Can a Raindrop Cake Protect Galaxy S8 From 100 FT Drop Test?

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  • Ángel Vilchez
    Ángel Vilchez 13 minutes ago

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  • Zachary Jacques
    Zachary Jacques 17 minutes ago

    Y'all are awesome

  • Jason Craftalogical
    Jason Craftalogical 37 minutes ago

    Dats actually my b-day please i have never had a phone 🍰

  • Adam Perry
    Adam Perry 46 minutes ago

    i honestly dont know what to say wait........that was a shocker

  • Leslie Lopez
    Leslie Lopez 47 minutes ago

    I would love that phone.____. even if I probably won't get picked ha:(

  • Tammy Hanzlovic-DeBellis

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  • Jayson Soto
    Jayson Soto 1 hour ago

    I want the s8

  • jose Mercado
    jose Mercado 1 hour ago

    dude bro your videos are awesome if I'm bord I always watch you you the best

  • Amymaudejam
    Amymaudejam 1 hour ago

    WOW 😳

  • Hugo Gamboa
    Hugo Gamboa 1 hour ago

    I really need that s8

  • Amond Brown
    Amond Brown 1 hour ago

    I knew the Samsung was going live

  • andres ortiz
    andres ortiz 1 hour ago

    or made if it lands good

  • andres ortiz
    andres ortiz 1 hour ago


  • Austin Wolf
    Austin Wolf 1 hour ago

    commenting to try to win woo!

  • Destroyerz 117
    Destroyerz 117 2 hours ago


    Points for trying? heh..

  • Garrett Paulus
    Garrett Paulus 2 hours ago

    I really want the S8 plz

  • George Hargreaves
    George Hargreaves 2 hours ago

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  • L Parker
    L Parker 2 hours ago

    That's amazing!

  • Gonzalo Vazquez
    Gonzalo Vazquez 2 hours ago

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  • Munqith Alshareef
    Munqith Alshareef 3 hours ago

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  • Leonardo Hubsch
    Leonardo Hubsch 3 hours ago

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  • Infinite Possibilities

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  • Maxwell Feiner
    Maxwell Feiner 4 hours ago


  • Avery White
    Avery White 4 hours ago

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  • Malachi Scott
    Malachi Scott 4 hours ago

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  • Sam Ham
    Sam Ham 4 hours ago

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    FROST REAPER 4 hours ago


  • PSN Felix
    PSN Felix 4 hours ago

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  • Timothy Landers
    Timothy Landers 4 hours ago

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  • Gabriel Kriel
    Gabriel Kriel 5 hours ago

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    i cannot afford one
    you actually inspired me to start my own youtube channel and i love your videos. you make me laugh and smile and turn my bad days into good ones. i would really apreciate the phone

  • Emma Barr
    Emma Barr 5 hours ago

    I want the phone!😛😂😂

  • Shabarca HD
    Shabarca HD 5 hours ago

    pls i have been waiting for this phone since its first design came out and i have a s4 so please

  • I'm panda
    I'm panda 5 hours ago

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  • Ismail Elabbassi
    Ismail Elabbassi 5 hours ago

    hope to win for the very first time an a Giveaway
    go for the 3M subscribers

  • Julio Rivas
    Julio Rivas 6 hours ago

    i want this s8 please I really want this phone you would make my life happier than it already is

  • Valentina Trujillo rincón

    I can't believe it survived OMG!!!!! I'm from Colombia and I'll love to win the phone I would give it to my mom (and I know my English isn't that good lol) but I've been hoping to get the money to buy her a new cellphone so I think this Is a great opportunity if I win it for her. I love your videos even if sometimes i think those stupid but fun drops of expensive cellphones may make you lose your money lots of times because that stuff is for CRAZY PEOPLE! but that's a really good, fun and entertaining content. 🇨🇴❤️👌🏼

  • AgungBobby channel
    AgungBobby channel 6 hours ago

    teh next day lol

  • tom masa
    tom masa 6 hours ago

    Samsung fanboy eversince & I knew it would survive that raindrop cake test! booom! thats ma GS8 boys & girls!

  • ultimate ink brothers

    i want the phone

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 6 hours ago

    how if it land on the top but either way that's wavy

  • Shoop Doop
    Shoop Doop 6 hours ago

    I'm entering yay

  • Yunus emre Şahinduran

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  • Caleb Bennett
    Caleb Bennett 7 hours ago

    I would like to win this phone. I would so love it if me a poor kid from Iowa won this phone. Get in contact with me if I win by replying to my comment.🙏🏻

  • ally & dawn
    ally & dawn 7 hours ago

    my family has always had issues with money and I have been doing extra work around the house trying to save up in order to get me a phone. getting this kind of phone for free would be amazing. thank you.

  • Amy 117
    Amy 117 7 hours ago

    I always wanted a new Samsung S8 I'll be so happy if I get it

  • DirpySquid69
    DirpySquid69 8 hours ago

    I'm entered in the Giveaway

    LEGITNESS BRO 8 hours ago

    well my birthday is July 6th and I never get anything besides two words "happy birthday" and that's why I want that phone .

  • marshamoo RBLX
    marshamoo RBLX 8 hours ago

    I want the s 8 on an HTC one m7

  • Hamza Ki Vidz
    Hamza Ki Vidz 9 hours ago

    Not a single scratch on the mobile amazing.........i want it

  • Lalo Ambriz
    Lalo Ambriz 9 hours ago

    I want the s8 please

  • filthy frank
    filthy frank 10 hours ago

    Woops its june27 2017 _tuesday

  • filthy frank
    filthy frank 10 hours ago

    I want this becuse I only have a nokia and I'm broke AF and the screen is broken

  • Dolfijnegamer
    Dolfijnegamer 10 hours ago

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  • Συμμαχία YouTuber

    Please I want the samsung galaxy s8 so much and I am your biggest fan

  • Carlos Desantiago
    Carlos Desantiago 10 hours ago

    why all ur vudoes r all about the s8 god damn use the iPhone 7s

  • Maltin Hajdari
    Maltin Hajdari 10 hours ago

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  • cydia tweaker
    cydia tweaker 11 hours ago

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  • Maya Z
    Maya Z 12 hours ago


  • Clash With Bobert
    Clash With Bobert 12 hours ago

    I would love the phone because I don't have one. I am watching this on my dad's work computer. I would like the phone to watch your vids.

  • Halo1369Lamouse
    Halo1369Lamouse 12 hours ago

    Holy shit ! it actually didnt shatter ? wtf ??? i want that phone for "further observation"!

  • Sebastian Kacorzyk
    Sebastian Kacorzyk 13 hours ago

    I love Your channel dude ;*
    I love samsung galaxy s series <3

  • Trinity Noah
    Trinity Noah 13 hours ago

    Love this

  • Zinedin ezzir
    Zinedin ezzir 15 hours ago

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  • RK does Gaming
    RK does Gaming 16 hours ago

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  • Edward Reyes
    Edward Reyes 16 hours ago

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  • Edward Reyes
    Edward Reyes 16 hours ago

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  • Edward Reyes
    Edward Reyes 16 hours ago

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  • unknown blogs
    unknown blogs 17 hours ago

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  • The Phat Gamist
    The Phat Gamist 17 hours ago

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  • Kenneth Ramos
    Kenneth Ramos 17 hours ago

    Nice! Haha!

  • Amelia Cooper
    Amelia Cooper 17 hours ago

    i want the phone becouse it is better than the phone i already have

  • Romy Andrian
    Romy Andrian 18 hours ago

    I want the raindrop cake, Thank you

  • Keishimie Lindsey
    Keishimie Lindsey 18 hours ago


  • Lydia Jumper
    Lydia Jumper 18 hours ago


  • Sathish S
    Sathish S 18 hours ago

    I hate your channel you waste of money because I am poor guy my mind is only one no waste of (💰) money I am sorry and I need mobile......

  • Jesus Serrato
    Jesus Serrato 19 hours ago


  • SavageLife 1
    SavageLife 1 19 hours ago

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  • Valantin Shamoun
    Valantin Shamoun 19 hours ago

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  • Irving Hernandez
    Irving Hernandez 19 hours ago


  • tank bull
    tank bull 19 hours ago

    can a T-shirt protect the s8 from a 100 ft drop?

  • Darian Chaney
    Darian Chaney 19 hours ago

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  • Bixleron Games 101
    Bixleron Games 101 19 hours ago

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  • Max Merlino
    Max Merlino 19 hours ago

    entering the giveaway! Please select me! always wanted an s8! Thanks, BC

  • Francis da Costa
    Francis da Costa 19 hours ago

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  • Marcela Infante
    Marcela Infante 20 hours ago

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  • luis fernando lópez
    luis fernando lópez 20 hours ago

    Can a money protect a rich man from 100 ft drop test

  • Siz3abl3Cube80
    Siz3abl3Cube80 20 hours ago


  • Andre Romero
    Andre Romero 20 hours ago

    I probably won't win but I think it's still fun to try haha

  • Giovanni Bifari
    Giovanni Bifari 20 hours ago


  • Eakamjot Singh
    Eakamjot Singh 20 hours ago


  • DerpFace Productions

    How did it SURVIVE!!!!

  • Augusto Pech
    Augusto Pech 21 hour ago

    great video! keep the good work man!

  • Gamer Kayla
    Gamer Kayla 21 hour ago

    That was so cool!!!! I would really like the phone too!!!

  • Adam Putz
    Adam Putz 21 hour ago

    Shock wave

  • Gius Mendoza
    Gius Mendoza 22 hours ago

    can I win? lol

  • Lily Fuller
    Lily Fuller 22 hours ago

    I subscribed and liked and commented and turned on post notifications please let me win the give away if u reply it will be the best day of my life but u probably won't because this will drown in the comment love u guys❤💚💛💜💙

  • Xander Emerson
    Xander Emerson 22 hours ago

    I would love to have,the phone

  • Brock Johnson
    Brock Johnson 22 hours ago

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  • Cody Goetz
    Cody Goetz 22 hours ago

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  • Jüan Carlos
    Jüan Carlos 22 hours ago

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