How To Download Modded Gamesaves From Modio With A USB Xbox360

This is just a simple tut on how to downlaod a modded gamesave so you can use yourself if you have any questions feel free to ask...message my Gamertag: zzXBLADEXzz or message through youtube if you cant do and would like me to do i can do for free on Teamviewer 5 Here is the links...


Xtaf Usb:
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Author Trevor Phillips ( ago)
god I hate this annoying ass song...

Author GTA4XGAMES ( ago)
Its called bring me to life bu evanesance

Author GTA4XGAMES ( ago)

Author CASIO DARK MOON ™ © ( ago)
none of this shit ever works... just find one of your friends who beat the
game and copy there game to you memory stick

Author michael83643 ( ago)
I love the song

Author angel benitez ( ago)
What song is this?

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)

Author rockeyonfire ( ago)

Author neb0010 ( ago)
For multiplayer?

Author Jqual1 ( ago)
Yepp same thing it said to me :/

Author holdonno ( ago)
Everyone please rise for the singing of Youtube's national anthem

Author Robert Rios ( ago)
any1 have a profile for modio i can you

Author SuperTanner001 ( ago)
Y u go so fast????

Author SuperTanner001 ( ago)
Y u go so fast???

Author Jordan Browning ( ago)
so do you put both of the files onto the xbox from the usb when done or do
you delete one

Author Dekster ( ago)
every time i try to even double click on the game save on the game save
screen the modio freezes and says not responding help!!!!

Author Dark Knight ( ago)
cool thanks

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
Most likely yeah

Author brockheinz ( ago)
there was an error when attempting to download save, Reason - parameter is
not valid This actually lets me download the save but I'm assuming its

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
Offline on the what? If you mean xbox then no most mods on Modio work for
online play you can be online when you have a modded gamesave

Author Dark Knight ( ago)
do you have to be offline

Author JomamaGamingProductions ( ago)
Never mind i figured it out. but thanks for replying.

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
The M for what?

Author JomamaGamingProductions ( ago)
what if the M isnt there???

Author TheTridentman ( ago)
When i try to log in, it says The Remote server returned an error: (403)
Forbidden. What does that meanT_T

Author mrfreeze9792 ( ago)
Whenever i do this it shows the modded guy is in my character list but a
screen pops up and says someone else is using this profile please choose
another. Help

Author Evan ( ago)
@mikenjack2007 dang i feel dumb i was going onto modio but i didnt move any
game saves to my usb in the first place.

Author smoker5648 ( ago)
can someone tell me how you do the annotations please?

Author jesuspassthebong ( ago)
@DETECHv2 montages are fucking gay dude

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@DETECHv2 Evanescence - Bring Me to Life

Author SiiKTR1KZZ ( ago)
i have a problem wen i do everything im supposed to do and then plug the
usb into my xbox and load my game the hack is not htere and i know im doing
everything 100 percent right but the hack does still not work plzzz respond
asap i need help i will give a video response showing wat im doing if u
need one

Author Ben Dover ( ago)
@mikenjack2007 What do you mean ur id? reply asap

Author DrewGeray ( ago)
Name of song?

Author xx0Kitten0xx ( ago)
Ok, I moved my save to the usb from xbox, but when I tryed it on modio, it
showed it but says its not a valid save...??

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@1012mikestar the profile id E00000 you have to replace with ur ID then
rehash and resign

Author galaxygoof ( ago)
On modio just click explore a device easier! But good vid I liked'_'

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@227gta i have no idea sorry i dont have VIP

Author 227gta ( ago)
k plz help i got modio and then i got vip for 10 dollars on game-tuts and
when i go to dowload a game it says , "there was an error when attempting
to download the save, Reason - Only VIP members are allowed to download
this save" plz help it piss's me off :(

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@epicandamazin nope

Author epicandamazin (1640 years ago)
would i get banned plz reply fast

Author Mirozenx ( ago)
what are you supposed to open in xtaf? i couldn't see

Author TJEK2011 ( ago)
Every time I try to download it to anywhere, it gives me an error that says
something about the value of -500 is not valid for value. PLEASE HELP!!

Author MrBananaCast ( ago)
@SpyroTheDragon1267 wtf is a wired USB xD

Author epiczznoobzz ( ago)
Is this online? or singleplayer?

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@SpyroTheDragon1267 any usb as long as it can store saves or anything

Author Andrew (Lime-y PIE) ( ago)
Do you need a wired or wireless usb?

Author anthony sliter ( ago)
for xbox 360 though

Author anthony sliter ( ago)
Im not very good with computers is there any one who can do a mod for me

Author xsHaDowNeRvEx ( ago)
I have sam background

Author Nick Me ( ago)

Author Nick Me ( ago)

Author Nick Me ( ago)

Author Nick Me ( ago)

Author Nick Me ( ago)
Thx it worked

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@XxSkullMast3rxX What part do u need help with?

Author Rimfire748 ( ago)
@xRGxLeader Ah well i kinda figuerd it out now, since some save files in
Modio r still intact u can still download em depending on what u r looking
4 but mostly the older save files that r popular r gone while some new 1s r
rare if ya can download em But some of em r spams..(which i HATE) other
wise u r going ta have ta search 4 em on googles and i did found some of
what i wanted by chance from some random people who were willingly 2 upload
em of course i paid my respect and thanked them.

Author Rimfire748 ( ago)
@mikenjack2007 Ah i thought so, i read something about it recently and i
guess it was true but the only thing i wanted to get was 4 RE 5 the Wesker
and Jill skin mod but there was no other site i know that has em or etehr
its 4 PC only but i dont suppose u know any other ways 2 get the RE 5
Wesker and Jill skin mod?

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@Rimfire748 About 2 months ago the site got hacked and all the old saves
got deleted so if your trying to download an old save it will say that its
only new saves that work

Author Rimfire748 ( ago)
#What does the Error mean when it says _500 value? when ever i tried to
download a save file? caus eits getting on my nervs since it does that 4
EVERy game save i try 2 download so can u PLEASE explain Y?

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@dallas1144 =P

Author dallas1144 ( ago)
ive beet you before on xbox

Author zzXBLADEXzz (1492 years ago)

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@JollyF00tPrint There is no free or premuim version to modio? there is a
few bugs at the moment just give it some time

Author JollyF00tPrint ( ago)
wont let me use the free verison? i cant get it to open either.. msg me
help please?

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@SuperBearsman You can simply mod spec ops or campain mods without the need
to download someones gamesave...All you have to do is get your singleplayer
save onto your usb open up modio and click open a save...find where YOUR
campaign save is and open it then click "Mod File" and select any options
you want on...Once done rehash and resign (you might need to change the ID
"E000...") move back onto your USB then move to harddrive and PLAY just
never click save and quit (it resets mods)

Author MvPxProductions ( ago)
@mikenjack2007 how much longer will it take?

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
Modio's Gamesaves are down AGAIN! Should be up shortley and ther error is
due to the site got haced awhile ago and those saves are corrupted only new
saves work

Author Pontus Heino ( ago)
@godspeed1234567890 The modio internetsite is down. That makes the errors
you get from modio. They'll be up in a moment i guess.

Author GodSpeed1234567890 ( ago)
its not letting me download saves...i keep getting one of two errors.
seriously can someone help me out?

Author Jura Vendon ( ago)
@mikenjack2007 Kay thanks :D

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@SweetyGirly88 Not to sure but when it is i will let you know =D

Author Jura Vendon ( ago)
@mikenjack2007 Aww that sucks >.< and when will they be online again ? :D

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@SweetyGirly88 Only some saves are downloadable the Modio servers are down

Author Jura Vendon ( ago)
When i use to download a savegame i get an error and it telling me
something about invalid -500

Author Marco Drenth ( ago)
@forsakenfox66 the same happens to me!!!

Author AvidGhostClaw ( ago)
@unalphabet thats what it says to to mine

Author AvidGhostClaw ( ago)
When I want to download a gamesave it says "There was an error when
attempting to download save,Reason Value of '-500' is not valid for 'value'
should be between 'minimum' and 'maximum'! Paremeter name:Value Someone
please help?

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
Fourms are down the site is down everyone

Author Thelightdarkangel ( ago)
mine does the same thing as xXTom93Xx

Author me too ( ago)
@forsakenfox66 same

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@forsakenfox66 The site isnt working at the moment so modio wont work

Author xXTom93Xx ( ago)
when i go to download a save it says error there was a problem!!! it then
says reason-value of 500 is not valid for value. value shuld be between
minimum and maximum!!!!! can you help???? be very appreciated!!!!!

Author Chris Vond (582 years ago)
how long does it take to download USB XTAF, its taking me forever

Author Chris Vond ( ago)
i when to find my data from my xbox on my usb but cant find it...? help?>?

Author Kyle Benton ( ago)
@mikenjack2007 any usb...

Author rightupyourlane ( ago)
when i open up modio and click on download gamesaves and then click on most
popular it freezes everytime

Author MORE AA Wolf ( ago)

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@channel2nd You dont need a modio usb just ANY usb

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@wvufan10510 that doesnt matter aslong as its an actual save you downloaded
or a normal save file

Author Robert McLean ( ago)
Um, mine doesn't say save, it says Red Dead Redemption..

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@deedeeanmaink no

Author deedeeanmaink ( ago)
can u combine to saves togather

Author mario6192 ( ago)
@mikenjack2007 How do you do that?

Author ReedN70 ( ago)
i keep trying, i transfer my game save. i download a gamesave. i save that
gamesave onto my fucking USB drive, i move it back onto my hard drive, and
when i open my game, i says SELECT A DEVICE. and it doesnt read the fucking
file, i have rehashed and resigned and shit. god damn it

Author zzXBLADEXzz ( ago)
@deamosaur 1. Calm down 2. Learn to read from the vid 3. Just because you
cant do something dont cry

Author Dean ( ago)
this is fuckin shitty ass tutorial! Fuckin write the text in the fuckin
discription holly fuck you nigger

Author Kushowa X (1497 years ago)
@mikenjack2007 does your xbox needs to be flash or modded for the modded
gamesaves to work?

Author crazytime666 ( ago)
@TheAaron1924 I dont believe in the devil or satin. i just put it in there
cause crazytime was took already so i just threw in 666 lol

Author TheAaron1924 ( ago)
@crazytime666 y do u have 666 in ur name thts the devils day do u like it
or summin

Author TheAaron1924 ( ago)
@crazytime666 :O

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