Pastor Dawit Molalegn

Ethiopian Christian song

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Author Mesi abu (1 month)
Ameeeern Iyesus yafinal asamiroo haleluyaaa.Geta kezi bebelete tsegawun
yabzalik paster Deve

Author Mahdr selam Salam mahdr (1 month)

Author atspro (5 years)
@hannahboy22 jesus is lord

Author samyaddis (6 years)
Hebrews 13:15 ASV Through him then let us offer up a sacrifice of praise to
God continually, that is, the fruit of lips which make confession to his

Author fritaasrat (3 years)
how could a pastor give judgement for others?insulting and harassing of
others?i think you know that judgement belongs only to God.i write this bc
i change my way bc of you,bc of your words,please dont lead innocent
peoples to behave like are responsible for everything you are
doing.but i dont have any complain about your song.i like all of them.

Author Lij Dani (4 years)
ord. Dont create hate between one another preach love May God open your
heart and let you walk by faith not by sight...ewir ewirin yimerawal thru

Author haymha (4 years)
Thank you Pastor Dawit. I never get tired of listening this song. It is
very well orchestrated. Please attach this song as a respond where there is
‘Pastor Dawit VS Orthodox’ posting. Pastor Dawit’s posting is all about
Christ,. But the ‘Orthodox vs. Pastor Dawit’ posting is mostly about
attacking Pastor Dawit. Very sad. :(

Author fritaasrat (3 years)

Author seble64 (4 years)
blessed be the name of the lord am happy gal more than ever!!!

amennnnn elelelelelelelelelele

Author abcd572374 (3 years)
dawit God blessu - shekme yekbedachew wedne nu yalew eysuse becha new becha
new selzehe i am with u eysuse lezelalme geta new kebre lesu becha mesgana
lesu becha amlko lesu becha for ever

Author epdedm (7 years)
thanks for posting it! God bless you!

Author atspro (5 years)
Jesus is lord

Author eritera11 (5 years)
yalemfikir23: first of all WATCH YOUR MOUTH !!! second u don't even know
how to spell the word ""pastor""... so u better stop writing ::

Author 6inhim7 (5 years)
Love is patient, love is kind, it is not envious. Love does not brag, it is
not puffed up. It is not rude, it is not self-serving, it is not easily
angered or resentful. It is not glad about injustice, but rejoices in the
truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures
all things.(1coro 13:4-7). correct them in Love like u choose good user
name. OK?

Author fritaasrat (3 years)
i change my way bc of you.

Author haymha (6 years)
True message. Thank God, God uses Pastor Dawit as a Paster and as a singer
in our country. You blessed me with your songs and preachings on You-Tube
again and again. Thank you Paster Dawit, and Let God bless you, your
family, and your co-singers.

Author Abreham Tsehaye (2 years)
"Pastor" how can you judge with the witness of God to fired those people
who created by him self? So please try to leave the Judgement to God, and
you continue that your infatuation life of worship!!!!

Author Dagim Kemal (6 years)
amen thankz bro/sis! This song is really blessing

Author ABRROB2008 (5 years)
God Bless you Brother!!!!!!!!!!1

Author haymha (6 years)
Pastor Dawit as much as you blessed us with all these wonderfull and
meaningfull songs, I pray that God's favor be upon you and your family. I
don't get tired of watching and listening all you songs. Thank you so much.

Author Ted Ay (6 years)
hi I have to say....U really have out-did yourself.....very funny

Author flowingtruly (5 years)
Pastor in amharic is megabe. yegziabhern kal yemimgib malet new.

Author gg baba (2 years)
yehe pastor yemibal hula sayew siferd melekt ena tadkan sisadeb naw
yemesmaw .tdya ygeta sewko keandbetu metfo aywetwm.mefred yemichlew 1 gate

Author yegeta1 (5 years)
rear ur bibel

Author abcd572374 (3 years)

Author Abreham Tsehaye (3 years)
that is better to listen your songs audio only

Author fritaasrat (3 years)
how could a pastor give judgement?,insulting and harasing of others.i think
judgement only belongs to God.i write this bc i change my way bc of you.i
dont expect some thing like that from you.please just show and teach the
truth for those innocent peoples around complain about your songs.i
like them all.

Author senaiarsenal (5 years)
Hi Pastor, there is a healing power in your songs. God bless u abundantly.
The message of salvation and the privilege we received from jesus is stated
in your song.

Author allwaysjesus (5 years)
GOD bless you all !!!!, pastor GOD Bless you and your family, and atspro
GOD Bless you too. Jesus is always LORD, he is the king of kings. AMEN

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