Azn Pride (Asian Pride) Official Music Video - Mrwongmusic

Beat & lyrics by Mrwongmusic - (Again, the lyrics are about racial unity and understanding, yet being able to have pride in one's own race.)

After an accident all video wipe on my channel, got it running sorta proper again - so here's the video Re-uploaded!


Verse 1

This ones out to ma' chinks, hustlin' dimes and cents,
And ma' sister's giving massages just to pay the rent,
Equality never existed, but I'ma stay mellow,
Speaking with a white accent, but my skin stays yellow,

Ain't no time for haters, hold the honour and pride,
You know we can see clearly despite our slit eyes,
Get an education if you still believe the lies,
Even ma' white girl said she saw smaller dicks on white guys.

Don't get it twisted though, we're part of every race,
The misconception of the message is a huge disgrace,
Coz' everyone has haters, there'll always be a storm,
Sometimes you gotta' remember your roots and where you came from.

In a world of prejudice, it's part of being man,
The way the schemas in our brain help us understand,
together hand in hand, let's do it one more time,
we band together and give it up for our bloodline.


Where ma' chinks at, from the front and the back,
Coz yall be on my mind as I'm writing this track,
With our Honda Civics, fast and furious rides,
We gunna' make this town scream Asian pride.

Where ma' chinks at, from the front and the back,
Coz yall be on my mind as I'm writing this track,
With our honour, humility and ninja vibe,
we gunna make the world scream Asian pride.

Verse 2

We gotta' stop the violence, to find that peace of mind,
But still, my knuckles clench whenever them haters come and cross the line,
With all them racial slurs, they try to put us down,
I'll walk away but tomorrow you'll be in the lost and found,

They say we can't be gangsters, they never been around,
Go run your tongue and hatin' when you out in Chinatown,
Hidin' out in the shadows, they gunna' get you good,
Just coz' we keep it pretty don't mean that it ain't no hood.

Enough with all the aggression, we need way more compassion,
Enough with all the hate, violence coupled with racial tension,
Lyrics on racial pride, bring us round side by side,
No need to hate on other races coz' were'all on this ride,

Ain't no time for hatin', only integratin',
The clock just keeps on tickin', no matter if you're gone or stayin',
Black, white, brown, beige, pale or yellow,
We'll flow together like the colours of the rainbow,

Hook Repeat x 2


To all the people who think that we're all Chinese or Jap',
What ever happened to the other countries on the map? (Did they fall out the map?)
I know its hard sometimes not to categorize,
Coz' its only human nature for our brains to try to simplify,

Puttin' people into groups, then groups into boxes,
Boxes into bags, can't tell the shoes from our socks',
If everything looks the same, binded by the mental chains,
Then uniqueness and individuals cant exist in our brain,

Why does discrimination take the throne, I'm in the zone,
Got me tickin' like that metronome, in ma' headphones,
With all this racism, black, white, brown or asian,
We on this globe together, why can't we be one big nation?

Coz' ma rhymes infinite, but the times the limit,
Let all the races come together, we're all the same withinit',
I'll keep that hope alive, and never let it drop, won't stop,
But right now for ma' people, I got to give em' props.

Hook Repeat



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Author Reiks TervingiVisigoth (7 days)
chinks are always getting into car accidents. this is one reason why there
are NO ASIAN pilots in the US NAVY, AIR FORCE, ARMY, or MARINES. they
would be crashing their planes. asians have nothing to contribute to our
great, superior, US Military except making chinese food.

Author Гаврил Абрамов (5 days)
Asian can be proud, because they have a great and ancient civilization.
They have "God spark" in head.

Author Akbar Gaziev (6 months)

Author Mikki Yeong (7 months)
azn pryde Busan South Korea 

Author Él guapo rifa (5 months)
Be proud, your mom did a great job massaging my dick son !!!!!!

Author Javier Mendoza (3 months)
Orale!!! Viva ASIA!!! ;)

Author Matt Beezy (4 months)
I'm half Asian but this shit is wack

Author サムライレイ (3 days)
Quarter AZN PRIDE (Japanese) :)

Author DTMUniversal (4 months)
Mr Wong, I applaud your contribution to Asian pride. Although I personally
disagree with the use of the word chink to call your own. I don't think it
sets a good example and we shouldn't be using that self-derogatory term.
But I commend you. Check out my films which are all pro-Asian. Dynasty MMA
is also my channel. Peace.

Author Eddie Deng (5 months)
its been too long. I am not too proud of the past few hundred years as a
chinese male, we been humiliated too much. I hope we turn this around and
make the human race remember whose king.

Author laosfinest (1 month)
That Shit is dope cuzz I like it. Its time for us Asians to shine. For all
them hataz fucc Yall its Laos pride Asian pride. Keep it up much love n

Author 신성 문 정강이 (8 months)
Exoduss I will break it down to the simplified version for your retarded
ass and To all of the ground zero looking white boys out there hatin' on
OUR ASIAN race feel FREE TO GIVE ME A CALL. and to that recheck talking
about the US ARMY I served in Iraq twice and wasn't even born in this young
ass country yet still sacroficed both legs and an arm for you to to be
ignorant. You are welcome round eyes. PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL here is my cell
6025131763 although I KNOW you don't have the balls. I'll Give you my
(OTHER WORDS YOU THINK CAN HURT US. You ignorant piece of human garbage. I
WISH your cunt of a mother could have just aborted you or spit you on the
floor like she always has cause your bloodline runs thin like your mom, the
WHORE. LOL. 602-513-1763 you'll be in my Prayers 

Author pham90s (10 months)
All the dislikes from white ppl.

Author Addison Sheehan (8 months)
Europe is superior in which way? Sucking more at everything. Asian> All ,
we have better technology, more people, more money more land man wtf how is
europe better those crooked tooth witch nosed freaks. 

Author Diveous (1 year)
wtf Asians are rich ass fuck, the girls massaging make baller money, Asians
keep your head up you guys are doing good.

Author Mozenwrath (2 months)
A rap song about Asian pride. The irony is so thick that you can cut it
with a hattori hanzo katana blade.

Author Green Turtle (8 months)
Got Rice Bitch?

Author Brad McGuire (8 months)
It's like Sreeping Dogs, Sick stuff

Author SexyLizerd (1 year)
Being a hater is awesome, I'd tattoo the word hater on my dick if given the

Author Aung FourtySeven (1 year)
Yea ask your mom about it. guess you came from her ass cuz you really got
that bullshits

Author RoJoFilipino (1 year)
cause you're being a dick... -.- whatever you're probably doing this cause
you're bored

Author ex0duzz (1 year)
White? Asian is based off a continent. ASIA. You don't see anything about
American/US pride? US number 1 etc? They do do songs, they do do movies,
they do do tv shows. The army itself is a big white/american/US pride thing.

Author BayBoy420 (1 year)
Yo, my pre cal teacher is from canada and she is stupid as fuck. The only
reason why she has a job is cause it's Oakland and I live in a fucked up
city. She doesn't even have her teaching credentials. But on that second
sentence, you are crazy. Do you really not have pride in your own race?
Shake my head.

Author YoungKoolness17 (1 year)
i'm not your fucking mate and i don't like australians

Author Seed5050 (1 year)
agree! i was born in korea but i got most thai friends.

Author larsonjk1988 (1 year)
i was expecting to watch this a laugh but it wasnt all that bad.

Author TheBalisong5 (1 year)
As a Filipino I don't give a damn about your anti-chinese rhetoric but at
the same time I recognize when someone has nothing better to do than spew
lies because they can't find any substance to their existence. Your denial
of any possible intimacy between a Filipino Guy and Indian girl showcases
the true colors of the racist scum you are. Venture outside your shell into
the real world and maybe you'll learn so many things are more possible than
you realize from your narrow minded worldview.

Author Vladimir Cristo (1 year)
Southeast asians usually easy to tell the difference. At least from
northern Chinese who are usually light skinned and so on.

Author Ni Chu (1 year)
I like that - but sometimes , there is no way to walking on , You are as
the soldier - could you protect your own people when you are oversea ? That
why Vietnamese Gang have to be growth - not because we are thug but we are
defender to our own community on this land - Life ain't that easy right?
people will pick on us - that why we should have our own army in the
gangland !

Author Yuzhang Wang (1 year)
He is a American Born and grown up Chinese. We never consider him as
Chinese people. One thing Americans should understand: CHINA IS NOT UR

Author xXBlackxRebelXx (1 year)
I only said that here to shove it in the face of Yellow Supremacists. I
have Chinese friends . Hard to get and they are rare. True friends that is.
Because not all Chinese are progressive enough to get past all these
excessive racial pride. All these ideas of there being a need for "Asian
pride" is bogus when East Asians are at the top of tier. Thats absolute
nonsense and the opposite of the truth. I spoke about my plight as a dark
skinned person in Han majority Singapore.

Author Didier LOLO (1 year)
"Racism is usually defined as views, practices and actions reflecting the
belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups called
races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which
make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior or

Author dotaboy888 (1 year)
Shut up racist faggot :)

Author amsaguilar85 (1 year)
Thought this was gonna be corny, but it's good.

Author RoJoFilipino (1 year)
bro how is this vid racist? one of the main dudes in the vid is fucking
white, also i'm pretty sure if u google it there gonna be some white pride
videos, quit hating

Author TheMovieLover89 (1 year)
I'd say if whites have "ruined their credibility with the world" from their
past sins, then by that measure the Japanese should've more than ruined all
credibility too with WW2, and China and Indonesia are getting there.

Author iGeek Sowicked (1 year)
Hey I have only one question...WHERE MY CHINKS AT?!!?

Author SexyLizerd (1 year)
I'm white, I'm not proud to have white skin and green eyes. Racial pride is
basically being proud of the color of your skin and structure of the face.
If I was openly proud of being white, then everyone would think I'm racist.
Also, I said Canada, not the United States. She's FROM Canada. Not in
Canada. I can't take people who say "yo" seriously. One person isn't a
whole entire statistic. Your teacher isn't the whole entire department of
education of Canada.

Author RoJoFilipino (1 year)
just quit hating on this video, go hate on a communist video or a kkk video
or a black panther video or something racist

Author Vee V (1 year)
You're all idiots, just enjoy the song and move on. Yous don't know jack
shit unless you been in the scene. Google search and youtube docs about
gangs and race isn't helping you. There was a saying 'You learn what you
learn on the streets with or without family.' So if you never had this kind
of life before then don't talk shit. Media is fucking you over. Goodluck
playing internet gang bang.

Author letterZshift (1 year)
oh god LOL i clicked on this thinking it would be a joke but he's serious

Author The Finn (1 year)
The economic problems now are just the start. The 50-90% youth unemployment
immigrant districts in Western Europe are still being flooded with more and
more people. Eventually the governments cant take enough debt to pay all
the welfare and social services. The current system in the West is heading
towards collapse. Being robbed by the Elitists, Banksters, politicians and
insane unemployment levels. Not speaking out would be total weakness and
stupidity. Also there are more of us than you know.

Author Smookers Chooice (1 year)
shut yo shit bitch

Author RoJoFilipino (1 year)
i see indians as their own race or even middle eastern since most indians
can often be confused for people from arabia, plus indians don't really
have the slanty eyes either but geographically india is more a part of asia
than the middle east, plus you guys are more asian than middle eastern
cause you don't blow yourselves up but this is just my opinion

Author The Finn (1 year)
If the illegals aren't sent back and the borders closed then very soon the
USA will have the exact same problems. I disagree with the bailouts and the
wars also. How am I against other races??? So is it now that if a White
person wants to defend his own people's rights then its automatically
called "racist"? So the only way to now to not be "racist" is to be for
total open borders and to wish that Whites become small powerless
minorities in all their nations??? That is racist!

Author D.J.ckdamodel Keyes (1 year)
song is dope keep up the great work!

Author maucuagio (1 year)
wanna fight nigger ? dont let me see you in saskatoon - canada man .

Author JC Rider (1 year)
Well, Youtube was found by it might be because of that. But its
probably not. The Caucasian race tend to leave really deep hateful scars on
this planet. Take a look at history, from the Roman Empire to the Crusade,
to the cruel historic slavery in America, and WW2 Nazi, and the the KKK? I
mean come on, you guys kinda ruined your credibility with the world a bit
don't you think? IAM JUST SAYING, maybe cause you guys have a history, and
that is why everyone look at your race differently

Author chinita011513 (1 year)
@raymondMONSTERmiller youre an ignorant piece of shit go jump off a bridge

Author xXBlackxRebelXx (1 year)
I've noticed alot of disgruntled Chinese guys try to blame other races of
men for their own short(lol)comings(lol) because they find it absolutely
unbelievable that they cannot be superior. Is that whats bothering you? You
are either smart and successful or you are well endowed and sexually
desirable. You can't have both. I know other Chinese people are laughing at
you right now when you resort to petty lies like this. Try to be more like
your people(smart//honest/hardworking) & stop complaining

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