Avatar 1.5 (still not sequel): 'METHOD-1' manned robot tested in South Korea

- Vitaly Bulgarov
- Korea Future Technology

The Seoul-based Korea Future Technology company has conducted walking tests for the 4 meter tall, 1.5 ton robot. The machine, resembling those appearing in the Avatar movie, is controlled by a pilot, sitting inside, and repeats his actions.


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Author Silvia Marina Perez Lemus ( ago)
robot multifuncional para la paz y exploración así como experimentación no para matar

Author Björn Ironside ( ago)
south korea's defence against the north

Author Crazy Running Cruasder ( ago)
Use it in a freaking battle.

Author Peter Kim ( ago)
Oh, I thought this was Titanfall trailer.

Author Julius Red ( ago)
North Korea wont know what hit them.

Author Evan Arnault ( ago)
What's scary is that our military has machines working more powerful than this thing. This is just a company and look what they've done.

Author alex beyllignont ( ago)
they're taking technology a likkle bit too far

Author Hector Diaz ( ago)

Author Tickled-me-ballz살인자 ( ago)
Armored core and mech warrior.

Author Megablueiron V.2.0 ( ago)
*mech is sent into battle*
*tank fires shell into leg*
*leg collapses and mech crumples over killing the driver*
*mech is absolutely crushed by a 100+ year old invention*

Author Kyumin ( ago)
역시 한국이다~

Author Astro S ( ago)
korewa gaanddaaammuu

Author U REPLY U LOSE ( ago)
Kuratas (Japan) VS Megabot (USA) VS Method-1 (South Korea) Triple Threat Robot Battle!!!

Author XLINE ( ago)
meka activated

Author Tendou 『天童』 ( ago)
Welp. first Kuratas by Japan and then Megabot by America and then Method-1 by Korea. is this will be battle against the country XD

Author 90X Vision ( ago)
When the wright brothers flew their first airplane it only flew for 24 seconds. Now we are trying to go to mars. Give us another 20 yr n well have our full functioning mech. Tanks will be obsolete.

Author Stephen Bachman ( ago)
put wider hips on it so it can walk properly.

how can we expect it to carry a giant cannon gun an giant melee weapons if its feet are too close together and it has no balance.

not a war bot yet.

Author 이예은 ( ago)

Author BLacKspARTan 54 ( ago)
It's pretty much a more advanced, bipedal, and slightly smaller version of the American Megabot, especially in looks.

Author ManiacalO2 ( ago)
This is either the first Titan (TitanFall™) or the first AT-AT.

Author 3borg ( ago)
D.VA, anyone?

Author Jeff Vader ( ago)
I'm kinda disappointed they didn't do the epic fist start up thing like in pacific rim. :(

Author emrah bakansız ( ago)
Adamlar resmen robot yapmış kimbilir bunları savaşlarda kullanırlar belki

Author 리소기소리고소고 ( ago)

Author Pavel Pavek ( ago)

Author Dragoon Z ( ago)
now imagine if schalanthropus was real we would be fucked!

Author Dragoon Z ( ago)
kept you waiting huh?

Author Tobias Harøy ( ago)
avatar anyone?

Author deniz baba ( ago)
thats fucking awesome

Author Banana Freddy ( ago)
before we start yelling at eachother saying this can't be used for anything, please remember that this is a PROTOTYPE, they'll make better ones

Author East South ( ago)
japan needs to step up... koreans are surpassing them.

Author Government.Non-Terrestrial.Tech&Research.Facility ( ago)
omg what servos are used??!!

Author Cat Pool ( ago)
I'd like to make something similar for traveling the Sahara

Author Jonas Forsberg ( ago)
Why the hell are people istantly assuming that this is for the military. Its desinged for industrial use. Ya'll have been watching way too much movies.

Author Serhiy Paperniuk ( ago)
Предлагаю построить аналогичного робота, только лучше. По моему даже школьнику понятен принцип его работы.

Author MysterEon ( ago)
Method One ? methodone?

Author 山本まさとし ( ago)

Author morelli tech ( ago)
megabot will smash this aluminum can.

Author imam senpai ( ago)
Holy shit,, that is a toys that fight with a Blue Dude in Panic situation :v

Author Bo Han ( ago)
Question: what if it trips and falls?

Author Space God ( ago)
This thing is fucking scary

Author J.H Lee ( ago)
'Nerf this' -

Author xYuushax ( ago)
now I wonder what female gamer could pilot such thing? hmmm...

Author 2strokedesign ( ago)
0:40 love how the dude on the right doesn't give a single fuck about the GIANT ROBOT next to him, I bet he is posting *another boring day in the office comments* on facebook, and totally mean it lol

Author xYuushax ( ago)
nerf this!!

Author Guru Singh ( ago)

Author PanupanCheungtrakarnTube ( ago)
this go to Robot Restuarant in Shinjuku, Japan

Author Truth Seeker ( ago)
come on. fuck cars, why cant we use robots as a transportation vehicle.

Author corona co ( ago)
USA makes movies
Japan makes animations
Korea makes it reality.

Author Epic Gamer// Best Gaming Ever! ( ago)
2017: badass robot fights

2020: terninator shit goes down

Author zavva ( ago)
The official product will be launched next late 2017 year.

Author Erick Espiritu ( ago)
Reminds me of the robot in Avatar!

Author JC Vela ( ago)
haha it needs a long power cable, in the next model it could be disguised as its tail.

Author Carlos Eduardo ( ago)
It is not a Matrix Revolutions robot but it is a good start.

Author DioOGzZ ( ago)

Author Gutah ( ago)
D.Va ?

Author Neur0n911 ( ago)
It looks cool, but from an engineering standpoint, it could use some work. Too much use of metals when lighter materials would suffice. Metallic hands almost guarantees it can't touch any part of the chassis or cockpit without damaging it. As for being survivable in dangerous environments... well, no that really doesn't deserve commentary.

Author Jeong-soo Park ( ago)
영화에서나 보던게 실제 우리나라에서 만든거라니..놀랍네. 브라보.

Author tree ( ago)
the sound of moving arms is very cool!!!

Author un13 ( ago)
Few things are so impractical yet so cool.

Author ᄋᄀ ( ago)
no idea when it fall down and stand up again

Author Ragnar Zachariassen ( ago)
Lets see how this pends out.
They are gonna strap huge guns to that shit, and all the other countries are gonna follow.

Author Ryan Taylor ( ago)
Next phase, slapping a Minigun and some rockets on it and going for a field trip to the DMZ. It will seriously scare the shit out of the North Korean border guards.

Author Christopher ( ago)
We are a long way away from Robocop or Terminator, we are so far away, I think (2) generations could live and die before a Terminator or Robocop comes reality by then the Earth made be over or Jesus may come back.

Author maro christi ( ago)

Author Jigsaw Traploop ( ago)
overwatch yes

Author david young ( ago)
I bet that they run on D-cell batteries.

Author Link Old ( ago)
wow!!! holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!

Author JinKyu Min ( ago)
중대단 한대씩 배치하여 북한놈들 아예 얼씬도 못하게 ...

Author 레먼 as ( ago)
디바의 시작

Author Дарьяна Абдулвалиева ( ago)
супер робот

Author Timothys Fraud! ( ago)
hawken and mechwarrior had a baby and its beautiful

Author -Radio Bonfire- ( ago)

Author 에 나라구한 영웅 전생 ( ago)
한국뽕에 취한다 연구비는 최손데 이정도 움직임이라니ㅠㅠㅠ(감동)

Author 김민재 ( ago)
this robot is not bulit for military purpose. Why everyone is focused on this? (sorry for poor english.)

Author Hans Maulwurf ( ago)
Looks rendered, doesn't it?

Author Roy Asturias ( ago)
Real Robot Taisen

One Must Fall 20xx

Author duke_of_lilywhite ( ago)
Genesis of the Jaegers from Pacific Rim.

Author Crazy Gammer's ( ago)
It's time for a Giant robot battle!

Author Casey Locke ( ago)
ED209 anyone? "You have 20 seconds to comply!"

Author nullpointer66 ( ago)
pls let this happen: kuratas vs megabots vs this

Author 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b ( ago)
Now armor the cockpit and put a camera on top of the robot... oh shit

Author Descentrius ( ago)
Optimus Prime's Great great Grandpa.

Author Hash Frowns ( ago)
Relax, people. This will never be used for combat. Tanks do the same job with far more durability.

Author Phrancis5 ( ago)
It just needs a big knife - in case of giant blue cat people.

Author Adrian Mengele ( ago)
I just heard Kim Dung Un push a turd. 😂

Author smoke big ( ago)
as long as they dont posses artificial intellegence im good with that

Author AfonsodelCB ( ago)
holy shit, this is amazing. but now I'm worried governments will be dumb enough to use these to make armies

Author ThatGirl OverThere ( ago)
the end is nigh

Author MrANTIeggman ( ago)
Metal... Gear....!

Author jediRAVE ( ago)
Why does it look like CGI?

Author Scoots McGoots ( ago)
I want to see it throw some punches, make a huge punching bag and throw some combos on it haha.

Author Fred Leparski ( ago)
i want to see it punch a wall!!

Author JENDALL714 ( ago)
Scale it down and use the technology to make an armored suit.

Author korea 대한민국 ( ago)

Author theicediamond7 ( ago)
baby steps

Author Desert Viper ( ago)
you could put guns ect. on this but the movement is to slow to be an effective ground combat unit. would be great for heavy lifting and other non combative duties as is. That's if it can run on its own power for a decent amount of time and what it's capabilities are as far as how much weight it can lift or push. without knowing it's physical capabilities and it's can and can nots, it's purely speculation from just watching this video.

Author Desert Viper ( ago)
I can see these being used for the military in certain applications. these are far from combat ready

Author Desert Viper ( ago)
fucking skynet !

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