XeX menu on normal xbox 360 *NOT JTAG*

if anyone knows how to fix this msg me please Subscribe and if you want in 10th lobby go to livestream for a chance of getting in but you only get in if you subscribe .

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Author theressa christian (3 months)
if the XEXmenu non jtag is not fake why when i ask for how does it work on
regular XBOX360 theres no answers on how to launch XEXmenu ?

Author Karim Alfayed (10 months)
what stupied mf assholl

Author yousef mohamed (4 years)
you need to jtag mod the console thats the way it works and jtag is a
hardware mod for the x360

Author 5408ALeX (3 years)
u need a jtag

Author _Gnashy (4 years)
Modders has no life.

Author Faroosi (4 years)
wow soo fake that happened to me fuk u

Author MrBennyxon (3 years)
u ar so stupid and ur mother too!!

Author Chris Giordano (3 years)
I want in my gt is: xLMAFOx im already 10th prestige but somebody hacked my
account and took everything, my camos, attachments, titles, emblems, pro
perks, and he left me with only the prestige titles and prestige emblems.
So please invite me!

Author FailingZone (3 years)
Yeah. Now start it up. Checkmate bitch

Author pjsky96 (4 years)

Author ScootLobby (4 years)
dont call me a dickhead but is a JTAG likie a bunch of metal stuck together?

Author Shrekels (4 years)
why should i sub you just showed a crapy vid gayhole

Author halo3nubes (4 years)

Author TheHappyKamper (4 years)
XeXMenu is for JTAG consoles only, is it that hard to comprehend?

Author hazza1o1 (4 years)
@badalbert47 no it wont sped

Author 5500rpmvtecpower (3 years)
@fuckkkaerosmith i know tat. i fix jtags :)

Author fuckkkaerosmith (3 years)
@5500rpmvtecpower JTAG doesn't only have the ability to execute unsigned
code it just has the ability to do so. It's like this developers make games
which are unsigned and are tested on their devktis which also have the
ability of executing unsigned code. Once the game is completed Microsoft
reviews the game and then signs the code with their algorithms. We cannot
burn this code because retail DVD drives do not have the ability . JTAG
removes the consoles ability to check for the signature.

Author nolifewithagun13 (3 years)
@Killianthekiller nerd. why do u kno all this bitch

Author CobrasCinema (4 years)
#1 This video is fake. #2 Jtag is the only type of Xbox 360 that can host
10th Prestige lobby because it's the only type of Xbox running unsigned
code. #3 Whoever believes this random is an idiot. #4 There's no reason to
have this video up at all. #5 You can't host 10th Prestige Lobbies anymore
until a new Reboot comes out since the makers/developers of FreeBoot aren't
making it online capable. So please, do yourself a favor and delete this
video faggot. You're not going to fool anyone.

Author jakesterhomo (4 years)
not true. run it as a file that the xbox understands. my .xex menu is ran
as a .rar file and it still works. you just got to change the script a
little bit. got to know c++ for that one.

Author ermacmaster (4 years)
Press All Games on teh menu to the right

Author MrRedneckboy12 (4 years)
fuck u u pricks

Author MrFultribo (4 years)

Author zachyo44 (3 years)
dude i have that on normal xbox and my xenon jtag ooo wow

Author TheSecondR (3 years)
@Killianthekiller Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Wii=1 360=0 :D

Author steve haberstroh (3 years)
UM does xexmenu let you play backups with a non jtagged xbox?

Author rofllol39 (3 years)
@CallumRoyCarmicheal same here man :(

Author jjshuak (4 years)
what a gimp lmao

Author ermacmaster (4 years)
@oiDominatorxD Wow Xex menu is unsigned therefore only can be run on a JTAG

Author oiDominatorxD (4 years)
@ermacmaster Yes, Thats why my comment says all you did was put it on your
normal Xbox, people have been doing this with a transfer cable since Jtags
first came out because Thay thought it would work. Noob

Author subs2meplease (4 years)
it wont work, reason being is your xbox wont run unsigned/ modified xex

Author colton8r (4 years)
@MrCDRipped It did the same thing for you because people with jtags such as
myself dont need you lil mini haxors trying to get xex menu on a normal xbox

Author ermacmaster (4 years)
@oiDominatorxD oh mai gawd ur SOOO COOL get a life nerd god damn ur annoying

Author MaGiC JTAG (4 years)
@10thforfree1 are you serious or just kidding?

Author iHavexSkillz (3 years)
@ZOMBSCUM666 are u fucking retarded?!?! he cant do lobbys you 10 year old

Author V0Lc0mSt0NE03 (4 years)
so wuts the point? r u just showing us that it shows up but after a forth
of a second it goes away? ya real smart buddy

Author DownCastClanRulez (3 years)
wow your a fuckin idiot if you dont know how to add XeXmenu 1.1 on your
non-jtagged xbox... i will make a video on how to do it. just look at my
youtube about a week from now and it would have the links to the stuff you
need. and it will stay on unless you delete it... who ever made this video
is a fuckin retard.

Author jamessuperfun (4 years)
What if you press Y really quick?

Author Henrik Steffen (3 years)
@Killianthekiller nice answer but by the way I didn`t think he learnit in
the school ;)

Author VNEM (4 years)
@mkfreak360 teehee you said period

Author TheSecondR (3 years)
@MrNightrider360 And you have a RROD :D U Mad bra?

Author The404Spartan (4 years)
@badalbert47 I think so someone put it on a disk on a vid

Author GlitchDLM (4 years)
@CobrasCinema actually you dont need a JTAG to host cod5 tenth prestige
lobbies, but i can see ur point

Author IProIDiiGY (3 years)

Author master120344 (4 years)
@badalbert47 No everyone!!!! This will not work it will show up for a
second though, but its not signed, so it will not work!!!

Author Liam Reed (3 years)
@anarchys4chumps an xbox 360 executable. Similar to .exe's on computers.

Author andrewpinncoing (4 years)
i am selling jasper jtag power brick 2kv for 185.00 gamer tag jasper hoster

Author BigDaddyFlynn (4 years)
it done the exact same for me!

Author xRedStingx (3 years)
@amosyboy1 Yeah right. Jtag was not made by hackers, nor was it made for
hacking.. People use Jtags often, especially in the computing business.

Author xJtagfreaksGaming (3 years)
Wow u dumb ass he got a download and used xtaf exploere and put it on his
USB but it is corrupted

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