How To Download Modded Gamesaves From Modio With A USB Xbox360

This is just a simple tut on how to downlaod a modded gamesave so you can use yourself if you have any questions feel free to ask...message my Gamertag: zzXBLADEXzz or message through youtube if you cant do and would like me to do i can do for free on Teamviewer 5 Here is the links...


Xtaf Usb:
Thanks For Watching!

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Author Pontus Heino (3 years)
@godspeed1234567890 The modio internetsite is down. That makes the errors
you get from modio. They'll be up in a moment i guess.

Author Elite MasterMind (3 years)

Author Thestalefries1 (4 years)
The Modio I downloaded looked nothing like yours. Help???

Author crazytime666 (4 years)
@mikenjack2007 yeah i changed the id. my friend said that i didnt even had
to do that. all i had to do is put a profile on my flash drive, download my
save, and then click download to device but after trying it i tried to do
it the long way and i changed my id and everything. it could just be my

Author coooly2 (4 years)
@clumading send me a message with wats wrong and ill help u

Author JomamaGamingProductions (2 years)
Never mind i figured it out. but thanks for replying.

Author Ciaran Doran (4 years)
Worst tutorial i've seen in a long time.

Author Taylor Jordan (4 years)
Great tutorial and great song! :) Evanescence all the way!!!!

Author zzXBLADEXzz (2 years)
The M for what?

Author thebobby1998 (4 years)
@tubby687 u have to save your game first like start, save then go 2 your
memory and go to the game u want to mod by going to hard drive, games, then
find it and find ur gamesave then copy 2 usb drive then this video explains
the rest =) hope i helped

Author xsHaDowNeRvEx (3 years)
I have sam background

Author SuperTanner001 (2 years)
Y u go so fast????

Author SiiKTR1KZZ (3 years)
i have a problem wen i do everything im supposed to do and then plug the
usb into my xbox and load my game the hack is not htere and i know im doing
everything 100 percent right but the hack does still not work plzzz respond
asap i need help i will give a video response showing wat im doing if u
need one

Author CASIO DARK MOON ™ © (2 years)
none of this shit ever works... just find one of your friends who beat the
game and copy there game to you memory stick

Author Kyle Benton (3 years)
@mikenjack2007 any usb...

Author Thelightdarkangel (3 years)
mine does the same thing as xXTom93Xx

Author Robert McLean (3 years)
Um, mine doesn't say save, it says Red Dead Redemption..

Author forsakenfox66 (3 years)
im trying to download a need for speed peostreet save and i keep grtting
this error message " there was an error when attempting to download the
save , reason-value of '- 500 is not valid for "value"; value should be
between 'minimum' and 'maximum' paremeter name: value" what the fuck is all
that about?

Author zzXBLADEXzz (3 years)
@wvufan10510 that doesnt matter aslong as its an actual save you downloaded
or a normal save file

Author Erik Kuklane (4 years)
Do you have to have USB Xtaf???

Author crazytime666 (4 years)
Can someone tell me why when i try to find the save on my xbox its not
there. even after doing all of this.

Author ghess11 (4 years)
What dxosnet make sense to me is why you need a savegame to get a save game.

Author SgtKoolaid79 (4 years)
is it every game cuz i go to black ops zombie

Author SuperTanner001 (2 years)
Y u go so fast???

Author nwiley619 (4 years)
@ThePCPeople and over used song aswell :(

Author MxPisBeast (4 years)
@mikenjack2007 i agree lol no one liked it what a loser!! lmao

Author rightupyourlane (3 years)
when i open up modio and click on download gamesaves and then click on most
popular it freezes everytime

Author 360gamer2468 (2 years)
do you have to be offline

Author angel benitez (2 years)
What song is this?

Author TheTridentman (3 years)
When i try to log in, it says The Remote server returned an error: (403)
Forbidden. What does that meanT_T

Author zzXBLADEXzz (3 years)
@Rimfire748 About 2 months ago the site got hacked and all the old saves
got deleted so if your trying to download an old save it will say that its
only new saves that work

Author Kushowa X (3 years)
@mikenjack2007 does your xbox needs to be flash or modded for the modded
gamesaves to work?

Author DrewGeray (3 years)
Name of song?

Author GTA4XGAMES (1 year)

Author 227gta (3 years)
k plz help i got modio and then i got vip for 10 dollars on game-tuts and
when i go to dowload a game it says , "there was an error when attempting
to download the save, Reason - Only VIP members are allowed to download
this save" plz help it piss's me off :(

Author Rimfire748 (3 years)
@mikenjack2007 Ah i thought so, i read something about it recently and i
guess it was true but the only thing i wanted to get was 4 RE 5 the Wesker
and Jill skin mod but there was no other site i know that has em or etehr
its 4 PC only but i dont suppose u know any other ways 2 get the RE 5
Wesker and Jill skin mod?

Author epicandamazin (3 years)
would i get banned plz reply fast

Author Nick Me (3 years)

Author zzXBLADEXzz (4 years)
@BadManJ98 New link in description now

Author smoker5648 (3 years)
can someone tell me how you do the annotations please?

Author Evan (3 years)
@mikenjack2007 dang i feel dumb i was going onto modio but i didnt move any
game saves to my usb in the first place.

Author zzXBLADEXzz (4 years)
@sebastiangilarranz no just the game save

Author twest413 (4 years)
ok... so I don't have xbox live, but I have an Xbox 360 flash drive. does
this mean I can download mods onto my computer and update the game on my
360 via the USB?

Author xXTom93Xx (3 years)
when i go to download a save it says error there was a problem!!! it then
says reason-value of 500 is not valid for value. value shuld be between
minimum and maximum!!!!! can you help???? be very appreciated!!!!!

Author zzXBLADEXzz (3 years)
@SuperBearsman You can simply mod spec ops or campain mods without the need
to download someones gamesave...All you have to do is get your singleplayer
save onto your usb open up modio and click open a save...find where YOUR
campaign save is and open it then click "Mod File" and select any options
you want on...Once done rehash and resign (you might need to change the ID
"E000...") move back onto your USB then move to harddrive and PLAY just
never click save and quit (it resets mods)

Author Joe Feeney (4 years)
can u help me GT Capt Cranium97

Author Nick Me (3 years)

Author ccmf34rless (4 years)
@thebobby1998 do you have to configure your usb ?

Author crazytime666 (3 years)
@TheAaron1924 I dont believe in the devil or satin. i just put it in there
cause crazytime was took already so i just threw in 666 lol

Author MikeAttack (4 years)
It doesn't let me move a gamesave to the USB stick..

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