Honey Badger vs Monitor. Honey Badger Kills, and Eats Monitor Lizard!. Monitor the hunter, becomes the hunted.

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Author nate knight ( ago)
Whoa! the HB just clawed the reptiles eye out while simultaneously
crushing the lizards cold blooded brain in its powerful jaws. Mammals

Author Abdul Juma ( ago)
See when u fuck with the Bank

Author kepala gundul ( ago)
Stupid lizard did not know who it deal with

Author Hattori Hanzo ( ago)
breakfast delivered at the door. see nature isn't so scary.

Author Paxmax (971 year ago)
Hand to hand combat with Honey Badgers or wolverines is always off the
table, unless you like to be on the menu...

Author whitebeard malay ( ago)
honey B : hey monitor whats up?
Montitor L : owh yeah wassup
honey B : i m hungry mate..
Monitor L : owh shit,,u re wat??

Author Cesar Palma ( ago)
i really like to watch monitor lizard get eaten by other animals. yhey are

Author BlaCk LiFe ( ago)
Badger Wins!

Author Sam Wimoe ( ago)
waw nice! i love honey badger!!! very brave and strong mammals... event the
enemies larger than badger!

Author Lucius Vorenus ( ago)
Honey Badgers have been seen to beat up packs of lions, bite off the
testicles of humans in India and survive the venom of deadly vipers and
then decapitating it. The monitor lizard was dead when it knocked on the
door of fhe badger

Author Illyrus Illyrus ( ago)
stop putting movie effects and dramatic music in animal videos , fucking
stupid morons

Author Sean DeRoss ( ago)
Honey Badger don't care.

Author Joshua Villasanta (993 years ago)
Lion is the king of the jungle but Honeybadger is the Bruce Lee of the

Author Zero Strife ( ago)
Novice mistake, never fuck with a honey badger. They just don't give a

Author Chahyeon Kim ( ago)

Author FutureFit ( ago)
Monitor: Let's see what we've got, some small rodents? Some eggs?

Author Hyenacub 993 ( ago)
honey badger vs komodo dragon. Discuss.

Author Ahmed Mustafa ( ago)

Author Fahry Slatter ( ago)
"ding dong ditching honey badgers (gone sexual)"
lizard: "IT'S A PRANK BRO"

Author squirrel shadow ( ago)
why can't we do this to unwanted guest the in-Law's

Author Nick Dulic ( ago)
why am I watching these cruel videos???

Author none bussiness ( ago)
is there that big of a difference between a honey badger and a regular

Author Chilledfish ( ago)
What's with the narration? It isn't WWE.

Author ignitionrod ( ago)
Whoever you are: Lion, snake, lizard, don't with badass badger.

Author moeun mao ( ago)
It sure was a deadly mistake the monitor lizard invading the honey badger's

Author Boon (SilverFamily) ( ago)
that eye poke at the end was just a little extra for the film crew

Author Roy Batty ( ago)
Honey Badger decided to stay in and get delivery.

Author Emperor cesar ( ago)
dam food that walks right up to your door lol

Author Vaughn Brittingham ( ago)
Fuck that monitor. it deserves to lose with a stupid name like the computer
monitor. why not call it a television?

Author MadeAUsername ( ago)
Stupid video. The monitor didn't want to eat the badger, probably came upon
it accidentally while trying to find other foods. Not all monitors are
vicious or at least not as notoriously as the honey badger. I had no doubt
that the badger would win because monitors were never famous for their
toughness and being able to handle a big, long brawl well.

I fucken hate it when shows like these exaggerate and lie to hype up their
stupid shows.

Author Adam Dean Shafi ( ago)
Really unfair fight... Monitors are only 12 lbs, while Honey Badgers are 30
lbs... D:

Author Pro-methean ( ago)
Cool , i wanna see it take down a nile crocodile

Author Sapta Sin d hu ( ago)
Honey badger was confused for a while after rudely awoken, he was dreaming
of a big juicy reptile in his sleep a second ago and here a monitor was at
his door step. Badger couldn't belive his eyes or his luck so he just
wanted to kiss and hug the monitor but stupid lizard had this disillusion
that it was gonna feed on the badger. We all know the outcome so don't fuck
with badass badger.

Author Kit Kat ( ago)
00:15 best part of the video

Author Julio de la hoz ( ago)
Man, i have been watching a bunch of videos of these little fuckers and
they are just fearless! if they could grow up to 10 feet long or so, they
will be taking down, lions and anything on their way....and you know why??
because honey badger don't give a shit! lol

Author jimincairns ( ago)
A ten-foot monitor? I call bullshit.

Author Maxxis702 ( ago)
You don't fuck with honey badgers 

Author Minato2003 ( ago)
Honey badger! Delivery is here!

Author erik dennard ( ago)
The Abdullah "The Butcher of the animal world, he bite's and gouges your
eyes out before eating you. Phenominal.

Author piplup2009 ( ago)
jesus not even a huge lizard can kill this beast

Author Andrew Cezar ( ago)
They named a gun in Cod Ghosts the Honey Badger

Author matthew mann ( ago)
These things are like the Wolverines of Africa and the Tazmanian Devils of

Author Leonardo Darosi ( ago)
Fuck the world, I am a King !!

Author why are you reading my long and pointless username ( ago)
titan honey badger vs chuck Norris who will win

Author bearone7777 ( ago)

Author Toni Ramadani ( ago)
My friends uncle put a honey badger and a huge Python and the Python won...
I thought the honey badger was going to win.

Author Its Kato ( ago)
The Badgers like " you goin learn today"

Author SprittyOwO (SprittyOwO) ( ago)
Badass animal

Author 山下由美子 ( ago)

Author toni8675 ( ago)
Honey badger > Chuck Norris

Author Ibble Obble ( ago)
This video was ruined by silly narration and editing. 

Author Drew Dickerson ( ago)
Honey Badger: Mmm tastes like chicken!

Author boonehouston ( ago)
There are so,many pointless videos,like this nowadays. How about some real
info or at least the whole fight.

Author jlmtless ( ago)
monitor, u woke up the wrong one

Author Haleem ul Hassan ( ago)
1:35 Damnnn, the badger just stabbed the poor lizard's eye with its razor
sharp claws. Honey badger truly doesnt give a shit!

Author Kit411230 ( ago)
Fucking honey badgers man, it's like someone's given testosterone, steroids
& pure adrenaline to Chuck Norris' beard 

Author YoCatGaming ( ago)

Author Tonberry ( ago)
honey badgers doesnt give a shit

Author llSuperSaiyanll ( ago)
1:00 The honey badger's looking at the monitor like "You done f**ked up now

Author Evil Betty ( ago)
Stupid ass Lizard may as well lay down on a silver platter. Don't fuck with

Author Angus Zhao ( ago)
look at 0:57, honey badger: what is this? wait ! what what what the FUCK?
are you fucking kidding me? do you know who i am? you are fucking dead !you
piece of shit!

Author Adam Wolfe ( ago)
Monitor "hey, I'm here for lunch"
Honey Badger "bitch, you are lunch!!"

Author Algastar ( ago)
Imagine honey badgers the size of a car :c

Author Acrisis Von Bolero ( ago)
Reptiles > Honey Badger

I shoot Honey Badgers for fun.

Author TurboBMR ( ago)
gon' eat some shit

Author Everette Richardson ( ago)
The offspring of a Wolverine and Honey Badger mating would rule the

Author Reggae Gold SOUNDZ ( ago)
There's a video of an old Honey Badger vs Leopard which the leopard
actually killed the old female Badger...but guess what? It took the Leopard
about an hr to do that even tho it had a firm grip of the badgers neck.

Author mike johnson ( ago)
Anyone have any ideas on a honey vs. komodo dragon, I'm guessing the dragon
would win. 

Author Walks As Elk ( ago)
" warning, trespassers will be mutilated and nom nom nommed on"

Author Donna Ya ( ago)
Honey badger takes steroids

Author byrnesielives ( ago)
Has the honey badger ever lost?

Author Norm Hardy ( ago)
That monitor picked the WRONG hole to fuck with.

Author Callum Doyle ( ago)
honey badger:wtf you wont lizzard:oh shit wips tail (its not very
effective) honey badger: bitch please uses bite (its super
effective)lizzard fainted

Author Skywalker ( ago)
Honey Badger's a badass

Author Enrique Camargo ( ago)
In others results, Seth Rollins vs Snake, Snake defeat Seth Rollins win a
Spear. Mongoose vs Batista, Mongoose defeat Batista by submission with
the Dead Lock.

Author Enrique Camargo ( ago)
Chris Jerico vs Honey Badger, wins Honey Badger by submission with the
Honey Lock

Author Yu Toob (908 years ago)
versus Komodo dragon

Author Triple MVP legend ( ago)
Awesome to see the hb destroy those wicked lizards! Since they see to build
up an immunity against the venom of most predators, if we can now cause the
honey badger to grow large enough to take care of the monitor lizard

Author XXISimplicityXXI ( ago)
Badger walked out and said, wtf is this shit. Nigga gtfo.

Author Ann Boylen ( ago)
Dumb lizards

Author Miss. Sippi ( ago)
thats a lie you try to make it sound like honey badgers can kill anything
you even made a the honey badger just killed it because it got lucky its a
very rare thing to happen you probaly put 100 monitor lizards in frount of
the honey badger andin till the honey badger won and then recorded the
video a monitor could tear it aport!

Author SSJNaruto ( ago)
Honey badger vs a wolverine

Author Philadelphias FavoriteSon ( ago)
That Monitor knew better than to mess with a Honey Badger. He/she was
either setup, or just made a grave mistake. 

Author eternal .PLUR ( ago)
honey badger don't care, honey badger don't give a shit

Author Jack Jean ( ago)
Fuck Monitor Lizards...

Author czg123 (1729 years ago)
This narrator totally sucks! Ha--such an amateur! If only they got me to
narrate, then it'd be a better vid! =) xoxo

Author Superior Spider-ManTM ( ago)
Mongoose versus the honey badger.

Who wins?

Author Jason Vorhees ( ago)
Reptiles can't fuck with mammals. 

Author 123TauruZ321 ( ago)
So fucking shitty narration. "Swings its tail ferociously" YEAH

Author thabiznes ( ago)
I like how the badger comes out like you done fucked up lizard

Author Andres Gonzalez ( ago)
You shouldn't have told us that the honey badger won the fight.

Author Malang Sob ( ago)
Honey Badger don't give a shit.

Author zombie_chickens ( ago)
okay seriously....a fight between a honey badger and a wolverine would be
the most epic thing on earth. I don't know which one is more bad ass

Author geile sau ( ago)
wolverine pwns badger

Author Leyath Tractus ( ago)
lol, i wish that komodo's could live in some other places where they could
whoop this badgers ass! Well, i guess you can't have everything. 

Author Shaun M ( ago)
Honey Badger Rules!

Author Gianni Sanchez ( ago)
So much for the monitor

Author Ernie Williams ( ago)
monitors need to learn how to fuck
ing bite lol the tail can only help them out so far

Author Trevordestroyer1 ( ago)
that guy has it all wrong the lizard was looking for a place to hide to get
away from the scorching sun but where it wanted to go there was a honey
badger in the hole... monitor lizards know when food is too large to be
consumed because they eat food whole and that badger was just too big to be
swallowed whole. 

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