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Author ZroDfects (2 months)
Man: walks up to pretty lady, damn you look fine.

Female Prostitute: replies with a very very deep voice, thank you, shall we
go to your hotel.

Man: screams Fuck and runs....

Author sdfghj (3 years)
@FriedSpicyWings if someone is ready for unprotected sex it means he/she
has nothing to lose.

Author stefanybody (2 years)
@orchidswholesale i usto think like u were if they like having a penis
there men but now i think diffrent and i feel bad for them becuz i know
that sum are gay men sexually which makes them (transvestites) but alot of
them want surgery and cant afford it, or are scared of surgery, but non the
less they are women, and they are pretty much like girls, aside from there
plumbing, if your plumbing makes u a guy then alot of girls are guys cuz
they dont like havin a vag or using it!

Author DirkAustin (3 years)
Always use protection.

Author specialtaskforceswat (3 years)
@julkakastrjulka i also have sex with my dad every day

Author pierrelareux (2 years)
yes would fuck that tall bitch ! wonder if it can lay bricks ?

Author ripaki tuhoro (3 years)
@1hamandcheese anouther person who must stay home and masturbates over gay
movies pahahahaha

Author mycutesims (2 years)
@PhysicallyStrapped It's a man idiot! lol

Author shenzhenprostitute (3 years)
@moccahchacka Male having sex with lady boy is not gay if lady boy looks
like lady.

Author spiderlegs1987 (3 years)
they have dicks, they were born men! therefore any1 that fucks them is GAY!

Author mooninquirer (2 years)
@pievee Watch the documentaries. They are NOT an endorsement of promiscuity
or unprotected sex ----- but just know that having HIV is NOT a death
sentence, but taking the treatments FOR HIV are a death sentence. These
"medications" are the most toxic substances ever approved by the FDA, and
they are "DNA sequence terminators," and destroy EVERY cell in the
patient's body. The co-discover of the HIV virus has said it might not be
the cause of AIDS.

Author saltadoros08 (3 years)

Author saltadoros08 (3 years)
@HoboZombie i like slave markets anyway

Author Louise Lee (3 years)
@discoverydavid Well said !!!

Author Milan2003pan (10 months)
These video clips are excellent. I found this coz my best mate has become a
lady-magnet - and he's overweight He began getting chicks overnight. He
acted as if it was ordinary for quite a while. He finally came clean two
days ago. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction
Formula. Google it and you will find it... He's on a date now with a
beautiful girl... Lucky man!

Author admiraldma (3 years)
@intelligenceisnot HaHa, man you have a way with words!! Quality!

Author Myslot2 (3 years)
@ldude407 lady boys or transexuals are women born with a penis. like people
who are born with more body parts than normal. They look all women for a
reason. you will not find a gay asian guy looking so women. im asian, even
i cant tell them from women.

Author FriedSpicyWings (3 years)
@ver303 That's true, but I don't know how to put it?? That's how my friend
explained. I sorry.

Author julkakastrjulka (3 years)
@welcometomycircus yes they do, then they are all covered in poo...nice
smell for them.

Author HoboZombie (3 years)
@nguyendu519 You could say it, but you'd be wrong. Sure, some have HIV, but
not much more often than professionals in the US.

Author stefanybody (2 years)
@orchidswholesale this is not imagination this is reality, many girls have
sex changes, a functional vag that gets wet and has female orgasms, and u
would sleep wit 1 and not know the diffrence, thats reality bud,now im sure
your gonna say no i can always tell lol, yea yea right, u have to tell
yourself that so u can sleep comfortable at night lol, u cannot always
tell, and im sure u feel the same way about post op as u do about pre op,
ur not speaking from a real view but from a haters view!

Author Luke Humphries (3 years)
What are ladyboys?

Author ver303 (3 years)
@FriedSpicyWings now that last part was disturbing .

Author Erica Anderson (1 year)
Totally agree with you lol. Cock will rule the world XD

Author TransAtheleticFiona (2 years)
the human race will die out as women become more feminist and more ladyboys
come about. I mean why bother with women when this is available?

Author oooodin (3 years)
@1hamandcheese his ass...nor her ass ;-)

Author AhKeong Goh (3 years)
i wanna go Thailand now!

Author Gee Yang (3 years)
how do you telll if is a ladyboy or a real girl

Author Ineeditbadly (1 year)
I want the one on the left!!

Author HoboZombie (3 years)
@saltadoros08 You don't know what you're talking about, fuck off.

Author Broxn2 (2 years)
thailand is a beautiful country guys! -.-" You're alway go to city like
pattaya or puket, of course u see the bad side like that! Im Thai and i
know what im talk bout! so shut up ! :@

Author lesleyhenriquez (3 years)
I'd fuck em so hard.... all of em.

Author shenzhenprostitute (3 years)
@TecaLepore You are ignorant. The lady boys are female inside ... that's
why so many of them want the sex change. They want a pussy because they
feel like female inside. Stop posting krap without reading the scientific
literature behind it, bitch.

Author sweetpeasmile (2 years)
@persianmad Africa is a country you fucktard. You are so dumb

Author zaheer Cy (3 years)
@specialtaskforceswat but others can be affected by u.

Author Wallace Clemons (3 years)
Why should I treat them with respect. They all treat me like crap!!!! I've
been nothing but nice to them, ladyboys, transsexuals, and shemales,and all
I get is bad mouth and an empty wallet. But all the guys with girlfriends
and wifes ( like Ted Haggard ) get to be with t-women anytime they want!

Author TheTeacherBarbara (2 years)
@Broxn2 yea! Thailand is so beautiful and exotic country....I love this
country and I'm so sad girls should do it.......

Author Jabroski (2 years)
Why couldn't the guys in prison look like this?

Author stefanybody (2 years)
@orchidswholesale its not a world of imagination, this is not a dream buddy
this is reality they are on the street and in your face and u cant deal
with reality so u wanan blive its not reality, but it is! i love how you
call straight men real men lmao,you sure know how to compliment yourself,
just beacuse a man is straight does not mean hes a real man! dum dum, i
know tons of men that beat there women and have small penises like u, and
to me there far from real men! lmao

Author Rameshkumar635 (2 years)
100% factual and funny. A lot of Indians are looted there..

Author russian_barbie (1 year)
was the circus in town lol ( ^_^)

Author Özgür Hayat (1 year)

Author Suraj Mohan (2 years)
@ giselle ... I suggest you dont date any men... atleast the men are spared
the suffering

Author 2009lucianaluz (3 years)
Tailandia es una sociedad tolerante y muy receptiva hacia las diferencias.
Los niños pueden femenizarse ya a los 6-8 años y ello, no solo es aceptado
y de muy buen grado, sino que además es bien visto. Pueden asistir a la
escuela, a un club, a un centro comercial o simplemente pasear por la
calle. Yo fui un "niño transgénero" y mis escasos momentos de felicidad en
aquel entonces, se producían cuando podría vestirme como la niña que
deseaba ser.

Author robbspace (2 years)

Author amarillo315 (2 years)
I like shemales as much as the next guy, but when you can tell, even
without looking at the penis, that it could be a dude...that's where I
cross the line, which is what the tall one with the ass hanging out is.
That's a man-ass. Ew.

Author stefanybody (2 years)
@orchidswholesale unlike u that revloves your entire life around sex
beacuse your a sick guy, these trans girls are actually girls 24/7, and not
just for sex, but yea some are girls just for sex, but those are not
transexual those are transvestites, get your terminology correct, i know
its hard for you to understand this beacuse you were raised to belive this
is not normal, and your proably attracted to them and dont wanna admit it
to yourself lol, bcuz society will label u as gayyyyyy lol.

Author AhKeong Goh (3 years)
i find them sexy too.. can't help it

Author admiraldma (2 years)
@updahole I disagree! As for being high, i cant comment as i dont touch
drugs. But I have been drunk many times, and I say if you are too drunk too
not now what or who you are having sex with, your wouldnt be able to get a
hard on! I have had sex with a few people while i was drunk, but have
always been in control at all times. If a man gets hard and gets oral or
gives anal to a TS, no matter how drunk, it is NOT by accident and
therefore consentual.

Author admiraldma (2 years)
@updahole how can you have sex by accident?

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