XeX menu on normal xbox 360 *NOT JTAG*

if anyone knows how to fix this msg me please Subscribe and if you want in 10th lobby go to livestream for a chance of getting in but you only get in if you subscribe .

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Author Ann Marie Plopper ( ago)
You need a jtag to make this work

Author theressa christian ( ago)
if the XEXmenu non jtag is not fake why when i ask for how does it work on
regular XBOX360 theres no answers on how to launch XEXmenu ?

Author Karim Alfayed ( ago)
what stupied mf assholl

Author TheAbominable ( ago)
then give us the patched xexmenu :P

Author Ben Chapman ( ago)
Srry ignore the first 2 parts read the xex menu part

Author Galaxy-Modding ( ago)
Dude I Host Daily On TTG For Free, This is So Fake i Have a Jasper RGH

Author Halo3machenima ( ago)
For all people who say xexmenu doesn't work on non jtag; yes it does! I
made a hacked version of it by signing the code and fixing the security
params with xlast. Btw, xlast is ONLY for microsoft devs! So, no I can't
give it to anyone who's not a ms dev!

Author Blitz ZigZag ( ago)
U can get xex menu without jtag my friend has one

Author Grumpy Lemons ( ago)
no, i wont sub. 

Author bebo ( ago)
i think everyone is wasting his time now you cant get xex menu without a

Author steve haberstroh ( ago)
UM does xexmenu let you play backups with a non jtagged xbox?

Author CliveGains80s ( ago)
A HAVE JASPER + 2.0.12625.0 and not jtag + 120gb. do i update the dash
first i have no usb key. The purpose for this is to install a media app

Author Andrew Tran ( ago)
you have the original xbox 360.

Author Michael Noneofyrbusiness ( ago)
i dont see any point to this

Author dimitrisvk ( ago)
omg, you can have xex menu on non jtagged xbox... but you cant launch it!!

Author TheSecondR ( ago)
@MrNightrider360 And you have a RROD :D U Mad bra?

Author JonathanLemon ( ago)
Subscribe for more pointless videos and stupid pauses?

Author TheSecondR ( ago)
@Killianthekiller Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Wii=1 360=0 :D

Author jed899 ( ago)
Dude I miss the old xbox sounds before the update.

Author wkdw1ll1ams ( ago)
@nolifewithagun13 because us modders know alot about computers and if we
mod xbox's then we defininitely know alot about them. 

Author Henrik Steffen ( ago)
@Killianthekiller nice answer but by the way I didn`t think he learnit in
the school ;)

Author ooKOMANDOSoo ( ago)

Author vayne361 ( ago)
subscribe!!!! my ass!!!!!!!!!!

Author Adam Bailey ( ago)
You have a blue waffle hoe

Author TiMsTaR91 ( ago)

Author ddsdavey ( ago)
What a twat!

Author Nick Layer ( ago)

Author Norman ( ago)
is there a way i can get XEX on a computer

Author CommunistDolphin ( ago)
@ZOMBSCUM666 people cant take stuff from you you annoying cod fucktard. if
he wanted those items he would just hack and steal your entire profile. cod
doesnt work in the way that you could steal single items. jeez

Author teamsugarplur ( ago)
@ZOMBSCUM666 first off mw2 lobbies are patched and this guy does not have a
jtag, he just has xex menu which he can not load up on a retail.which means
no mods

Author Ryan Allyn Scott ( ago)
@ZOMBSCUM666 are u fucking retarded?!?! he cant do lobbys you 10 year old

Author kieran2735 (621 year ago)
i had a JTAG xbox, and now i replaced it with a limited edition halo:
reacvh XBOX

Author Chris Giordano (908 years ago)
I want in my gt is: xLMAFOx im already 10th prestige but somebody hacked my
account and took everything, my camos, attachments, titles, emblems, pro
perks, and he left me with only the prestige titles and prestige emblems.
So please invite me!

Author Caleb Bastian ( ago)
what the fuck is XeX?

Author boneygibbon ( ago)
how come it wont work

Author 5500rpmvtecpower ( ago)
@fuckkkaerosmith i know tat. i fix jtags :)

Author 5500rpmvtecpower ( ago)
yea, every xbox does that when its not on a jtag but wont play because jtag
only reads unsigned codes

Author JesusFruit10 ( ago)
@UnboundGodz lol no

Author codylk101 ( ago)
But.... It Doesnt Work ... So..... You Suck ass

Author EoDx CLAN ( ago)
only did that bcause you had a jtag with xex btw

Author liamdreed ( ago)
@anarchys4chumps an xbox 360 executable. Similar to .exe's on computers.

Author Dlosch8DRK ( ago)
wouldnt it be j-tagged not taged

Author Xplodin ( ago)
all you are stupid, its not corrupted. you need an xbox that can fucking
read unsigned code, called a JTAG, or modified console. normal xbox's cant
read any unsigned code like the failure wii if you dont know what unsigned
code is, then go stop being a fucking 2 yer old and google it. or learn it
in school. the jtag's purpose is not to host lobbies! its meant to read
unsigned code. Get your facts straight

Author devilsb666 ( ago)
that has happened is that he has put xexmenu on xbox via usb/transfer cable
and the file is corrupt so the xbox will quickly take xex menu of the game
library. it he/she goes onto memory and then games he/she will no that it
is corrupt

Author Alex ( ago)
What if you press Y really quick?

Author Jekub ( ago)
why should i sub you just showed a crapy vid gayhole 

Author C0dglitcher22 ( ago)
@CobrasCinema Hes not trying to fool anyone "faggot" hes just showing u xex
menu on a non-jtagged 360 tbh theres no point to this video and no shit he
cant host 95% of people with jtags cant derp

Author VNEM ( ago)
@mkfreak360 teehee you said period

Author mortal kombat ( ago)
------------------------------ You can not custom software running on a
non-jtag xbox. It is possible to play it on tools like modio etc on your
USB stick or HDD to it, but then you get the error that he can not start.
This is because the code is unsigned, normally xbox software digitally
signed by Microsoft, which itself can not. JTAG removes this limitation on
which such software can be run. this is a joke 

Author Llama4295 ( ago)
rally you need a jtag for a jtag there is no way your xbox will read xex
microsoft is smart enough its just corrupted

Author Llama4295 ( ago)
wow thats so retarted 

Author TheHappyKamper ( ago)
XeXMenu is for JTAG consoles only, is it that hard to comprehend?

Author One User ( ago)
how to install xex menu on xbox my xbox is not a j tag wil it work

Author Aaron Meagher ( ago)
@mkfreak360 haha u just got angry cuz u had ur period 

Author yeh write ( ago)
ok sell me a jtag lol 

Author yousef mohamed ( ago)
you need to jtag mod the console thats the way it works and jtag is a
hardware mod for the x360

Author Braeden Breen ( ago)

Author BigDaddyFlynn ( ago)
it done the exact same for me!

Author V0Lc0mSt0NE03 ( ago)
so wuts the point? r u just showing us that it shows up but after a forth
of a second it goes away? ya real smart buddy

Author JK Rueger ( ago)
@Scootlobby dickhead

Author ScootLobby ( ago)
dont call me a dickhead but is a JTAG likie a bunch of metal stuck

Author WeirdJerz3y ( ago)
You need a jtag to run xexmenu, case closed

Author WeirdJerz3y ( ago)
@10thforfree1 no you cant

Author MaGiC JTAG ( ago)
@10thforfree1 ur smart

Author MaGiC JTAG ( ago)
@10thforfree1 are you serious or just kidding?

Author MaGiC JTAG ( ago)
lol fail

Author kev4lyf ( ago)
I HAVE A JTAG!!! lol

Author mateos mebrahtu ( ago)
I can tell that's jtag u have xen menu

Author hazza1o1 ( ago)
@badalbert47 no it wont sped

Author The404Spartan ( ago)
@badalbert47 I think so someone put it on a disk on a vid

Author _Gnashy ( ago)
Modders has no life.

Author Flossy ( ago)
wow soo fake that happened to me fuk u

Author MandyorBeans ( ago)
You buy a Jtag to fix it.

Author adam h ( ago)
HAHA LOL FAIL!! wish I could help u m8! :/

Author AustinWinz ( ago)
dumbasses, it dissapears because you xbox isnt jtagged, thats the whole
fucking point of a j-tag

Author master120344 ( ago)
@enjoiskatecrazy11 No everyone!!!! This will not work it will show up for a
second though, but its not signed, so it will not work!!!

Author master120344 ( ago)
@badalbert47 No everyone!!!! This will not work it will show up for a
second though, but its not signed, so it will not work!!!

Author master120344 ( ago)
No everyone!!!! This will not work it will show up for a second though, but
its not signed, so it will not work!!!

Author subs2meplease ( ago)
it wont work, reason being is your xbox wont run unsigned/ modified xex

Author MandyorBeans ( ago)
@callumcoles13 You talk so much shit, its unbelieveable. You know nothing
about coding/signing etc etc. Your an idiot.

Author Arian Hamer ( ago)
@LazyDog2137 yea I kno how to mod, I have a flashed box but I want to stay
online and I don't have a transfer kit so I can't do much

Author MandyorBeans ( ago)
Its a corrupted game demo.....and, it does not mean you have xex on a
retail box. Its unsigned code you moron!

Author spy4561 ( ago)
It cant be done stop trying it, the normal xbox360 cant run code that hasnt
been aproved my microsoft... So It is not possible to put Xex menu 1.1 on a
normal xbox

Author Farve4ever589 ( ago)
@badalbert47 hell no do you even know what its used for?

Author Milky Chews ( ago)
retarded vid

Author Isaac Drechsler ( ago)
Whats the point if it doesn't work?

Author Isaac Drechsler ( ago)
@HappyModder No it doesn't

Author iiTzUncleSam ( ago)
Dammit! You have to have a JTAG to run unsigned code! I.E. XeX Menu.

Author ninjakingisback ( ago)
Pause at 0:22 Thats exactly what mine does.. its there... then its gone!

Author spy4561 ( ago)
@ekcoTV1 Xex Menu 1.1 wont load because it is unsigned by Microsoft. Xex
Menu no matter what it wont work on a non jtagged xbox. sorry It has
nothing to do with a weird glitch or somethin but if you want to jtag an
xbox then you cant jtag one that you use online

Author Pat Corso ( ago)
you cant be signed on xbox live dipshit

Author Jesse McInvale ( ago)
@badalbert47 Tell me if it works 

Author The Music Speaks ( ago)
@KAKASHIx3BOOD Clearing system cache AKA. deleting updates: Go to memory.
Highlight your HDD press Y click on clear system cache. DONE. There are
many re-signers I prefer Modio or 360RS because they both have the ability
for drag and drop and can re-sign with your own console, device, and
profile IDS

Author The Music Speaks ( ago)
I'm just saying that if this video was real first the video would have
shown the xex menu actually coming up second its fake because the xex menu
disappears third there is no proof shown that this is or isn't a jtagged
xbox fourth he would have to update his xbox when he signed into live which
he is and it would also make the xex menu disappear or appear as corrupted
data and finally if it was real he wouldn't be stupid enough to show his gt
and you have to JTAG to actually RUN THE UNSIGNED CODE

Author ekcoTV1 ( ago)
@badalbert47 dont know you can try

Author Arian Hamer ( ago)
will it work if i put xex menu on a disc? (non jtag)

Author Dom Tyga ( ago)
my gamertag is xI3east Skillsx

Author Donaar Drake ( ago)
@gamefreak12123 what do i resign it as 

Author gamefreak12123 ( ago)
Rehash and resign it

Author ricardosanchezl ( ago)
Fail lol.. btw.. can i put XeX menu with a virtual chip?

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