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Author Anon Liberty (2 months)

Author Nicholas Khat (3 months)
Y the fuck y'all racists

Author Matt Beezy (9 months)
I'm half Asian but this shit is wack

Author k yfvh (3 months)
No pilots or drivers fck that dude he's probably a porch monkey sellin
crack on the street side lamp, or a wetback working in a asian owned
restaurant, or even a whiteboy wanting to be bad even though he couldn't
make it in badboy records lmao asian pride u gonna scream bitchass 

Author Terving Visigoth (5 months)
chinks are always getting into car accidents. this is one reason why there
are NO ASIAN pilots in the US NAVY, AIR FORCE, ARMY, or MARINES. they
would be crashing their planes. asians have nothing to contribute to our
great, superior, US Military except making chinese food.

Author RideWitMe1 (3 months)
Should of used the word where my "ninjas" at? Sounds much better.

Author Гаврил Абрамов (5 months)
Asian can be proud, because they have a great and ancient civilization.
They have "God spark" in head.

Author Nicholas Khat (3 months)
We come from different countries but we are still equal

Author Javier Mendoza (9 months)
Orale!!! Viva ASIA!!! ;)

Author tazydevil93 (1 month)
type in mr wong who is he and u will see a 1000 times better version of
this guy from the uk hes so sick..this guys shit sounds american

Author Él guapo rifa (10 months)
Be proud, your mom did a great job massaging my dick son !!!!!!

Author Akbar Gaziev (11 months)

Author DTMUniversal (10 months)
Mr Wong, I applaud your contribution to Asian pride. Although I personally
disagree with the use of the word chink to call your own. I don't think it
sets a good example and we shouldn't be using that self-derogatory term.
But I commend you. Check out my films which are all pro-Asian. Dynasty MMA
is also my channel. Peace.

Author Mikki Yeong (1 year)
azn pryde Busan South Korea 

Author YoungKoolness17 (4 months)
to be honest, if there were more asians in countries that have asian
diaspora. they would be much more in the limelight and ignorant people
could get to know asian people more. asians pretty much have it all,
brains, brawn, respect for society. overseas asians just need to stop
shying away from the others. since overseas asians set the impression for
what others think of us, i hope they will understand what i just said. its
annoying of people like me who live in asia, goes to whatever on a holiday
but then starts being stereotyped by eurpans or murcans. because of how u
guys act.

Author Mozenwrath (8 months)
A rap song about Asian pride. The irony is so thick that you can cut it
with a hattori hanzo katana blade.

Author Addison Sheehan (1 year)
Europe is superior in which way? Sucking more at everything. Asian> All ,
we have better technology, more people, more money more land man wtf how is
europe better those crooked tooth witch nosed freaks. 

Author Brad McGuire (1 year)
It's like Sreeping Dogs, Sick stuff

Author Eddie Deng (10 months)
its been too long. I am not too proud of the past few hundred years as a
chinese male, we been humiliated too much. I hope we turn this around and
make the human race remember whose king.

Author Diveous (1 year)
wtf Asians are rich ass fuck, the girls massaging make baller money, Asians
keep your head up you guys are doing good.

Author pham90s (1 year)
All the dislikes from white ppl.

Author laosfinest (6 months)
That Shit is dope cuzz I like it. Its time for us Asians to shine. For all
them hataz fucc Yall its Laos pride Asian pride. Keep it up much love n

Author Addison Sheehan (1 year)
Rudolf hess man I'd shoot myself with that name. How is europe better, I
think this Asian pride shits a joke too but our mafia aint to be fucked
with, most savage is yakuza, not your yodoling lederhosen wearing fairys.
Go fuck your sister, america is ruled by china, europe aint shit compared
to Asia. 

Author c frisco (1 year)
Azn pride ! From SF Chinatown HST

Author Pride (12 days)
Asian people are beautiful shout out all the asian women. But this is
really bad, i'm sorry it just is...

Author Sheriff Khalid (1 year)
power once upon a tyme. .

Author Green Turtle (1 year)
Got Rice Bitch?

Author 신성 문 정강이 (1 year)
Exoduss I will break it down to the simplified version for your retarded
ass and To all of the ground zero looking white boys out there hatin' on
OUR ASIAN race feel FREE TO GIVE ME A CALL. and to that recheck talking
about the US ARMY I served in Iraq twice and wasn't even born in this young
ass country yet still sacroficed both legs and an arm for you to to be
ignorant. You are welcome round eyes. PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL here is my cell
6025131763 although I KNOW you don't have the balls. I'll Give you my
(OTHER WORDS YOU THINK CAN HURT US. You ignorant piece of human garbage. I
WISH your cunt of a mother could have just aborted you or spit you on the
floor like she always has cause your bloodline runs thin like your mom, the
WHORE. LOL. 602-513-1763 you'll be in my Prayers 

Author Simulacra O'Derry (1 year)
If he's so proud of his Asian race, then why does he date outside his race?

Author monk3yl0ver23 (1 year)
Now if only the world could see what you and only a few other people see..
The world would be so much better if we could actually walk down a street
without pushing and rushing and actually take the time to get to know
someone for who they really are. P.L.U.R <3

Author 신성 문 정강이 (1 year)
난 당신이 공을 가지고 있지 않은 것을 알면서도 흰색 소년 저를 불러옵니다. 나는 당신에게 내 주소를 준다. AND MY 앞 잔디밭에서
꺼냅니다. 즉,이 창 프레임에서 이동국 (당신이 생각하는 다른 단어가 미국을 해칠 수있는 재미입니다. 당신은 인간 쓰레기의 무지
부분입니다. 그녀는 항상 원인이있다처럼 나는 어머니의 당신의 성기가 당신을 중단 좋았을 텐데 또는 바닥에 당신을 침을 당신의 혈통은
얇은 실행 엄마처럼, 창녀. LOL. 602-513-1763 당신은 나의기도에있을거야(here is the simplified
English version for you bc I doubt ypur IQ could comprehend a primary
language for your primitive superior race as you describe yourself so call
me up white boy even though I KNOW you don't have the balls. I'll Give you
GOOK (OTHER WORDS YOU THINK CAN HURT US. You ignorant piece of human
garbage. I WISH your cunt of a mother could've just aborted you or spit you
on the floor like she always has cause your bloodline runs thin like your
mom, the WHORE. LOL. 602-513-1763 you'll be in my Prayers 

Author SexyLizerd (2 years)
Being a hater is awesome, I'd tattoo the word hater on my dick if given the

Author Zed Zero (2 years)
Yea ask your mom about it. guess you came from her ass cuz you really got
that bullshits

Author RoJoFilipino (2 years)
cause you're being a dick... -.- whatever you're probably doing this cause
you're bored

Author ex0duzz (2 years)
White? Asian is based off a continent. ASIA. You don't see anything about
American/US pride? US number 1 etc? They do do songs, they do do movies,
they do do tv shows. The army itself is a big white/american/US pride thing.

Author BayBoy420 (2 years)
Yo, my pre cal teacher is from canada and she is stupid as fuck. The only
reason why she has a job is cause it's Oakland and I live in a fucked up
city. She doesn't even have her teaching credentials. But on that second
sentence, you are crazy. Do you really not have pride in your own race?
Shake my head.

Author YoungKoolness17 (1 year)
i'm not your fucking mate and i don't like australians

Author Seed5050 (1 year)
agree! i was born in korea but i got most thai friends.

Author larsonjk1988 (1 year)
i was expecting to watch this a laugh but it wasnt all that bad.

Author TheBalisong5 (2 years)
As a Filipino I don't give a damn about your anti-chinese rhetoric but at
the same time I recognize when someone has nothing better to do than spew
lies because they can't find any substance to their existence. Your denial
of any possible intimacy between a Filipino Guy and Indian girl showcases
the true colors of the racist scum you are. Venture outside your shell into
the real world and maybe you'll learn so many things are more possible than
you realize from your narrow minded worldview.

Author Vladimir Cristo (1 year)
Southeast asians usually easy to tell the difference. At least from
northern Chinese who are usually light skinned and so on.

Author Ni Chu (2 years)
I like that - but sometimes , there is no way to walking on , You are as
the soldier - could you protect your own people when you are oversea ? That
why Vietnamese Gang have to be growth - not because we are thug but we are
defender to our own community on this land - Life ain't that easy right?
people will pick on us - that why we should have our own army in the
gangland !

Author Yuzhang Wang (2 years)
He is a American Born and grown up Chinese. We never consider him as
Chinese people. One thing Americans should understand: CHINA IS NOT UR

Author xXBlackxRebelXx (2 years)
I only said that here to shove it in the face of Yellow Supremacists. I
have Chinese friends . Hard to get and they are rare. True friends that is.
Because not all Chinese are progressive enough to get past all these
excessive racial pride. All these ideas of there being a need for "Asian
pride" is bogus when East Asians are at the top of tier. Thats absolute
nonsense and the opposite of the truth. I spoke about my plight as a dark
skinned person in Han majority Singapore.

Author Didier LOLO (2 years)
"Racism is usually defined as views, practices and actions reflecting the
belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups called
races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which
make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior or

Author dotaboy888 (2 years)
Shut up racist faggot :)

Author amsaguilar85 (2 years)
Thought this was gonna be corny, but it's good.

Author RoJoFilipino (2 years)
bro how is this vid racist? one of the main dudes in the vid is fucking
white, also i'm pretty sure if u google it there gonna be some white pride
videos, quit hating

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