Dramatic Dashcam Footage Shows Plane Crash in Mukilteo Washington

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Comments: 217

  • Seth Bergile
    Seth Bergile 1 day ago

    great shot of wake turbulence!!

  • Splatterbrained
    Splatterbrained 7 days ago

    Gosh people are comparing this to trivial events when in reality this was an incredible dangerous and high risk situation. Fortunately there were no serious injuries and it is not appropriate to relate a serious crash to everyday occurrences.

  • John Solomon
    John Solomon 7 days ago

    This happend a day after my birthday

  • De674nis
    De674nis 7 days ago

    No Guys , thats just me in Aerofly 2 some NPC Car Driver caught me .....

  • katthetwat
    katthetwat 11 days ago

    I live literally a block away from where this plane crashed lmao

  • KillerGamer911
    KillerGamer911 12 days ago

    This Is Fake

  • Exegete84
    Exegete84 13 days ago

    Sorry, I was eating a Milky way.

  • candycabngfl
    candycabngfl 14 days ago

    That was rather spectacular.

  • skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo

    It hit a traffic singal before crashing

    MADDJROCKS Gaming 15 days ago

    I was just curious

  • Jim thewhale
    Jim thewhale 16 days ago


  • WorldHunTer
    WorldHunTer 16 days ago


  • 109
    109 16 days ago

    RT podcast 428

  • basileus megas
    basileus megas 17 days ago

    muslim terrorist attack---

  • Yuant
    Yuant 18 days ago

    Naaa isto foi só no GTA

  • Make Man
    Make Man 18 days ago


  • Arijiah Taylor
    Arijiah Taylor 19 days ago

    that is why im scared of going on a plane

  • Painted Paws LPS
    Painted Paws LPS 19 days ago

    I'm so thankful that this has never happened to me. Thank god.

    DREXIRY 19 days ago

    Who else thought the thumbail was fake :D

  • Tiger Crew
    Tiger Crew 19 days ago

    The yellow one is an Evo? Or a factory tuned?

  • Jaggie Tv
    Jaggie Tv 19 days ago

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    then i returned you 50 views on ur last video

  • Football Alliance
    Football Alliance 19 days ago

    Nice one keep it up..I will be happy if will watch my videos..

  • Devix Plays
    Devix Plays 19 days ago


  • SDik
    SDik 19 days ago

    =Если помог сделать тебе подписчиков ЛАЙК!
    - Видео на канале

  • United Federation
    United Federation 19 days ago

    FAAAAAAAAKE...........and gay.

  • Samarth Kambli
    Samarth Kambli 20 days ago


  • Kampfire
    Kampfire 20 days ago

    everyone in their cars like


  • хрю хрю
    хрю хрю 20 days ago

    putin forever

  • warnpassion
    warnpassion 20 days ago

    Aeroplane appears out of nowhere, crashes and gets recorded on a dashcam. Flight 77 still not found.

  • Dwayne Wade
    Dwayne Wade 20 days ago

    I think its fake

  • Super Tastic
    Super Tastic 20 days ago

    who will sub to my channel and comment done I will sub to your channel

  • Rebel Alliance
    Rebel Alliance 20 days ago

    Oh! You guys going some where?! WELL, NOT ANY MORE!!


  • WWE Guruji
    WWE Guruji 20 days ago

    which game is this

  • Ash Fire Gaming
    Ash Fire Gaming 20 days ago

    The pilot says look the airport runway! oh wait fuck it a road!! omg! (impact)

  • Nicholas San
    Nicholas San 20 days ago

    Hey ass hole. instead to record the video and don't do nothing. Maybe was a good idea to go help the pilot? very self piece of shit you are.

  • User Name
    User Name 21 day ago

    wow, if it were to happen in India, people in the cars would rush towards the site of accident and see if they can save somebody.
    people making fun of the incident in the comment section are just disgusting

  • Bleu Project
    Bleu Project 21 day ago

    Red Ford Driver: F This can't be late for work again lol

  •  21 day ago

    That didn't work out well :S

  • Balázs Nagy
    Balázs Nagy 21 day ago

    GTA mod ? link plz

  • Narytel
    Narytel 21 day ago

    If i have 100 subscribers without videos, a friend offers me pizza, wanna help me ? 😍

  • creeperlp 007
    creeperlp 007 21 day ago

    ohhh Shit is he die ?

  • dj Demonic
    dj Demonic 21 day ago

    don't scroll down the comment section,it's full of spam

  • حمدان العنزي

    Thank God nobody get hurt even passengers that's what matter

  • Shamse Alam
    Shamse Alam 21 day ago


    EL DIABLO 21 day ago

    Is the trafic lights working properly

    EL DIABLO 21 day ago

    Is the trafic lights working properly

  • Marek J24
    Marek J24 21 day ago

    Failed allahu akbar attack

  • Gokul G
    Gokul G 21 day ago

    No one coming out of the vehicle..WTF

  • Mr Zeus
    Mr Zeus 21 day ago

    Ez benne lesz KovácsZsoltnak a felkapott listáknál! (nem tudom hogy kell írni :D)

  • Skilz La machine
    Skilz La machine 21 day ago


  • Annabel Hammer
    Annabel Hammer 21 day ago

    fake 😂

  • LulatchArtz- Road to 0.2

    Rest in peace to him! ._.

  • MasterChief
    MasterChief 21 day ago

    My pc can't run this game...😢

  • Coldplay! At The Marianas Trench

    Wow, what a mess! (GTA4 fat cop quote)

  • Al
    Al 21 day ago

    You notch special effects. Bravo👏👏👏

  • Desi Scientist
    Desi Scientist 21 day ago

    that was me playing gta

  • Lilly and Gavin Show

    my aunt was in the front of the lane turning left at the light in this video, crazy.

  • Darth C Reaper
    Darth C Reaper 22 days ago

    My grandma was just down the street in the business park building when the power went out because the plane hit the power lines.

  • TheDeathKillerx
    TheDeathKillerx 22 days ago


  • Vlajic David
    Vlajic David 22 days ago

    When she says that she's alone at home.

  • Nishnateev Isrohs
    Nishnateev Isrohs 22 days ago

    when autopilot is made by a female.

  • ZyloxHD
    ZyloxHD 22 days ago


  • Wassermilch
    Wassermilch 22 days ago

    Car Guys be like: DAAMN dat yellow evo!!

  • Dee Kee
    Dee Kee 22 days ago

    If I had to choose between this plane and United....I would choose United...
    better to get beaten than crashing to death boi

  • BT -7274
    BT -7274 22 days ago

    looks fake

  • jaffar1234
    jaffar1234 22 days ago

    This is me flying a plane in GTA V.

  • Arunish Paul
    Arunish Paul 22 days ago


  • StormX 2016
    StormX 2016 22 days ago

    Fake,the smoke disperses too quickly

  • Abhijeet Pawar
    Abhijeet Pawar 22 days ago

    Donald trump - Fake News

  • kshitiz sancheti
    kshitiz sancheti 22 days ago

    reminds me of gta!

  • mylovesong lefi'
    mylovesong lefi' 22 days ago

    is he died?

  • ProfineDoesStuff :/
    ProfineDoesStuff :/ 22 days ago

    When you're playing GTA Online and you spot an AFK player while flying.

  • carguyzo6
    carguyzo6 22 days ago

    good to see people trying to help... what a bunch of bitches

    • Kenni Raine
      Kenni Raine 22 days ago

      What are they supposed to do? Run into the inferno and burn to death?

  • Mike Coppedge
    Mike Coppedge 22 days ago

    Have they determined the cause of the crash?

  • زعيم التدريب التدريب

    كل هذا وما مات أحد من اللي في الطائرة، سبحان الله مهما يكون السبب لن يموت أحد قبل أجله

  • king lehar
    king lehar 22 days ago

    10 million$$$ burn😑😑

    • ProfineDoesStuff :/
      ProfineDoesStuff :/ 22 days ago

      Since when did small private propeller aircraft cost 10 million?

  • abutts02
    abutts02 22 days ago

    Holy shit

  • Arun K
    Arun K 22 days ago


  • Hippity Hopotus
    Hippity Hopotus 22 days ago

    People In the traffic probably thought that North Korea was trying to kamikaze their asses.

  • Inannawhimsey
    Inannawhimsey 23 days ago

    The Day Mukilteo Changed ForeverWatch them Put up a Tower now(seriously:im glad no one was seriously hurt)

  • Mooselover1011
    Mooselover1011 23 days ago

    Wow, the video of this plane was straight fire...

  • Wyatt Pentz
    Wyatt Pentz 23 days ago

    I live right down the street from there.... I heard a boom and then the power went out.

  • Not Cool Bro
    Not Cool Bro 23 days ago

    i was there

  • Meet The Hockers
    Meet The Hockers 23 days ago

    I use a dashcam for vlogs. Now I don't know whether I want to catch sth like this on camera, or not. While it is fascinating, of course I don't wish for it to happen to anybody. Thankfully everybody was ok, from what I understand. But the way it caught on fire was pure special effects stuff straight out of the movies...

  • Zem45
    Zem45 23 days ago

    Gta >.>

  • Ad Mill
    Ad Mill 23 days ago

    You can see the bottom of the plane hit the power line and spark.

  • Ash Ahmed
    Ash Ahmed 23 days ago

    I would like to blame Kim jong-un because i just want to

  • Charles Bane
    Charles Bane 23 days ago

    What a day it was to go to a McDonald's.

  • eurodrunkentiger
    eurodrunkentiger 23 days ago

    testfly for "back to the future"?

  • draysonvideo
    draysonvideo 23 days ago

    R.I.P. Harrison Ford...

  • Devin Tariel
    Devin Tariel 23 days ago

    Anythings better than being dead, but I was very happy to see the cars clearing the roadway for emergency vehicles

  • Gottipati Vamsikrishna

    I'm happy no one was injured or killed in this crash but I'm not surprised it happened

  • Jack Harper
    Jack Harper 23 days ago

    Awesome FX!! Hollywood should take note

  • 190 E2
    190 E2 23 days ago


  • vampyr _
    vampyr _ 23 days ago


  • supercell1995
    supercell1995 23 days ago

    The pilot was so close to revealing Hillary's secrets. Missed it by thaaat much...

  • Tony Carpenter
    Tony Carpenter 23 days ago

    Harrison did you sneak out again?

  • Darth Caedus
    Darth Caedus 23 days ago

    Just cause 4


    like November 8th

  • Jonathan Mcmuffin
    Jonathan Mcmuffin 23 days ago

    So did they live?

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