E.PACK HITLER YOUTH COLLECTION 70 Hitler Youth knives for sale

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Author whymeddsd (9 months)
Everything I have for sale is listed on my site

Author Nazi Relics (4 days)
Wow great collection!

Author whymeddsd (1 year)
No problem mailing to the U.K. International 1st class is about $20 for an
HJ, Paypal add 4% . d.d.h.

Author Jay Jensen (9 months)
Would you sell any of your knives? I'm very interested in WW2 gear.

Author Little Holmes (7 months)
Very Interesting !

Author Maximum Joy (1 year)
can you legally import and own these in england/wales?

Author whymeddsd (4 years)
80 youth knives & one ss on my site. d.d.h.

Author fangman666 (1 year)
Just wanted to say, you have Some Awesome items !!! Thanks for Sharing !!!

Author iluvAUSandScooters (4 years)
@whymeddsd you sell them right?do you sell to Australia

Author whymeddsd (4 years)
its like asking what a chevy is worth. if you want to send me pix, i can
tell you what i would be willing to pay for it & you can go from
link to my email from the start page of my website. ddsdaggers(dot)com
thanks d.d.h.

Author xthinkingofyouxx (3 years)
i have a hitlers youth knife, but my slogon is stated as !Ehre und Blunt,
it's marked RZM M7/38, Can you tell me if it's a remake or not, i've looked
everywhere online but cant find anything.

Author whymeddsd (2 years)
Any youth knife marked Germany is post war as I say in the video. Good
hunting, be careful. d.d.h.

Author whymeddsd (3 years)
If you want to send me pix I will be glad to tell you what I see. Hot link
to my email from the start page of my website. d.d.h.

Author mcaund (4 years)
@whymeddsd how much for a ss knife

Author NukeTheSystem (4 years)
That is a sick collection (i dont believe in hitlers views or anything) but
i would love to own knives like that. pieces of history

Author nobodxy (1 year)
can u legaly buy those things in the US? because u can't in germany and

Author whymeddsd (4 years)
Pack is M7/1211 . Johnsons volume #1 pg #256 lists all the companies &
there RZM numbers.

Author whymeddsd (1 year)
There are no restrictions with respect to buying & selling this type of
knife in the U.S..

Author llamahamfat (4 years)
I could stab so many nazis with that set!

Author whymeddsd (4 years)
I can mail anywhere. I am reasonably certain that a permit is required to
recieve some types of knives into Australia. Check with yoyr authorities .
Ihave 80 HJs fo sale today. ddsdaggers(dot)com

Author 69fastbacklover (2 years)
i just paid 35 dollars for it but as i understand tho magazines in the
1950's sold nazi daggers as surplus and with my knife the diamond was
removed and filled in with red rubber and when a shake it i hear rattling
in side the grips but i heard both they are real and fake

Author whymeddsd (1 year)
I appreciate the positive remarks with respect to my modest efforts. 102
HJs for sale today on my site. ddsdaggers

Author mcaund (4 years)
or a hitler youth knife in good condition

Author 69fastbacklover (2 years)
are the ones that are marked sm/1940 with the germany import mark real ?

Author whymeddsd (2 years)
There are different opinions with respect the blue diamond. It is likely
that the blue diamond is post war. No blue in my HJ diamond video.

Author whymeddsd (4 years)
Pack is M7/1211 . Johnsons volume 1 pg 256 lists all the companies & there
RZM numbers.

Author MWBsixx (2 years)
i recently bought one of these from an antique shop, but the diamond plate
was blue? do you know what this means?

Author iluvAUSandScooters (4 years)
i might be getting a ww1 german bayonet "extremly rare" use in the trenches
and in massucres

Author 69fastbacklover (2 years)
p.s. the guy i got mine from had fake wehrmacht helmets and selling them
for full price but i took a risk and got the knife

Author whymeddsd (4 years)
RZM/7/ ? the number designates the company that made it. RZMs are post
1936. what is the # ?

Author jws54 (5 years)
that's quite some collection,..wish it were mine!!!

Author jjobling (4 years)
@whymeddsd Hi I have a dagger with code M7/27 and it also has makers stamp
Puma. the date is either 1935 or 1936. Could you tell me the approx value?
The dagger is in reasonable condition but the motto is very faint to worn
away. I am going to take to a local dealer and don't want to be ripped off
with a ridiculous figure so any help (and I appreciate without seeing it's
difficult) would be gratefully received.

Author LegionaryWithAGladius (4 years)
@whymeddsd are you obseesed with "Nazis"

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