Americans Try Banned Foods From Other Countries

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  • "I assume they're banned for a reason... why are we eating them?"


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  • Corbin Bishop
    Corbin Bishop 4 hours ago

    Its not the foods that are banned. This fucking title is wrong. There is white bread in Canada, its potassium bromate thats banned.

  • monta
    monta 15 hours ago

    2:00 "EU and UK" last time i checked UK is still technically in EU, but yknow Americans

  • Jilyfishh
    Jilyfishh 18 hours ago


  • Cody Feldhaus
    Cody Feldhaus 1 day ago

    You can't just list names of compounds and make claims along the lines of "oh I can't pronounce this so it's bad for me". Sodium bicarbonate might sound scary, but it's just baking soda. If you want to say these things are unhealthy then you need to provide evidence. This is a prime example of the general spreading of pseudoscience today that largely contributes to major problems stemming from scientific illiteracy, such as widespread denial of climate change or the idea that vaccines cause autism. This video is more than misleading; it's literally harmful.

  • ryanle 13
    ryanle 13 1 day ago

    Kinder surprise?????

  • tran minh chau
    tran minh chau 1 day ago

    Kelsey and even bestttt

  • V s
    V s 2 days ago

    we also have white bread in the EU

  • Imogeden Monster
    Imogeden Monster 3 days ago

    Wait I didn't know salmon was banned here (in Ozzie land)

  • ʝɘnnɘh
    ʝɘnnɘh 3 days ago

    Americans try Kinder Surprise Eggs

  • Courtney Sampson
    Courtney Sampson 3 days ago

    i love zach. he's so funny lol

  • メロディー中野

    Come on ! American product are known for being SO chemistrically modified ! 😰😰😰 I can't understand why peopke still want to imitate America. Just big corporation in power. American people are doomed.

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 3 days ago

    Doughnuts aren't banned in UK!!!!

  • Marian Baleinakorodawa

    Salmon is not banned in New Zealand

  • Majestic Fire
    Majestic Fire 4 days ago

    What the hell white bread isn't banned in Canada I live in Canada but no hate I love buzzfeed

  • b1v5
    b1v5 4 days ago

    Potassium bromate is classified as a category 2B carcinogen (possibly carcinogenic to humans) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).


  • Erynn Stone
    Erynn Stone 4 days ago

    "What's hyperactivity in children?"
    "It's like me! :D"
    "BAN THIS!!!!"

    i'm dead

  • AlmightyMedia
    AlmightyMedia 4 days ago

    I have a weakness for blondes and she tops the cake... my god, she's beautiful. lol

  • London Blue
    London Blue 5 days ago

    Damn a lot of this is banned in New Zealand, we don't need cows on steroids though

  • Aaronsaber13 Wtf
    Aaronsaber13 Wtf 5 days ago

    Zach is funny as hell

  • Sweet!
    Sweet! 5 days ago

    It's not banned in America because the FDA are dipshits

  • Olha Huska
    Olha Huska 6 days ago

    I actually made a site for school on dangerous products in food. Most of the chemicals that they talked about were discussed in the site.

  • Bb Beth.
    Bb Beth. 6 days ago

    When they aren't banned in your country. I eat white bread.

  • Ras V
    Ras V 6 days ago

    I assume she means what's wrong with people instead of the world

  • Shelby R
    Shelby R 6 days ago

    LOL Just avoid processed foods... specifically from America or China because they don't ban as many chemicals.

  • sreeparna chakraborty

    I was born in New Zealand but I live in Australia

  • Oscar Meza
    Oscar Meza 7 days ago

    What's the girl in the white shirts name

  • Sinead B
    Sinead B 7 days ago

    Yes we know, our own country treats us like walking talking dumpsters that corporations can throw their toxic waste into.

  • L.A. Primal
    L.A. Primal 7 days ago

    our milk has hgh? hell yeah! thats stuffs expensive 😈💪

  • Lori S
    Lori S 8 days ago

    boo for liberty and having choices on what to put in my own body.

  • Gina Malekian
    Gina Malekian 8 days ago

    "I'd like to know why it's banned in other countries but not in the us."


  • A. Dasuki
    A. Dasuki 9 days ago

    I'm in love with Evan. ugh

  • Emma Chiofolo
    Emma Chiofolo 9 days ago

    at 0:38 he sounds like someone trying to pronounce xxxtentaction

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 9 days ago

    The profanity in the video is so unnecessary.

  • Natalia Koval
    Natalia Koval 9 days ago

    Welcome to Russia! You're gonna be able to eat this sh*t all together

  • Sheawn
    Sheawn 10 days ago

    My phone is on 1% maybe I should cha

  • Sebastian Michaelis
    Sebastian Michaelis 10 days ago

    Yellow food coloring banned in Finland EXCUSE ME WE SELL FOOD COLOUR AND MAC N CHEESE ainii torilla tavataa

    • noah rodarte
      noah rodarte 9 days ago

      its just a certain chemical in the food coloring, thats it. also love your black butler profile pic

  • Peter Emm
    Peter Emm 10 days ago

    You totally left out, brominated vegetable oil (BVO) found in Mountain Dew and Squirt and other places. Totally banned in the UK and EU.

  • Nora Johnston
    Nora Johnston 10 days ago

    What song is being played in part with milk?

  • Nicolas Bertin
    Nicolas Bertin 10 days ago

    Love the EU/UK thing, because it felt so natural to not include the UK in the EU... Anyway, those things not banned in America aren't banned simply because of your industrial lobbies, that's all. It's the same thing with many pesticides. Another thing that's banned in the EU that you drink every day is bisphenol A. Thing thing mimicks estrogen, and so causes potential problems. They put it in the inside liner of cans for example, so every time your drink pepsi or a coke, boom, it's like you got estrogens. It's been banned in baby formula in the US, but still not banned for adult consumption. It's fully banned in France.

  • KugleeKuglee
    KugleeKuglee 10 days ago

    "Potassium bromate is classified as a category 2B carcinogen (possibly carcinogenic to humans) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)."

  • Jose Salas
    Jose Salas 11 days ago

    Everytime I see that dude with red glasses I always click the videop

  • Catherine Landers
    Catherine Landers 11 days ago

    okay but this isn't the foods specifically, this is various chemicals IN foods that are banned.

  • FinalTimeHero
    FinalTimeHero 11 days ago

    I'm Zac

  • Gloria King
    Gloria King 12 days ago

    good old USA

  • Aaron Mikusa
    Aaron Mikusa 12 days ago

    well if our country sucks then why don't you go somewhere where if you hold up a sign you get your fucking head cut off! best of luck

  • Kay Wade
    Kay Wade 12 days ago

    You guys have like 14 ingredients in McDonalds chips and we only have 3...

  • Power Spirit
    Power Spirit 12 days ago

    Well USA does have a lot of food coloring. It hurts my eyes a bit.

  • Alyssa Delilah
    Alyssa Delilah 13 days ago

    I like Zach's Kelsey more than Evans Kelsey but that's just me

  • taeyang lover
    taeyang lover 13 days ago

    why did she ask if theres white bread in korea... ofc there is.

  • Expression
    Expression 13 days ago

    rBGH is also banned in Canada.

  • kinley Oliver
    kinley Oliver 14 days ago

    Im drinking milk

  • duumaz
    duumaz 14 days ago

    im from finland i have never eaten cereal marshmallows

  • Pi VN
    Pi VN 14 days ago

    It are not banned foods, but subsistutes that are banned. Outside the US people still eat a lot of those things like white bread or donuts. Also is something is not banned, it doesn't mean that it is still used in products.

  • The DarkAgent 1 official

    Only some milk is banned in Aus I mean we still get milk

  • đéo có tên
    đéo có tên 15 days ago


  • Jasmin
    Jasmin 15 days ago

    Yeah the usa sucks with that part. I'm so so so glad it's banned here.

  • Kuruki Chur
    Kuruki Chur 16 days ago

    I mean seriously, adding chemicals to fish food to alter the color of the flesh?? that's ridiculously unnecessary.

  • obiwahn dagobah
    obiwahn dagobah 16 days ago

    Astaxanthin is completely harmless. It's a natural component, but farmed salmon need to be artificial fed with it, because most fish-foods create grey flesh

  • Kristian Brandt
    Kristian Brandt 16 days ago

    It's not banned because America. Also you can get all of this in practically any country, as long as it's not ''enriched''. It is a bit odd though, because you can't eat any of these enhancers in Europe, but you can pretty much drink as soon as you learn to walk XD

  • Breanna Kekesi
    Breanna Kekesi 16 days ago

    My question is this- if growth hormones are in food some of us eat, why are some of us-(like me) aren't bigger or stronger. Why does it only affect some people?

  • Potato Mag
    Potato Mag 17 days ago

    I am so lucky I am not in America !!

  • Morgoth Bauglir
    Morgoth Bauglir 17 days ago

    Did she really say " .. you have white bread in Korea?" ?!

  • Summer Time
    Summer Time 17 days ago

    There are basically eating regular food 😂

  • Mirko Ugur
    Mirko Ugur 17 days ago

    can the vid be shorter

  • Reptilian Queen
    Reptilian Queen 18 days ago

    try kinder eggs

  • Neithan Mendoza
    Neithan Mendoza 18 days ago

    Zach is me

  • withoutrulesorbounds

    rBGH is also banned in Canada.

  • Kawaii_ Unicorn
    Kawaii_ Unicorn 18 days ago

    Bit if its banned i didnt know 😭

  • Kawaii_ Unicorn
    Kawaii_ Unicorn 18 days ago

    I live in norway and yellow Food coloring is not banned in norway 😭😐😐

  • 04harris Alagic
    04harris Alagic 18 days ago

    i think that south korean guy is getting friend zoned lol

  • alexmedina
    alexmedina 19 days ago

    Same mistake as other videos on YouTube: USA isn't the same as "America". America was the name set to the new land by European conquerors in late 1400. Furthermore, by the time this new land was named America in 1507 the piece of land that belongs to USA nowadays wasn't discovered yet. In addition, when U.S. congress decided to add the "of America" suffix to name this country in 1776, the name "America" was already taken and used for the entire mass of land for over 250 years earlier ... I mean ... TWO and a HALF CENTURIES earlier!!! This means that America is the whole continent that consists of three regions (not continents): South America, Central America and North America. Therefore, all their native people are Americans, including the ones who were born and live in U.S.A. Just read what the world history says.

  • Ray Han
    Ray Han 19 days ago

    no durians?

  • ParisLeePeach
    ParisLeePeach 20 days ago

    Just so you know milk is not banned in New Zealand and either is Samon I would know I've lived in New Zealand my whole life

  • Brittany Jorgensen
    Brittany Jorgensen 21 day ago

    so it's not banned food but banned ingredients

  • Uka
    Uka 21 day ago

    Are we all just going to ignore 2:32?

  • Mya Muney
    Mya Muney 21 day ago

    American food... food we feed ourselves, our loved ones and our children... 😔what's the solution to this?

  • Ultimate Survival
    Ultimate Survival 21 day ago

    Why would they eat this ? #veryconfused

  • TheLunarAria
    TheLunarAria 21 day ago

    It would have been better if they explained why they were banned for all of them. Like the bromate enriched flour.

  • Ey Da
    Ey Da 21 day ago

    i think im in love with Evan

  • Ken Day2Day
    Ken Day2Day 21 day ago

    fucking idiots read big word and go noooo must ban all big words literally does nothing go you

  • Xylezic
    Xylezic 22 days ago

    dude, everything can be bad. '_'

  • The little Karaoke show

    i ship evan and kelesy so much

  • Al Fonz
    Al Fonz 23 days ago

    It took me off guard to hear "UE..and UK" At the beginning I was like "why are they saying it separatel..oh wait"
    Hoping one day will be again just "UE " 😔 from an italian friend

  • kamc6679
    kamc6679 23 days ago

    nothing is banned in the US because they eat everything ◇◇

  • Uroboros
    Uroboros 23 days ago

    What about the most dangerous? Kinder Surprise?

  • franticARTS
    franticARTS 23 days ago


  • Henry Schwarie
    Henry Schwarie 24 days ago

    And yet, life expectancy is higher than it's ever been.

  • maria luisa lima dos santos

    wtf since when are baked goods bande in brazil and EU i was in brazil and i saw it and i live in The EU and i See alot oft that stuf

  • Tiana Kefu
    Tiana Kefu 25 days ago

    aye ummmm salmon is not banned in new Zealand we love it here dunno what their on about?

  • Helgard Van Rensburg

    Is this suppose to be entertaining or informative?

    Clearly zero research has gone into why certain foods were banned:
    Synthetic Astaxanthin is most probably good for you, though not as good as natural astaxanthin consumed by wild salmon. Definitely not banned in Australia as there big debate ongoing on the use of it (and other farming method) in Tasmanian salmon farms.
    Yellow #6 there was one study 50 years ago that said it was bad, has since been disproved numerous times over through agencies all over the world
    The problem of the use rBGH has nothing to do with the milk (that debate has been settled) more to do with the health and farming ethics on the cows and why it is banned in the countries mentioned.

    Buzzfeed is doing precisely what they are accusing FDA/farmers/food producers are doing.

  • April-Marie Msp
    April-Marie Msp 26 days ago

    Salmom isn't banned in Australia either New Zealand, I legit just bought salmon today and last time I went to New Zealand (2 years ago) there was Salmon there.

  • Samantha Weps
    Samantha Weps 26 days ago

    Why it's scary: Potassium bromate causes thyroid and kidney tumors in rats, and it's banned from food use in many countries.

  • James Donaldson
    James Donaldson 26 days ago

    "Banned in Canada" and yet here I am living in Canada and see that ingredient used in foods ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Manavony
    Manavony 26 days ago

    In america they can eat anything except kinder eggs

  • Zain Opedia
    Zain Opedia 26 days ago

    Kraft Mac and Cheese is colored using Turmeric and Paprika here in Jordan, and has been for years.

  • Zamolxes77
    Zamolxes77 26 days ago

    Title is 100% wrong, is not the food that is banned, is certain chemical ingredients in the food.

  • Oliver Sezgin
    Oliver Sezgin 26 days ago

    Food coloring is not banned in sweden I live in Sweden and I eat lucky charms everyday

  • Kristian_KYS
    Kristian_KYS 26 days ago

    Samon is not banned in Australia you idiots

  • apic165
    apic165 26 days ago

    the rest of the world: let`s eat banned food in the US.. and we eat a fucking Kinder Egg

  • shroomhead1213
    shroomhead1213 27 days ago

    The hormone they feed to the cow is in the milk. That is why 7 year olds are developing like they are 12 year olds. My 12 year old cousin was getting boobs at the age of 8. We tell her to stop but she's a milk baby. She won't drink anything else.

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