My Weight Loss Diary. Week 1

Ive watched YouTube Weight Loss diarys - and everytime I do - I feel like thats me but Im fatter.. So for all of those who feel the same way - keep track of my videos.. I would love any comments to help me along the way.

Goal weight - 70kg.
Current Weight- 95kg.

The time is now.

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Author ChundyBum (5 years)
goood luck

Author NikkiChristine3 (5 years)
do you have any ideas how you're going to go about doing this? i'd like to
lose some weight also

Author Voileen (5 years)
that takes a lot of guts showing yourself like that on here! Props to you!
I was EXACTLY where you were at (95 kilos exactly) in Sept. of 2009. Now, 6
months later, I'm down to 75 kilos. And the crazy thing about it. . . it
wasn't THAT hard. You can do it! But remember to love yourself along the
process. Don't let it become an obsession.

Author c3ll4rdO0r (5 years)
name of the song?

Author Lwillwin (5 years)
good luck, ive also been the "fat girl" in all my friends for all my life
(14 years). im doing a weight loss diary thingy too called watch me shrink.
again good luck!!!<3

Author angelabee08 (5 years)
good luck! who sings this song?

Author henkboorsma (5 years)
what a beauty you are

Author sunkissed206 (6 years)
Good luck!!!

Author 2242bzo (5 years)
That sexy body was made for lovin'.

Author 2242bzo (5 years)
That sexy body was made for lovin'.

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