, because they have a great and ancient civilization.
They have "God spark" in head.

Author laosfinest ( ago)
That Shit is dope cuzz I like it. Its time for us Asians to shine. For all
them hataz fucc Yall its Laos pride Asian pride. Keep it up much love n

Author Games of Yesteryear ( ago)
A rap song about Asian pride. The irony is so thick that you can cut it
with a hattori hanzo katana blade.

Author Javier Mendoza ( ago)
Orale!!! Viva ASIA!!! ;)

Author Matt Beezy ( ago)
I'm half Asian but this shit is wack

Author DTMUniversal ( ago)
Mr Wong, I applaud your contribution to Asian pride. Although I personally
disagree with the use of the word chink to call your own. I don't think it
sets a good example and we shouldn't be using that self-derogatory term.
But I commend you. Check out my films which are all pro-Asian. Dynasty MMA
is also my channel. Peace.

Author Eddie Deng ( ago)
its been too long. I am not too proud of the past few hundred years as a
chinese male, we been humiliated too much. I hope we turn this around and
make the human race remember whose king.

Author Él guapo rifa ( ago)
Be proud, your mom did a great job massaging my dick son !!!!!!

Author Akbar Gaziev ( ago)

Author Mikki Yeong ( ago)
azn pryde Busan South Korea 

Author Addison Sheehan ( ago)
Rudolf hess man I'd shoot myself with that name. How is europe better, I
think this Asian pride shits a joke too but our mafia aint to be fucked
with, most savage is yakuza, not your yodoling lederhosen wearing fairys.
Go fuck your sister, america is ruled by china, europe aint shit compared
to Asia. 

Author Addison Sheehan ( ago)
Europe is superior in which way? Sucking more at everything. Asian> All ,
we have better technology, more people, more money more land man wtf how is
europe better those crooked tooth witch nosed freaks. 

Author 정강이신성 문 ( ago)
Exoduss I will break it down to the simplified version for your retarded
ass and To all of the ground zero looking white boys out there hatin' on
OUR ASIAN race feel FREE TO GIVE ME A CALL. and to that recheck talking
about the US ARMY I served in Iraq twice and wasn't even born in this young
ass country yet still sacroficed both legs and an arm for you to to be
ignorant. You are welcome round eyes. PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL here is my cell
6025131763 although I KNOW you don't have the balls. I'll Give you my
(OTHER WORDS YOU THINK CAN HURT US. You ignorant piece of human garbage. I
WISH your cunt of a mother could have just aborted you or spit you on the
floor like she always has cause your bloodline runs thin like your mom, the
WHORE. LOL. 602-513-1763 you'll be in my Prayers 

Author 정강이신성 문 ( ago)
난 당신이 공을 가지고 있지 않은 것을 알면서도 흰색 소년 저를 불러옵니다. 나는 당신에게 내 주소를 준다. AND MY 앞 잔디밭에서
꺼냅니다. 즉,이 창 프레임에서 이동국 (당신이 생각하는 다른 단어가 미국을 해칠 수있는 재미입니다. 당신은 인간 쓰레기의 무지
부분입니다. 그녀는 항상 원인이있다처럼 나는 어머니의 당신의 성기가 당신을 중단 좋았을 텐데 또는 바닥에 당신을 침을 당신의 혈통은
얇은 실행 엄마처럼, 창녀. LOL. 602-513-1763 당신은 나의기도에있을거야(here is the simplified
English version for you bc I doubt ypur IQ could comprehend a primary
language for your primitive superior race as you describe yourself so call
me up white boy even though I KNOW you don't have the balls. I'll Give you
GOOK (OTHER WORDS YOU THINK CAN HURT US. You ignorant piece of human
garbage. I WISH your cunt of a mother could've just aborted you or spit you
on the floor like she always has cause your bloodline runs thin like your
mom, the WHORE. LOL. 602-513-1763 you'll be in my Prayers 

Author Green Turtle ( ago)
Got Rice Bitch?

Author Brad McGuire ( ago)
It's like Sreeping Dogs, Sick stuff

Author monk3yl0ver23 ( ago)
Now if only the world could see what you and only a few other people see..
The world would be so much better if we could actually walk down a street
without pushing and rushing and actually take the time to get to know
someone for who they really are. P.L.U.R <3

Author pham90s ( ago)
All the dislikes from white ppl.

Author Simulacra O'Derry ( ago)
If he's so proud of his Asian race, then why does he date outside his race?

Author Diveous ( ago)
wtf Asians are rich ass fuck, the girls massaging make baller money, Asians
keep your head up you guys are doing good.

Author Sheriff Khalid ( ago)
power once upon a tyme. .

Author c frisco ( ago)
Azn pride ! From SF Chinatown HST

Author battlesnake 1 ( ago)
it feels like whites are a minority now, not because we are the minority,
rather because its seen as racist if we show pride in our culture

Author YoungKoolness17 ( ago)
i'm not your fucking mate and i don't like australians

Author YoungKoolness17 ( ago)
why can't he be? he' not being racist to anyone else in any way, you stupid
little moron, does he go around saying the whites and blacks are slaves,
like skinheads? no so fuck you

Author YoungKoolness17 ( ago)
did you even watch the video? he preaches that it's disgrace to categorize
each other like this, but white or black, it doesn't matter , like the
color of the rainbow , he says

Author Wildmanfan ( ago)
I love the message and the music and all that but did you really have to
use the word chink the way black people use the word Nigga?

Author Wildmanfan ( ago)
Yeah but you know what though? Eminem is a white rapper who's taken a black
art form and changed the game. I don't see anyone saying anything about
that. So wouldn't that make a white guy act like they are black? Trust me
when I say that there are more white rappers out there "acting like blacks"
than there are Asians acting black.

Author AzYaTicMadness ( ago)
this shit is hella weak tho its not even all that

Author iGeek Sowicked ( ago)
Hey I have only one question...WHERE MY CHINKS AT?!!?

Author Smookers Chooice ( ago)
stay yo ass in saskabullshit aint no one worried bout yo bustdown asss

Author Mit Mit ( ago)
da fuq nigga where ya live ? fuq u i'm in saskatoon show ur ass up the 20th
fuq u up with my native gang s

Author mrwongmusic ( ago)
won't argue with you on the white pride part, people may hate on that and
it may certainly be a bit unfair... but with regards to your comment bout
asians acting like black - in case you haven't realized, rap is a genre
with requires attitude and pace: but that is becoming such a stereotypical
response/view in itself if that any other race other than blacks rap, their
trying to be black? That isn't fair either is it; expecting us to rap like
chingchangch0ng style? it isnt chinese opera either:P

Author Smookers Chooice ( ago)
shut yo shit bitch

Author Mit Mit ( ago)
wanna fight nigger ? dont let me see you in saskatoon - canada man .

Author Mit Mit ( ago)
i dont think east asian want that they got high pride.. espeacially chinese
since they dont want to hang out with any other than their own culture

Author Mit Mit ( ago)
he's not acting black it's just common thing while u rap stupid kid

Author Smookers Chooice ( ago)
fuck you godamn slant-eyed savages, i hope you all die you zipperhead dog
eating rice patty motherfuckers. fuck the gooks, get out America, your
sister massaged my cock.

Author smartlinkage ( ago)
love the song! Finally, Asian pride! Love you all.

Author Florent Thiaw ( ago)
Yes, Japaneses had the same idea, they destroyed Nankin for dat. Anyway,
could be a good idea if the three big (C J K ) worked together and rise up
the rest of asia. Respectfully, a chinese french.

Author HelloThangy ( ago)
Asian pride? U acting black though.. Lols disgrace to the Asian race smh

Author Tou Chang ( ago)
dawg you gay lol

Author MrMohamedgangsta ( ago)

Author michaelvj50 ( ago)
How can you have.... Asian pride.... While actin' Black? Hmmmmmm...

Author RoJoFilipino ( ago)
some of us can get pretty dark

Author conesconesallday ( ago)
haha my filo mates hate chinese and japanese with a passion. and the few
japs i know they do not like chinese or vietnamese, they say china bad
japan good. so where is the pride? did you know that INDIA is in ASIA.?

Author beyondcinema ( ago)
You shoot this in Amsterdam China town?

Author jaysonthemic ( ago)
I have many Filipino friends and I am not fond of Rap but I love it, good

Author mrwongmusic ( ago)
Cheers bro, glad some got the idea of the track, it wasn't really supposed
to come out as gangster as it did seem, especially if you don't listen to
the lyrics haha - I'm actually living in the Netherlands in the EU though
originally Singaporean

Author Seed5050 ( ago)
agree! i was born in korea but i got most thai friends.

Author CamboFiend ( ago)
haha from a terroist named Abdul

Author CamboFiend ( ago)
no one can tell us apart except us khmer and get mistaken for
filipino..maybe cuz im not as dark as most khmer lol

Author Cheng Sheng Yang ( ago)
Nice Job, brother! Thanks for representing for "all" the Asian people...

Author larsonjk1988 ( ago)
i was expecting to watch this a laugh but it wasnt all that bad.

Author Nairobi Dawn ( ago)
That was kool - great lyrical tenacity...I really enjoyed it! Much success!

Author Vladimir Cristo ( ago)
Southeast asians usually easy to tell the difference. At least from
northern Chinese who are usually light skinned and so on.

Author Gina Lua ( ago)
Wow! Very good rapper! Nice style

Author SexyLizerd ( ago)
blame how

Author Abdul BD ( ago)
Fk china and fk America. Stupidest and worst human beings in the world....

Author Bee HER ( ago)
Nope my Dick my big ahah

Author Scared of toasters ( ago)
Thought this was gonna be corny, but it's good.

Author danny lau ( ago)
u saying fuck china yet everything u watch on youtube is chinese
dumbfucking towel head

Author danny lau ( ago)
lmao at u saying light skinned as if filipinos aint light skin

Author danny lau ( ago)
u saying china town like theres only 1 china town in the whole world

Author dotaboy888 ( ago)
Shut up racist faggot :)

Author Victor Nascimento ( ago)
to be honest he talks Asian pride but he literally filled the song with
Asian stereotypes and borderline racist notions of Asian people... dont
know... just found that quite weird and contradictory... otherwise i like
the song and the message is solid, just kinda weird

Author Victor Nascimento ( ago)
thats exactly the excuse that favela drug companies use... not sure if its
the same... but in brazil they do everything but defend their community
:P... if you want to bare arms and defend urself, fine... i dont agree but
i have no position against it... if u are selling drugs u are not
protecting anything...

Author Ni Chu ( ago)
I like that - but sometimes , there is no way to walking on , You are as
the soldier - could you protect your own people when you are oversea ? That
why Vietnamese Gang have to be growth - not because we are thug but we are
defender to our own community on this land - Life ain't that easy right?
people will pick on us - that why we should have our own army in the
gangland !

Author Kelvin Nguyen ( ago)
If you want to represent, and be a proud asian. get a education, move outta
the hood, and make something of yourself. I serve with the 1st and 75
ranger battlion with 2 combat deployments to afganistan and iran. Selling
drugs, and gang banging is fuckin stupid and a waste of your and our fuckin
time. We don't need to add to america's stupid ghetto generation. Nothing
is fuckin wrong with an honest life. This dude is fuckin stupid... I am
vietnamese, I am a proud asian.

Author dotaboy888 ( ago)
Shut up racist faggot

Author dotaboy888 ( ago)
My eyes are not slanted and ou look asian too

Author komoriaimi ( ago)
Wow this sucks

Author yamiiProduction ( ago)
China town

Author Nisako Misumi ( ago)
Asian Pride is in my Heart

Author Ciggy Bones ( ago)
Not as good as that Got Rice song.

Author Leona Ward ( ago)
Love this, you go boy, love from a light skinned Filipina American....

Author chinita011513 ( ago)
@raymondMONSTERmiller youre an ignorant piece of shit go jump off a bridge

Author CastiliusWow ( ago)
polska kurwa

Author SkyeCloud ( ago)
lol. you forgot something tho. he said that white, black, brown, yellow.
lets flow together like the rainbow.. so techincally it isnt a racist song

Author letterZshift ( ago)
oh god LOL i clicked on this thinking it would be a joke but he's serious

Author ex0duzz ( ago)
White? Asian is based off a continent. ASIA. You don't see anything about
American/US pride? US number 1 etc? They do do songs, they do do movies,
they do do tv shows. The army itself is a big white/american/US pride thing.

Author David Dang ( ago)
Dope track! AZN Pride World Wide! All power to the People! - Richard Aoki,
Field Marshall of the Black Panther Party.

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